Straight to the point 10 Good Reasons for using a Speaker Agency to book your speaker

10 (of many) Good Reasons To Book Speakers With Promotivate

 1. We Will Help You To  ↓ ↓  



2. Who is The Best Speaker for Your Event?
Who is the best carrier of your message?. We will present options, not just one Speaker. Who you think is ideal might not be who your team think is. Better to present some options rather than just one Speaker.
Example: Our Current 16 Leading Female Speakers 

3. We Will Save You A Lot Of Time
Be efficient – build a relationship with your Speaker Agent and next time we’ll do your work for you finding and booking your perfect Speaker.
Your Speaker Agent will confirm availability or move onto the next best alternative when required. An informed Speaker Agent saves organisers a lot of time and hassle.

4. Speakers Have Other Jobs
It’s far more effective use of the Speakers time to let a specialist like Promotivate look after their speaking and means immediate and professional response to enquiries.
What Other Jobs?

5. Negotiation Of Speaking Fees
Speakers like most people selling their own services find negotiating fees and offering discounts difficult. Your Agent at Promotivate takes care of this.

6. Organisation & Logistics 
A lot goes on here to get a Speaker in the right place on time and perfectly prepared to deliver the precise message to their audience.
We takes care of all the pre-event set up with the client, including;  arranging a call between the Speaker and the Client prior to the event; AV requirements; transport and accommodation; taking feedback and ultimately invoicing.

7. Speaker Development
Training and development of young Speakers entering the market is provided by a good Speakers Agency like us. So to is uncovering great new speakers who bring fresh and innovative ideas that others can learn from. We love finding new talent out there.

8. Quick Response
Event organisers always want quick responses on Speaker availability and we provide this immediately.

9. Speaker Fees – Agents Are More Expensive: ‘Wrong, We’re Actually Not’
We charge the same fee as all of our Speakers charge if you booked with them directly. In come cases we take the fee lower than the Speaker themselves. 100% guaranteed by Promotivate. We don’t work with any Speaker who hasn’t agreed this with us.

10. Cancellation & Back Up 
Heaven forbid your Speaker is unavoidably unable to attend at the last minute. Your event becomes a disaster or is hurt unless you have a back up Speaker.
A back up Speaker? –  should for some unforeseen reason your speaker cancel at the last moment Promotivate will find you a last minute and qualified replacement.
** and one more……..

11. 93% of Speakers Bookings Come via Speakers Agencies
If you have read and understand points 1 – 9 above you now know why working with a company like Promotivate is advantageous.
You also have an insight into why Speakers themselves choose to align themselves to Speaker Agents and Agencies that they trust.
I am always happy to advise any company or Speaker should you require more information.
“I see upside, no downside here…”
David HolmesSpeaker Agent
PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency Europe

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