Leadership Development Training By Proven Leaders

Leaders drive organisational success and build sustainable teams. Today we bring companies dynamic leadership development with a significant advantage.

In a break from the traditional methods hiring in business consultants and coaches we bring real life examples of leadership success into organisations to deliver more effective and realistic executive development programmes.

We represent many of Europe’s great leaders from fields that include; business, sport, diplomacy and adventure. The characteristics and prerequisites for success in any of these fields is usually identifiable and portable into other sectors.

Promotivates corporate executive development is delivered by ex-CEO’s, entrepreneurs, world cup winners and captains, iconic brand builders and the most coveted and published experts on leadership.

Whether it’s first line leaders as part of your succession plan or established senior leaders, neglecting their development is often the most expensive option of all. Our approach is flexible and can involve a one off workshop or the development of a full programme, focusing on areas which include;

  • Fit for leadership:  leaders need to physically and mentally strong
  • Inspiring through change:  encouraging your leaders to embrace change
  • Coaching:  building inspirational coaches from within your organisation
  • High performance team: helping your leaders to create a high performance culture
  • One-to-One Coaching: supporting your leaders to help them manage stress and achieve more

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