Sales & Business Development Training By Proven Salespeople

We specialise in providing organisations with the very best motivational speakers in Europe. Click here to see our motivational speakers list. Sales and business development skills are at the forefront of a proven motivational speakers success. Training and up-skilling takes time however motivation levels can be radically improved within short hour long sessions leading to immediate improvement in the sales function.

Our speakers have been there and done it themselves. They are not management consultants, they are proven achievers who share their knowledge with others to improve performance. Many of the experts we deploy are familiar faces which adds impact and improves intake of the expert advice given.

We believe that money spent on motivating employees represents a sensible and logical investment. Training staff to learn new skills takes time and can be costly. Providing them with the inspiration to conduct their work both at home and at work will lead to greater performance improvement for a small investment.

The reward for providing ongoing motivational support to individuals, teams and organisations is long lasting. In addition to achieving greater output the macro effects of employee retention and longer term organisational stability should be considered as valuable. Our experts will impart their knowledge of how to improves the sales and business development process in a number of key areas which can be tailored to a companies own needs including;

  • Setting and achieving targets
  • Objection handling
  • Developing a customer value proposition
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Objection handling
  • Sales pipeline planning

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