Nadja Swarovski

Nadja Swarovski Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Business sustainability leader: introducing responsible, ethical, and environmental standards in business
  • First woman to serve on Swarovski’s Executive Board
  • Established relationships in various industries
  • Recipient of numerous awards and accolades

Nadja Swarovski is a prominent figure in Swarovski, the world’s leading crystal manufacturer. She is the first woman to serve on its Executive Board and is the great-great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski. With an annual turnover of €3.2 billion, Swarovski has remained at the forefront of creative and lifestyle trends due to Nadja’s leadership and creative collaborations over the past two decades.

Establishing Relationships

Nadja Swarovski established relationships with people in the fashion, jewellery, design, architecture, film, and art worlds, making her a well-known creative patron. She has led the company’s global branding and communication efforts and initiated various creative projects, including installations, artworks, and crystal products, which have revitalized the company. Nadja Swarovski also chairs the Swarovski Foundation and oversees the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and philanthropic programs.

In the fashion industry, Nadja Swarovski has built on Swarovski’s legacy of collaborating with leading designers and emerging talents, implementing groundbreaking designer support and catwalk initiatives such as the Swarovski Collective and Runway Rocks. In design, Nadja launched Swarovski Crystal Palace in 2002, an initiative that pushed the boundaries of lighting through collaborations with crystal designers, producing a body of work that offered a snapshot of the most exciting creative minds of the modern era.

Nadja Swarovski developed Atelier Swarovski in 2007, a cutting-edge jewellery and accessories line featuring collaborations with various high-end designers. Atelier Swarovski Home, a home decor brand created in partnership with innovators in the field, was launched in 2016. Nadja has also strengthened Swarovski’s relationships with the film industry through partnerships with costume and set designers, and Swarovski crystals have been featured in numerous movies. In the music industry, Nadja has overseen collaborations with costume designers for superstar performers such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna.

Sustainability Efforts

From 2012-2020, Nadja led Swarovski’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy,. She ensured the embedding of ethical and environmental standards in the company’s business practices as it pursued its aim of becoming a world leader in sustainable luxury. She is an ambassador for Women for Women International, and under her leadership, Swarovski has signed up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and the UN Global Compact.

Nadja chairs the Swarovski Foundation. She established the foundation to consolidate the company’s long-term commitment to charitable giving. With a focus on education, the Foundation supports projects that foster creativity and culture, meet social needs, promote well-being, and conserve natural resources. The Foundation has supported various projects. These include the restoration of the San Giorgio statue at the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, the new Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning at the Design Museum in London, Women for Women International, and Water Aid.


Nadja Swarovski received her education in Europe and the United States. She graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1992 and completed a graduate course in fine and decorative arts at Sotheby’s in New York. She holds  both USA and Austrian citizenship. Currently based in London, she holds board-level positions at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, the FIT Foundation, and the German Fashion Council.

Awards And Accolades

Nadja Swarovski’s focus on sustainability has been recognized. She received the Fashion Institute of Technology Social Impact in Sustainability Award in 2019 and the Business Leader of the Year Award from Positive Luxury in 2020. She was also named to the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 professional index of the people shaping the fashion industry.

Nadja Swarovski – Speaker

Nadja Swarovski focuses on charitable giving, the use of conscious luxury, and the consideration of responsible ethical environmental practices in business. She currently resides in the United Kingdom and speaks English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Global sustainability that embeds responsible ethical and environmental standards in business.
  • Conscious luxury that includes sustainability and aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Charitable giving by supporting projects that foster culture and creativity, promote human empowerment, and conserve natural resources.

Liliana Rojas-Suarez

liliano Rojas Suarez Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Latin American Macroeconomics Expert: financial regulation and digital financial inclusion
  • Fellow at the Centre for Global Development, Director of the Latin American Initiative
  • Chair of the Latin American Committee on Macroeconomics and Financial Issues
  • Adjunct Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, NY

Liliana Rojas-Suarez is a fellow at the Centre for Global Development and director of the Latin American Initiative. She is also a senior fellow at the Centre for Global Development. Her areas of expertise in Latin America include financial regulation, digital financial inclusion, Basel II and II, and the development impact of global financial flows. She is also the chair of the Latin American Committee on Macroeconomics and Financial Issues, and an Adjunct Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, New York.

Before her position as General Director and Chief Economist for Latin America at Deutsche Bank, Liliana Rojas-Suarez served as Senior Advisor in the Office of the Chief Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. She had, before this, held various positions at various institutions. These include different positions at the International Monetary Fund. She has also been a visiting fellow at the Institute for International Economics, a visiting advisor at the Bank for International Settlements and at Spain’s Central Bank. Liliana Rojas-Suarez also served as a professor at Anahuac University in Mexico and an advisor for PEMEX. PEMEX is Mexico’s National Petroleum Company. She has also testified before a U.S. Senate joint committee on issues around dollarization in Latin America.

Widely published, Liliana Rojas-Suarez has made many journal contributions in macroeconomic policy, international economics, and financial journals. Amongst these, she includes the likes of the Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Development Economics, and many others. She has also been cited in prestigious newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Financial Times and interviewed on television.

Liliana Rojas-Suarez – Speaker

A conference speaker with a wealth of knowledge about macroeconomics, financial markets, and Latin American economics, Liliana Rojas-Suarez has no problem delving into complex topics and making them accessible to her audiences. She currently resides in the U.S.A. and speaks English and Spanish.

Speaking topics

  • Macroeconomic policy
  • International economics
  • Financial markets
  • Latin America Economics, regional public goods, digital financial inclusion
  • Financial Inclusion and Regulation
  • Latin America Initiative
  • Sustainable Development Finance
  • Poverty and Inequality

Squash Falconer

Squash Falconer Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Multi-record-breaking adventurer, mountaineer, and speaker
  • First British woman to fly from the summit of Mt Blanc
  • World’s highest-ever bumboarder
  • European Women’s ElliptiGo Champion for three consecutive years

Louise ‘Squash’ Falconer was named Squash by her older sister. The name stuck. These days, the record-breaking adventurer is known as Squash Falconer and forgets she has any other name.

Someone who fully lived farm life, the young Squash Falconer did not have a typical childhood. Leaping from trees and messing around in the barn were natural, everyday occurrences. She planned on leaving school at the age of sixteen and becoming a farmer. But her life did not pan out the way she expected.

When only twelve years old, one of her teachers suggested that if she only applied herself, Squash Falconer could excel academically. And she did! She completed her GCSEs, A-levels, and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Embracing her love for sport and the outdoors, she then set off into the unknown.

The Beginning

At the age of eighteen, the young Squash Falconer found herself in the French Alps. Although she saw Mt Blanc every day, she had no idea that the mountain would represent the start of one of her greatest passions, i.e., climbing huge mountains.

After a few years of traveling, Squash Falconer got involved in endurance racing. She also climbed her first big mountain in South America. In 2004, she tackled and conquered the highest peak in the western hemisphere, Aconcagua in Argentina. This was the start of her mountaineering career. In 2008, she made the summit of Cho Yu in Tibet. Her descent was unique as she went down part of the way on her bumboard. This made her the world’s highest-ever bumboarder, as the mountain is only 600m lower than Everest. Not long after that, she conquered Everest too!

Besides climbing, Squash Falconer is also a keen skier, paraglider, motorbike rider, and all-round adventurer. In 2009, she decided to achieve a few things on her bucket list, i.e., ride a motorbike down the south of France, climb Mt Blanc, and fly from the summit. Against all odds, she managed it and only discovered afterward that she was the first British woman to fly down from the summit.

In 2013, Squash Falconer completed a three-thousand-mile journey on al ElliptiGo. She set a new distance record for travel on an elliptical bicycle. She also managed to become the European Women’s ElliptiGo Champion for three consecutive years.

Squash Falconer uses film and television to share her many adventures. She has shot many of her trips herself and received accolades for the various short films she has produced. Mexico’s BMW invited her to co-present a program that saw her travel through Baja California on a motorbike. Another documentary saw her ride thousands of miles through South America on her BMW GS 800.

Rewriting Her Limits

Her many experiences, adventures, work, and travels have seen Squash Falconer meet amazing people and create a career she loves. Her motivation to do things stems from a need of wanting to feel and experience as much as she can. She wants to learn and grow, share her experiences, and make a difference in the lives of others – while having a wonderful time and living life to its fullest.

“I have rewritten my own limits of what I thought was possible. With a fearless spirit and an insatiable thirst for challenge, I carved a path in the world of extreme adventure.” – Squash Falconer


Besides her travels and speaking engagements, Squash Falconer is involved in various charities. Coppafeel uses its funds to heighten awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer in women. Luca aims at helping a child struck down by Meningococcal Septicaemia have every chance at excelling in his future life. Wings of Kilimanjaro, an annual adventure on Mt Kilimanjaro, helps raise money for charity projects that help improve the lives of Tanzanians. Solea is a French community charity that supports cancer research and community projects. The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal and Tibet helps local families build schools and hospitals and initiate environmental projects in remote areas near Mt Everest.

Squash Falconer – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Squash Falconer brings a unique perspective to corporate audiences, business teams, and even younger audiences. Her bespoke presentations ignite an energy inside her audiences that they may have not realised was bursting to get out. Illustrating her journeys through her adventures, she demonstrates how the right planning, mindset, team, and resilience enable you to perform at the highest level. She lives in France and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Overcoming Adversity, Resilience, and Changing Environments
  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Mindset and High Performance

Fei-Fei Li

Fei Fei Li Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in computer vision, AI, big data analytics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning
  • Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and Stanford Vision Lab
  • Inventor of ImageNet and ImageNet Challenge
  • Founder of a non-profit that advocates for inclusion and diversity in the field of AI

The former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and Stanford Vision Lab, Fei-Fei Li has received many awards for her contribution to AI. She is considered an expert in computer vision, AI, big data analytics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning.

Fei-Fei Li is Stanford University’s Computer Science Department’s inaugural Sequioa member as well as the co-director of the university’s Human-centred AI Institute. She also served as a Vice President at Google and served as Google Cloud’s Chief AI/ML Scientist. She has since then, served as either a board member or advisor in various private and public companies.

With regards to her education, Fei-Fei Li holds a B.A. degree in physics from Princeton University (with Highest Honours) and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Caltech, i.e., California Institute of Technology. She also holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Harvey Mudd College.

Concerning her current research interests, Fei-Fei Li focuses on cognitively inspired AI, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, robotic learning, and AI in healthcare. During her career, she has published over 300 scientific articles in top-tier journals.

Fei-Fei Li is the inventor of both ImageNet and the ImageNet Challenge and, in so doing, made a significant contribution to the latest developments in deep learning and AI. She also advocates for diversity in STEM and AI and is the co-founder and chairperson of AI4ALL. The non-profit seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in the field of AI.

The recipient of numerous awards, Fei-Fei Li is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is the recipient of the Intel Lifetime Achievements Award, the IEE PAMI Thomas Huang Memorial Prize, the IEE PAMI Longuet-Higgins Prize, the National Geographic Society Further Award, and many others. She is also a Fellow of ACM.

Fei-Fei Li has seen her work featured in various media. Amongst these, she includes the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MIT Technology Review, the Financial Times, and Wired Magazine. She is also a bestselling author.

Fei-Fei Li Speaker

Fei-Fei Li, as a keynote speaker, has addressed any academic or influential conferences. Amongst these, she counts the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Grace Hopper Conference, and the TED Global. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Key to the Future
  • Human-Centred AI
  • AI for Social Good: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Address Global Challenges

Clover Hogan

Conference Speaker Clover Hogan by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Climate activist and founding Executive Director of Force of Nature
  • Focuses on mobilisation in the face of climate change
  • Host of the Force of Nature podcast
  • Started her activism at the age of 16

Clover Hogan is a 24-year-old climate activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature, a youth non-profit organisation that aims to convert climate anxiety into action. She has worked with the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, advised Fortune 50 companies, and counselled heads of state.

Clover Hogan has shared the stage with global changemakers such as Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva and interviewed the 14th Dalai Lama. Her TED talk titled ‘What to do when climate change feels unstoppable’ has garnered over 2 million views. Recognised on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list when only twenty-two years of age, she has also been featured in various publications. Amongst these, she includes the likes of The Guardian, the BBC, the New York Times, the Financial Times, and Vogue.

At the tender age of 19, Clover Hogan founded Force of Nature. The non-profit now comprises a 12-person team that has conducted global research on climate anxiety and delivered programmes to young people in over 50 countries to empower them to act. Force of Nature collaborates with businesses, policymakers, and educators to place young people at the forefront of decisions that affect their future.

Clover Hogan hosts the Force of Nature podcast, Season 2 titled ‘We need to talk about eco-anxiety’, which explores the intersection of youth mental health and the climate crisis, including food, fashion, and the media’s role in driving climate doom and gloom.

When Clover Hogan was 16, she lobbied decision-makers at COP21 in Paris. It was then that she realized that the feeling of powerlessness in the face of climate change posed an even greater threat than climate change itself. She made it her mission to shift mindsets towards mobilization.

After graduating from the Green School in Indonesia, Clover worked at the headline-grabbing startup Impossible Foods and consulted multinationals at sustainability consultancy Volans before launching Force of Nature in 2019. The organisation, now composed of a 12-person team with over 100 volunteers, is inspiring a movement of people, from students to CEOs, to step up rather than shut down in the face of the climate crisis. They do so through programmes, consulting, and campaigns that empower the next generation of leaders.

Clover Hogan – Conference Speaker

A highly respected speaker on climate change and how to go about empowering people to deal with it, Clover Hogan lives in the United Kingdom and speaks English.

Speaking Topics

  • What to do when climate change feels unstoppable: Today’s youth have inherited a big, unprecedented climate problem to solve — and the eco-anxiety to go with it. Gen-Zer and activist Clover Hogan knows the struggle firsthand, but she also understands the path to climate action starts with the one thing you can control: your mindset. She explains why challenging the stories that keep you feeling powerless can help you take the first step to protecting the planet for generations to come.

Nancy Giordano

Nancy Giordano Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Futurist, global enterprise strategist, and sought-after speaker
  • Has the unique ability to explain what is changing and how we can get there
  • Bestselling author in business ethics and organisational strategy
  • Co-founder of Femme Futurists Society

A strategic futurist and bestselling author, Nancy Giordano helps enterprise organisations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead. As one of the world’s top female futurists, her career has seen her build, shape, and evolve a of portfolio upwards of $60+ billion worth of global brands.

Nancy Giordano has an uncanny ability to predict major future shifts. This makes her keynotes a favourite with large business corporations and leaders. Her expertise and experience range from AI to the frozen foods industry, and even reinventing the internet. Her projects all have one thing in common – transitioning away from outdated operating systems and ways of thinking and creating something of a more sustainable, inclusive, and dynamic nature. In other words, finding solutions that will meet future demands.

Nancy Giordano is uniquely situated to advise top companies due to her earlier career at three top global advertising agencies and her experiences at the strategic inspiration company Play Big Inc. She helped shape an AI startup in 2015 and went on to build a leadership summit to encourage C-suite executives to explore various disruptive emergent technologies for business. She has also served on the board of GMDC, the retail trade association, and is currently a member of the advisory council of Retail Tomorrow, Future Frontiers, and Dollar Donation Club.

Amongst her other achievements, Nancy Giordano counts her partnership with Kungfu AI, the Austin-based AI services company, and her work with Riane Eisler to create a movement around Partnerism. This socio-economic system is based on partnerships and not the domination models associated with capitalism or socialism.

The world’s first TEDx licensee, Nancy Giordano has spent ten years as a curator for the organisation. She is also a Singularity University guest lecturer, a frequent panellist at South by Southwest, co-founder of the Femme Futurist Society, and the creator of the first Career Fair for the Future event for both college and high school students.

A bestselling author, Nancy Giordano saw her first book, “Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger” rank #1 on Amazon. Her book focuses on business ethics and organisation strategy.

Nancy Giordano – Speaker

Her speaking career has seen Nancy Giordano give over 100 global keynote talks. Due to her excellent predictions of what will shift, business executives value her unique abilities in navigating the way forward. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaker Topics

  • Just One Percent In Preparing for the “First Productivity Revolution”. When you speak with the visionaries, technologists, and entrepreneurs building the solutions of tomorrow—from on-demand retail to remote surgery—and ask how far into this new era we are, almost universally the reply is: “Only one percent”. For many that is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.
  • 2030+ | The Beyond Economy + How We Can All Build a Better Next: We are standing at the front end of an astronomical shift in how the world will work. And change will happen fast, with some predicting more than fourteen internet-size revolutions in the next decade. As we pull out of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, both technological advances and mounting societal breakdowns are reshaping what comes next. Can you imagine where we’ll be ten years from now? How about 50?
  • The New Org “Chart”. Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) is about to hit the long-anticipated exponential curve, radically shifting organizations. The next three years are critical to either becoming an AI-led organization—or risk being taken over as a subsidiary of one—which is why we must prepare now to make the most of the huge productivity leap coming towards us.
  • The Necessary Shift from Leadership to Leadering. Adjusting to a post-COVID world as we advance into a transformative new era can be challenging, especially as structures and tactics put in place to reduce risk in the 20th Century, are now often the very things creating vulnerability in the 21st Century. This moment demands that we shift from thinking of leadership as static, hierarchical, and focused on short-term growth, to embracing it as a dynamic, inclusive, and constantly learning practice, to build long-term value.
  • Creating The Future You Want to See: (aka Inspiring Generations to Come). Witnessing glaring climate crises, environmental degradation, rising inequality and violence, and ongoing tech disruption, unprepared youth are experiencing unprecedented levels of depression and anxiety, horrifying rates of suicide, and the growing obesity epidemic. Instead of being fearful, how can we prepare and empower them for such a fast-moving + continuously unfolding future? How do we inspire a more positive narrative and instil a sense of agency to act, shape, and build what’s coming to ensure a safe and thriving future for all?
  • The Forces Shaping the Enterprise of The Future. It’s not easy to let go of the playbook we’re all used to, but the future demands we let go of outdated “best practices” and instead learn to sense and respond in real time. Why? Simply put, there are several very big shifts happening simultaneously that are reshaping business and society – that will require equally big shifts in how we respond – especially if we intend to remain relevant in the years ahead.
  • The Future of Work and Working. Culturally we’ve come to define work as a job we are paid to do. However, it is becoming clear that this is a very limiting definition that distorts our view of what the future needs and expects. As we imagine a world heavily influenced by exponential technologies, how will our experiences and roles shift? What are the issues and opportunities this will bring?


Peggy Bouchet

Peggy Bouchet Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Sailor, adventurer, and first woman to do a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat
  • Survived her boat capsizing in shark-infested waters
  • Jury member for various competitions
  • Bestselling author

Upon completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in France and England, Peggy Bouchet started working for Alcatel in Paris as an export financial engineer. She was 23 years old at the time.  She resigned from Alcatel in 1997 to join a team sailing across the Atlantic Ocean because she wanted to gain more experience of the sea.

Upon returning to Brest, she invested in a rowing boat that met her requirements. After being recruited to a logistics management role by 3M France, she spent her weekends working on her project. Peggy Bouchet secured her first sponsorship by the end of 1997, and January the next year saw her resign from her job and create her own company to manage her expedition.

In March 1998, Peggy Bouchet left the Canary Islands and rowed alone for 79 days across 5,500 km, 10 hours a day. However, one day before arriving in Guadeloupe, her boat capsized in a raging sea with 7/8-meter-high waves. She endured nine long hours straddled on the hull of her boat. She was surrounded by four-meter sharks.  Her last-minute rescue, however, ensured her survival. Peggy Bouchet became the first woman to row across the Atlantic and swore to do it again.

A short 18 months later, Peggy Bouchet left the Cape Verde Islands and arrived in Martinique in January 2000. Her accomplishments generated many partnership/advertising contracts with major French and international brands. These included the likes of Peugeot, Citroën, BMW, SFR, and Roxy Quicksilver.

Peggy Bouchet has over 500 talks to her credit in France and Europe and was a jury member of the 2016/2017 ” Prix des Femmes d’influence.” She was also the Godmother of “Prix des Voyages extraordinaires” and “Libres ensemble” events, which encourage curiosity, adventure, and entrepreneurial spirit. Peggy Bouchet gave a TEDX Talk at the London School of Economics in London in 2016 on the theme “Be an Adventurer In Your Life” and a talk at the plenary of the “Women’s Forum” in November 2018 in Paris on the theme “Be the bridge and dare!“.

A bestselling author, she is currently working on a new book and an original training program for young project leaders that focus on strong values such as entrepreneurial spirit, daring, courage, enthusiasm, will, and curiosity.

The recipient of various awards, she counts among these the following:

  • Adventurer of the Year by the European Guild of Raid.
  • La Toison d’Or de l’Aventure by International Adventure Film Festival International in Dijon.
  • La Borne de l’Aventure de l’IGN, by a national jury composed of journalists, explorers.
  • Femme en or 2001 in Sport/Adventure category with awards for the 7 most deserving women of the year.

Peggy Bouchet – Conference Speaker

As a conference speaker, Peggy Bouchet has addressed companies, organizations, and universities in France and Europe. In her talks, she shares her values of audacity, resilience, managing risks, federating a team, overcoming failure and obstacles, and entrepreneurship spirit. She lives in France and speaks French and English.

Speaker Topics

  • Always dare, sometimes give in, never give up: An inspiring talk based on human factors and soft skills. Being an adventurer means above all being a company manager: Recruiting a team, managing it. Being able to prepare and manage a project from the idea to its realization. Succeeding in raising the necessary financing. Being able to manage the communication/marketing part of a project and to ensure the best return on investment to the clients (the sponsors in my case) while respecting the budget and deadlines. But it also means making decisions and managing constraints, obstacles, and risks. Many values and points are common to a company and an adventure.
  • Strengthen your audacity, courage, and commitment: From idea to realization, it seems to be full of obstacles. It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare that they are difficult.” Seneca. Tenacity and audacity are muscles, the more we use them, the stronger they become. Just like courage, audacity increases with daring and fear with hesitation.
  • Obstacles and failures Management/ Cultivate risk-taking: Consider each experience and obstacle as a springboard. Highlight the virtues of failure. Transforming obstacles and failures into learning opportunities and positive factors for change. Without risk-taking, there is no innovation, no change, no creativity.
  • Develop adaptation and resilience capacities. Understand that it is more useful to spend time adjusting rather than wanting to feel ready. Remember that the unexpected and headwinds can stimulate our creativity and resources.
  • Always see yourself as a winner: Act as if it were impossible to fail. The repetition of the visualization will generate a programming of the action and reinforce it in the field.
  • The importance of weight and choice of words in team management: Use a vocabulary and an attitude based on what we can win and not on what we can lose, on what we want and not on what we fear.
  • Learn to say “Thank You” to a collaborator or a team: Being grateful enables recognition of the quality of the work carried out but also encourages the tasks to come, which contributes to developing mutual confidence during the different stages of a company project. Being capable of pushing them forward and rewarding them for their contribution all throughout the project to develop individual talents, will contribute to the development of mutual trust during the different stages.
  • Demonstrate the importance of preparation in a project during the different phases, each specificity has its importance in the success of a project: technical, managerial (recruitment and management of team members, qualities required), communication, marketing, the satisfaction of the sponsors (identified as the Client), etc. Learn how to take advantage of previous experiences. Ensure the synergy of the team, as would the conductor of an orchestra, where each person has a role to play. The success of the project depends on each actor’s work, and on compliance with rules and ethics. Unify team spirit, listening to its employees both in victory and in adversity.

Niven Postma

Niven Postma Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Human potential igniter: strategy and leadership expert
  • Organisational politics expert and bestselling author
  • Filled a variety of executive positions in diverse industries and organisations
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership And IWF Fellow

A strategy, leadership, and culture consultant, Niven Postma partners with clients from diverse industries across the globe. She helps ignite the discretionary energy of both people and teams. In so doing, she assists them in building an enabling their unique culture while developing meaningful strategies.

Widely considered an organisational politics expert, Niven Postma is the author of the bestseller “If You Don’t Do Politics, Politics Will Do You – A guide to navigating office politics ethically and successfully”.  You can find her widely published articles and ideas in numerous respected media, including podcasts.

A Harvard Review contributor, Niven Postma is also a visiting lecturer at Henley Business School and a part-time tutor at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership,

Her diverse career has seen Niven Postma take up a varied variety of executive positions crossing multiple organisations and sectors. Amongst these, she includes the CEO of the Businesswoman’s Association, CEO of NOHA, i.e., Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity, Head of External Strategy and Head of the SARB Academy at the South African Reserve Bank, and Head of Leadership and Culture for the Standard Bank Group.

Currently a doctoral student, Niven Postma holds an Executive MBA in Systems Thinking, Human Capital Development, Knowledge Management, Leadership, and Change. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Future Studies and a BA in English Political Science.

In 2007, Niven Postma received the Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship Award issued by the African Leadership Institute. She is also an IWF Fellow which was issued by the International Women’s Forum in 2002.

Niven Postma served as a Reserve Police Officer for two years and is currently the Chairperson of the Board at Cotlands. Cotlands is an organisation offering quality educational programmes to children living in poverty to improve their intellectual and social development.

Niven Postma – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Niven Postma has delivered keynotes on organisational politics, leadership, culture, and women’s leadership to audiences of up to 60,000 people. She lives in South Africa and speaks English and Afrikaans.

Speaking Topics

  • IF YOU DON’T DO POLITICS, POLITICS WILL DO YOU… Anything complex will always have more than a single story, but all too often we fall into the trap of the one-dimensional because it doesn’t even occur to us to look for more.

The same is true when it comes to office politics. There is so much more to office politics than the single negative and destructive story that we hear and tell ourselves.

This practical and eye-opening keynote is based on my recent book and draws on my 20 years of experience as an executive, together with insights from some of the leading business thinkers of our time, It will open your eyes to the real definition of office politics, convince you that it’s possible to play politics without sacrificing your principles and teach you how to use politics to advance your career and build your organisation.

  • PARADIGM SHIFT: Curiosity, Resilience, and Leadership in an Era of Disruption: Year after year, Gallup’s Global Employee Engagement Survey shows that, irrespective of company, industry, or country, more and more employees are disengaged. And yet, studies have shown that upwards of 80% of adults would want to work even if they financially didn’t need to.

This for me, begs some questions: How conscious are each of us being in our career and life and the choices we are making in both? As a leader, can I honestly say that I am creating environments in which people grow, and feed their need to contribute? Or are they just dying a slow death every day that they drag themselves to work?

It is time for a paradigm shift where leaders encourage curiosity, nurture resilience, and disrupt their industry. It is time for people to continuously acquire new skills and unlearn past routines. And it is time for organisations to understand the importance of a culture that allows for great things to happen.

  • WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP – From systems & views to actions: Sexism and racism are systems and world views rather than (only) individual actions. As such, I think we miss a big part of the point when we focus only on women executives and the challenges that they face rather than starting right at the beginning to understand some of the challenges that all girls and women face in society.

“Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez is a superb book, which has deservedly won several major prizes, including the 2019 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year, for what the judges recognised were “unassailable facts backed by powerful stories.” In the book, she speaks of the massive gender data gap that exists in the world around women’s experiences, because we live in a world that is largely built by, and for, men. This gender data gap affects three critical aspects concerning women’s experiences all around the world.

The first thing it affects is the female body. The second is women’s unpaid care burden. And the third aspect is male violence against women, including the disproportionate impact that war and conflict have on women. That said, even in ‘peaceful societies the scourge of domestic violence is always present and worsens at times of economic difficulties.

These issues don’t stop affecting women just because they are executives. So, while executives may have more resources with which to cope with some of them, they are still part of the system that all human beings live in.

For organisations and the women in them to thrive, we need to acknowledge and understand these things far better than we currently do. This is neither about ‘fixing’ women nor ‘blaming’ men but rather about understanding the two kinds of risks we face if we don’t – the risk that bad things will happen and the risk that good things will not.

  • Managing Disruption in the Now Normal: With the ever-increasing rate of change that we are all dealing with, individuals, organisations, and leaders all need to become better equipped to deal with what is our “now normal”; a disruption that will continue for years to come and unfold in many ways that for now, we can only guess at.
  • In this disruption, we will undoubtedly be confronted with many more challenges, but so too will we have many more opportunities – growth opportunities, learning, collaborating, and doing what really matters.

Melina Vicario

Melina Vicario Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • The Voice of Biohacking in Latin America
  • Human Design Engineer, Master and Trainer in updated NLP
  • Only Argentinian admitted to Stanford’s programme on Neurosciences, Technology, and Innovation
  • Bestselling author

Melina Vicario is the Voice of Biohacking in Latin America. She is the only Argentinian and one of the few people selected by Doctor Bandler to be part of his international team.

David Asprey was Melina Vicario’s direct trainer. He is one of the top leaders in the field of human development and is considered the father of Biohacking. Due to her studies and his direct tutelage, she has become the top biohacker in Latin America.

After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires and gaining a Master’s in Coaching from the University of El Salvador, Argentina, Melina Vicario completed an intensive course specializing in Neurosciences, Technology, and Innovation from Stanford University in the USA. She is the only Argentinian thus far admitted to this programme.

These days, Melina Vicario is a lauded Human Design Engineer, Master and Trainer in updated NLP, and has been directly licensed by Richard Bandler, the creative genius of NLP. She is also the bestselling author of BioHacker.

Melina Vicario specialises in both online and in-person talks.

Melina Vicario – Speaker

As a conference Speaker, Melina Vicario explains the science behind biohacking as well as its many potential uses and applications. She lives in Argentina and has native proficiency in Spanish and English. She also has a professional working proficiency in German, a limited working proficiency in Italian, and an elementary proficiency in Chines.

Speaking Topics

  • Biohacking (the science and technology applied to optimize my bio-individuality, it is a worldwide trend in Silicon Valley CEOs, elite athletes, and celebrities).
  • What is Biohacking and how to apply it in daily life? Practical and applicable tips.
  • How to improve the quality of rest. Optimizing Biological Variables: Purposely harmonizing heart rhythm and coherence.
  • NeuroHacking: How to think on purpose – The technology of the mind.
  • The brain’s neurochemistry that gets results. How to purposely create it.
  • Neural Networks: Why it is essential to have mindset guidelines.
  • How the structure of thought creates reality.
  • Neuroplasticity for entrepreneurs (Neuroplasticity – the skill of the future).
  • How to program courage, hope, and tenacity in our mental world.
  • What stops us from being our best version: knowing the predominant human instinct, two primary fears of human beings. Entrepreneur’s fears, how to hack them.
  • Thinking on purpose, the most powerful technology of the mind.
  • Paradigm shift in mindset programming.
  • The technology and practice of what we call happiness. The neurochemistry of the brain that gets results. How to create it on purpose.
  • Persuasive sales (Engineering persuasion, with techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming, neurosciences, and Hypnotic Language Patterns from the Ericksonian model. (It considers many aspects of the resources of the VOICE and the unconscious mind to facilitate the decision of buying and closing more sales). It can be used in storytelling or Copywriting.
  • A special talk on biohacking / neurohacking and neurocosmetics.The impact of mental health on the skin

Tima Deryan

Tima Deryan Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Mountaineer, influencer, mindset coach, social entrepreneur, and bestselling author
  • First Arab woman to climb each of the highest mountain peaks on each continent
  • First Lebanese woman to ski to the South Pole
  • Only Arab woman to climb the highest active volcano in the world

Lebanese-born Tima Deryan is a mountaineer, influencer, mindset coach, social entrepreneur, and bestselling author. She was the first Lebanese woman and youngest Arab to reach the summit of Mount Everest. She was 26 years old at the time.

But this was not her only ‘first’. In 2022, Tima Deryan became the first Lebanese woman to ski to the South Pole. She has also managed to climb more than 25 mountains in five years, including the highest mountain on every continent. Amongst her feats, she includes being the first Arab woman to climb the highest active volcano in the world, i.e., Ojos del Salado.

Her adventurous spirit and passion for exploring, redefining limits, and mountaineering fuel her desire to lead a life filled with adventure and to never stop aiming to fulfill her dreams.

TIma Deryan is also the founder of Mountain Gypsey. The company aims to inspire people to tap into their potential and embrace a life of purpose and impact.

She believes that “The only limit to your success is the limit you set for yourself. Keep pushing boundaries in pursuit of your goals. You are capable of achieving greatness.”

Her work as a mindset coach sees Tima Deryan work with people from myriad backgrounds and circumstances. She helps them to develop a mindset that allows them to achieve their goals and become more resilient, creative, confident, and courageous.

Tima Deryan also dedicates a good portion of her time to helping raise awareness on various socio-economic topics. She advocates for children, youth, and women’s rights and is a champion for environmental sustainability. Her beliefs led her to found Feministiya, a sustainable fashion brand that aims to support women’s rights, inclusion, diversity, gender equality, and justice.

A bestselling author, her children’s book Curly Adventures helps children achieve their dreams. Tima Deryan has also used the power of sports to raise awareness for her passions. She has been featured in various media, including amongst others the likes of Reuters, South China Morning Post, Vogue, CNN, New York Times, and AL-Nahar.

For her next challenge, Tima Deryan wants to complete the Explorer Grand Slam. She has, thus far, met every criterion bar one – she still has to visit the North Pole. Only fifteen women have managed to complete this feat. It comprises climbing the highest mountain on the seven continents as well as skiing to both the North and South Poles.

Tima Deryan – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Tima Deryan draws from her unique experiences and perspectives to inspire and motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and reach their potential in both their life and business. She lives in Switzerland and speaks both English and Arabic.

Speaking Topics

  • Reaching New Heights: Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Creating an Invincible Mindset: How to Build a Growth Mindset
  • Be the Best Version of Yourself: Taking the Lead of The Life You Want
  • Everest: From Aspiration to Reality, Every Vision is within your Reach
  • Building a Strong Team: The Power of Teamwork
  • Women Empowerment: Keep Breaking Barriers, Nothing is Impossible
  • Mastering the Game: Strategies Learnt from the Mountains

Maria Papacosta

Maria Papacosta Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in presence, personal branding, self-awareness, storytelling, and presentation skills
  • Co-founder of MSC Marketing Bureau
  • One of 2021’s Top Global Inspirational Leaders
  • Finalist for the Global Woman in Leadership Award

A leading expert on presence and inspired leadership, Maria Papacosta is an acclaimed personal branding strategist. She is also the co-founder of MSC Marketing Bureau. Her branding strategies have helped numerous leading thinkers spread their message and make an impact.

Maria Papacosta has, during her career, coached many top European, American, African, and Emirates executives and CEOs. She helps enable them to increase their presence while bringing forth authentic leadership qualities that inspire both their teams and audiences.

A Certified Leadership Coach, NLP Associate Practitioner, and certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment, Maria Papacosta adds to her portfolio that of TEDx Speaker Coach and Curator. Her education includes an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Aston University, a BSc in Social Policy and Marketing from London Metropolitan University, and a Specialised degree in Inspired Leadership from Case Western Reserve University.

The recipient of many accolades, Maria Papacosta was named one of the Top 100 Global Inspirational Leaders by PeopleHum and was also a finalist for the Global Women in Leadership Award by She Inspires in 2021. The next year saw her recognised by The Brainz CREA Global Awards. The awardees come from a list of top entrepreneurs and leaders recognised for their innovativeness, resourcefulness, and accomplishments.

Maria Papacosta has also seen her personal branding workshop recognised as second in the world by Global Gurus. This happened in both 2021 and 2022. Thinkers360 ranked her in the Top 25 Thought Leaders on Personal Branding in 2023.

Maria Papacosta – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Maria Papacosta presents practical, high-energy talks that provide tangible results. She helps people design a better version of themselves and to excel in both their personal and work life. She lives in Greece and has native proficiency in English and Greek, a working proficiency in French and Italian, and an elementary proficiency in Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • From Waiting to Acting – Unleashing your Presence: As Max Weber said, we grow in the iron cage of others’ expectations. This may overlap but is not necessarily what we want. Acting based on what others expect from us is often a burden that prohibits us from dreaming and discovering our purpose.

Knowing who you are, appreciating your needs and desires, and identifying where you want to go are critical in building a strong presence and unleashing your potential. Good things don’t usually come to those who wait, but instead, they come to those who act. The ones who constantly work on self-improvement, learning and relearning, and cultivating a growth mindset are the ones who eventually grow stronger, more confident, and more accomplished.

During this keynote, you’ll embark on a journey to help you strengthen your core which is your presence in life, create a better version of yourself, and understand that opportunities come to those who actively seek them.

  • Building your Personal Brand: No matter how good you are at whatever it is you’re doing, you need to stand out and be heard, otherwise your audience will most likely never get the chance to meet you.

Personal Branding starts with discovering your true self, your values and qualities, and being held accountable for all your actions. It is not a self-promotion campaign. It’s about putting forward these qualities that define you as an individual and enhancing your overall professional image.

Personal Branding is not about effectively using social media either. It’s about committing to yourself and the values you support and living by them every single day. The personal brand you design must come from the heart and must be supported 100% by everything you do. By defining and managing your personal brand, you need to become a role model and a trusted voice that others want to follow and be inspired by.

It is important to view your personal brand as a trademark that needs protection and continuous shaping and development. This trademark must be developed with the intention of how it can best serve others and not yourself. To build a strong personal brand, you need people to receive clear benefits from being associated with you.

Do you know what your personal brand is?

  • Presence – The Power Within: There is a big difference and a big connection between having Presence and being Present.

Being present is a primal state of being, which unfortunately most people are disconnected from. Being present is about giving the 100% of yourself in any activity you’re doing. All of your senses function at their highest possible level and your mind is completely focused on what you’re doing, while you are fully aware of what is going on in your surrounding environment.

Having Presence means that you can impress and influence someone with your gravitas, communication skills, and appearance. To build your Presence, you need to go through a journey of greater self-awareness and rediscover your innate presence, both physically and mentally. How you say what you say greatly affects your presence and your ability to influence others. You need to be able to control your voice, your emotions and skillfully choose the words that your audience needs to hear to follow you. Very eloquently put by Mark Twain “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is a large matter – ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”

  • Storytelling & Presentation Skills for Leaders: Storytelling and Presentation Skills for Leaders has been designed to help you enhance the skills you need to inspire your people and get your message across with the highest possible impact.

Storytelling and presentation skills are both mandatory if you want to stand out. Having a great narrative without the skills to deliver it or having a great stage presence without a strong narrative, will simply lead to a mediocre result. You need both elements if you want to achieve your objectives and communicate your message effectively.

Drawing on years of experience teaching senior executives, coaching TED speakers, and using storytelling techniques to help some of the leading thinkers of our time stand out and make an impact, this talk provides a proven methodology for clear communication that leaves a lasting, positive impression and inspires action. Whether you’re giving a presentation at work, speaking at an event, or simply looking to improve your communication skills, this talk is designed to equip you with the tools you need to make your message heard and achieve your goals.

  • Leading from Within – The Power of Self-Awareness: In today’s fast-paced world, self-awareness has never been more critical for executives. Knowing yourself – your strengths, areas for development, values, and limiting beliefs – is the foundation for effective leadership and personal growth. But what does it truly mean to be self-aware, and how can you cultivate this essential skill? In this keynote, we’ll explore the power of self-awareness and how it can transform your leadership and your organization. Drawing on the latest research and real-world examples, you’ll learn practical strategies for developing self-awareness. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a rising star, this talk will inspire you to unlock your full potential by becoming more self-aware and leading with greater impact.

Claire Williams

Claire Williams Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • British entrepreneur and former Formula One team principal
  • Esquire’s International Woman of the Year in 2015
  • OBE recipient – 2016
  • Vice President of the Spinal Injuries Association

A trailblazer in the male-dominated world of motorsport, Claire Williams OBE was the Williams Formula 1 racing team’s former Deputy Team Principal. She is only one of two women to lead a Formula 1 team in recent history.

Under her leadership, the Williams team finished third in the World Championships in both 2014 and 2015. It was the team’s best performance since 2003.

Claire Williams grew up around Formula 1. Her late father, Sir Frank Williams, founded the Williams Grand Prix Engineering F1 team and won nine Constructors’ and seven Drivers’ Championships.

Although Claire Williams graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in politics in 19999, motorsport was in her blood. She started her motor racing career as a Press Officer for Silverstone Circuit and went on to join the Williams Formula 1 racing team as a Communications Officer in 2002. She was promoted to Head of Communications in 2010, and a year later, took on the position of Head of Investor Relations after the company’s public listing. In 2012 she was promoted to the position of Commercial Director. Part of her role saw her responsible for securing the team’s annual racing budget.

When her father stepped down from the Williams board in 2012, Claire Williams became the family’s representative due to her role as Commercial and Marketing Director. The board appointed her as Deputy Team Principal in 2013. She was responsible for the team’s daily running and long-term development.

Her career in motorsport has seen Claire Williams become one of the most prominent and successful women in recent Formula 1 history. Her second and third years in charge helped maintain the team’s prominence with top-five finishes in 2016 and 2017.

During her tenure, Claire Williams advocated for greater diversity and inclusion not only within her own team but across motorsport in general. She was the catalyst that allowed Susie Wolff to become the first female driver to participate in a Formula 1 race weekend since 1992. She also became an ambassador for the driver’s ‘Dare to be Different’ initiative. It strived to encourage young women to consider a motorsport career.

Claire Williams was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016 in recognition of her services to Formula 1.   Esquire named her International Woman of the Year two years before this.

Claire Williams is currently the Vice President of the Spinal Injuries Association. She seeks to encourage people with spinal cord injuries to apply to established workplace opportunities for wheelchair users.

Claire Williams – Conference Speaker

After successfully negotiating the sale of the Williams Formula 1 team in 2020, Claire Williams has gone on to provide consultancy services to various Formula 1 brands. She is also a popular speaker who regularly attends corporate events where she shares various insights on leading high-performance teams. She lives in the United Kingdom and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Mastering leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Motorsport: Formula 1
  • Risk management
  • teamwork

Diana Gomes Da Silva

Diana Gomes Da Silva Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • One of the youngest aerobatic pilots in the world and the only female one on the Iberian Peninsula
  • A professional airline pilot flying the Airbus 320
  • OMNI flight instructor
  • Founded an aerobatic school in the Middle East

One of the youngest aerobatic pilots in the world and the only female on the Iberian Peninsula, Diana Gomes Da Silva saw her passion for flying become a reality at an early age. She became the first and youngest Portuguese aerobatic pilot at the age of 21.

Although she has a degree in media and cultural journalism from the Portuguese Catholic University, her Airline Transport Pilot license allowed her to become a professional airline pilot flying the Airbus 320. She was the first female Airbus pilot. She has, thus far, worked with four airlines and lived in the Middle East for five years.

Because of her love of aerobatics, her main flying passion, Diana Gomes Da Silva took courses at the Tuttima Academy of Aviation Safety in 2008. She also these days works as a flight instructor at OMNI and has written an opinion piece for Sirius, Portugal’s largest aviation magazine. Her time spent working in the Middle East saw her found an aerobatic school in Abu Dhabi.

Besides her work as an airline pilot and her aerobatic flying, Diana Gomes Da Silva is a keen sportswoman who plays tennis, dives, takes part in athletics and snowboarding, and has competed in bodyboard events. As an acrobatic flyer, she has purchased a Pitt S1S as well as a Pitts S2B. Aerobatics, she believes, is a spectacular sport that dazzles people. The sport reflects both skill and courage while serving as an excellent platform to promote a particular brand.

With her name inscribed in Portuguese aviation history as the first Portuguese female aerobatics pilot, Diana Gomes Da Silva aims to grow in her sport and achieve the highest international level. Someone who has become a respected figure in the aviation field, she writes about various aspects of the industry frequently and also does consulting work. She is considered a role model and is someone who has achieved her dream in a field that only sees a four percent participation in women.

As to her future dreams, Diana Gomes Da Silva not only wants to be the oldest aerobatic pilot flying but also wants to apply to become an astronaut. She believes that with the correct mindset, the sky indeed is the limit.

Diana Gomes Da Silva – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Diana Gomes Da Silva has become highly sought after for her various talks relating not only to the field of aviation but to life and even business in general. She lives in Portugal and is fluent in Portuguese and English with an excellent working proficiency in Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Igniting dreams – my life and the pursuit of my passion. Where she tells us the story of how a petite Portuguese girl conquered hearts and had an outstanding career worldwide pursuing her dreams.
  • A day at work. Where she reveals a game-changing philosophy of addressing training – let’s train skills and competencies and the success cases instead of the last seen accident- positive reinforcement of successful histories.
  • Managing Unexpected Events and Stress
  • Human Factors with Computer Interfaces
  • Decision Making and Communication: Challenges of Operating in Multicultural Environments
  • Unusual Team Compositions
  • Training for Multiple Unrelated Problems
  • Empowering Women
  • Teamwork in Multicultural Environments

Karla Wheelock

Conference Speaker Karla Wheelock by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Mexican mountaineer and expert on teams, leadership, high performance and overcoming challenges
  • Bestselling author and first Ibero-American woman to reach the highest mountain peak on each continent
  • Member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Communication Committee

Karla Wheelock is a famed Mexican climber. She has dedicated her professional life to linking high-performance sports with excellent performance in the corporate environment through motivation, training, and the development of people in leadership positions.

She is also vastly involved with environmental and social causes concerning the younger generation. Her appointments as General Director of W Consultores and as President of the KW foundation have allowed her to lead projects with a positive impact on entrepreneurs and young people for more than twenty years.

A member of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Communication Committee, Karla Whitlock has been able to keep up with initiatives on the care and conservation of the environment. She is also a National Councilor of Scouts and a member of  Women for the Conservation of CAPLAC. Her work life has seen her work in different public institutions, including the Presidency of the Republic, the National Women’s Institute, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development. She has also made vast inroads in the private sector.

Concerning her education, Karla Wheelock obtained a law degree from the Autonomous University of Coahuila. She also sports a Master’s degree in Socio-Environmental Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Public Policy. The Inter-American Senate awarded her a Doctor Honoris Causa in 2017.

An avid mountaineer, Karla Wheelock became the first Ibero-American woman to climb the highest mountain peak on each continent in 2005. She was also the first Latin American to reach the top of Mount Everest via the northern slope. She achieved this remarkable feat in 1999. Besides winning various awards in recognition of her achievements, she is also a bestselling author who, in recent years, has promoted various projects involving children. She aims to help develop sustainable ethical leaders.

Karla Wheelock currently works for W Consultores as a consultant and lecturer. The company aims to train and deliver talks to various government entities, universities, and businesses across the globe. She is also involved in projects on environmental education, leadership development, and the empowerment of women.

Karla Wheelock – Speaker

A sought-after conference speaker, Karla Wheelock focuses on merging what she has learned as a successful mountaineer with business, environmental responsibility, and entrepreneurship. She lives in Mexico City and speaks and presents in Spanish, English, and Italian.

Speaker Topics

  • Reach the Top: Karla Wheelock converses on the concepts of leadership, teamwork, and empowerment and how they relate to what she learned during her Everest ascent. “Making a summit” is a metaphor used to analyze the performance of human behavior, individual and collective, in business and personal life. Aspects covered during her delivery include:
  1. What are the main objectives and actions of a team leader to ensure that all the innovation potential emerges in his collaborators?
  2. What makes the difference between a team with low performance and productivity and a team that achieves amazing results?
  3. What actions of the leader and the team generate value for customers, employees, and shareholders, who expect, in turn, to satisfy some need through the performance of that team?
  • Exploring the Limits: The talk focuses on the adaption of work teams within organisations that have situations that require high commitment. Resilience, risk and crisis management, commitment to a team, adaptation to change, responsibility, breaking paradigms, and setting objectives will be key pieces to achieving goals in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Throughout this presentation, and by listening to the analogies of the experiences that for almost 30 years Karla Wheelock has learned in the different ascents in the highest mountains in the world, she shares the tools needed to find the mentality required in a terrain of constant innovation and evolution.
  • How High Do You Want to Go? This talk sees Karla Wheelock address the concerns and uncertainties resulting from the current social contingency that we are going through as humanity. She makes an analogy that highlights the abilities of the human being that are key for us to achieve our own goals, regardless of the existence of difficult conditions. At the same time, we accompany Karla Wheelock’s ascent process to the highest peaks of each continent.
  • Women at the Top: The objective of this presentation is to promote the empowerment of women through the bases and foundations of international organisations such as the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) that were specifically expressed at the III Congress of Protected Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean (Lima, 2019), a committee where Karla Wheelock is a member. These proposals meet the objectives and priorities of the role of women in Latin America, such as changing the perspective, ensuring our rights, materializing equity, and recognising the contribution of all parties involved. By listening to this talk, which relates the aforementioned aspects to nature conservation, attendees take with them the key elements to get to know each other.
  • We Are All Nature: This talk motivates us to recognise in us the elements of nature for its conservation and achievement of goals. In this conference an analogy is made that highlights the elements of NATURE that are key for people to achieve their own goals, regardless of the existence of extreme conditions or limited resources. We share how and why nature is the great teacher. By recognising ourselves as part of it and learning from it, we discover all those aspects that we already have and with which we will seek to potentiate our leadership. This conference deals with tools that will allow us to recognise ourselves as part of an ecosystem because #TodosSomosNaturalezaKW
  • The White Giant: A motivational talk where the experiences lived in the 7 expeditions to the Antarctic continent are shared. In these expeditions, an “exceptional team” work program was developed, which could be defined as one that, together with obtaining exceptional results, achieves an exceptional coexistence among its members, makes them feel satisfied and motivated while living the process and when they evoke it. subsequently. Manage the commitment of a team that formulates and assumes a shared purpose.
  • ADVENTURE: Motivational talk developed to recognise in each of the attendees their ability to explore the Adventure in each of the personal and professional goals or objectives. In this conference, tools and values ​​are shared that allow us to be prepared for what is to come: ADVENTURE, making an analogy with the key skills and resources in the ascent of the highest mountain on each continent. As well as building resilience in times of change.

Amy Tez

Conference Speaker And Host Amy Tez by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in communications strategy
  • Specialises in differentiated messaging, leadership positioning, and impression management
  • Combines emotional intelligence and strategic application to enhance leadership communication
  • Helps people discover their power to effect change and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

A force to be reckoned with in the field of communication, Amy Tez helps to effect change and thereby turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The actress and communication strategy expert graduated from LSE in Economics in 1995 and has a strong interest and background in the business sphere.

Because of her 25 years of acting experience, Amy Tez is uniquely suited to helping people find a powerful, creative voice. She helps people craft a powerful message that, when spoken with conviction and passion, helps you to put your idea across clearly. She essentially gives you the tools to create your vision and tell the perfect story that will navigate challenging conversations and give you the ability to navigate difficult questions.

According to Amy Tez, no matter how brilliant your idea, you will fail in the execution if unable to explain it in a clear, compelling, and persuasive manner. People will not take you seriously if you fail to get the message across. Effective communication and a connection with audiences ensure success.

Her background as an actress as well as her studies in behavioural psychology, which she explains in her talks and training, are efficient tools for getting your message across and spreading your influence.

The course of her career as a communications expert has seen Amy Tez provide sharp, innovative solutions for a variety of clients. Amongst these, she includes start-ups, politicians, established CEOs, and Fortune 50 companies. She advises both regional and international companies across the globe. She has traveled to  the US, UK, Singapore, Turkey, and numerous European countries.

Amy Tez – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Amy Tez delivers interactive, engaging talks that change the way her audiences think, feel, and act. Her unique combination of emotional intelligence and strategic application forms a sophisticated approach to communication as a leader. She lives in the UK and speaks English.

Speaker Topics

  • Speak Like a Leader
  • Compelling Storytelling
  • The Winning Pitch
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Women in the Lead

Esther Duflo

  • Economics expert, Nobel Prize recipient; Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics
  • Focuses on poverty alleviation across the globe
  • Co-founder of J-PAL, the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
  • Successful author

Esther Duflo is a renowned French economist.  She commits her work to find solutions to end poverty and improve the lot of the poor. Her studies focus on microeconomics issues in third-world countries. It encompasses such aspects as health, finance, education, public policies, and general consumption patterns. A Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT), she is also the Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics.

Her work and lifetime of dedication to her area of expertise, have seen Esther Duflo receive numerous awards and recommendations. She is the recipient of the Best Young Economist of France Award in 2005, the Bates Clark Medal in 2010, the Dan Davis Prize in 2013, the Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences in 2015, and the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2019. She received the latter together with her research partners Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer for their work on global poverty issues.

Her experiences as a child in France made her determined to not let her gender define her. A strong student in all her subjects, Esther Duflo developed an interest in global poverty among children at an early age. This led to her desire to become a researcher. As a college student, she volunteered at soup kitchens and a prison. Her move to Moscow, Russia, saw her teach at the Social Science University while studying economic reform.

Esther Duflo earned her master’s degree at the Paris School of Economics and her Ph.D. in Economics at MIT. She quickly learned that poverty traps limit poor people’s opportunities. If these traps were identified and eliminated, one would see a reduction in global poverty. Her professors, Banerjee and Kremer, had started using the experimental method to test theories for poverty reduction. She joined them in their work. They argued that the best approach to such a large issue was by breaking the problem down into smaller pieces. This meant studying the individual factors that contribute to global poverty and conducting experiments to find solutions. By adopting the solutions, policymakers would help alleviate the global poverty problem.

Together with Banerjee, her husband,  Esther Duflo founded J-PAL, the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. In 2019, the lab had involved itself in 998 projects spanning 84 countries. The policies developed as a result of their research had impacted the lives of over 450 million people. The initiative led to a Nobel Prize Award.

A successful writer, she has co-authored ‘Poor Economics’ and ‘Good Economics for Hard Times’.

Esther Duflo – Speaker

As a conference speaker of note, Esther Duflo is an excellent speaker on various aspects of both macro- and microeconomics with a particular emphasis on global poverty. She lives in France and speaks and presents in English and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty: Esther Duflo is a renowned development economist whose life work has been focused on alleviating global poverty. Join 2019 co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Esther Duflo, in this fascinating talk which aims to answer questions like: Why would a man in Morocco who does not have enough to eat buy a television? Why is it so hard for children in poverty-stricken areas to learn even when they attend school? Why do the poorest people in the Indian state of Maharashtra spend 7 percent of their food budget on sugar? Does having lots of children actually make you poorer? Based on her bestselling book translated into 17 languages and more than fifteen years of research with her husband in dozens of poor countries around the globe, Esther Duflo will highlight the specific problems that come with poverty and offer proven solutions. Duflo argues that too many anti-poverty policies have failed because of a poor understanding of poverty. With an optimistic ending message that poverty can be – and should be won – prof. Duflo will transform the way you think of poverty and help your audience fight for building a better world without it.
  • Social Experiments to Fight Poverty: 2019 Nobel Prize co-recipient winner in Economics, Esther Duflo, has dedicated her life to researching poverty and how it can be fought. Drawing from her more than 15 years of experience and work in dozens of poor countries all over the world, prof. Duflo has come up with social experiments that can successfully fight it. Join Esther Duflo in this fascinating speech to motivate your audience in finding creative and innovative ways of fighting poverty to create a better world for everyone.

Justine Henin

  • Former Belgian World Number One tennis player, entrepreneur, and media consultant
  • Winner of 43 World Tennis Association singles titles
  • Currently, a television consultant who coaches younger players and runs her own tennis academy

Justine Henin is considered one of the greatest female players ever. She placed as the world’s No. 1 female tennis player for 117 weeks and ranked as the top female tennis player in the world in the years 2003, 2006, and 2007. In 2001, she firmly helped establish Belgium as a force in the world of tennis when, together with Kim Clijsters, she led the country to win its first Federation Cup crown.

Justine Henin holds seven Grand Slam titles, i.e., 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007 French Open, the 2003 and 2007 US Open, and the 2004 Australian Open. Furthermore, she was the Wimbledon runner-up on two occasions, namely in 2001 and 2006. In 2001 she also won gold in the 2004 Olympic Games in the women’s singles and won the WTA Tour Championships in both 2006 and 2006. She has won a total of 43 WTA singles titles.

Because of her innate tennis style that includes vicious volleys and aggressive baseline rallies coupled with powerful, precision playing laced with brilliance and brutality, Justine Henin was dubbed the ‘female Federer’. John McEnroe, another tennis great, described her backhand as “…the most beautiful in the world. Sadly, due to a chronic elbow injury, she had to retire from professional tennis in 2011. Her contribution to the game, however, saw her become the first Belgian tennis player inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

These days a consultant for Eurosport and France Televisions, Justine Henin comments on various tennis Grand Slam Tournaments. She also coaches young tennis players and runs her own tennis academy.

Justine Henin– Speaker

A widely sought-after speaker, Justine Henin frequently speaks at company functions, business circles, and professional associations on a variety of relatable topics. During her talks, she shares her journey to the top of her sport, embellishing her talks with personal examples and anecdotes. She lives in Belgium and speaks English and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • High performance
  • Resilience
  • Stress management
  • Surpassing yourself
  • Commitment

Abassia Rahmani

  • Swiss Paralympic blade runner athlete
  • Overcame adversity after losing both her legs due to bacterial meningitis complications
  • Started competing against other para-athletes five years after losing her legs
  • Won her first medal at the Para European Championship in 2016

Abassia Rahmani is Switzerland’s first female blade runner. The first time she tried to run with blades gave her back the sense of freedom she had last felt before losing both her legs when she was only sixteen years old. Two years after gaining this sense of freedom, she took part in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. She crossed the 200m finish line with a time of 27.86 seconds, narrowly missing the bronze medal.

Abassia Rahmani, whose father had moved to Switzerland from Algeria, was born in Zurich but grew up with her older brother in a small Swiss village. She participated in various sports from an early age. These include snowboarding, athletics, horse riding, and gymnastics. Sadly, in 2009, she contracted bacterial meningitis and had to have both her legs amputated below the knee as a result. She did not allow this to rule her life, however. She took started competing with other para-athletes only five years later, winning her first medal at the Para European Championships in Grosseto in 2016. This achievement was shortly followed by placing fourth in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.

A commerce graduate fluent in multiple languages, Abassia Rahmani worked in international sales until 2018 when she started her professional sports career besides studying sports management.

Although she spends most of her time at the track or in the gym, Abassia Rahmani has a balanced lifestyle and enjoys time taking part in action sports, spending time with her family and friends, or listening to music and going to concerts. She is also an avid reader and loves traveling.

Abassia Rahmani – Speaker

As a speaker, Abassia Rahmani tells the story of how she overcame her disability and how she went about doing so. She lives in Switzerland and speaks German, French, and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Adapt in the face of adversity
  • Resilience – Adapt to change
  • Overcoming the limits of your disability
  • Teamwork
  • How to reach and maintain top performance
  • Knowing your limits

Denise Lee Yohn

  • Expert in achieving brand leadership
  • Influential bestselling author on business and branding
  • Serves on various boards and received multiple honours and awards
  • Enjoys hiking, flying a helicopter, and dancing with a professional ballet company

Denise Lee Yohn is a leading brand leadership expert. An influential bestselling author, she has authored several books that have received raving reviews. She enjoys the challenges regarding out-of-the-box thinking to gain brand leadership.

A regular contributor to various magazines like the Harvard Business Review and Forbes, Denise Lee Yohn is a sought-after writer for various publications. Her articles have appeared in, amongst many others, Entrepreneur, Seeking Alpha, and QSR Magazine. Her expert view on hot business topics has seen her appear in various news media. These include The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNBC.

Denise Lee Yohn cultivated her unique approach to brand building by holding several high-level positions in advertising and marketing. She served as Burger King and Land Rover’s chief strategist. She was also the marketing leader at Unilever and served as an analyst of Jack in the Box restaurants and Spiegel catalogs. At Sony Electronic Inc., Denise Lee Yohn headed the company’s first band office. Her time there saw her the recipient of various corporate awards as brand and strategy vice president and general manager.

Denise Lee Yohn started serving her clients as an independent consulting partner in 2004.

Her work with some of the world’s most prestigious organisations has seen Denise Lee Yohn awarded various awards and accolades from, amongst others, the American Marketing Association, HOW Magazine, Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics Inc., and the Financial Communications Society.

When not consulting, writing, or speaking, Denise Lee Yohn serves as the Founding Director of Faith & Work Journey. She is also a board member or serves on the advisory board of Cameron House, the Millennium Alliance, and the World Brand Congress. She is also one of CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards finalist selection committee members and a TEDxSanDiego brand director.

Regarding her free time, Denise Lee Yohn has hiked to the Everest Base Camp, dances with a professional ballet company, and flies a helicopter.

Denise Lee Yohn – Speaker

Her expertise and personal approach have seen Denise Lee Yong become an in-demand speaker. She inspires business leaders to build great brands and exceptional organisations. Amongst her many audiences, she includes various conferences such as TEDx, The Art of Marketing, Sustainable Brands, and the Consumer Electronics Show. She has also addressed corporate events for NFL, Facebook, Lexus, and various others. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Brand Leadership: How to Build a Rock Star Brand: You know how great brands dominate their fields. You experience it every time you pay a premium for a certain type of jeans or see a line of people camping out to catch the newest smartphone release. Denise shows you how to achieve rock star brand status. Drawing from case studies, analyses, and interviews with executives from the world’s leading brands, she shows you what great brands do and how to achieve the kind of brand leadership that everyone — from customers to employees to investors — wants a piece of.
  • The FUSION Formula: Brand + Culture = Results: Forget everything you think you know about workplace culture! You do not need perks and parties. You need engaged employees who produce the right results and help you build a great brand. Denise shows you how to infuse your culture with your core brand values and align your people with your unique brand identity, so you produce a healthy organisation and a valuable brand.
  • Ignite Experience: Fuse CX and EX to Drive Your Growth: Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield where customer loyalty is won or lost. And among employees, the war for talent is intensifying. How do you win on both fronts? Denise shows you how to align and integrate your employee and customer experiences—and unleash their combined power to fuel your growth.
  • Extraordinary Experiences: How to Win Customers’ Hearts and Dollars: How do some companies break through the clutter; compete with bigger, better-resourced competitors, and manage to grow and thrive when so many others fail? They earn customer love and loyalty through extraordinary experiences. Denise gives you the complete blueprint for creatively designing and consistently delivering customer experiences that win over customers for life. Learn how to get the edge that everyone else wants and excel at customer experience.
  • What Great Salespeople: Do If you are worried about how the role of sales and selling is changing, you need to know what the best salespeople do to succeed in this new business environment. Denise shows you that great salespeople do what great brands do. She explains how to innovate – not imitate, how to create extraordinary experiences that embody your brand, and how to cultivate strong, emotional connections with customers. You will be inspired to engage with clients in new ways that cut out competitors and create long-term business success. Learn why and how the most effective salespeople operate as brand evangelists – and how you too can win the new sales game.
  • Ready & Resilient: Leadership For Now & Next — how to navigate the way work and business have changed and lead your organisation to greatness
  • Employee Experience Disrupted: The New Rules for Workforce Engagement — how to ensure your workforce is engaged and productive today and ready for tomorrow
  • Brand Leadership: How to Breakthrough, Blaze New Trails, and Build a Great Brand — how to achieve brand leadership in today’s competitive markets