‘6 Key Reasons to Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Business’

Motivational Speakers Can Move Mountains, Leap Tall Buildings….

6 Key Reasons to Hire a Motivational Speakers for Your Business

But seriously…

Why Your Organisation could Use a Motivational Speaker?

Would you like to add a spark of inspiration to reignite the zeal and passion amongst your employees? If so, then a motivational speaker can do great job. If you’ve never considered hiring a motivational speaker, here are some good reasons why you should consider doing so:

#1 Motivational speakers bring energy into your company meetings

Maybe you have a new challenge ahead and you know that your employees are less than enthusiastic about it? A motivational speaker can inspire your employees to think differently about the challenge ahead. Most motivational speakers have experience of overcoming obstacles in their own lives. Human beings love stories and a good speaker will share stories that uplift the listener and show them that anything is possible.

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#2 Motivational speakers are outsiders

Listening to the sales director saying the same old, same old can mean your employees switch off. A different perspective on a situation will be a refreshing change and the message will be heard. Coming from another angle a motivational speaker can show your employees that challenge can be exciting and a growth opportunity rather than a threat.

#3 Your employees may have lost their sense of purpose

A good motivational speaker injects a new perspective and the inspiration listeners get often translates into renewed energy and a rise in productivity. The core of a motivational speech is that anything is possible and speeches that identify goals and their meaning enable listeners to consider their purpose with fresh eyes.

#4 Investing in your employees shows you care!

The very act of engaging a motivational speaker is a commitment from you to your staff welfare. They know you have spent money on giving them this opportunity. You are giving them time away from their daily job to enjoy something! You are showing recognition of the fact they are feeling demotivated and disengaged and actually doing something about it. Your employees may rarely get a chance to think outside the box of their own job and spend time with others from different departments in a stimulating environment. Listening to a good motivational speaker provokes discussion and shared enjoyment is a great boost to staff well-being.

#5 Motivational speakers are compelling to listen to and have expert status

Most managers do not have the energy or time to motivate each and every member of staff. They may not be regarded as having that expertise and are sometimes too close to staff to be objective about the issues. An outside expert is focused on raising the positivity in the room and instilling drive into their listeners. They are the experts and will hold the audience’s attention. They often use humour to engage, tell stories of adversity overcome, tales of inspiring deeds and are able to connect with their audience in a way not available to management. They leave their audience feeling inspired and enthused precisely because they are not management with an agenda.

Below is a nice video to watch of Sir Ranulph Fiennes (The World’s Greatest Living Explorer) addressing a group of employees:

#6 Motivational speakers are a reward to employees

If we are absolutely, brutally frank a 60 minute speech is not going to rescue a company from financial trouble, fix a bad product or get every employee to work for no pay! Motivating staff is a combination of good working conditions, listening to staff concerns and a company ethos that takes time to embed in any business. However, hiring a motivational speaker to speak at a staff conference is part of a larger plan to say thank you to your employees. All companies need occasions to rally the troops. You may want to reward with an annual picnic, ball or event of some description. The tone of your conference is one of positively moving forward, whether that be simply at year’s end or linked to a specific change in the company. Having a motivational speaker at your event is part of the “entertainment” but often with a huge number of fringe benefits!  Employees are often more receptive to outside speakers because they do not come with any history or vested interests attached. There is the expectation of enjoyment which also creates a positive outlook among the staff. Because of this expectation the stories and messages a motivational speaker delivers are heard more clearly, without bias and can have significant emotional impact. We may work with our heads, but we live with our hearts and true motivation comes from our emotions being connected to a situation.

A great motivational speaker can be the best gift you can give your employees and your business will thank you for it.

Author Corner: 

Pam Warren is a survivor of the Paddington rail crash who became known as “The Lady in the Mask”. She is author of her moving autobiography “From Behind the Mask” and a powerful inspirational speaker.

Those who hear her speak are inspired, energised and exhilarated to go out and get their own positive results.

Pam Warren’s message of never giving up, even when faced by seemingly insurmountable odds, empowers people to think differently when facing their own challenges. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for more updates.


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