An Update On Market Conditions From Promotivate Speakers…

An Update On Market Conditions From Promotivate Speakers Agency, April 2021

Posted: April 20th 2021

Dear Speakers and Clients alike,

Market conditions remain difficult without the return of conferences and expo’s worldwide for the time being. We believe that restrictions in the UK and US entertainment sector which include the return of live events will recommence in late June. With vaccination in full swing, the rest of the world will follow.

What changes have we observed? Most circuit speakers saw a 90% or more loss of speaking bookings and earnings in 2020-21. This represents a huge decline in work and income for most speakers. We believe the sector will improve as normal life returns in Quarter 4 of 2021.

Signs of Recovery

Here are some indicators and a reference back to a previous pandemic in 2004 that are encouraging:

The aftermath of the Sars virus in 2004 also closed the international travel sector for a year. But in 2005 many speakers experienced a massive bounceback in bookings. In 2005, some speakers to the present day had their best ever year.

Return to work protocols are showing us that although working from home has been a necessity, the press is reporting that many of the world’s leading companies and brands are indicating a preference for a return to the office. People need to socialise and interact with each other which helps increase productivity.

Sports and music venues are gradually reopening to the public. This indicates that it should not be much longer before conferences and trade shows can recommence. Recent test events in Germany, Holland and Spain have produced test results that show no increase in the spread of the infection in venues of 5,000 people.

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speaker adapt - An Update On Market Conditions From Promotivate Speakers Agency, April 2021

How are Speaker’s Adapting To Change

Almost every speaker is a ‘catalyst for change’ by nature of what they have achieved and that is why organisations book them to talk to their people. Considering this point together with the massive decline in speaker bookings, change is required to win bookings.

Key Requirements for Speakers

  • Perfect internet and AV: microphone, good lighting, green screen background for video and images interactivity is essential.
  • Bespoke briefing preparation and individualism built-in for every client is a must. Know your client, pronounce names perfectly and name drop when presenting. Otherwise, speakers receive feedback or are questioned as to whether or not the session was pre-recorded and less effective.
  • Follow up afterwards. There is normally potential demand for follow up for further sessions following a virtual keynote.

Death by Zoom

Perhaps one final point of interest for consideration is that the rapid need for use of video conferencing platforms for internal communications may have made virtual events less inviting. Employees have suddenly found themselves sitting in front of their computers for many hours each day. We think though initially excited by the use of these platforms to WFH, that asking employees to spend further time in front of their screens can be deemed as overkill. This may also be reducing virtual speaker bookings, no matter how famous or good the speaker is. It is very important that an external guest invited to speak produces an informative and inspirational session that stands out from day to day operations.

Forthcoming Ideas and Potential Events

Promotivate has provided leading speakers for virtual talks throughout the pandemic. We provide free consultation and advice on which speakers (from 1,000+) can meet a client’s needs, in terms of technical and inspirational requirements. If you have a potential event or idea that you’d like to add a speaker too, please let us know. You can call or email me directly.

death by zoom - An Update On Market Conditions From Promotivate Speakers Agency, April 2021

Kind regards,

Jonathan Curran, Managing Director @promotivate