Tech, Innovation & Future

In-order to stay ahead of competitors, organizations need to evolve. Maintaining the status quo leads to stagnation. Using technology and information gives you the edge.

Technology and innovation speakers are game changers, people who are mostly entrepreneurs, who are forever researching, strategizing, and forecasting the newest, latest changes. Their field encompasses the latest technologies that give you the edge while focusing on social media, IT, and networks in order to leverage their position.

ProMotivate’s technology and innovation speakers are all dedicated experts in their field, people that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. They know the markets and customer wants. Using their expertise, they are able to solve multifaceted challenges spanning a diversity of disciplines.
To help your company make this happen, you need speakers that support the culture of the future, such as those represented by ProMotivate Speakers Agency.

Our Most Requested Speakers on Tecnology & Innovation: Stefan Hyttfors | David Rowan | Sir Jony Ive

Fee Band


Fee Bands

  • A€20,000+
  • B€10 – €20,000
  • C€5 – €10,000
  • D€2.5 – €5,000
  • Eunder €2,500
  • F€P.O.A


Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez


Alexander Nix


Bonita Norris


Carlos Nuzman


Toni Nadal


Archie Norman


Martina Navratilova