Natalia Fabra

Conference Speaker Natalia Fabra by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in energy and environmental economics and regulation and competition policy
  • Professor of Economics at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid
  • Member of the European Commission’s Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy
  • Board member of TSO, Spain, and President of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics

A Professor of Economics at Madrid’s Universidad Carlos III, Natalia Fabra is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, an Associate Member of the Toulouse School of Economics, and a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Energy Policy Research Group. She also belongs to the European Commission’s Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy. Regarding her education, she obtained a Ph.D. at the European University Institute in Florence.

Natalia Fabra works in the field of industrial organisation. Her focus is energy and environmental economics and regulation and competition policy. Someone who has authored numerous research papers, her efforts have been published in leading journals across the globe. These include the American Economic Review, Energy Economics, The Journal of Industrial Economics, and various others. She also holds the position of associate editor at the Economic Journal and the Journal of Industrial Economics.

Someone who has received two distinguished awards, i.e., the Spanish Best Young Economics from the Banco Sabadell Foundation and the other from the Madrid regional government, Natalia Farba was awarded an ERC Consolidator grant in 2017. The grant was for research into current tools and policy changes in electricity markets for the period 2018 to 2024.

A research visiting fellow at various institutions, Natalia Fabra has visited the University of California Energy Institute, the Toulouse School of Economics, Nuffield College in the UK, and Northwestern University in Chicago, amongst various others.

Natalia Fabra currently holds a position as an independent board member of the Spanish gas TSO and the of President of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics.

Natalia Fabra – Speaker

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Natalia Fabra concentrates on topics surrounding her specialties, i.e., energy and environmental economics and regulation and competition policy. She resides in Spain and presents in Spanish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Do renewables create local jobs?
  • Energy Economy, Energy Transition, Policy for the Defense of Competition and Regulation, among others.
  • Efficiency and Distributional Impacts of Real-Time Pricing for Electricity
  • The Electricity Crisis in Spain
  • The Energy Transition: A Challenge for Industrial Economics
  • The Spanish Economy, the Power Sector, and the Pandemic
  • Ensuring the Supply of Essential Goods
  • The Green Deal and Competition Policy
  • Public Policies for the Energy Transition
  • Technology-Neutral versus Technology-Specific Procurement
  • Auctioning Renewables
  • Market Power and Price Discrimination: Learning from Changes in Renewables Regulation

Meredith Whittaker

Conference Speaker Meredith Whittaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert on the social implications of AI
  • Minderoo Research Professor at New York University
  • Founder of Google’s Open Research Group and co-founder of the AI Now Institute
  • Advisor to governments and civic organisations on all things related to AI and the internet

Meredith Whittaker is the Minderoo Research Professor at New York University. She is also the founder of the Google Open Research Group and co-founder of the AI Now Institute.

With regards to her research and focus, Meredith Whittaker looks at the social implications of AI and the tech industry responsible for it. Her particular emphasis is on the power and the political economy that drives the commercialisation of computational technology.

Meredith Whittaker worked at Google for more than ten years before taking up her position at New York University. Her time there saw her lead product and engineering teams, found Google’s Open Research Group, and co-found M-Lab. M-Lab is a globally distributed network measurement platform that provides the world’s largest source of data on internet performance. She also worked on privacy and security issues and helped provide funding, strategy, and supports to efforts that provided privacy from both governments and large tech companies.

While at Google, Meredith Whittaker also helped lead labor organizing. She was one of the core organisers to push back against the company’s military contracts, their limited response to AI and its potentially harmful effects, and was a central organiser of the Google Walkout.

These days Meredith Whittaker continues working with organisers in technology with the belief that collective actions are necessary to ensure meaningful tech accountability. This is especially the case with concentrated industrial power.

Meredith Whittaker has, throughout her career, advised the White House, the FCC, the City of New York, the European Parliament, and many diverse governments and civil society organizations on AI, internet policy, measurements, privacy, and security.

Meredith Whittaker – Conference Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Meredith Whittaker has a vast knowledge of all things relating to AI and its various pros and cons. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaker Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Policy
  • Internet Privacy
  • Internet Security

Helena Gualinga

Conference Speaker Helena Gualinga by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Ecuadorian environmental and human rights activist
  • Sarayaku Indigenous community spokesperson
  • Exposes the conflict between Indigenous communities and oil companies
  • Co-founder of Polluters Out who stars in a documentary detailing her teaching the Sarayaku way of life

The daughter of an Indigenous Ecuadorian mother and Finnish Professor, Helena Gualinga was born into the Indigenous Kichwa Sarayaku community in Pastaza, Ecuador. She comes from a family of activists, with her mother the former president of the Kichwa Women’s Association, an older activist sister, and an aunt and grandmother Indigenous women’s human rights defenders. Helena spent her childhood between Ecuador and Finland.

Helena Gualinga had witnessed her family’s persecution for standing up to big oil companies and their environmental impact on Indigenous land. Many of her community’s leaders and even family members lost their lives in violent conflicts against these large corporations and the government.

Helena Gualinga sees her upbringing as an opportunity. She has become the Sarayaku Indigenous community spokesperson. As an activist, she continuously exposes the conflict between the Indigenous community and oil corporations. This she does by spreading an empowering message to youths attending local Ecuadorian schools. She also continuously brings her message to the international community, hoping policymakers will take note.

Her message includes the impact of deforestation of the Amazon on Indigenous communities and how they experience climate change. This includes increasing forest fires, desertification, the quicker melting of snow on the higher mountain peaks, and the prevalence of disease due to flooding. In 2019, she took part in a demonstration with other young environmental activists outside the UN headquarters in New York City during the UN Climate Action Summit.

Helena Gualinga has also taken part in the COP25 held in Madrid, Spain. There, she spoke about her concerns about the Ecuadorian government’s authorisation for oil extraction in traditionally indigenous areas. She also mentioned her disappointment in her government claiming an interest in the protection of the Amazon instead of attending to the demands of Indigenous Amazon women brought to the government in 2019 during the Ecuadorian protest actions taking place. Her talk also mentioned her disappointment regarding world leaders who had no interest in discussing the topics brought to the conference by Indigenous people.

Together with Isabella Fallahi and Ayisha Siddiqa, Helena Gualinga founded Polluters Out. The aim of the organisation is the fossil fuel industry and was founded in response to the failing COP25. They want the UN to refuse fossil fuel corporation funding for COP16.

The plight of Helena Gualinga and her people is encapsulated in the documentary ‘Helena Sarayaku Manta’, i.e., Helena of Sarayaku. The documentary highlights her life relating to the teaching of the Sarayaku way of living. It premiered at the 2022 Environmental Film Festival in Ecuador’s capital city. The same year saw her, and her sister featured in Revista Hogar Magazine, with their photographs on the magazine’s cover. It was the first time that an Indigenous woman was featured on the cover. She has also been featured in Vogue magazine.

Helena Gualinga – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Helena Gualinga talks about various aspects of conservation, the impact of large companies on the environment, and human rights issues. She is mainly based in Ecuador and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • The need for nature conservation
  • The impact of large corporations on the environment
  • Human rights issues


Sharon Gai

Conference Speaker Sharon Gai by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Chinese-Canadian eCommerce, digital marketing, and branding expert
  • Global Shaper in the World Economic Forum China chapter
  • Advisor to many governments and large corporations
  • Author of “Ecommerce Reimagined: what we can learn in retail and eCommerce from China”.

Sharon Gai has more than ten years of experience in eCommerce, digital marketing, and branding. Born in China, she immigrated to Canada while still young. Her inability to communicate with her new compatriots bred in her skills like adaptability, resilience, and creativity. This led to her outstanding ability to communicate with those of both the East and West. A Global Shaper in the World Economic Forum’s China chapter, she sports an Honours’  degree in International Development and a Masters in Information Management from McGill and Columbia University, respectively.

Sharon Gai started out in e-commerce at a Fortune 500 systems integrator. Her job involved enabling SMBs to order computer hardware online. She was soon selected to be a part of the Alibaba Global Leadership Academy. The brainchild program of Jack Ma, the Academy has a 0.3% acceptance rate and hires global leaders to increase the business group’s global reach.

Her tenure at Tmall, the largest eCommerce platform in China, saw Sharon Gai advise large emerging internet brands to craft their digital marketing and online e-commerce strategies in China. She has also served as Tmall’s Head of Global Key Accounts where she provided leadership in omnichannel strategies for such large corporations like Adidas, P&G, H&M, and numerous others.

Besides her word and speaking engagements, Sharon Gai has authored “Ecommerce Reimagined: what we can learn in retail and eCommerce from China”. The book, published in 2022, has thus far been favourably received.

Sharon Gai – Speaker

With regard to her speaking career, Sharon Gai has delivered keynotes at more than one hundred eCommerce and retail conferences. Amongst these, she includes Ecomworld, Ecommerce Asia, and Etail. She has also presented to governments, and heads of state, and appeared on various media. These include CCTV, Retail Asia, The Next Web, Singularity University, and TechCrunch. She resides in China and presents in English and Chinese.

Speaking Topics

  • Ecommerce and marketing in China
  • Boost sales using live streaming
  • How SMEs can sell in China
  • Latest updates on the eCommerce trend in China
  • Selling to the world’s largest consumer market

Amaya Valdemoro

Conference Speaker Amaya Valdemoro by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Most capped woman in basketball history
  • Double Olympian
  • Current television personality in Spain
  • Member of the Spanish national basketball team for 18 years

A former Spanish basketball player, Amaya Valdemoro won three Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championships. These were with the Houston Comets. She also one a EuroLeague championship, eight Spanish leagues, and a Russian Premier League. She was nominated as the Russian League Player of the Year in 2006.

Amaya Valdemoro took part in two Olympics, the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. She went on to win a bronze medal at the FIBA World Championship in 2010, as well as five medals in the women’s EuroBasket. One of these, in 2013, was gold.

Amaya Valdemoro made her debut in the Spanish league, aged sixteen, in 1992. She went on to help her team win the 1992-1993 EuroLeague. The next season saw her team runners up. Joining Pool Getafe, she managed to help her club win league and title cups in 1997 and 1998. In 1998, Amaya Valdemoro and Pool Getafe placed as runner ups in the 1993 EuroLeague.

Joining the Huston Comments, she went on to win three consecutive championships. These were in 1998, 1999, and 2000. Returning home to Spain, she joined Ros Casares. The team won two leagues and three cup titles. In 2004, she spent a brief time with Unimed/Americana, a Brazilian Team.

The period 2005 – 2008 saw Amaya Valdemoro playing basketball in Russia. She spent three seasons in the Russian Premier League. Her first Russian team was BC Volgaburmash, after which she joined CSKA Moscow. Her time in Russia saw her win one league and three cups.

Upon her return to Ros Casares in Spain, The team won back-to-back league and cup titles in 2009 and 2010. They were also the EuroLeague runners-up in the 2009-2010 championship. After this, she spent two seasons playing for Rivas Ecopolis. The club won the 2011 Spanish cup and the EuroLeague Final.

She retired from the national team in 2013.

These days Amaya Valdemoro is a commentator on the EuroLeague for ACB and a commentator on the Elegidos programme of Canal+.

Amaya Valdemoro – Speaker

Amaya Valdemoro was a member of the senior Spanish basketball team for a total of 18 years. She is the most capped player in the sport and has participated in two Olympics, four World Championships, and eight European Championships.

As a speaker, Amaya Valdemoro uses real-life experiences to talk about various aspects relating to motivation, leadership, teamwork, women in sports, and overcoming adversity. She lives in Spain and presents in English and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Working for success
  • Teamwork
  • Overcoming adversity

Gemma Mengual

Gemma Mengual Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Human capital, motivation, and leadership speaker
  • ‘The Mermaid’ – Considered the best-synchronised swimmer of all times
  • Spanish synchronised swimming team artistic director
  • Considered one of Spain’s most successful athletes ever

Nicknamed ‘The Mermaid’, Gemma Mengual, a Spanish synchronized swimmer, is considered the best in the world ever and a global leader in her speciality. A sporting success in her country, she is the flag athlete of Spanish sport. Her natural beauty and friendly nature have made this minority sport fashionable in her country, with her services constantly sought after by advertising agencies and designers.

These days the artistic director of the Spanish synchronised swimming team, her passion for the sport started at a young age. Her cousin’s influence saw her enrolled at a local club when she was only eight years old.

The sport was the perfect fit for Gemma Mengual. It allowed her to combine her passions for music, dancing, and her love of water. She demonstrated her commitment right from the start. She was willing to put in the effort. Combined with her strong desire to excel, it is no surprise she excelled in the sport, joining the National team in 1992. Although she resigned from active competitions in 2012, she had managed to win 17 gold, 18 silver, and 12 bronze medals. Gemma Mengual had during her career excelled at World Championships, European Championships, and even the Olympic games. She is considered one of Spain’s most successful athletes ever.

Gemma Mengaul had also received many awards and accolades during her synchronised swimming career. Amongst these, she includes Best Spanish Sportswoman in 2005 and the Gold Medal – Royal Order of Sports Merit in 2007. She was also a candidate for the Prince of Asturias of Sports award in 2009.

Things took a turn in 2015 when Gemma Mengual announced that she was coming out of retirement to take part in the mixed duet with Pau Tibas at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Russia. She went on from there to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics with Ona Carbonell. They finished in fourth place.

Besides her swimming prowess, Gemma Mengaul also holds a degree in gemology and has been on the cover of numerous magazines. Amongst these, she includes Linea, Sport Life, Man, and Interviu. She also designs the swimsuits for Spain’s synchronised swimming team.

Gemma Mengual Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Gemma Mengual focuses on such topics as unleashing human capital, motivation, leadership, and stories of overcoming adversity. She lives in Spain and presents in Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Work for excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Overcoming adversity

Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila Jordanova Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Corporate environmentalist using machine learning and science to clean up the environment
  • Co-founder and CEO of Plan A
  • Co-founder of the Greentech Alliance
  • Recognised as an Obama Europe Leader in 2022 amongst other accolades

Lubomila Jordanova is the co-founder and CEO of Plan A. The software provider offers an end-to-end platform that uses machine learning and science to help businesses reduce emissions and improve and report on their ESG performance.

Besides Plan A, Lubomila Jordanova also co-founded the Greentech Alliance. The community of over two thousand Greentech startups connect to over 500 advisors from VC, media, and the business community.

Before Plan A, Lubomila Jordanova worked in investment banking, capital venture, and the fintech industry in both Asia and Europe.

Excellence in her work has seen Lubomila Jordanova receive many accolades. In 2022, for example, she was recognised as an Obama Europe Leader, MIT Innovator Under 35 Europe, Marshall Fund Fellow, and one of the Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs in Germany, to name but a few.

Under her guidance, Plan A, founded in 2017, has become a leading corporate accounting and decarbonization software solutions provider. The company developed a SaaS platform that combines the latest technology and scientific standards and methodologies. It has also received several awards since its inception, with the Generali’s SME EnterPRIZE Award in 2021 and The Europas Award being the two most recent.

Lubomila Jordanova – Speaker

As a sought-after speaker, Lubomila Jordanova focuses on the importance of green technology, corporate sustainability, and the possible ravages of climate change. She is based in Germany and presents in German and English.

Speaker Topics

  • Green Technology
  • Climate Change
  • Corporate Sustainability

Sandra Sanchez

Conference Speaker Sandra Sanchez by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Karate Olympic Gold medalist and Guinness World Record holder for winning the most medals in the Karate 1 Premier League
  • Won the World Karate Championships for the individual kata event twice
  • Recipient of over 50 medals in various international competitions
  • The current world and European karate title holder

Sandra Sanchez made history when she became not only an Olympic gold medalist in her sport but was recognised by Guinness World Records for winning the most medals in the Karate 1 Premier League. The Olympic Gold medalist also won the women’s individual kata event twice at the World Karate Championships. This was in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Years of relentless training, fundraising, and determination have seen Sandra battle through injury, prejudice, and defeat to become one of Spain’s best-loved athletes and an inspiration to all those who are chasing after a seemingly impossible dream.

But Sandra Sanchez saw success much later than most in her sport.

Although the Spanish athlete started taking Karate lessons at the age of four and had the opportunity to train at Spain’s High Performance Centre, she turned the opportunity down. She decided to rather look after her ill mother and pursue her studies.

After graduating in Sport Sciences and Physical Activity, Sandra Sanchez went to Australia where she taught karate to children. She was also given an offer to compete for a club in Dubai.

Upon her return to Spain, Sandra Sanchez found it incredibly difficult to get a place on the national team. She was, however, 32 years old when she finally gained her place, going on to win the bronze at the 2014 Karate 1 Premier League in Paris. Seven years later, she was the World and European title holder, the Grand winner of her category, and had won more than fifty medals in various international competitions. She also made international karate history when Guinness named her the world record holder for winning the most medals in the Karate 1 Premier League.

But the accomplishment she is probably most proud of was winning the Olympic gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. She was forty years old.

Sandra Sanchez -Speaker

Besides practicing, teaching, and taking part in competitions, Sandra Sanchez has become a sought-after speaker on various motivational subjects. She lives in Spain and speaks Spanish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Olympics
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation

Elisabeth Revol

Conference Speaker Elisabeth Revol by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • The woman who survived the Killer Mountain
  • The first woman to climb Nanga Parba, Pakistan, during the winter
  • Survivor of a heroic rescue attempt
  • Reached the summit of Mount Everest one year after her rescue

Elisabeth Revol, a French high-altitude mountaineer, is often referred to as the woman who survived the Killer Mountain, Nanga Parbat. Her climbing partner, Tomasz Mackiewicz, unfortunately, did not.

With the support of her parents, Elisabeth Revol started climbing at the age of 19 years. The physical education teacher went on her first Nepalese climbing expedition in 2007. The following year she made a solo ascent of three Himalayan peaks within sixteen days. This she did without the use of oxygen.

Another year later and Elisabeth Revol attempted climbing Annapurna with her Czech climbing partner Martin Minarik. Due to various complications, the duo had to give u their attempt. Their descent, however, met with further deteriorating weather conditions that saw them separated. She had to continue her descent alone. Upon reaching safety, she arranged a rescue attempt for her climbing partner, but the attempt failed. He was never seen again.

In 2012, Elisabeth Revol took part in the French Adventure Racing World Championship. The event includes navigation, mountain biking, paddling, swimming, and trekking. The next year saw her make another climbing attempt in the Himalayas. The focus was a winter climb on Nanga Parbat, known as the Killer Mountain. The attempts were unsuccessful due to dangerous weather. Undaunted, she made a successful 2018 attempt together with Mackiewicz. They were the second team to succeed at this during the winter, while Elisabeth Revol became the first woman to do so.

The climb was not without its challenges or disasters. It was Elisabeth Revol’s fourth winter attempt and Mackiewicz’s seventh. Upon reaching the summit from the Diamer side, she noticed her climbing partner’s health was failing. She started taking him down. According to her, he suffered from snow blindness, was bleeding from both his mouth and nose, and had difficulty communicating. He also developed frostbite. Securing him from the wind in a crevasse, she called for help and started her descent.

A nearby Polish team was called on to launch a rescue mission. They managed to rescue Elisabeth Revol, but due to the harsh weather conditions, could not immediately go on to rescue her climbing partner.  He did not survive.

Elisabeth Revol suffered from frostbite and weighed a mere 45 kg when rescued. She did, however, manage to narrowly avoid any amputations. She encapsulates her experiences of this event in her book ‘To Live: Fighting for life on the killer mountain’.

One year later and she reached the summit of Mount Everest with the use of oxygen above 8 500 metres. She went on to climb Mount Lhotse, the peak adjacent to Mount Everest, the following day.

Elisabeth Revol – Speaker

As a speaker, Elisabeth Revol focuses on various aspects of the human mindset needed to reach your dreams even when faced with adversity. She lives in France and presents in French.

Speaking Topics

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Change management
  • Crisis Management
  • Adversity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Proactivity
  • Breaking Paradigms
  • Wellbeing

Elsa Punset

Conference Speaker Elsa Punset by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Emotional intelligence expert, bestselling author, and philosopher
  • Bestselling children’s author of whom one has been published in fourteen countries thus far
  • Director at the Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory

An emotional intelligence expert, bestselling author, and philosopher, Elsa Punset has a degree in Philosophy and Letters, a Master’s in Humanities from Oxford University, and one in Journalism from Madrid’s Autonomous University. She also gained a Master’s degree in Secondary education from Madrid’s Camilo Jose Cela University.

As the content director at the Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory, Elsa Punset regularly collaborates on various television shows. Amongst these, she includes Redes, Para todos la 2, and El Hormiguero. She also hosts her own podcast Pequenas Revolutions.

The author of numerous books, her bestseller “A Backpack For The Universe”, launched in 2012, has been published in fourteen countries. She is also the author of “The Bold”, an illustrated book with stories aimed at children to help them understand and manage their basic emotions in an entertaining manner.

Elsa Punset ascribes her success to her ability to balance a brilliant academic career with her ability to connect with people and her practical approach to things.

Elsa Punset – Speaker

A speaker with the ability to address the heart of the matter, Elsa Punset gets her message across to people from all walks of life, i.e., from the boardroom right across to the classroom. She lives in Spain and presents in Spanish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Proposals for these extraordinary times: For a little over two years everything has been changing: our way of working, relating to others, and dealing with the world around us. We may not have, for the rest of our existence, such a clear and urgent opportunity to transform our lives and, with it, the world in which we live. In this talk, full of intelligent optimism, Elsa Punset asks us, with her practical style, what to do to be part of the change, manage anxiety and reinvent ourselves with the world to come.
  • Small revolutions for life and work: How are we humans? In general, they have not taught us to understand ourselves or to manage the flow of emotions that flood us every day. The truth is that we are made of small emotional habits that dictate our daily actions, and that it is difficult for us to change these habits. Elsa invites us to discover what skills can help us live better in a stressful world, but full of opportunities. In this talk, aimed at large audiences, Elsa will help, in an entertaining and interactive way, to reveal the keys to an adaptable and creative brain that we can train like a muscle.
  • Emotional Intelligence in companies – practical keys for teamwork, motivation, and creativity: Success at work depends on many factors, and one of the most important is emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize and manage one’s own and others’ emotions. For companies, Elsa gives the keys to how good emotional intelligence is reflected in greater professional satisfaction and better work performance and introduces the basic skills to communicate, innovate, solve problems, motivate oneself…Throughout the talk, Elsa highlights clues that allow, with practice, to improve these skills.
  • The world of health – practical keys to enhance empathy, resilience, and communication with patients: Why is emotional intelligence relevant for groups that take care of people’s health? A growing body of research shows that emotional intelligence skills not only make life easier for healthcare professionals but also improve patient prognosis. In these talks, Elsa focuses on seeing, in a practical and interactive way, how EIsa can help manage the daily challenges that disease presents. “We have to learn every day to choose between love and fear” – Elizabeth Kubler Ross
  • We are the emotional coaches of our children and students – early stages and/or adolescence: Manage our expectations of parents. Support them, do not live through them. This talk will be adapted to the target audience to which it is addressed: parents’ schools and/or educational community, and… It is during childhood when we sow in our children and students the foundations of an emotionally intelligent brain; their childhood is a unique opportunity to rediscover ourselves and to be able to guide our children and students so that they can consolidate basic skills that allow them to live and develop peacefully and creatively. During this talk, Elsa addresses the educational community and in an interactive and entertaining way, presents practical keys necessary to achieve an emotionally intelligent education, in the classroom and at home.

Ona Carbonell

Conference Speaker Ona Carbonell by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Spanish synchronized swimmer who competed in 2012 London, 2016 Rio, and 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Woman with the most medals in swimming history
  • Spanish MasterChef Celebrity winner
  • Well received non-fiction and children’s fiction author

Ona Carbonell started her sporting career as a rhythmic gymnast. Her passion for water, however, awakened her interest in synchronized swimming. She was part of the Spanish Synchronised Swimming National Team since the age of fourteen, where she trained at the High Performance Centre of Saint Cugat. Her career has seen her compete in three junior world championships, two pre-Olympics, and the 2012 London Olympics. She went on, from there, to compete in another two Olympics, i.e., the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Olympics.

Considered the woman who has won the most medals in swimming history, Ona Carbonell started winning medals at the age of seventeen. Besides partaking in the Olympics, she has won a silver and bronze at the 2007 World Championships, a bronze and two silvers at the same event at the Junior World Championships in 2008, as well as two gold and three silver medals at the European Junior Championship the same year.

From there she went from strength to strength, swimming her way to a gold and two silvers in the 2009 World Championship, three silver medals at the 2010 European Championship in 2010, and four bronze medals at the 2011 World Championship. From there on, she went from strength to strength, earning her place in three Olympics and world synchronised swimming history.

According to Ona Carbonell, her greatest experience as an athlete was winning the silver medal in London. But she also feels the sport has allowed her to grow as a person as it allowed her to experience so much, including traveling and meeting new people. She sees synchronised swimming as having a symbiotic relationship art, two of her passions.

In 2018, she was awarded the Best Women’s Road Award in Spain by the Elda Footwear Museum. She also took part in the Spanish MasterChef Celebrity competition the same year. As someone who could barely cook, she undertook this competition with the same gusto used for her swimming: with perseverance, dedication, and a great deal of preparation. She learned everything she could about cooking and even went for cooking lessons from the only chef she knew. Her efforts paid off, seeing her win the prize which she promptly donated to charity.

Ona Carbonell feels perfection is only achieved through hard work, perseverance, and by giving of oneself. This is her goal as both an athlete and a person, something she manages via teamwork, discipline, and a lot of effort.

Her life away from sport revolves around art, fashion, and design, with a special focus on her studies in this regard. Ona Carbonell is also an accomplished author who has written a book about her experiences. She is also a well-received children’s author with a series of books about a young girl with the ability to turn into a mermaid. A documentary on her life, ‘Ona Carbonell: Starting Over’, has received rave reviews in Spain. In it, she reveals the story of her life, her feelings about motherhood, the difficulty of maintaining a balance between a family and professional life as an elite athlete, and the problems experienced when returning to elite sport after becoming a mother.

Ona Carbonell – Speaker

As a speaker, Ona Carbonell enjoys transmitting the lessons learned from her sport and achievements. These include not only her growth as a person but her values and lessons learned as well.

Speaking Topics

  • High performance
  • Inspiring youth
  • Teamwork
  • Women in leadership


Vivian Li

Conference Speaker Vivial Li by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in Wnt signalling, stem cell, colorectal cancer, organoid technology, and tissue engineering
  • Received a Gold Medal for her Ph.D. thesis
  • Francis Crick Institute group leader
  • Wants to use her findings and expertise in future organ transplants, especially in children with intestinal failure

Dr Vivian Li completed her Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Pathology in 2008. She received a Gold Medal for her Ph.D. thesis on research into the molecular mechanism of human colonic development and tumorigenesis.

Funding from the Croucher Foundation Fellowship enabled her to pursue her post-doctoral research training at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands. Her time there saw her focus on Ent pathway proteomics and the characterising of intestinal stem cell genes utilizing new transgenic mouse models.

Vivian Li has made a significant contribution regarding the identification of Wnt Signalling mechanisms at various subcellular levels. Her post-doctoral studies saw her familiarise herself with reverse mouse genetics and the latest ex vivo organoid cultures.

After completing her post-doctoral studies at the Hubrecht Institute, she established her laboratory at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research in 2013. This institute is now part of the Francis Crick Institute.

Vivian Li wants to use her expertise in growing intestines to help with future organ transplants. She and her team’s various breakthroughs are published in medical journals. Her particular wish is that her techniques will help in personalising transplants in children suffering from intestinal failure.

Dr Vivian Li – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Vivian Li touches on subjects relating to the easing of human suffering An expert in Wnt signalling, stem cell, colorectal cancer, organoid technology, and tissue engineering, she currently resides in the United Kingdom and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Developmental biology
  • Human biology and physiology
  • Signalling and oncogenes
  • Stem cells
  • Tumour Biology

Sarah Furness

Conference Speaker Sarah Furness by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Performance expert, strategist, and helicopter pilot
  • Former RAF squadron leader
  • Developed the H.A.B.I.T.S. Formula to help people excel under pressure while staying calm
  • Started her own company ‘Well Be It’ to help companies increase employee performance and resilience under pressure while empowering leadership

Sarah Furness a Cambridge University graduate followed her dream, becoming an RAF helicopter pilot and squadron leader. Her time in the military saw her lead operational combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Her time there taught her that people have a façade of toughness that does not necessarily reflect their inner feelings. She also realised that the ability to perform under pressure is not instinctive.

This epiphany prompted her to retrain and harness her experiences and passion to help people use their brains as a force for good. She developed her own unique Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.T.S.) Formula. The formula helps train the mind to excel under pressure and promote self-belief and inner calm. According to Sarah Furness, people are not necessarily born with these qualities, but that does not mean we cannot all learn how to become cool and collected under pressure.

Sarah Furness has had a journey through life with her own doses of failure, loss, rejection, fear, betrayal, and self-loathing. She battled with herself on a daily basis. It was, however, when she had her epiphany that she saw her life change. She not only overcame her worst fears but came back a happier, stronger person. Starting her own wellbeing company, Well Be It, has allowed her to work with companies to increase employee performance and resilience under pressure while empowering leadership.

According to Sarah Furness, “For years I yearned to be described as NICE. These days I’ve learned to settle for IMPRESSIVE.”

On a more personal note, Sarah Furness loves running. She completed the Marathon du Médoc 3 times – once while five months pregnant, and while pushing her eight-month-old in a baby carriage the year after. She does not know the meaning of “I can’t”.

Sarah Furness – Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Sarah Furness has a robust, science-based, good-humoured style of speaking that incorporates aspects of her former military life as points of reference. She lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • How to be fearless: Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of rejection, the answer is NOT to try and overcome those fears…it’s to embrace them. You can learn, not just to sit with your fears, you can learn to leverage them, use them as fuel for positive change, and even learn to become excited by the things that scare you most. Sarah will share exactly how you do this and why it’s easier than you think.
  • Train Hard Fight Easy: Discover the unique formula that Sarah has developed proven methods used by combat pilots which have been refined through her exploration and understanding of the human mind. You will learn practical tools including the pilot’s “work cycle” technique and applied mindfulness techniques for greater focus and productivity.
  • With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power: Sarah has seen how tough people can be. So long as they feel POWERFUL. And she’ll share EXACTLY how to set the conditions for people to get back on top and thrive in all circumstances.


Susan David

Conference Speaker Susan David by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller ‘Emotional Agility’
  • Developed the concept of emotional agility
  • Award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist
  • Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award recipient

Susan David, PhD, is a Harvard Medical School award-winning psychologist and creator of the concept of emotional agility. Her work focuses on the need to meet the various challenges and emotional complexities people encounter in both their private and professional lives It encompasses such aspects as engagement, leadership, adaptability, wellbeing, and culture. Her work and ideas in this regard are encapsulated in her #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller ‘Emotional Agility’. Her book has been translated into thirty languages and extensively profiled on national and international media. These include, amongst others TIME, the New York Times, and the TODAY show.

Named one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, Susan David received the Thinkers50 Breakthrough Award for “insights that have the potential to forever change the way we do business”.

Her TED talk saw Susan David receive a standing ovation and went viral, with over 60 million views on social media and 9 million at

Susan David – Speaker

As a speaker, Susan David inspires her audiences to think, feel, and act differently while helping organisations cultivate outstanding leadership and reliance in a human-centered, engaged culture.

She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

She customizes her emotional agility talks to the following themes:

  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Personal Growth
  • Future of Work
  • Innovation
  • Change
  • Engagement
  • Culture
  • Women in Leadership
  • Inspiring Others
  • Talent and Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Parenting and Education
  • High Performance

Blanca Huergo

Conference Speaker Blanca Huergo by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • STEM and algorithms expert and Oxford University Student
  • Recipient of numerous awards, including the 2019/2020 Spanish Computer Olympiad

Although still an Oxford University Student, Blanca Huergo is considered an expert in algorithms. She is also a Spanish Computer Olympiad winner, a STEM expert, and teaches programming to ESO and Baccalaureate students. She is currently doing her master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Blanca Huergo was interested in the intersection of mathematics and computer science from an early age. Because of her interest, she discovered online courses and programming, which she pursued since 2014. At age 16, she started working as a data scientist at a consulting firm and competing in programming contests.

Blanca Huergo, besides her studies, trains others to be successful in this field through various initiatives. These include the Women’s Computer Olympiad, an association that prepares adolescents across Spain for free to compete at an international level and whose board of directors she chairs, her online course Competitive Programing, and C1b3rwall Academy.

Blanca Huergo has won numerous awards at both a local, national and international level. Amongst these, she includes a silver medal at the Ibero=American Informatics Olympiad in 2020, a gold and award for best programmer for the second year in a row at the Spanish Computer Science Olympiad in 2019/2020, first position in the eighth Asturian Computer Science Olympiad, the Datathon Divisadero in 2019, and the category of Python at the 2019 Spanish Computer Science Olympiad.

With over fifty courses and certifications completed in computer science, algorithms, and AI from various highly regarded institutions, Blanca Huergo worked in data science for Merkle Spain where she developed consumer propensity models optimised codes for efficient data processing. At she designed an e-commerce time series prediction system that identified seasonal trends and long-term patterns often hidden from users.

Blanca Huergo co-founded and chairs the non-profit association Women’s Computer Science Olympiad to teach high school students competitive programming to create a community of young developers. Her role sees her help organise national competitions from which the Spanish team for the European Olympiad is selected annually.

Blanca Huergo – Speaker

As a speaker, Blanca Huergo wishes to encourage younger people to consider programming as a vocation, equip them with the tools needed, and connect them to the industry. She lives in both Spain and the UK and speaks English and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Data science
  • Encouraging women in the field of programming
  • The gender gap in STEM
  • Gender equality
  • Diversity – youth and adolescents

Monica Flores Barragán

Conference Speaker Monica Flores Barragan by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • A global leader in human capital solutions who promotes alliance diversity between governments
  • Globally recognised as a top 10 promoter of diversity
  • President of ManpowerGroup for Latin America
  • Former President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico

President of ManpowerGroup for Latin America, Monica Flores Barragán is a leader in human capital solutions who promotes alliance diversity between governments. She is responsible for the company’s operations in eighteen countries, its 3,700 staff members, and 350,00 outsourced employees. She aims to match the supply and demand challenges faced by the labor market.

A former President of the America Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, Monica Flores Barragán is a member of different education, government, and business institutions’ councils. She is also the President of the ManpowerGroup Foundation, STEM counselor, and author of ‘How to get your first job’. Her book helps young people integrate into the formal job market.

Recognised as one of the top business entrepreneurs in Latin America, Monica Flores Barragán received global recognition as one of the world’s top 10 promoters of diversity. Amongst her awards and accolades, she counts the Outstanding woman of the Year 2011 Award given by the Senate of the Mexican Republic, and the Outstanding Woman of the Year in Mexico and Latin America in Business by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants in 2016.

With regards to her speaking engagements and panel participation in Europe, Asia, and America,  Monica Flores Barragán has covered a variety of topics related to her area of expertise. As such, she has spoken at the World Economic Forum, World Federation of People Management Associations, World Business Forum, Global Summit for Women, and many others.

With regards to her educational background, she is an actuary who received her degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has a master’s degree in philosophy as well as in business management.

Monica Flores Barragán – Speaker

As a speaker and panellist, Monica Flores Barragán has addressed audiences across the globe on topics that include the future of work, workforce management, and business solutions. She lives in Mexico and speaks Spanish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • 7 steps to conscious inclusion
  • Complex skills, the key to talent in the 21st century
  • Lead work teams
  • Where are our investment opportunities?
  • The challenges of the new world of work
  • Human capital solutions

Elke Geraerts

Elke Geraerts Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Human capital expert
  • Doctor in psychology building the bridge between science and practice
  • CEO of Better Minds at Work
  • Bestselling author

Elke Geraerts is someone with boundless curiosity and passion for people. These characteristics, together with her Ph.D. in psychology, resulted in a flourishing academic career. She held various positions at the universities of St. Andres, Rotterdam, Maastricht, and Harvard. Her time in academia attracted international attention due to her solid research work.

Drawn to the business world and due to her scientific insights into mental resilience, Elke Geraerts started Better Minds at Work. This international consultancy company focuses on increasing employee mental resilience, energy, and productivity and currently includes approximately fifty psychologists, doctors, and consultants.

Due to her ability to translate new psychological insights into fresh and accessible daily applications, Elke Geraerts inspires both individuals and organisations to hone their mental resilience and become the best version of themselves. Her big breakthrough was when her book, Better Minds, became a bestseller. Another of her publications, The Mental Reset, sees her inspire people to move towards a post-pandemic era with healthier, more successful habits.

Elke Geraerts – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Elke Geraerts has addressed audiences across the globe, from Kyoto to Cape Town, Sydney, San Francisco, Lima, and Dubai. She captivates her audiences with her unique blend of expertise, humour, enthusiasm, and academic insights. She lives in The Netherlands and presents in both English and Dutch.

Speaker Topics

The Mental Reset – How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience: 2020 and 2021 represented one of the greatest resilience experiments in our lives. What if we embrace this crisis as an opportunity for true transformation? What if we reset our habits so we can face challenges stronger than we ever did before? What if we take this momentum as a head start for ourselves, our teams, and our organisations?

In this talk, Elke Geraerts inspires you with insights that you need to prepare for a post-pandemic era. She shows you how hybrid work and life may render you more productivity, energy, and inner peace at the same time. She takes the time with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams, and your company. And on top of that, she shares her ideas about what you can exactly do to advance (self) leadership, foster connection within your team, focus on what really matters, and touch the right future-proof chords. A must-experience if you want to get ready for the post-pandemic reset!

Hybrid Working – Optimizing the integration between work and life: Those who are making the transition to hybrid working, are experiencing many challenges. In addition to your organization’s interests, employees also have their individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Designing an optimal hybrid work plan that blends seamlessly with one’s personal life requires reflection, open communication, clear expectations, clear agreements (at home and work), and last but not least, psychological safety.

In this session, you will gain insights into the crucial drivers of productivity: energy, focus, coordination, and collaboration. You will discuss with colleagues your needs to experience maximal fulfillment and happiness at work and develop an action plan.

Mental Capital – A brain gym to deal with stress and change: The COVID crisis has challenged us in our mental resilience and luckily most of us are still standing. Yet, another resilience experiment is about to happen as we transition to new ways of (hybrid) working. This double challenge on our resilience requires a proactive strengthening of our brain. During this session, we will share all our insights on mental resilience and how you can deal swiftly with the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic and the new ways of working. Expect an eye-opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy, and happiness and less stress and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds (initially published as Mentaal Kapitaal) as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this change with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, we will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these challenging times!

Authentic Intelligence – How to future-proof yourself and your team: The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the digital revolution and is creating an earlier-than-expected tipping point that is likely to transform business forever. Hence the voices asking whether we humans can still compete against robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder. In this highly topical speech, Elke points out that it is time to demystify technology and shift the focus back onto human beings. She examines which uniquely human qualities can be used to secure our professional future, and which assets you really should embed in your organization’s DNA if you want to ensure your viability in this disruptive world. An inspiring presentation for organizations that already have both feet firmly planted in the future and want to use this pandemic as a transformational momentum.