Motivational speakers – are they born or created? Some people around us are just great in how well they present their views; they leave us enlightened. The question then arises whether their skills are natural and intrinsic or can such talents be acquired over time. Let’s examine in what follows. Read on.

Are Motivational Speakers Born Like That or Learn the Art Over Time

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Looking at the history and even on examining the current times, we find that many well-known personalities are great orators and motivational speakers. In the past, we had powerful motivators like Napoleon. His Generals and soldiers could move mountains on one command. In recent history, we can look at achievers such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg whose speeches inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, students and professionals on the planet. But, were these leading personalities born with such rare talents or is it an acquired art form?

The question about their ‘capability to motivate’ has always been a topic of concern.

Some Leaders Are Born Motivators

Whether the stage is revolutionary, political, business or sports, motivational speakers have emerged as icons in their respective fields time and again. Their words still act as a source of inspiration for thousands of people. The words of Martin Luther King Jr., the famous humanitarian leader who later became a promising leader in the African-American Civil Right Moment, for instance, still echo the ears of millions of people.


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and a staunch follower of Christianity, Martin came in the limelight in 1955, when he became a communal leader for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. His motivational speeches and rousing leader qualities made the boycott last for more than three hundred days and resulted in various other revolutions all across the country. His famous quote “I have a dream” is still regarded as one of the best motivational quotes of all times and was included in various other anti-racist moments.

Some Motivators Have Emerged From Circumstances

We humans are basically born with the same temperament, but with time we tend to expand our thoughts and vision in a limited manner.


At times, one single moment in our life can bring in the necessary change and can make us a leader and a great motivational speaker we never thought we could be.


Remember how an advocate practicing in South Africa turned into a freedom fighter when he was thrown out from the train wagon by the British officers. His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He died as Mahatma Gandhi and was titled ‘Father of the Nation.’


Going by the historical analysis, it’s perhaps not the inborn talent that one needs to be a motivational speaker, but the determination and purpose to become a one.


Also, the kind of experiences life throws at you may also play an important role in how convincingly you can relate examples or real life stories to say words and say them in a manner that others are left spellbound.

Some Motivators Are Born Out Of Achievements

Winston Churchill, who suffered from speech impediment and had the fear of addressing large audiences, overcame his fear with consistent work on his speech order and emerged as one of the greatest motivational speakers of all times.


Like him and most of the successful leaders, who began their career with small audiences, the art of grabbing the attention and inspiring hundreds of listeners collectively came with the time.

History is replete with such examples, but what has also always stood out is the source of motivation in such people. Today, most popular motivators around are achievers in their respective fields – some are politicians, some are scientists, others are authors, social activists, celebrities, who are inspiring people not just with speeches, but with who they are and what they’ve achieved.

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