Team Building Programmes Delivered By Famous Team Builders

The ability to build, manage and retain a strong team is vital to any successful company or organisation. We represent some of the leading, best known, even iconic team building experts.

In a change from the normal, what if your company could have its team building programme designed and delivered not by an HR expert or management consultant, but by a world class team leader.

What if you could draw upon the expert who guided many of Team GB’s athletes to Olympic success. What if this expert had built one of the world’s most admired brands? We have dozens of renowned team building experts to chose from.

Promotivate works with some of the very best team building experts not just as their speaker agents but also increasingly we provide their extended services to deliver one of or a series of bespoke team building workshops.

The impact created using a well known and proven leader to deliver training over someone who educates but themselves is unnacomplished in what they deliver in is self-explanatory. Modules are tailored to a companies needs and include;


  • Fit for work – ensuring your team are physically and mentally at their very best.
  • Inspiring through change – encouraging your leaders to embrace change and inspire their team through uncertain times.
  • Coaching – building inspirational coaches in your organisation.
  • High performing teams – helping create a high performance culture.
  • One to One Coaching – supporting colleagues to help them manage stress and achieve more.

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