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    Leading Conference Speakers


    Dietmar Dahmen

    Austrian Mega Keynote Speaker Business Innovation, Disruption, Sustainability, Trends & Technology of the Future

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    alex zanardi

    Alex Zanardi

    Italian ex-Formula One Driver, horrific accident survivor. Now multi-World Record holder in Ironman & Paralympic Champion

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    liza pavlakos speaker

    Ron Kaufman

    #1 Global Customer Service Expert

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    yves morieux

    Yves Morieux

    Co-author of “Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without getting Complicated”, BCG’s renowned expert on transformation, leadership, and development

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    Paul Polman BW

    Paul Polman

    One of the world’s leading CEO’s driving sustainable development change at Unilever with great success

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    Guy Verhofstadt1

    Guy Verhofstadt

    The European Parliament’s Chief Brexit Negotiator in Brussels, Former Belgian Prime Minister, and exponent of greater Data Protection regulation

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    The Highest Levels Of Conference Keynote Speakers For Events Throughout Europe, Asia, and The Americas

    @Promotivate we:

    (i) Professionally represent and promote leading keynote conference speakers for events worldwide (ii) Work with companies, organizations, and conference organizers to recommend and provide the best keynote speakers for upcoming events 

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    Expert representation of top international conference keynote speakers.
    Professional, multi-lingual, and knowledgeable Speaker Agents.
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    Latest Speakers

    Conference Speaker And Host Amy Tez by Promotivate Speaker Agency

    Amy Tez

    Expert in communications strategy: Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

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    Conference Speaker Edgar Perez by Promotivate Speaker Agency

    Edgar Perez

    Business and technology visionary – leveraging cutting-edge technology to help organisations thrive

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    Marc Priestley

    Successful Formula One Team McLaren mechanic, broadcaster, sports journalist, and author

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    Jacques Villeneuve

    Formula One Driver’s World Champion, Indianapolis 500 winner, and PPG Indy Car World Series Champion

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    Esther Duflo

    Economics expert, Nobel Prize recipient; Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics

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    Orlando Machado

    Data analytics expert, LEGO Group Chief Data Officer: Ranked first by DataIQ on their list of most influential people in data-driven business

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    Conference Hosts and Moderators

    Emma Crosby - Pro-motivator

    Emma Crosby

    International Conference Host, Moderator & Awards from Sky News

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    Emilie Vidaud - Pro-motivator

    Emilie Vidaud

    French Conference moderator and journalist passionate about social entrepreneurship, all things digital

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    Jack Parrock - Pro-motivator

    Jack Parrock

    European panel moderator and event host with extensive television and radio correspondence experience

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    Yan Kuszak - Pro-motivator

    Yan Kuszak

    Business and sport moderator and host; international tennis referee

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    Kayvan Nikjou - Pro-motivator

    Kayvan Nikjou

    Multi-lingual Amsterdam based presenter, event host, master of ceremonies, and moderator

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    Chris Burns - Pro-motivator

    Chris Burns

    International moderator with extensive experience crossing a plethora of different topics

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    Our Clients and Recent Reviews of our Speakers

    NASA (for Gitanjali Rao, STEM Influencer) Alabama, USA

    We express our appreciation to Gitanjali for her outstanding participation and support of the MSFC Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity. - October 2022

    CAEP Syngenta (for Enric Llopart, Digital Marketing Expert) Sao Paulo, Brasil

    It was great having Enric come to our group in Brasil having spoken to us in Barcelona. His expertise and knowledge of global digital transformation is impressive. - December 2022

    Global Investment Forum (for Matteo Renzi, former Italian PM) Geneva, Switzerland

    Matteo closed out our congress with a great view of the current geopolitical landscape, an insight into Vladimir Putin whom he met with as the host of the G7 as the Italian Prime Minister. Then the future of the EU and sustainability. - September 2022

    Qontigo EMEA Leadership Offsite (for Joáo Garcia, Portuguese Climber), Cascais, Portugal

    We had a great experience with Joao and his story really resonated with our audience. I believe they found it both interesting and could also see a connection between his drive to achieve and theirs. Lastly, he was lovely to work with. Thanks again - Feb 2023

    Leica Biosystems Leadership Offsite (for Dr Yves Morieux, business transformation expert) Athens, Greece

    Yves did an amazing job. Exactly what we were looking for … he was very engaging and really inspired my team to tackle our own self-created complicatedness. I am sure we will continue working together in the future! Thanks again! - Feb 2023

    PLUGandPLAY EMEA Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

    We are really overall really happy with the speeches and both Carla Rocha and Miguel Figueiredo who were great and understood the situation when I explained to them we were having issues with the chosen AV provider. I hope we'll have the chance to collaborate again in the near future! Thank you again and wish you a nice week ahead. - March 2023

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