Alex Lewis, a young father, collapsed with …

A Minor Setback: Alex Lewis’ Inspirational Talk About His Magical Recovery

Alex Lewis, a young father, collapsed with a common cold on a November 17, 2013. He was rushed to the Winchester ICU, where his consultants told him that he had barely hours to live with a 3% chance of surviving in the first three days. Contracting Strep A, he was forced to have a quadruple amputation and facial reconstruction in a matter of few days. His is the story of grit and determination that you should know.

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Subject of a major television documentary, Alex Lewis has remained every bit positive about whatever happened to him. He talks about everything in the typical British manner of laughing in the face of adversity. He even asserts that he’s glad all this happened to him as it made him realise what he had.

Alex is currently adjusting to life with prosthetics. A true adventurer, he can be found hand cycling or kayaking whenever he’s not on ambassadorial duties for the Pilgrim Bandits. He cares about others too, that’s why he wants his story to be shared so that people can understand his ordeal.

His inspirational talk titled “A Minor Setback” features relevant messages for all which include:

  • Positive approach to life paves the way to a fulfilling life
  • Dealing with change and turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Accepting the things you can’t change and changing the things you can
  • Checking your priorities but never giving up on your dream

Can Alex inspire your group? Invite him over for a talk and get inspired!

Latest Client Feedback

“Everyone in that room was both motivated and humbled by what you and your family have been through. It was a pleasure to meet you and we wish you all the best for the future.” – Medtronic, July 2016

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