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Established in Europe in 2005, Promotivate professionally represents and provides talent including keynote speakers and media influencers for conferences, ambassadorial campaigns, and events. Representing over 1,500 experts in our global talent network, we recommend and provide organisations and brands with access to proven leaders, influencers, media personalities, subject matter experts, sports stars and change-makers.

We are very good at what we do and have facilitated major TV, print and social media campaigns with recent clients including NASA, Nestle, Siemens, The Walking Dead (USA national TV advertising campaign for STEM), H&M and Victoria’s Secret. Trust us, we know who is in the moment, and your audience will appreciate it. Tell us what you need and we will deliver great options.


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    Our Clients Recent Reviews of our Talent In Action

    Boston Consulting Group

    Client: Boston Consulting Group

    Where: Berlin

    When: Nov 2023

    "I think she was amazing. We got really good feedback about her 😊 People told me that at the start they didn’t really know where she was going but then they got the point and the message was great (our boss kept repeating it the whole night). It was great also meeting Laura in person and all logistics were smooth. Thanks again for all your help and hopefully we get to work together again."

    Fidelity Investments

    Client: Fidelity Investments Ireland

    Where: Dublin, Ireland

    When: Sept 2023

    "The Jason Smyth event was remarkable. Feedback from senior leaders and attendees was extremely positive. It was an honor to meet Jason on the day. He is a remarkable talent but also a genuine, kind and well humored person. I really enjoyed his piece on seeking clarity on your goals; positioning yourself in a positive environment and surrounding yourself with the best people in your field. Trusting your coach/team and remaining resilient thought out your journey resonated with me and something that can be applied throughout your professional career or personal life. Jason was also bombarded with questions after the event. He spent an additional hour talking to associates over lunch which was extremely gorgeous of him.

    Novo Nordisk

    Client: Novo Nordisk

    Where: Copenhagen and Nordics

    When: Oct 2023

    "We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Luc for participating in this year’s Obesity Communication Masterclass for Novo Nordisk. We very much appreciate his expertise in the area of AI and making this relevant to communications, and his natural flow in lieu of a rehearsal. The success of this event is in no doubt down to the brilliance of our speakers, and Luc’s professionalism and presence made the event a truly memorable experience for everyone who tuned in."


    Client: NASA

    Where: Atlanta, US

    When: June 2023

    "Gitanjali Rao is the youngest ever and first ever TIME Magazine cover as 'Young Person of The Year.' An innovator, influencer and advocate for girls getting into STEM. We express our appreciation to Gitanjali for her outstanding participation and support of the MSFC Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity."

    CAEP Syngenta

    Client: CAEP Syngenta

    Where: Sao Paulo, Brasil

    When: Jan 2023

    "Enric played a significant role in building the global digital brand for Barcelona Football Club. It was great having Enric come to our group in Brasil having spoken to us in Barcelona. His expertise and knowledge of global digital transformation is impressive."

    Global Investment Forum

    Client: Global Investment Forum

    Where: Geneva, Switzerland

    When: Sept 2022

    "Matteo closed out our congress with a great view of the current geopolitical landscape, an insight into Vladimir Putin whom he met with as the host of the G7 as the Italian Prime Minister. Then the future of the EU and sustainability."


    Client: Qontigo EMEA Leadership

    Where: Cascais, Portugal

    When: Feb 2023

    "Joáo has climbed the world's 14 highest mountains without oxygen, an incredible achievement. We had a great experience with Joao and his story really resonated with our audience. I believe they found it both interesting and could also see a connection between his drive to achieve and theirs. Lastly, he was lovely to work with. Thanks again. "

    Leica Biosystems

    Client: Leica Biosystems

    Where: Athens, Greece

    When: Feb 2023

    "Yves Morieux globally recognised as an authority on corporate transformation and leadership, co-author of “Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without getting Complicated”, did an amazing job. Exactly what we were looking for … he was very engaging and really inspired my team to tackle our own self-created complicatedness. I am sure we will continue working together in the future! Thanks again!"


    Client: PLUGandPLAY

    Where: Lisbon, Portugal

    When: March 2023

    "We are really overall really happy with the speeches and both Carla Rocha and Miguel Figueiredo who were great and understood the situation when I explained to them we were having issues with the chosen AV provider. I hope we'll have the chance to collaborate again in the near future! Thank you again and wish you a nice week ahead."

    Mars Veterinary Global Leadership

    Client: Mars Veterinary Global Leadership

    Where: Barcelona, Spain

    When: March 2023

    "Steven MacGregor, one of the world's top experts on corporate wellbeing and leadership. Steven’s session was very well received by the team, this came through formal and informal feedback. I think he is really good in building impactful presentations and engage the crowds. It was also very relevant for us as leadership and wellbeing are the two topics we care a lot about. So we are very happy we have chosen him as a speaker."


    Client: CEPI Offsite

    Where: Oslo, Norway

    When: May 2023

    "Karina’s session was amazing!!!!! I must admit that I was not prepared at all for such a strong story, and she presented it in such a positive and inspiring way. I was stunned by her authenticity, openness, positivity and determination. The team enjoyed a lot the session (so did I), and on a personal level, I learned a lot from it. Since the session, I have been thinking quite a lot of what has been said and I have started to see things in a different perspective, and take baby steps 😊 THANK YOU!"

    A.T Kearney International AG

    Client: A.T Kearney International

    Where: Geneva, Switzerland

    When: May 2023

    "Orlando Machado is one of most influential people in data driven businesses as Group Chief Data Officer at LEGO Group. Everything went well and Orlando was a great speaker."

    Crowe Global

    Client: Crowe Global EMEA

    Where: Paris, France

    When: May 2023

    "Ex-Top Gun fighter pilot 'Ate' is an expert in stress management and leadership. He delivered a brilliant interactive keynote to 200 accountants including the use of a flight simulator on stage piloted by our attendees. He was fantastic."


    Client: IBSA

    Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

    When: May 2023

    "Antonio Paraiso is an expert in luxury brands, marketing and innovation with a passion for customer service. Antonio delivered an impactful and interactive lecture which our participants regarded as highly relevant, inspirational and educational. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Antonio – I hope to work with him again and will recommend others to do the same, if they have the chance."


    Client: Sensormatic EMEA

    Where: Warsaw, Poland

    When: May 2023

    "Andrew Busby is a retail guru and delivered the keynote 'Retail now and the future: post pandemic.' All worked brilliantly with Andrew – presentation and engagement and the ease of communication were great. I can only say thank you and recommend Andrew for such engagements in the future."

    Crestron Modern Work Summit

    Client: Modern Work Summit

    Where: Madrid, Spain

    When: May 2023

    "Feedback on Andreas is very positive. He was super professional and delivered a thought-provoking, well-thought-out presentation on topics that affect modern life and work, and you could tell he was passionate about the subject. There was humour as well as some sentimental moments that really engaged the audience. It was a fantastic keynote to kick-off our event. He was approachable, flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed which made it a pleasure to work with him."

    Project Management Institute Summit

    Client: Project Management Institute

    Where: Cancun, Mexico

    When: June 2023

    "As I told you after the session, you have found a way to describe your challenges and lessons learned in a way where the audience immediately relates it to part of their life, without having to say: think of how this applies to your life. To me, one of the best indications that a presentation has hit the mark is when people continue to talk about it afterwards. I had several very rich conversations about the value of the session and how it related to people’s live and work experiences. Thank you."

    Siemens Financial Services

    Client: Siemens Financial Services

    Where: Munich, Germany

    When: June 2023

    "Christian presented 'Connect The Dots': Really good guy, good content and really helped our messaging so in the end, also a helpful recommendation from you. We are actually getting feedback from our participants so I will share relevant highlights when I get them. I thought the content was spot on…and impromptu feedback has been positive. "

    Sustainability and Society Forum

    Client: Portugual Sustainability Forum

    Where: Matosinhos, Portugal

    When: May 2023

    "I would like to thank you, once again, for your presence in Portugal, specifically in Matosinhos, to participate in the Sustainability and Society Forum. It was indeed an inspiring presence that indelibly marked our event.In fact, we received many positive comments about the Forum in general and your presence in particular. Whether at an institutional level, that is, from our partners in the organization of the Forum, or at an individual level, by many of the people who attended the sessions."


    Client: Neuraxapharm

    Where: Prague, Czech Republic

    When: Sept 2023

    "The meeting went great, we are still gathering the input from the participants; but so far everyone valued a completely different perspective, and saw a cultural link between the way he thinks about his expeditions and our day-to-day. Based on his experience in sport and business, some key questions that Benedikt could approach in his talk to inspire our leaders: how can we reach goals in challenging situations? How to continue fighting to achieve our objective even if it looks impossible?."

    World Branding Awards

    Client: World Branding Awards

    Where: Vienna, Austria

    When: July 2023

    "Your ‘show’ was everything and more than we expected. We were thoroughly entertained with your energy, and was incredibly interesting, current, and thought provoking. I personally felt mentally poked in the all the right places! 😝😃 Danny thought you were excellent and on-point, and Richard (our chairman) and his wife thought you were the best speaker we’ve had for a long, long time - You ticked all the right boxes from our point of view, and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again."

    Perfetti Van Melle

    Client: Perfetti Van Melle

    Where: Benelux

    When: June 2023

    Pandit Dasa the 'Urban Monk' is an expert on creating 'Positive Workplace Culture'. We really loved it with Pandit Dasa. It was a great session and people where motivated to join and expressed how good they have experienced the session. Thanks for organizing! June 2023

    Victoria's Secret

    Client: Victoria's Secret

    Where: Barcelona, Spain

    When: June 2023

    "I wanted to share that the VS&CO Team was dazzled by Elsa’s discussion. She helped us think differently about how we process information, optimism, lead ourselves and interact others (including our loved ones and children). Elsa is a confident, professional, insightful speaker, but also not intimidating, and has a sense of humor! Elsa made connections with our audience members, and this kept them very engaged."


    Client: Vodovu Leadership Conference

    Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

    When: June 2023

    "Fons Trompenaars was absolutely great! Audience enjopyed both his content and sense of humour. Fons delivered his 'Riding the waves of culture keynote' focussing on how cultural differences often lead to misunderstandings between people, but also how to seize the opportunities that diversity brings to organizations, and the world."

    Janssen Cilag

    Client: Janssen Cilag

    Where: Lisbon, Portugal

    When: July 2024

    "Thank you for connecting us with Diana. She was beyond incredible and a huge hit with the audience. Diana was recommended by Promotivate to inspire the team to colllaborate more effectively post restructuring."

    Sensormatic Connect Customer Forum

    Client: Sensormatic Connect

    Where: Madrid, Spain

    When: Sept 2023

    "Thank you Catherine for attending Sensormatic Connect and headlining our key-note speakers. The audience feedback on your presentation was very good, and whilst the event was focussed on retailers I felt that a number of your insights and strategies are applicable across many businesses. Was a pleasure meeting you and thanks again."

    Thales AVS

    Client: Thales AVS

    Where: Bordeaux, France

    When: Sept 2023

    "Sean’s presentation has been very well appreciated and we’ve received a lot of good feedbacks, especially regarding his inspirational speech, his analogy between a rugby team (All Blacks) and an excom team and his humility despite his fantastic career."

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