About Promotivate Speakers Agency


We were founded in 2005 in London as a Professional Speakers Agency by Jonathan Curran.

Our original mission was to work with the most in-demand and interesting speakers in Europe and send them to companies and conferences from Lisbon to Istanbul. The ambition remains the same, though our geographical reach has expanded.

Jonathan started the speaker’s agency to inspire the motivational speaking career of a close friend who had suffered significant adversity.

That close friend, Mark Pollock has continued to inspire organisations around the world with his incredible story. Find out more about our motivational speakers and who they are.

Today Promotivate represents over 1,000 leading international conference keynote speakers who appear daily at events and inspire organizations wherever they appear.  Over the past fifteen years, we have developed our speaker base from pure motivation to many other facets of public speakers related to business and technology. In addition to our European strength, we represent speakers on all the other continents and provide conference speakers for events worldwide from Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Dallas, Singapore, the Nordics, and wherever great speakers are requested.

The agency is renowned for managing fresh speakers who have cutting-edge ideas. Meticulous planning, great service, and fair pricing enable Promotivate’s clients to get who they need on time and ensure their corporate objectives are communicated effectively.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, BP, JP Morgan, Coca-Cola, Oracle, SAP, Toyota and Apple to public sector bodies, academic institutions and conference organisers.

We have speakers to suit all reasonable requirements.

We really could not have had better speakers.” – Procter & Gamble


A Leading Conference Keynote Speakers Agency

Our people give businesses and individuals the edge over their competitors by instilling fresh ideas and creating the inspiration that is often required to ‘make it happen.’ Organizations have the opportunity through Promotivate to invite iconic motivational speakers to encourage and generate positive change. Corporate learning and development can now be delivered with greater impact by using a well-known proven expert to deliver a programme.

Many of our speakers are subject matter industry experts on a range of topics from global sustainability to customer service. “In Promotivate I recommend a very good speakers agency.”Sir Ranulph Fiennes(Pictured)

Since our launch in 2005, we have a 100% track record of delivering our speakers on time and a 98% client satisfaction rate. Our international offices provide us with total coverage for clients across Europe and South America and further afield in the Middle East, South Africa, and many other locations.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes