Five Fantastic Speaker Ideas For You

Speaker Recommendations

Keeping our clients up to speed on the European Speaker market, we like to let you know who the latest in-demand speaker are. We also select them by background and relevance to present times.

1. Alex Lewis UK (Overcoming Major Adversity)

Aged 33 Alex collapsed with a common cold, he was given just hours to live and a 3% chance of surviving. Contracting Strep A he was forced to have a quadruple amputation and facial reconstruction. The subject of a major TV documentary on his rehabilitation, Alex’s turnaround is truly inspirational as are his motivational talks.

2. Lothar Matthaüs GER (Sport – Football)

Captained Germany to win the World Cup in 1990 and with 150 caps is German’s most capped player.Participated in five World Cups, four European Championships, two Champion’s League final’s and managed teams to success across Europe. An absolute story of motivation and drive to succeed and reach the very top of his game. 

3. Bonita Norris UK (Big Adventure Motivation)

The UK’s leading female adventurer and motivational speaker. World’s youngest person to climb Everest and reach the North Pole.Bonita has pushed the limits of human outdoor endeavour in the most extreme environments on earth.

4. Tom Oliver, US (Business – The Digital Revolution)

International expert on leadership, disruptive innovation & branding. Described by the world’s leading Advertising Agencies as “a gateway to millions of next generation trend setter and early adopters.” He advises multi-nationals on where, who and how to reach their future customers. 

5. Helen Glover & Heather Stanning UK (Olympic Sport – Rowing, World’s Best Female Rower, Headed for Gold)

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning the reigning Olympic Champions are undefeated in rowing since 2010. Glover is voted the world’s best female international rower. Stanning although also undefeated uniquely combines elite sport with a career in the British Army, serving in Afghanistan. These incredible women head to Rio as the clear favourites to retain Olympic Gold.

PROMOTIVATE Speakers Europe are always researching, talking to, receiving enquiries from and dealing with Europe’s most interesting and inspirational speakers. Request our list of updated speakers by emailing us here. We’ll send it by reply.

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