Jessica Gioglio

Jessica Gioglio
  • A Leading marketing strategist and the co-author of “The Laws of Brand Storytelling” and “The Power of Visual Storytelling
  • Led transformative digital campaigns for Dunkin’ Donuts and TripAdvisor
  • Founded With Savvy Media & Marketing, enhancing brand strategies

Jessica Gioglio is a leader in marketing and storytelling. Renowned for her blockbuster books on visual storytelling and brand narratives, Jessica has designed unique digital marketing strategies for well-known firms like Dunkin’ Donuts and TripAdvisor. Her inventive techniques have earned her countless honors, displaying her ability for interacting with audiences effectively.

Today, Jessica is the main force behind Savvy Media & Marketing. Here, she helps clients create compelling brand stories and strategic content. Her insights on marketing are sought after globally, earning her accolades as a top influencer. Jessica also likes sharing her travel experiences and life insights on her blog, The Savvy Bostonian.

Recognition and Achievements

Jessica Gioglio has created a reputation for herself in marketing with her imaginative and robust storytelling techniques. Her digital marketing methods have greatly accelerated growth for huge names like Dunkin’ Donuts and TripAdvisor. Recognized for her skills in captivating audiences, Jessica has earned multiple industry accolades and gained international renown.

Jessica is also a famous author, with publications such as “The Power of Visual Storytelling” and “The Laws of Brand Storytelling” under her belt. These publications offer valuable ideas for boosting brand engagement through graphics and narrative, getting acclaim from industry leaders. As an expert in her area, Jessica’s unique approaches to content development and social media have led LinkedIn, HubSpot, and other renowned organizations to name her one of the best marketing leaders. Her strategic vision continues to affect the marketing tactics of firms globally, affecting how they connect with customers.

Speaker and Educator – Jessica Gioglio

Jessica Gioglio shines as a sought-after speaker and instructor in marketing. Her engaging talks light up gatherings worldwide. She breaks down the art of storytelling in business, equipping her audience with the tools to succeed. Jessica’s presentations inspire by blending deep thoughts with useful digital strategies. Beyond speaking, Jessica’s books are must-haves for marketing. They offer step-by-step guidance on effective storytelling and internet marketing. Both students and pros find immense value in her work, enhancing their ability to connect with audiences. Through her talks and writings, Jessica continues to influence the marketing world deeply.

Speaking Topics by Jessica Gioglio

  • The Power of Visual Storytelling
  • The Laws of Brand Storytelling Crisis Management in Digital Marketing
  • Engaging Audiences with Innovative Digital Campaigns
  • Building Your Brand on Social Media

Carina Bruwer

Carina Bruwer Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Successful open-water marathon swimmer, internationally renowned musician, and successful entrepreneur
  • International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame World nominee – ranked one of the Top 50 Most Daring, Courageous, and Audacious swimmers in the world by the World Open Water Swimming Association
  • Founder of Swim for Hope

One of Africa’s most accomplished female open-water marathon swimmers, Carina Bruwer, is an internationally renowned musician and successful entrepreneur. She is known for her bold ventures in the ocean, business, and life. Through her incredible stories of courage, transformation, and altruism, she inspires and motivates others.

Swimming Career

Carina Bruwer boasts an extensive ultramarathon swimming resume. Amongst her feats, she includes crossing the 36km English Channel, the Gibraltar Straits, False Bay, Nelson Mandela Bay, Walker Bay, Bonifacio Straits, Messina Straits, Triple Country (France – Monaco – Italy), Robben Island, and many more. Most of her swims are either firsts and/or record-breaking feats. She is a nominee for the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.   The World Open Water Swimming Association also ranked her one of the “Top 50 Most Daring, Courageous and Audacious” open water swimmers globally.

In 2014, Carina Bruwer founded Swim For Hope. The organisation aims to raise funds and awareness for the South African organisations she supports through her swimming challenges. It has raised over R1 million since its inception.


Carina Bruwer has also had a trailblazing music career. She has developed a new style of performance that revolutionised instrumental music in South Africa and beyond. She has performed on international stages with global icons.


As an entrepreneur, Carina Bruwer has founded several successful businesses, each of which has become successful within its respective industries.

Diverse Audience

Regarding her speaking career, Carina Bruwer captivates diverse audiences worldwide with her tales of resilience, overcoming adversity, and reaching beyond one’s limits to achieve personal greatness. Her talks cover themes such as goal setting, leadership, teamwork, and personal development, tailored to resonate with each audience. Drawing from her experiences as an ultramarathon swimmer, musician, entrepreneur, and mother, Carina delivers impactful keynote speeches and motivational talks to corporate teams, educational institutions, nonprofit organisations, and community groups.

Carina Bruwer – Speaker

With her unique blend of passion, authenticity, and humour, Carina Bruwer inspires her audiences to push beyond perceived limitations, embrace change, and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. She lives in South Africa and presents in English. Her talks differ from most speakers; she plays the flute while her videos of her achievements play on stage behind her.

Speaking topics

  • Swim Against the Current: Unleashing Resilience and Achieving Personal Greatness is a captivating speech that explores resilience and personal growth. “Swim Against the Current inspires people to overcome challenges and push past their limits. Learn how to use resilience, reframe situations, and face fears. Join us on this journey to emerge more robust and determined.”
  • Thriving on Multiplicity: Mastering the Art of Balancing Life’s Demands: Learn how to balance life’s demands and passions, juggle responsibilities, manage time effectively, and thrive in your multifaceted life.
  • Amplifying Impact: Harnessing Your Platform for Positive Change: Learn how to use your influence for positive change. Discover how to drive meaningful impact in your community and beyond. This session will empower individuals to become change agents, advocating for social justice and championing sustainability initiatives.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine Mahmoudieh Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Sustainability: Redefining Materials in Architecture and Design
  • Founder & CEO at Yasmine Mahmoudieh, myKidsy, & Impact Design Now
  • WEF Davos 2023 and 2024 speaker and for COP29 in Baku
  • Guest lecturer at universities across the globe

An award-winning architect and interior designer, Yasmine Mahmoudieh is deeply committed to sustainable practices in her field. She demonstrates this dedication by addressing various forums globally and through her actions.

The founder of Impact Design Now, Yasmine Mahmoudieh focuses on producing high-quality, sustainable furniture using 3D printing technologies and recycled materials. In doing so, she maintains the integrity of high-quality design while promoting sustainability.

In her talks, Yasmine Mahmoudieh educates her worldwide audience on the importance of sustainability and design. Her discussions include how careful selection of materials can lead to healthier alternatives to toxic substances like plastic. This results in attractive, eco-friendly designs.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh also explores the future of architecture and the role of technology in promoting sustainability. At the forefront of technological innovation in design, her projects include a line made from recycled plastics and a pioneering virtual real estate project in the Metaverse.

Ambassador And Lecturer

Beyond her speaking engagements, Yasmine Mahmoudieh is a global ambassador for sustainability in architecture and design. In this role, she delivers lectures at prestigious forums like the World Economic Forum in Davos and COP28 in Dubai and COP29 in Baku.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh is a guest lecturer at universities and colleges in cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Monte Carlo, Lausanne, Shanghai, and Moscow. She serves on the BLLA board and has been a visiting professor at EHL for nine years.

Publication Appearances

Yasmine Mahmoudieh’s influence and expertise in sustainable architecture and design have made her a sought-after keynote speaker and featured in several high-profile publications. Digest, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, ELLE, Business Insider, and Digital Journal, among others, have highlighted her insights and designs.

On a more recent note, Yasmine Mahmoudieh was a speaker and panellist at WEF Davos 2023.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh – Speaker

A multi-lingual keynote speaker, Yasmine Mahmoudieh speaks on sustainable architecture and design, the future of work, and much more. She lives in the United Kingdom and speaks English and German at a native level. She also has a professional working proficiency in French, Italian, Spanish, and Farsi.

Speaker Topics

Sustainability: Redefining Materials in Architecture and Design: Explore the urgent need to reduce harmful materials in the architecture, construction, and design industries. Discover eco-friendly and healthier alternatives to commonly used materials like concrete and plastics. Gain insights into creating sustainable spaces that merge luxury and environmental consciousness.

Workplace Revolution: The Future of Work: Dive into the evolving landscape of work and how it impacts architecture and interior design. Explore innovative concepts such as flexible workspaces, remote collaboration, and employee well-being. Learn how to create environments that foster productivity, creativity, and adaptability in an ever-changing world.

The Future of Living: Human-Centred Spaces: Uncover the emerging trends and challenges in residential architecture and interior design. Discover how to create human-centred spaces that prioritise comfort, well-being, and sustainability. Explore the integration of nature, technology, and community in designing living environments for the future.

Technological Marvels: The Role of Technology in Architecture: Delve into the dynamic relationship between technology and architecture. Explore how advancements like AI, BIM, and smart systems are reshaping the industry. Learn how to leverage technology to improve design processes, enhance sustainability, and create awe-inspiring structures that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Phygital Design: Blending the Physical and Digital Worlds: Discover the intersection of physical and digital design in the era of immersive experiences. Explore the concept of “phygital design” and its applications in architecture and interior design. Learn how to integrate interactive technologies, augmented reality, and sensory experiences to create captivating spaces that engage and inspire.

The importance of creativity: For any company, it is important to know how to build one’s own business successfully and how creativity is essential, especially as we enter the era of AI.

Toju Duke

Toju Duke Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Thought leader, advisor, and expert on Responsible AI
  • Bestselling author of ‘Building Responsible AI Algorithms’
  • Founder of Diverse AI
  • Received recognition as a leading woman in AI by various media

Toju Duke is a highly regarded speaker, author, thought leader, and advisor and expert on Responsible AI. Her almost twenty years of experience in advertising, retail, not-for-profit, and the tech industry, has allowed her to establish herself as one of the top women in her field.

Someone who worked at Google for ten years, Toju Duke was a programme manager on responsible AI. She led various responsible AI programmes and research teams. Her main focus was on large-scale models and responsible AI processes. Before this, she was Google Travel’s EMEA product lead and worked as a specialist on Google Travel and Shopping.


Her passion for improving AI led to Toju Duke founding Diverse AI. The mission of this community interest organisation is to support and champion underrepresented groups to build a diverse, inclusive AI future. Diverse AI has three focus areas, i.e., education, research, and events targeted at those who identify with underrepresented groups and want to increase their skills or who wish to associate with like-minded people. She was also the UK lead for the global non-profit organisation Women in AI.

Toju Duke is also the author of “Building Responsible AI Algorithms”. The book looks at a responsible AI framework and explains how leaders can apply machine learning to reduce the risks surrounding AI technologies. The practical tips in the book guide readers on how to develop fair, transparent, robust, secure, and ethical models.

Someone who regularly features on international media outlets such as BBC, La Nacion, Sky News, and many others, Toju Duke has also received various recognitions. She is recognised as one of the leading women in AI by, amongst others, Daily AI and Xantage.

Toju Duke, Speaker

As a conference speaker, Toju Duke provides actionable insights and advice on responsible AI practices. She lives in London, UK, and presents in English.

Speaking topics

  • Building Responsibly in an AI-driven world
  • Mitigating AI’s Risks with Responsible AI
  • Balancing Innovation and Responsibility: Insights into Responsible Generative AI
  • Empowering Education: Navigating AI with the Responsible AI Framework
  • The AI Paradox: Pros, Cons, and the Dawn of a New Era
  • Towards a New Customer Paradigm: Balancing Generative and Responsible AI
  • AI’s Promise, Finance’s Future: A Blueprint for Responsible AI

Caroline Farberger

Caroline Farberger Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • CEO, professional chairperson, board member, and Tech Investor
  • First Nordic business leader to openly speak about their gender transition
  • Author of ‘I’m Caroline: Professional Woman and Family Man’
  • Recipient of various awards for her contributions towards society and its views on social norms

Caroline Farberger wears many hats. She is a professional chairperson, board member, experienced CEO, and Tech Investor. She is also a successful author.

Her time up to 2022 as CEO of the Swedish Insurer ICA Insurance, saw her spend 25 years in the financial industry. She held many senior management positions during this period. But besides her management experience, she was also a dot-com entrepreneur and consultant with McKinsey.

What makes Caroline Farberger so exceptional, is that she is the first Nordic senior business leader to openly speak about her gender transition. The woman we know today as Caroline Farberger, was previously known as Carl Farberger, a dedicated husband, father, and business leader. Since her transition, she has become an advocate and ambassador for diversity and inclusive leadership.

Besides her successful career in the world of business, Caroline Farberger has become a successful speaker and author. She is the author of ‘I’m Caroline: Professional Woman and Family Man’. Her book looks at her personal journey of transformation and how she gained valuable insights into gender matters and how they influenced her leadership style.


Her work has resulted in her receiving numerous awards. These include the LGBTQ Person of the Year Award at the QX Gala in 2019, the Womenomics Leadership Award as an accomplished CEO and transgender role model in 2022, and the Kerstin Hesselgren Award later the same year. The latter is an annual award bestowed by Sweden’s HR Associated to a role model who has a long-term commitment to focus on equality and humanity within the workplace and society. The decisions and actions of these laureates are characterised by bravery, outspokenness, and civil courage.

Caroline Farberger – Speaker

A sought-after conference speaker, Caroline Faberger shares her unique experience regarding gender norms, leadership style, and authentic leadership. She lives in Sweden and speaks Swedish, German, and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Understanding gender norms and capturing the value of equality in business
  • Inclusive leadership in practice and increasing team performance
  • Leading with authenticity and living as your true self

Julie Smith

Julie Smith Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Mental health expert, TikTok star, and bestselling author
  • Over 60 million followers across her social media platforms
  • Sunday Times Bestselling Author
  • Sought-after speaker on an international scale

With over ten years of experience as a physical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith is the first professional to use TikTok to give insights about therapy. She launched her TikTok channel after running her own successful practice. Her mission is to provide easily accessible health education material for those who need it.

Julie Smith has seen her work provide hope and guidance in the field of mental health and wellbeing. She has transformed the way people see these issues. Her two roles as a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and as a registered Health Care Professions Council member allow her to share her knowledge and experience with others within the mental health industry.

Her professional journey began in the NHS. The time spent there gave Julie Smith opportunities to provide specialised psychological services in an acute ward for the Ministry of Defence. It also allowed her to show her ability to manage high-pressure situations. She is also affiliated with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

A respected mental health influencer, Julie Smith makes use of online platforms where she provides resources to people who cannot access therapy. She empowers people from all stages of life, including school children and business professionals. Her work has helped bring about positive changes within the mental health community. She currently has over sixty million followers across her social media platforms.

Her bestselling debut book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before’, published in 2022, became a Sunday Times Bestseller. Translated into more than forty languages, the book was shortlisted for the British Book Awards ‘Book Of The Year’.

Julie Smith – Speaker

Dr Julie Smith, a leading authority in her field, has become a sought-after speaker on an international scale. Passionate about promoting positive change in society, she wants to change the stereotypical image people have about the topic of mental health. Her clinical background and social media presence make her a popular choice when hiring someone to speak at an event. She lives in the UK and speaks English.

Speaker Topics

  • Anxiety
  • Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health Awareness

Linda Hill

Linda Hill Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Economist who specialises in leadership and innovation
  • Harvard Business School Professor and co-founder of Paradox Strategies and InnovationForce
  • Named a top ten management thinker by Thinkers50 in 2011 and received the Thinkers50 Innovation Award in 2015
  • Bestselling author whose books have been translated into multiple languages

Regarded as a top expert on leadership and innovation, Linda Hill, an American economist, is the co-founder of Paradox Strategies and InnovationForce. She is also a Harvard Business School Professor and co-creator of the re:Route assessment.

Named by Thinkers50 as one of the top ten management thinkers in the world in 2013, Linda Hill went on to receive the Thinkers50 Innovation Award two years later.

Linda Hill is the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Administration at Harvard Business School. The faculty chair of the Leadership Initiative, she has also chaired numerous HBS Executing programmes. Amongst these, she includes the Young Presidents’ Organisation Presidents’ Seminar and the High Potentials Leadership Programme. Her research focuses on implementing global strategies and leading innovation, building innovative organisations and ecosystems, developing leaders for innovation, and the role of the board in governing innovation.

Regarding her consulting and executive education activities, Linda Hill addresses a wide range of topics. These include leadership development, talent management, leading change and innovation, implementing global strategies, and managing cross-cultural relationships. Amongst the global organisations worked with, she includes the likes of Morgan Stanley, AREVA, Accenture, IBM, Pfizer, MasterCard, Mitsubishi, General Electric, and the Bank of Kuwait.

Successful Author

Linda Hill is the co-author of ‘Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader’. The Wall Street Journal named the book one of the ‘Five Best Business Books to Read for Your Career in 2011’. An imminently successful author in her own right, she has created award-winning multimedia management development programmes and written numerous HBR articles. Her books have been translated into multiple languages.

Other Interests

Currently a member of the boards of State Street Corporation, Eaton Corporation, and Harvard Business Publishing, Linda Hill is also a trustee of The Bridgespan Group and the Art Centre College of Design. Furthermore, she is an advisor to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund USA and a special representative to the Board of Trustees of Bryn Mawr College. She is also a member of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Programme’s advisory board.

As to her educational background, Linda Hill holds a PhD in behavioural science and an MA in educational psychology. She completed both degrees at the University of Chicago. She received a BA cum laude in psychology from Bryn Mawr College.

Linda Hill Conference Speaker

A sought-after conference speaker, Linda Hill focuses on topics that include leadership, innovation, business, and management. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaker Topics

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Business
  • Management

Orianne Aymard

Orianne Aymard Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Risk and resilience expert.
  • Overcame a devastating health prognosis and embarked on a quest that redefined limits.
  • Bestselling author of ‘Under the Eye of the Goddess.’
  • Features in Chomolunga, a documentary detailing her 2023 Everest ascent.

Orianne Aymard is on a remarkable journey of resilience and determination. She was only twenty-five years old when her life took an unexpected turn. She suffered a devastating brain haemorrhage while in a remote corner of North India. Her medical prognosis proved bleak. She was condemned to a life where she would no longer be able to visit the high altitudes and mountains she loved.

Through perseverance and against all odds, Orianne Aymard started on a quest that would redefine the limits of human potential. Her determination and spirit did not give in to the adversity she suffered. She not only defied her medical doctors’ predictions regarding her life forward but achieved what many consider the imaginable. She scaled the highest peaks on earth and conquered Everest. This mountain, known as Chomolungma in the vernacular, means the Mother Goddess of the World.

Her book, Under the Eye of the Goddess, tells the remarkable story of a remarkable woman’s challenges and how she overcame them. She also features in the documentary film Chomolungma. Directed by David Vital-Durand, the film tells her story and ascent of Everest in 2023.

Through her experiences and the lessons learned in the art of self-transcendence and facing crises and situations head-on, Orianne Aymard has made her narrative a testament to others, encouraging them to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams.

Orianne Aymard – Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Orianne Aymard captivates audiences by sharing her story. She shares insights into her adventures, victories, and moments of doubt. The highlights of her keynote feature the pivotal milestones in conquering Lhotse and Everest. She lives in France and presents in French and English.

Speaker Topics

Her keynotes covers the following points:

  • Reaching your summit
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Being prepared
  • Trusting the right people
  • Overcoming the imposter syndrome
  • Showing humility
  • Taking a leadership position
  • Stepping backwards to progress
  • Adapting quickly to a changing environment
  • Managing your stress
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Following your intuition
  • Accepting your vulnerability
  • Letting go
  • Accepting your limits
  • Being Yourself

Iliana Olivie

Iliana Olivie Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Global sustainable economic development/macroeconomics expert
  • Director of the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)
  • Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute
  • Her research focuses on globalization and international development

Iliana Olivie is the Director of the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG). The ETTG is a group of over 400 policy researchers from leading European think tanks who are dedicated to EU international cooperation for global sustainable development.

As a Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute, Iliana Olivie coordinates the Elcano Global Presence Index. She is also an Associate Professor in Applied and Structural Economics and History at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she teaches macroeconomic analysis, theories of development, and economic development in postgraduate programs.

Iliana Olivie earned her PhD in Economics in 2002 and is a member of the Spanish Council for Development Cooperation, a consultation body within the Spanish Administration. Additionally, she is the Vice President of Policy Engagement at the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes(EADI).

Regarding her research, Iliana Olivie focuses on globalization and international development. She studies global development agendas, European and Spanish aid policies, economic development, and global development in finance. This includes foreign direct investment and international migrant remittances.

Iliana Olivie – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Iliana Olivie focuses on various aspects of international growth and development. Her topics include policy coherence, the economy, trade, energy, climate, and many others. She lives in Spain and speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Economy, Trade, Energy and Climate
  • EU Mediterranean Policies
  • Development cooperation
  • Economic development
  • Global development finance
  • International development issues
  • Policy Coherence for development
  • Global Finance for development
  • Global Challenges – polycrises’

Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini
  • Recognized as the “Deepest Woman in the World.”
  • Holds several world records and golds, displaying her remarkable ability.
  • Competitive champion with 17 World Championship golds.
  • Proven dedication to the sport, commencing her adventure at age 13.
  • Impressive collection of 35 international medals during her career.

Alessia Zecchini is a fierce contender in the freediving world. Known as the “Deepest Woman in the World,” she has beaten world records and exceeded expectations. Freediving needs enormous mental and physical fortitude, a task Alessia embraces head-on. Her constant passion emerges via her outstanding collection of medals. Alessia began her journey at the young age of 13, inspired by the ocean’s depths, and her talent and competitive spirit have driven her to achieve several international honors.

Alessia’s path is a monument to the power of human potential. She motivates athletes and fans around the globe. Her achievements in freediving push the limits of what is possible. Alessia Zecchini is more than just an athlete; she represents resilience, enthusiasm, and the enormous potential we all possess.

Achievements and Recognition of Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini’s passion for freediving has taken her to the sport’s peak. Her name is connected with pushing boundaries and achieving what was once impossible. Alessia holds the famous title of “Deepest Woman in the World.” This astounding achievement is a testimonial to her exceptional breath-hold powers and her ability to navigate the great pressure of the deep ocean.

Throughout her career, Alessia has dominated the competitive freediving scene. Her amazing collection features 17 gold medals at the World Championships, a genuine mark of her constant excellence and unwavering competitive spirit. Beyond her World Championship golds, Alessia has earned 35 international medals, including 17 golds. This demonstrates her domination across numerous freediving disciplines and her capacity to excel worldwide. These records reinforce her successes and motivate aspiring freedivers to aim for greater heights.

Netflix Series: The Deepest Breath

Alessia Zecchini’s incredible journey is recorded in the fascinating Netflix documentary, The Deepest Breath. The series looks into the fascinating and sometimes deadly world of competitive freediving, giving a glimpse into Alessia’s devotion, obstacles, and achievements that entrenched her as a sports legend.

More than merely a sports documentary, “The Deepest Breath” also covers personal stories, emphasizing the motivations, achievements, and heartbreaks suffered by Alessia and those close to her. The documentary is a stunning reminder of the complexity of competitive athletics and the tenacity of the human spirit.

Speaking Topics

  • Holding Breath and Body Potential
  • Pushing Mental Barriers
  • Ocean Journey Exploration
  • Overcoming Challenges in Freediving

Laura Ros Verhoeven

Laura Ros Verhoeven Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in leadership, mobility, diversity, innovation, sustainability
  • General Manager of Volkswagen Spain
  • Only woman in charge of a car company in Spain
  • Considers generosity a fundamental aspect of teamwork

Laura Ros Verhoeven has a degree in Business Administration and Management from ESADE. She began her professional career at Nissan Europe and in 1997 she joined the Volkswagen Group, working in the product area of the Volkswagen brand.

In 2001, Laura Ros Verhoeven became Marketing Director of Škoda, a brand with which she was affiliated until 2009. She then returned to Volkswagen as Head of Planning. In 2011, Ros assumed the Aftersales Management of Volkswagen and two years later, she was appointed Marketing Director of the brand. Since January 1, 2015, she has been the General Manager of Volkswagen in Spain and is a member of the Executive Committee of Volkswagen Group Spain Distribution.

Laura Ros Verhoeven is currently the General Director of the Volkswagen brand in Spain, a position she has held since 2015, although she joined the company in 1997. She is also part of the Executive Committee of Volkswagen Group Spain Distribution. Over the years, she has held different positions of responsibility in marketing, after-sales, and planning areas, which has allowed her to have an in-depth knowledge of the company.

Someone who describes herself as a curious person, with a great determination to never stop training and learning, Laura Ros Verhoeven considers generosity as a fundamental aspect of teamwork. For 10 years, she was the only woman in charge of a car company in Spain.

Volkswagen General Manager: Spain

As the General Manager of Volkswagen Spain, Laura Ros Verhoeven is responsible for the second brand with the highest volume in the country. Her extensive experience in the automotive sector, strategic capacity, and merits in the company have led her to assume the highest position, even though her background is in marketing.

Laura Ross Verhoeven is an expert in cross-functional team management and generating business results. She has established herself as a manager in the sector, learning from each of the companies and positions she has held. Therefore, she stands out for her strategic vision, focus on results, and cost efficiency. Her background experience includes transformational leadership, implementing new network projects, and entrepreneurship with agile methodology.

For Volkswagen, 2020 was the year of the launch of the ID.3, its first high-volume, zero-emission electric car. Laura Ros Verhoeven believes that the coronavirus crisis has accelerated the transition towards electromobility. This   is essential to prepare for sustainable mobility for future generations.  This is a priority for the company. She is a protagonist in the path towards emission-free mobility for all.

Laura Ros Verhoeven – Speaker

A charismatic speaker, Laura Ros Verhoeven gives insights into multiple topics. These include leadership, mobility, diversity, innovation, and sustainability. She lives in Spain and speaks Spanish, French, and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Mobility
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

Inma Puig

Inma Puig Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Group dynamics and behavioural changes expert
  • Analyses individual and group behaviour to help prove performance
  • Worked with individuals from diverse sporting backgrounds
  • Bestselling author

Inma Puig, a psychologist, business consultant, and professor is widely regarded as a group dynamics and behavioural changes expert. Serving in her capacity as a psychologist in sports clubs across the globe, she helps train both players and coaches. She also uses her extensive experience to help companies in different fields. This she does by analysing individual behaviour as well as group dynamics. Doing so enables her to tailor her training to suit the needs of individuals or groups to improve performance.

Besides her work as a psychologist and with individuals, teams, and businesses, Inma Puig also has an extensive knowledge of business. She shares her expertise in this area in one of her bestsellers, “Family Portraits”. The book covers emotions, something not many people feel comfortable addressing. She is also the author of “A Journey to the Soul of Wines” and “The Emotional Revolution”. Her book, “A Journey to the Soul of Wines”, contributed to her being named as Wine Ambassador FENAVIN 2017.

Her work with FC Barcelona started in 2003 and continued to 2018. She dealt with football and basketball players at all levels of competition, although she paid special attention to the first teams. She also played a significant role in the development of the educational and personal projects of residents of the Farmhouse.

Inma Puig has also dedicated much of her time to the world of Formula 1 and Moto GP competitions. She developed personalized strategies for Spanish drivers to help them improve their competitive skills. Those who collaborated with her saw significant improvements in their overall results. She has also helped athletes from other sporting disciplines like tennis, where she helped those who participated in the ATP and WTA professional circuit, skiing, professional horse riding, and golf.

Inma Puig received the Lady Brotherhood of Cava Sant Sadurni award and an Academy Award from The Family Business Association of Castilla Leon. This was for her teaching and research work on family business.

Inma Puig – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Inma Puig deals with issues relating to performance, leadership, and business excellence. She also touches on the less pleasant emotions used by people when dealing with unpleasant situations. She lives in Spain and speaks and presents in Spanish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Emotions & Teamwork Management
  • Managing Emotions in the Family Business
  • The Emotional Revolution
  • How to Train and Develop High Performance Teams
  • Commitment: A Tool for Humanistic Companies



Susana Rodriguez Gacio

Susana Rodriguez Gacio Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • 2020 Spanish Paralympic Gold medallist, and doctor, competing in Paris 2024
  • Five-time Paratriathlon World Champion
  • As a doctor, specialises in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Appeared on a Time Magazine cover because of her successful sports career and tireless efforts in the health sector during the 2020 Covid pandemic

Born with albinism and severely visually impaired, Susana Rodrigues Gacio did not allow her legal blindness to stand in the way of her medical career or sporting achievements. She has become an influencer who has overcome the stereotypical  norms for success.

Susanna Rodriguez Gacio graduated in physiotherapy in 2009. From there, she went on to graduate from the University of Santiago de Compostela with a degree in medicine. She started her residency as an intern physician at the Hospital Clinico de Santiago de Compostela the next year.

As a child, Susana Rodriguez Gacio combined her dedication to sport with her passion for medicine. She started practising athletics with the National Organisation of the Spanish Blind in 1998 and competed in adapted athletics competitions until 2008 when she did not qualify for the Paralympics. Two years later she tried competing in triathlons where she would achieve great success.

Her competing in the Rio Paralympics with her guide Mabel Gallardo in 2016 saw her place fifth in the individual triathlon event. Susana Rodriguez Gacio went on to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first Spanish athlete to participate in two sports modalities in the same year, i.e., triathlon and athletics.

Due to COVID-19, the Tokyo Paralympics were held the following year, i.e., 2021. Susana Rodriguez Gacio became the Paralympic Triathlon Champion in the PTVI category along with her guide Sara Loehr.

With regards to her sporting career, Susana Rodriguez Gacio has also received five gold medals in five World Championships, and three gold medals at three European Championships. Her long, successful sports career, together with her work in the public health sector in Spain during the 2020 COVID pandemic led to TIME Magazine putting her on their cover.


Susana Rodriguez has received numerous awards and honours during her career. She received the Premio Gallego del Ano awarded by El Correo Gallego, Terras de Santiago, Correo TV, and Radio Obradoiro in 2014. The National Organisation for the Spanish Blind dedicated a coupon to her because of her 2020 Paralympic Games participation. She was also awarded the Special Prize for MAS Talent on Board in 2021. This is one of the three special awards, delivered in collaboration with Iberia, for the BIII Women to Follow Awards.

Susana Rodgriguez Gacio has not sat on her laurels, however. She still works hard toward achieving new goals both in her work and sporting life.

Susana Rodriguez Gacio – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Susana Rodriguez Gacio speaks about the various aspects of attaining success, like the challenges faced and how to deal with them. She lives in Spain and is a true polyglot. She is fluent in Spanish, Gallego, and English with a professional working proficiency in Portuguese and an elementary proficiency in French.

Speaking Topics

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • High Performance
  • Inspiring Youth
  • Mindfulness & Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Olympians
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Risk & Resilience
  • Sport & Adventure

Nuria Oliver

  • Renowned Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance
  • Chief Scientific Advisor at the Vodafone Institute
  • Co-founder of ELLIS and the Alicante ELLIS Unit focusing on “Human(ity)-centric Artificial Intelligence.”
  • Telecommunications Engineer from UPM and PhD in AI from MIT

Nuria Oliver emerges as a powerful presence in data science and artificial intelligence. Her academic prowess, anchored in telecommunications engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and culminating in a pioneering PhD from MIT, lays the foundation for her exceptional contributions to the IT industry.

Nuria’s career is marked by several groundbreaking positions: she investigated the intricacies of human-computer interaction at Microsoft Research, she pioneered female scientific leadership at Telefonica R&D, and she turned data into useful business insights as the first Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone.

Her contributions go beyond the business and scholarly spheres. Her career path, which includes more than 25 years of research, multiple papers, and patents, demonstrates a strong dedication to using technology for social good, positioning her as a pioneer in artificial intelligence focused on humans.

Recognition and Achievements of Nuria Oliver

During her tenure as the Valencian Region’s Commissioner for AI Strategy and Data Science from 2020 to 2022, Nuria managed a group of more than twenty data scientists in the battle against COVID-19, showcasing her extraordinary leadership in utilizing data science for public health solutions. Her strategic thoughts substantially expanded data science and artificial intelligence (AI) in her roles as Chief Scientific Advisor at the Vodafone Institute and Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance.

With more than 25 years of research experience, Nuria Oliver offers expertise in data prediction, human-computer interaction, and modelling human behaviour. She was the first Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone Global and has held important roles at Microsoft Research and Telefonica R&D.

Her significant effect on the scientific community is demonstrated by the over 18,000 citations and several best article awards she has received for her groundbreaking work. She has received recognition as an IEEE Fellow (2017), an ACM Distinguished Scientist and Fellow (2015), and a member of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (2016). Miguel Hernandez University awarded her an honorary doctorate in 2018.

Nuria Oliver serves on the scientific advisory boards of several European foundations and institutions. She offers strategic advice to the Government of the Valencian Region and counsels several organizations, such as Mahindra Comviva and the Future Digital Society.

She distinguishes herself as a prominent person in her area as the youngest and fourth female member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (2018), as well as an elected member of the Academia Europaea (2016) and CHI Academy (2018).

Nuria Oliver- Speaker

Nuria Oliver is a conference speaker with a wealth of knowledge and insights gleaned from her vast expertise in artificial intelligence and data science.

Nuria lives in Spain and presents in English and Spanish .

Speaking Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science for Social Good
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Innovation in Technology
  • Women in STEM
  • Leadership in Science

Nadja Swarovski

Nadja Swarovski Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Business sustainability leader: introducing responsible, ethical, and environmental standards in business
  • First woman to serve on Swarovski’s Executive Board
  • Established relationships in various industries
  • Recipient of numerous awards and accolades

Nadja Swarovski is a prominent figure in Swarovski, the world’s leading crystal manufacturer. She is the first woman to serve on its Executive Board and is the great-great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski. With an annual turnover of €3.2 billion, Swarovski has remained at the forefront of creative and lifestyle trends due to Nadja’s leadership and creative collaborations over the past two decades.

Establishing Relationships

Nadja Swarovski established relationships with people in the fashion, jewellery, design, architecture, film, and art worlds, making her a well-known creative patron. She has led the company’s global branding and communication efforts and initiated various creative projects, including installations, artworks, and crystal products, which have revitalized the company. Nadja Swarovski also chairs the Swarovski Foundation and oversees the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and philanthropic programs.

In the fashion industry, Nadja Swarovski has built on Swarovski’s legacy of collaborating with leading designers and emerging talents, implementing groundbreaking designer support and catwalk initiatives such as the Swarovski Collective and Runway Rocks. In design, Nadja launched Swarovski Crystal Palace in 2002, an initiative that pushed the boundaries of lighting through collaborations with crystal designers, producing a body of work that offered a snapshot of the most exciting creative minds of the modern era.

Nadja Swarovski developed Atelier Swarovski in 2007, a cutting-edge jewellery and accessories line featuring collaborations with various high-end designers. Atelier Swarovski Home, a home decor brand created in partnership with innovators in the field, was launched in 2016. Nadja has also strengthened Swarovski’s relationships with the film industry through partnerships with costume and set designers, and Swarovski crystals have been featured in numerous movies. In the music industry, Nadja has overseen collaborations with costume designers for superstar performers such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna.

Sustainability Efforts

From 2012-2020, Nadja led Swarovski’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy,. She ensured the embedding of ethical and environmental standards in the company’s business practices as it pursued its aim of becoming a world leader in sustainable luxury. She is an ambassador for Women for Women International, and under her leadership, Swarovski has signed up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and the UN Global Compact.

Nadja chairs the Swarovski Foundation. She established the foundation to consolidate the company’s long-term commitment to charitable giving. With a focus on education, the Foundation supports projects that foster creativity and culture, meet social needs, promote well-being, and conserve natural resources. The Foundation has supported various projects. These include the restoration of the San Giorgio statue at the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, the new Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning at the Design Museum in London, Women for Women International, and Water Aid.


Nadja Swarovski received her education in Europe and the United States. She graduating from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1992 and completed a graduate course in fine and decorative arts at Sotheby’s in New York. She holds  both USA and Austrian citizenship. Currently based in London, she holds board-level positions at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, the FIT Foundation, and the German Fashion Council.

Awards And Accolades

Nadja Swarovski’s focus on sustainability has been recognized. She received the Fashion Institute of Technology Social Impact in Sustainability Award in 2019 and the Business Leader of the Year Award from Positive Luxury in 2020. She was also named to the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 professional index of the people shaping the fashion industry.

Nadja Swarovski – Speaker

Nadja Swarovski focuses on charitable giving, the use of conscious luxury, and the consideration of responsible ethical environmental practices in business. She currently resides in the United Kingdom and speaks English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Global sustainability that embeds responsible ethical and environmental standards in business.
  • Conscious luxury that includes sustainability and aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Charitable giving by supporting projects that foster culture and creativity, promote human empowerment, and conserve natural resources.