Europe’s Leading Motivational Speakers This Year

Europe’s leading professional speakers work for this small privately owned speakers agency aptly named Promotivate Speakers Agency Europe.

A company with true values and relevant reasons it was formed in 2003 specifically aimed to promote and develop inspirational people as public speakers. Unlike many other speakers agencies Promotivate promised to and is true to its word, to work with brilliant people who had done exceptional things in life, people who inspire others to follow. The speakers Promotivate represent are exceptional speakers, they are elite and best in class and not one of thousands of speakers whom other speaker agencies claim to represent. Many of our speakers are famous, but also many are not, but have done notable things which inspire others.

Here are some great examples of speakers that Promotive represent directly:

Promotivate represent less than 200 of Europe’s leading Motivational Speakers which is enough. We know the market, and unlike many agencies who claim to represent 3,000+ speakers, which we could easily have added them all, Promotivate don’t. We carefully select and review our speaker roster each month to ensure that we promote current and very much in demand relevant speaking talent.

Promotivate is a European Speakers Agency and sends speakers across Continental Europe from Latvia, Lisbon, Madrid, Geneva and all of Europe’s principle cities. Importantly for international conferences Promotivate specialises in sending motivational speakers who appeal to international audiences, not just the UK. 80% of our speakers are keynote speakers in Ireland and mainland Europe.

With agents in Spain, UK & Ireland and speaking multiple languages Promotivate has multi-lingual on-site support when required. For a company that manages the leading motivational and inspirational speakers anywhere in Europe that is why we are highly recommended.

Promotivate Speakers Agency provides inspirational speakers, who through either achievement or being exceptional individuals motivate corporate teams and conference audiences to do more.

If you are organising a conference or company motivational talk Promotivate should be contacted. Email Promotivate with your event details and we will recommend leading international speakers and their fees for keynote delivery.


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