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Leading Conference Speakers

Laura Winterling Astronaut Speaker by Promotivate Speakers Agency @IMEX Frankfur 2

Laura Winterling

ESA & NASA Trainer of International Astronauts & Leading Conference Speaker

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Prof Christian Busch Keynote Speaker by Promotivate Speakers Agency

Christian Busch

One of the World’s Leading Experts on Innovation, Purpose-Driven Leadership & Cultivating Serendipity

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Jeremy Schwartz Retail Expert Speaker by Promotivate Speakers Agency Europe

Jeremy Schwartz

CEO & MD expertise from the iconic world-class consumer and retail companies – Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, The Body Shop, and Pandora

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Andreas Ekström Digital Futurist e1618488564147

Andreas Ekström

Swedish award-winning speaker on the Digital Revolution, bestselling author, Expert on The Future of Work

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Conference Speaker Gitanjali Rao by ProMotivate Speakers Agency

Gitanjali Rao

UNICEF Ambassador, Forbes 30 Under 30, America’s Top Young Scientist, TED Speaker, STEM Influencer, TIME’s first ‘Kid of the Year’

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Nadia Murad 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner by Promotivate Speakers Agency

Nadia Murad

2018 Nobel Prize Winner – Human Rights Awareness Towards Extremism & Abuse

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The Highest Levels Of Conference Keynote Speakers For Events Throughout Europe, Asia, and The Americas

@Promotivate we:

(i) Professionally represent and promote leading keynote conference speakers for events worldwide (ii) Work with companies, organizations, and conference organizers to recommend and provide the best keynote speakers for upcoming events 

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Expert representation of top international conference keynote speakers.
Professional, multi-lingual, and knowledgeable Speaker Agents.
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Latest Speakers

Peggy Bouchet Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Peggy Bouchet

Sailor, adventurer, first woman to do a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, and bestselling author

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Renato Mosca Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Renato Mosca

Luxury and retail specialist, leadership and developing high performing sales teams

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Savvas Trichas Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Savvas Trichas

Cyprus based expert in verbal and written communication, negotiation, and human resource management

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Leandro Mergado Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Leandro Morgado

Mentalist: Expert in how the mind works, its capabilities, and how to boost its performance – bestselling author

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Giovanni Soldini Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Giovanni Soldini

Record-breaking yachtsman and skipper, bestselling author, and pollution activist

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Conference Speaker Fredrik Haren by Promotivate Speaker Agency

Fredrik Haren

The Creativity Explorer: Out-of-the-box speaker on creativity, change, and the global mindset – bestselling author

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Conference Hosts and Moderators

Emma Crosby - Pro-motivator

Emma Crosby

International Conference Host, Moderator & Awards from Sky News

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Immy Barclay - Pro-motivator

Immy Barclay

International F1 Motorsport, Tennis, and Golf TV Presenter and Professional Event Host for Product Launches

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Jack Parrock - Pro-motivator

Jack Parrock

European panel moderator and event host with extensive television and radio correspondence experience

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Yan Kuszak - Pro-motivator

Yan Kuszak

Business and sport moderator and host; international tennis referee

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Kayvan Nikjou - Pro-motivator

Kayvan Nikjou

Multi-lingual Amsterdam based presenter, event host, master of ceremonies, and moderator

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Chris Burns - Pro-motivator

Chris Burns

International moderator with extensive experience crossing a plethora of different topics

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