“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.” ― Henry Ward Beecher Success doesn’t  come overnight; it is the efforts and hard work over a sustained period of time that generates reward. You can accomplish your goals only with persistent and consistentaaa

5 Great Motivational Speakers – Their Journey to Success

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.” ― Henry Ward Beecher

Success doesn’t  come overnight; it is the efforts and hard work over a sustained period of time that generates reward. You can accomplish your goals only with persistent and consistent struggle. Journey to success is full of ups and downs. On the path to super achievement, confronting risk is not only likely, but inevitable. There are times, when you will be praised, but also  times you will be knocked down many times. Even the world’s best motivational speakers, who are well known for their ability to trade a positive impact on the lives of others, have crossed several hurdles. Despite hiccups on the way, they have not overcome these obstacles and failures, but have  turned them into stepping stones to success.

People often want to know the backgrounds of the world’s leading motivators. Here Promotivate Speakers provide the backgrounds on five of the world’s leading motivational speakers for you:


Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins Famous Motivational Speaker

Tony Robbins (Photo: businessinsider.com)

He is known to the world as one of the best performance coaches. He is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people. His passion, drive and enthusiasm to motivate others for a happy and successful life, was not all that easy. His life before the glitz and the glamour of today is a result of his struggle to pursue his dreams. His childhood wasn’t one of comfort with an alcoholic  drug using mother and his father  a parking garage attendant and they separated when Tony was just seven years old. His mother remarried to Jim Robbins, a former semi-professional baseball player. He was the eldest of three siblings and to help them financially, he worked as a handyman. In Tony’s words, his life was “chaotic” and “abusive” not least when aged 17 he was chased out of his house by his mother who was wielding a knife and he never returned.

Favourite Speech – Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do

Favourite Quote – Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

He started his career with the promotion of ‘Jim Rohn’ seminars. Rohn was one of the leading US based internatioanal motivational speakers. From Rohn, he learned many valuable lessons of life which lead Tony to  startworking as a self-help coach. His methods involved incorporating neuro-linguistic programming and Ericksonian hypnosis into his conference presentations. Then Tolly Burkan,  taught him firewalk and he began to incorporate it into his seminars which he is perhaps most noted for. Tony Robbins motivates and inspires people worldwide earning millions on the way and has also by way of his fame attained celebrity status and appeared in Hollywood movies.


Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Dr. Wayne Dyer (

Dr. Wayne Dyer (Photo: en.wikipedia.org)

Wayne Dyer is spent his childhood days in a Detroit orphanage. The difficulties of his past  inspired him to study and work as a professional counselor in New York.  Wayne gave lectures which were focused on helping people with positive thinking and lead to him publishing best seller ‘The Erroneous Zones‘. His book sold over 35m copies and led him to quit his job and go on the lecture circuit. He is noted for focusing his motivational talks on  spiritual beliefs and self-actualisation. Self actualisation is a psychology theory that involves individuals expressing self-creativity, pursuing knowledge and giving back to society.

Favourite Speech – Wayne Talks About Finding Your Purpose

Favourite Quote – If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Ranulph Fiennes:

Sir Ranulph Fiennes The Great Motivational Speaker

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes BT OBE,  is a world famous British explorer, author and motivational speaker who amongst many first achievements, at age 65, climbed Mount Everest despite an impending heart ailment and suffering vertigo. He is the only man alive ever to have travelled around the Earth’s circumpolar surface. He has braved the ice and extreme weather conditions to become the first person to visit the North and South Poles by means of no surface transport. A solo expedition to the North Pole in the year 2000 led to severe frostbite on all fingertips of his left hand. Notably he was forced to cut the tops off his fingers with a hack saw.

Favourite Speech – Going Beyond – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Favourite Quote – There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.
Sir Ranulph epitomises leadership. He has been a front runner for 22 major expeditions and broke the trail across the Antarctica on foot. Guinness Book of World Records sites him as the World’s Greatest Living Explorer. Aside from being a successful motivational speaker, he is also a distinguished prolific writer; he has authored 19 books including a biography. His endeavours are never without a cause, he has selflessly helped organisations and charitable institutions worldwide. Ranulph has raised over £14.2m for good causes. Ranulph has without doubt the most interesting background of our leading speakers and is able to support his keynotes on topics such as teamwork, performance and leadership with personal achievement.


Brian Tracy:

Brian Tracy The Best Motivational Speaker

Brian Tracy (Photo: briantracy.com)

You all know him as a leading self development author and motivational speaker, but behind this shining ‘present’ there was a darker ‘past’. He was not blessed with all luxuries of life and born in Canada to a family that struggled financially. Being the youngest in the family, he was kept away from the school in childhood. His motivation came at an early age. As a child he was dressed from clothes picked up from charity shops and he was deeply curious about why other families were enjoying a higher quality of life.

Favourite Speech – Change Your Life with the Power of Positive Thinking

Favourite Quote – The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.

Success didn’t come overnight. Brian faced plenty of his own failures and misery throughout  childhood and adolescence. He took several manual labour jobs one of which would be his turning point, whilst working as a  construction laborer. He moved into sale where he worked very hard, reading all about sales and learning from experts around him. With his dedication he became  the COO of a $265 million dollar company. Facing different challenges in sales, marketing, management, business theory and real estate development, he became what he is today. His goal as a speaker is to help individuals and companies achieve their personal and business goals faster. Personal and professional development are his focus areas to which he addresses over 250,000 people each year on worldwide.


Nick Vujicic:

Nick Vujicic Famous Motivational Speaker

Nick Vujicic, his wife Kanae and son Kiyoshi in Hawaii. (Photo: Nick Vujicic/Facebook)

Born in Melbourne, Nick was a healthy baby, but without arms and legs. He had two small feet, one of which had two toes. In the early days, he was not allowed to attend the mainstream school due to his physical disability, but later he became one of the first physically disabled students included in mainstream schools. Life was not  easy; the lack of limbs was a major reason he sufferred severe depression and contemplated suicide at the age of eight. Aged ten, he even tried to drown himself in a bathtub, but fate had something more for him.

Favourite Speech – Never Give Up by Nick Vujicic

Favourite Quote – If you can’t get a miracle, become one.

With his mother’s support, he began to embrace his lack of limbs and with his determination. He was elected captain of Runcorn State High School in Queensland where he started fundraising for charity and speaking. Aged 21 he graduated  from Griffith University before setting out on an international speaking tour to help inspire troubled teenagers.

Nick’s keynote and title of his company and leading self-help book; ‘Life Without Limbs‘ has been received by millions worldwide and focusses on dealing with disability, hope and the meaning of life.

Despite being born with significant disability Nick shows that there  is much more that can be achieved. With his two toes on his left foot, he can easily write and can type up to 45 words per minute. Along this, from daily activities like brushing his teeth, answering a phone call, shaving or making his hair, getting a glass of water to playing drum pedals, golf, swimming and even skydiving, is something he can do easily!


None of the five inspirational people described above  planned to be a motivational speaker in their future. Like others, they too failed several times but their failures were their real strength. Not only did they got up again, but they then also emerged as a champion in their lives!

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