Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Top performance and leadership expert
  • Equips organisation leaders with tools to drive engagement, performance, and profit
  • Recognised as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker’ by Global Gurus
  • Bestselling author

Gordon Tredgold is a former executive with a remarkable track record of delivering complex projects worth $100 million, managing departments worth $300 million, and leading global teams of up to 1,000 employees. He has helped clients save $350 million in operational costs, increase performance by 50%-500%, and tripled revenue for entrepreneurs within just a year.

Recognized as a ‘Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker’ by Global Gurus, Gordon Tredgold is also the author of one of the Top 5 Leadership Blogs, where he has shared over 1300 articles. His work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, CEO World, Chicago Tribune, and Addicted 2Success. His articles have been translated into 21 languages.

The successful author of four books, Gordon Tredgold has seen his latest book, “FAST – 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Achieve Success and Drives Results,” as a finalist in the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year.

While studying Mathematics at University, Gordon Tredgold developed a unique ability to analyse complex situations and devise straightforward solutions. He realized early in his career that simplifying solutions and communicating them in an easy-to-understand manner have a significant impact on the outcome. As a result, Gordon Tredgold advocates for simplicity in everything he does, which makes solutions accessible, empowers people and excites them, and encourages them to act.

Gordon Tredgold has developed a highly successful and proven FAST Approach that simplifies solutions, increases engagement and accountability, and ensures results. He has shared this approach with esteemed clients such as Accenture, GE Aviation, Allianz, Baxter International, Arizona Dept of Child Safety, American Airlines, and many others.

Gordon Tredgold – Speaker

A sought-after keynote speaker, Gordon Tredgold focuses on the topics of leadership, employee engagement, and operational excellence. He lives in Spain and speaks English and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Creating a “Can Do” Culture: When it comes to creating successful teams, attitude is everything. In this talk, I teach a simple, easy-to-use three-step approach which will transform your teams by giving them a can-do attitude which will give them the belief in their own abilities that will help them to transform their performance.
  • My Little Secrets For Your Big Success: According to research 92% of people fail to achieve their goals, with many giving up before they have even started. In this talk I will teach you the four-step approach that I have used to help companies significantly improve their operational performance, how I went from couch potato to marathon runner in just 6 months, and how I managed to write 1200 articles in just 4 years. My little secrets for your big success will teach you the tools not only to start to follow your goals with confidence, but it will also put you in eight percent of people who successfully achieve them.
  • How to Create Engaged, Empowered Teams That Drive Performance and Deliver Amazing Results: 70% of US staff are either disengaged or actively disengaged which costs the US economy between $450-550 billion every single year. In this talk, I will teach your audience what causes teams to become disengaged and how by using the FAST Approach you can create highly engaged, excited, and empowered teams that will deliver amazing results. I have used FAST to help save $350, increase performance by 50 -500 %, and helped one company triple its revenue in just 1 year.


Savvas Trichas

Savvas Trichas Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in verbal and written communication, negotiation, and human resource management
  • Bestselling author of ‘The Power of Communication’
  • Three times TEDx speaker
  • Certified coder in the facial action coding system

Dr. Savvas Trichas is a remarkable keynote speaker who skillfully merges innovative research with practical guidance to create inspiring moments. He has delivered three TEDx talks in different parts of the world and has partnered with prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, the University of Durham, and the Association of Cyprus Banks.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Savvas Trichas is a guest lecturer at the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus Police, where he teaches management, communication, and deception detection. He holds a PhD in Human Resources Management and Marketing and contributes to the Harvard Business Review.

Savvas Trichas is also a highly respected manuscript reviewer for leading international scientific journals on leadership and organizational behaviour, such as The Leadership Quarterly. His research focuses on nonverbal communication, particularly facial expressions, and his scientific publications rank #1 and #2 globally on Google Scholar under the keywords “leadership” and “facial expression”. He is also the bestselling author of ‘The Power of communication’.

To conduct his groundbreaking research, Savvas Trichas became an officially certified coder in the facial action coding system (FACS), a widely used tool that combines anatomy with photo or video analysis to precisely identify facial muscle movement and intensity. His dedication to this field has earned him international recognition and admiration.

Savvas Trichas – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Savvas Trichas analyses various aspects pertaining to his field of expertise. This includes body language, leadership, lie detection, and the psychology of communication. He lives in Cyprus and speaks Greek and English.

Speaking topics

  • Resilience, Agility and Well-being: Growing powerful teams: As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together”. What does Harvard have to tell us about 25,000 working adults in 25 countries? That resilience, agility, and well-being can transform a group of random individuals into a dream team. Savvas reveals the secrets behind growing powerful teams in this highly interactive keynote.
  • Redefining Negotiation: Getting to Yes: In this keynote, Savvas discusses the MIT and Harvard proven tactics that help professionals generate value through their negotiations. Specifically, the talk focuses on protecting and increasing the value of arguments, building trust to improve outcomes, and reducing uncertainty, and recognizing the power of emotion in conversation. Finally, the dark and the invisible sides of negotiation are introduced through an interactive paradigm to present the mechanics of contemporary negotiation.
  • Connect, then Lead: It’s What You Don’t Say That Matters: In today’s highly competitive world, everyone communicates but only a few people connect. Connecting with people means making every moment valuable and in the long run, it will change your business. In this keynote, Savvas shares his insights into communication beyond words. Body language is a huge part of connecting with others and takes up a large part of daily communication.
  • The Art of Storytelling: Generating Brand Attention and Sales Through Successful Narratives: Stories make people feel and see. They make people use their inner senses. Studies demonstrate that stories can change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. Findings from the area of neurobiology reinforce the above by showing that being exposed to successful narratives increases oxytocin in our blood (a neurochemical related with kindness that motivates cooperation). So, a story will capture people’s hearts by first attracting their brains. Global business titans such as Apple, IKEA, Coca-Cola, YouTube, and Facebook, invest millions of dollars in the area called brand storytelling because they know that content cannot be pushed into the brain, it must be pulled in. Stories have that pull-in function.
  • Humanizing Work: Servant Leadership & Empathy: Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa. What do all these people have in common? They were servant leaders. In a global post-pandemic era, where emotions are frequent and intense, servant and empathetic leadership is now more relevant than ever before. In a nutshell, service before self is utmost.
  • Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The New Era: Think of a restaurant you visited in the last couple of months that was just good. Do you consider yourself as a loyal supporter of that restaurant? Would you recommend it to a friend that is visiting from another city looking for somewhere nice to go?
  • The Science of Public Speaking: Talk to Persuade: What worries you the most while you are on stage presenting? Forgetting your words? Not being interesting enough? Research demonstrates that there are two ways to overcome your limitations as a public speaker: to learn effective techniques, and then practice them on stage repeatedly. It is not nuclear physics, but it is a fact. The proposed keynote aims to decode and introduce the science behind public speaking to add value to the area of presentations.
  • Leading Transformation: The impact of Curiosity, Communication and Leadership: The business world today is sailing in different waters compared to thirty years ago. Change is inevitable and we need to think of the transformation process no longer as just a question of keeping up, but rather a leadership issue that requires a deep shift in mindset. Consequently, it’s going to take a new set of leadership skills and structures to captain this ship.
  • The Truth About Lies: The Leader’s Guide: A study published in the prestigious scientific journal of Personality and Social Psychology Review in 2006 revealed only a 54-percent chance of accurately detecting lies. This study included nonexpert judges and expert judges such as police officers, detectives, judges, interrogators, criminals, customs officials, mental health professionals, polygraph examiners, job interviewers, federal agents, and auditors. These odds are slightly better than a coin toss!
  • Technology as a Servant and Master: The Disruption, and the Hidden Leverage: In our today’s fast-paced technological world everyone communicates but only a few people connect. When people can truly connect, every moment they spend with others, they can make it valuable, and if they are in business, they can make it profitable. This keynote demonstrates how attention shapes our reality and how we can transform technological distractions into a competitive advantage.


Leandro Morgado

Leandro Mergado Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Mentalist: Expert in how the mind works, its capabilities, and how to boost its performance
  • Bestselling author of ‘The Secrets of Your Mind’
  • An acknowledged spoken word artist

Leandro Morgado creates immersive experiences that seamlessly blend storytelling and interactivity with participants as the key players. He is also a lecturer, speaker, and facilitator who delves into the workings of the mind, exploring how we can enhance its capabilities and boost its performance.

With a degree in Anthropology, Leandro Morgado discovered his true passion for communication. He set out to discover an original way to communicate potentially transformative ideas, combining different sources of knowledge. His fascination with mentalism led him on a voyage of discovery, unifying ends that previously seemed disconnected. He became intrigued by what makes us equal and different from each other – the mind and its functioning.

Leandro Morgado’s work brings together multiple aspects and valences of knowledge and information, resulting in something hybrid. He creates psychological entertainment content for the general public in the form of interactive shows, while also sharing knowledge about perception, language, memory, awareness, and critical thinking in conferences, training courses, and workshops.

His efforts have earned him recognition as an award-winning author and spoken word artist. He has presented his work in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America and recently published his first book, ‘The Secrets of Your Mind’. In this book, Leandro Morgado shares techniques and methods to improve how we relate to our thoughts and actions.

Leandro Morgado – Speaker

A sought-after speaker who has appeared before audiences throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. His interactive, dynamic, and compelling approach delights audiences. He lives in Portugal and speaks Portuguese and English.

Speaking Topic

  • Trick Brain: Anthropologist and Mind Reading Performer, Leandro Morgado, offers a lecture covering perception, communication, memory, critical thinking, and human behaviour. The hacks taught can be applied in personal and professional settings, leading to a more fulfilling life.
  • Perception, Communication, and Human Behaviour 

Giovanni Soldini

Giovanni Soldini Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Record-breaking yachtsman and skipper
  • Bestselling author
  • Saved the life of a yachting colleague while on a solo venture
  • Committed to raising awareness about the effect of pollution on the oceans

Although known in the yachting world as a record-breaking skipper, Giovanni Soldini has vast experience in the retail industry. He is highly skilled in negotiating, business planning, marketing strategy, and digital marketing.

As a yachtsman, however, Giovanni Soldini caught the sailing bug as a child. He has taken part in ocean racing for over twenty-five years. Two of these races include single-handedly sailing around the world. He won the Around Alone race in 1999 and finished second overall in the BOC Challenge. Other races he participated in include six Quebec-Saint Malos where he gained one victory in the monohull category, three Transat Jacques Vabres where he claimed two victories, and six Ostars where he had two victories, to name a few. His latest effort, in 2023, saw him and his team place second in the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac).

In 1999, Giovanni Soldini made world headlines, not only as a solo world champion but also for saving the life of Isabelle Autissier. Her boat had capsized during extremely difficult weather conditions.

His most recent accomplishments, besides placing second in the Transpac Yacht Race, include him, together with his team, sailing around the world twice. They have also competed in various regattas about the Maserati Multi 70 trimaran. Together, they achieved several victories and racked up new world records.

During his expeditions, Giovanni Soldini noticed the effect of water pollution on the oceans. As a result, he has committed himself to raising awareness about this problem and its effect on both sea life and us as humans. He has also become a bestselling author. His books not only reflect his various voyages but also the profound lessons they have taught him.

Giovanni Soldini – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Giovani Soldini makes use of his own life experiences to encourage and motivate others. He lives in Italy and speaks Italian. He also has limited working proficiency in French, English, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Lessons from the sea: commitment and discipline, suffering and pain, courage, challenge
  • What he has learned from his solo adventure and from his team competitions
  • Respect for nature
  • Teamwork

Fredrik Haren

Conference Speaker Fredrik Haren by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • The Creativity Explorer: Out-of-the-box speaker on creativity, change, and the global mindset
  • Bestselling author of ‘The Idea Book’ – one of the best business books of all time
  • Recipient of ‘The International Ambassador’s Award’ from The Global Speaker Federation
  • Named one of Sweden’s best speakers of all time

Fredrik Haren grew up in an environment that cherished curiosity and knowledge. Add to this a flair for performing on stage, and you get a world-class speaker with profound insights into business creativity, the importance of change, and the global mindset.

Fredrik Haren first encountered the Internet while studying at a university in the United States. Recognizing its potential impact on the world, he chose to write his thesis on “Internet and Marketing”. In 1995, he published the thesis as a book, making it the first of its kind in Sweden.

After graduating, Fredrik Haren started working at an internet company. He ended up owning 20% of the company which was sold to a listed company in 1999. The period after the sale saw him reflect on what he would do with his life. He decided to dedicate it to the study of human creativity. He also became a professional speaker. He was 27 years old at the time.

More than 25 years later, Fredrik Haren has climbed the speaking ladder of success. He has appeared before small groups of people and crowds of thousands. He has spoken before people for four minutes and handled full-day workshops. Furthermore, he has a YouTube video of one of his speeches that gained half a million views.

His amazing career has seen Fredrik Haren receive various awards and accolades. Examples include “Speaker of the Year” and being named one of Sweden’s ten best speakers of all time. He was also one of only thirteen people globally  awarded “The International Ambassador’s Award by The Global Speaker Federation.

His research has seen Fredrik Haren negotiate the deserts of Oman and the innovation labs in Silicon Valley. According to him, every person he encounters is a chance to gain knowledge, whether it’s a musician in Holland, a renowned car designer, a Japanese sushi expert, or a flamenco dancer in Spain. He believes you can learn more about creativity anywhere you go and from everyone you meet.

Fredrik Haren is also a bestselling author. One of his books, ‘The Idea Book’, was named ‘one of the best business books of all time’. And his literary offerings have not yet stopped. His goal in life is to help as many people as he possibly can to attain their true creative potential.

Fredrik Haren, Conference Speaker

Someone who has delivered over two thousand talks in sixty-five countries across the globe, Fredrik Haren helps audiences understand the importance of thinking in new ways. He also shows them how difficult it is to do so, and how to go about making the needed changes to succeed. His energetic talks have held audiences spellbound. He spends his time between Sweden, his country of birth, and Singapore. Fredrik is proficient in Swedish and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Business Creativity
  • Importance of change
  • The Global Mindset

Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in how to achieve your full potential and bestselling author
  • Wishes to elevate the consciousness of humanity one person at a time
  • Survivor of two near-death experiences
  • Uses his inspiring journey of overcoming adversity to help others employ actionable strategies to make a difference

Hal Elrod helps people to wake up to their full potential and achieve their dreams. Himself someone who survived more than one near-death experience, he has devised a way that allows you to live your life to your full potential and achieve what others would term extraordinary.

His first near-death experience was when he actually died when he was twenty years old. He was dead for six full minutes after being involved in a head-on collision where he sustained permanent brain damage and broke eleven bones. Hal Elrod was told he would never walk again. He defied the odds, however, and made a remarkable recovery.

At the age of thirty-seven, tragedy struck again. Hal Elrod was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer. His lungs, heart, and kidneys were on the verge of failing. He was given a thirty percent chance of survival. Yet, once more, he defied these seemingly insurmountable odds and beat the disease.

These days Hal Elrod is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and host of the Achieve Your Goals podcast. His purpose in life is to share the lessons he learned during his personal journey and help people raise their consciousness. By doing so, individuals become more mindful and purposeful of their thoughts, words, and actions, and how they affect not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them.

According to Hal Elrod, unwavering faith combined with extraordinary effort could result in miracles.

Hal Elrod – Speaker

As a sought-after conference speaker, Hal Elrod uses his own inspiring story to help people employ actionable strategies that make a difference. Almost as funny as a stand-up comedian, Hal Elrod lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • THE MIRACLE MORNING: THE 6 HABITS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE BEFORE 8 AM: Your audience will have the privilege of learning from Hal’s #1 international bestseller, which has been translated into 37 languages. He equips people with the tools to develop a daily morning ritual that optimizes every area of their life. By following the 6 simple habits outlined in the book, they’ll be able to start every day in a peak mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state, allowing them to perform at their absolute best.
  • THE MIRACLE EQUATION: THE TWO DECISIONS THAT MOVE YOUR BIGGEST GOALS FROM POSSIBLE TO PROBABLE TO INEVITABLE: The Miracle Morning is an incredibly effective daily practice that facilitates personal growth to a great extent. With the help of the Miracle Equation, achieving one’s goals becomes a breeze. Hal’s groundbreaking concept of a miracle involves realizing outcomes that far exceed your current beliefs about yourself. He will guide your audience toward achieving astounding results that they never thought possible.
  • BEYOND THE BESTSELLER: HOW TO WRITE A BOOK THAT CREATES A MOVEMENT, EARNS YOU A FORTUNE, AND CHANGES THE WORLD: If you’re seeking guidance on writing a book that can make a meaningful impact while also generating substantial income, Hal can provide invaluable insights. He has successfully sold over 2,500,000 copies of his self-published books, translated them into 37 languages, and attained #1 bestseller status in multiple countries.


Patrick Mork

Patrick Mork Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in change management, transformation and entrepreneurship
  • Bestselling author of “Step Back and LEAP”
  • Nominated an HR Influencer for his contributions to leadership development in LatAm in 2022
  • Executive coach, founder, and CEO of LEAP

A Silicon Valley veteran, Patrick Mork is a startup CEO coach, motivational speaker on a variety of topics, and the bestselling author of “Step Back and LEAP”. His book is a combination of personal memoir and self-help tips that combines brutally honest life stories with practical exercises that help people change their lives.

Someone who has taken on the role of chief marketing officer four times, Patrick Mork led the team that launched the Google Play brand in 2012. He has over twenty years of experience in mobile gaming startups and large companies. These include Google, PepsiCo, Meta, Lime, Banco Bice, Yahoo!, and Walmart.

The executive coach, founder, and CEO of LEAP, Patrick Mork has worked with both CEOs and senior leaders across Latin America. He helps them improve their leadership skills and build company cultures of meaning and purpose. He was nominated as an HR Influencer in LatAm in 2022. No other foreigner gained that recognition,

Patrick Mork – Conference Speaker

As a conference speaker, Patrick Mork has a charismatic personality. He has given speeches at numerous conferences and company events. His expertise comes to the fore when talking on topics that relate to managing change and transformation, the world of startups, marketing, creating and launching tech. products, and training and managing high-performance teams. Although a Belgian by birth, he currently resides in the USA. He is proficient in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership: Bold leadership unleashed: Fortune favors the bold! All companies want to innovate. Every company wants its people to be more proactive, step out of their comfort zone, and think like an owner. Unfortunately, most never get there. Why? Lack of bold leadership. In this fascinating, powerful, and authentic talk, Patrick shares incredible stories of leadership success and failure. He shares stories, personal and otherwise, of leaders who created cultures of trust and purpose. Patrick also relates leadership lessons where a lack of bold leadership destroyed companies destined for greatness. Finally, he leaves the audience with practical and simple tools to become the best leaders they can be.
  • Change: Living in times of change: Lessons from Silicon Valley: Patrick shares his personal journey of living in 11 countries, working in 7 industries, and leaving his Silicon Valley career for a fresh start in Chile. He talks about success and failure in tech startups and reinventing himself as an executive coach. Patrick provides practical tools and formulas to inspire audiences to pursue their dreams. Join him for an engaging talk on creating a happy and purposeful career.
  • Teams: The secret sauce of high-performance teams: In his talk, Patrick will explain how high-performing teams foster creativity and innovation. He will highlight the crucial role of Psychological Safety and its impact on team performance. The audience will learn what Psychological Safety is, its importance, and how it can be increased. This talk is ideal for organizations that value continuous innovation and want their teams to excel.


Case Study – Insead Entrepreneurship Forum, Lisbon – September 2023

I had the privilege of being the closing keynote speaker at the event, addressing an audience filled with top Portuguese executives, visionary entrepreneurs, and astute investors. The energy in the room was palpable, and I felt incredibly honored to be standing before such a distinguished crowd.

My keynote, titled “Bold Leadership Unleashed,” aimed to inspire and empower leaders to embrace audacity in their pursuits. I had the incredible opportunity to follow introductions by Insead’s newly appointed Dean, Francisco Veloso, and the esteemed Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas. Their presence added immense gravitas to the event, and I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring introduction.

I shared five captivating stories, each punctuated by five transformative insights and five actionable tips. These stories were a culmination of my own experiences in the tumultuous yet rewarding world of Silicon Valley, Google and startups. The audience’s receptiveness to these anecdotes was nothing short of inspiring, and I was deeply moved by the connections we forged through shared narratives of triumph and resilience.


James Peach

James Peach Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Brand building expert: business leader, consultant, and adventurer
  • Helped build some of the most successful brands in various industries
  • A consistent adventurer who counts amongst his feats a cycling tour around the planet
  • Sees adventure in both his business and personal life

James Peach is a business leader, brand director, consultant, and adventurer. His motivation? Tough strategic and creative challenges! His aim in life? To live adventurously!

James Peach feels life should be filled with stimulating, unique, and wonderful experiences. He applies this train of thought in both his personal and working life.

As someone who has spent the last fifteen years of his life helping build some of the most successful brands in various industries, he has advised and assisted large corporations and the smallest startups. Some industries he has been involved in include the technology and consumer goods industries, Uber, and Vinted. His first book “Mattering to People: How to build an interesting business and powerful brand” will launch soon.

Besides his work, James Peach is also a consummate adventurer. He has, for example, completed a cycling tour around the planet. Cycling over 41,000 kilometers, he crossed 38 countries. He has also hiked across Argentina and Norway. His UK adventure has, and still sees him, cycle, kayak, and climb the length, width, and heights of the United Kingdom. One of his most recent adventures saw him trek a lap of Tenerife.

James Peach sees adventure in everything he does, whether in business or his private life. His career as a speaker sees him engage groups with what he has learned in business and his life as an adventurer.

James Peach, Speaker

As a conference speaker, James Peach tailors each talk to meet the objectives of the event. His wide variety of topics has made him a firm favorite at conferences. He uses personal and honest storytelling to offer practical advice, thoughtful considerations, and alternative ideas on how to approach the adventures of life and business. He lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Workplace resilience, mental health, and the best version of yourself
  • How and why you should fail regularly
  • People principles, values, and culture
  • Leading and maintaining high-performing teams
  • Building brands that matter to people
  • Developing purpose-led business and culture
  • Enhancing Individual and collective impact
  • Inspirational and effective leadership
  • Finding the adventure in everything you do
  • Individual and cultural benefits of adventure

Markus Kramer

Markus Kramer Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Luxury brand and marketing expert: powering brands for better business
  • Bestselling author of The Guiding Purpose Strategy
  • Visiting Professor in Strategic Brand Management – Bayes Business School

Markus Kramer is a luxury brand and marketing expert with a history that includes working with some of the most successful brands around the globe. These include, amongst many others, the likes of Harley-Davidson, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Breitling, DHL, and numerous startups. He is also the bestselling author of The Guiding Purpose Strategy and co-author of the annual Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI)™.

Someone who helps the world’s top brands conquer challenges, rewrite the rules, and evolve their businesses, Markus Kramer is in the business of helping companies shape their visions and reconfigure the architecture of what drives their business and brand culture.

Markus Kramer believes that the core of his success is his ability to understand the what, where, and how of fitting into the hearts and minds of other people. Together, these principles can help shape a strategic brand or business vision. In so doing, he has helped businesses optimise their branding and marketing capabilities.

“The beauty shines through when all stakeholders are aligned around one vision, one brand, and pull on one string to deliver excellence together.” – Markus Kramer

Regarding his educational background, Markus Kramer holds degrees in Marketing and Brand Management from the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds an MBA (Hons) from the SAID Business School at the University of Oxford, England, and a degree in Fintech and Future Commerce from MIT, USA.

A visiting Professor in Strategic Brand Management at Bayes Businesss School London, he teaches Strategic Brand Management for MBAs and executives at the Faculty of Management Sciences at Cass Business School in London and the NEOMA Business School in France. He sits on the European Board of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and is a jury member for the US Marketing Property Awards. The latter strives to continuously highlight the latest trends in the world of brand and marketing management.

Markus Kramer – Speaker

Markus Kramer, with his vast experience in branding and marketing, makes use of interactive media to keep audiences sitting on the edge of their seats. He spends his time between London, UK, and Zurich, Switzerland, and speaks English, French, and German

Speaking Topics

  • What can we learn from luxury? An ever more connected and empowered customer drives decisions, where the value of opinions is the new currency. Leaders, brands, products, and messages serve as anchor points for entire belief systems, thereby, demonstrating integrity in any form of business is no longer an option, but a key to survival and success. Luxury brands operate differently, at the epitome of branding, fuelling dreams, and aspirations whilst at the same time building loyalty and generating aboveaverage profit margins. Why so, and what can we learn from this very successful sector? This session explores what a luxury proposition really is, how it differentiates, and what leaders, brands, and businesses can learn from it. Take a step out of the ordinary and get ready for a close look behind the scenes of a world of glamour and sparkle. A world hidden to most, associated with high price tags and a guaranteed aura of mystique: this session is a perfect way to expand your horizon of known paradigms, create learning and stimulate fresh thinking.
  • Brand Purpose: Do you know your purpose? As a brand, as a business, as a person? We will discuss what inner purpose really is, why it is inseparable from future prosperity, and most importantly, how can we find, articulate, and embed purpose within our brands, our organisations, or indeed ourselves.
  • Brand Power: Explore the transformational power of Brand and see how the strength of values and beliefs can propel your organization to new heights.
  • Personal Branding: Zoom in on what successful personal branding looks like. We look at the core branding principles, tips, and tricks to create your personal brand.
  • Positioning: Join me on an exploration of what positioning is all about, how to create and articulate a differentiated value proposition – and how to leverage these powerful concepts.
  • Future of Marketing: Gain a new perspective on where marketing is headed, what role it plays, and how it shapes products, organisations, and entire communities for better businesses!
  • Demystifying The CMO: Together we will shed some light into the mind of your CMO colleague, unravel what is on his or her mind and offer practical tips and tricks on how to better align for shared success.
  • Customized Engagements: Mix together the perfect ingredients for your event and audience: Brand, Strategy, Future, Culture, Change, Innovation, Growth, Leadership, and many more.

Jack Stratten

Jack Stratten Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Head of Trends: Retail trends expert, writer, and researcher
  • Has been with Insider Trends since the company’s inception
  • Selected a RETHINK Retail Top Retail Influencer in 2023
  • A trusted retail commentator who has appeared in various media

An experienced retail trends speaker, writer, and researcher, Jack Stratten has worked at Insider Trends since the company’s inception. He is the company’s Head of Trends. The company helps the world’s largest retail brands spot what is coming next and advises C-level executives from a large number of the world’s biggest brands. His role sees him deliver workshops, ideation sessions, presentations, keynotes, and expert-led retail safaris all across the globe.

Amongst his various clients, Jack Stratten includes the likes of Nespresso, Microsoft, Galeries Lafayette, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, and a host of others.

His career has seen Jack Stratten cut to the core of emerging retail trends. He understands their importance for brands and has the ability to combine his insights and use them in presentations that inspire and generate innovative ideas. Someone also regarded as a skilled host, MC, and moderator, Jack Stratten has received impeccable feedback from the various events he has been involved with.

In 2023, RETHINK Retails selected Jack Stratten as one of their Top Retail Influencers. He is seen as one of a small group of the most influential and innovative thought leaders making an impact in the retail industry.

A trusted retail commentator who provides expert insight to a range of major media outlets, Jack Stratten has appeared in various news media. This includes the BBC, Radio 5, and the Channel 4 TV series ‘The Truth About Amazon: How To Shop Smart’.

Jack Stratten, Conference Speaker

As a conference speaker in both the live and virtual space, Jack Stratten has delivered public and private presentations as well as keynotes to a diverse, worldwide audience. He has appeared before small seminars of twenty people to large events attended by thousands. His diverse topics cover the gamut of the retail genre, including, amongst others, stores and supply chains, omnichannel, and sustainability. Each bespoke presentation covers the client’s brief and provides as much insight, value, and impact as possible. He lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Business Transformation
  • C Suite and Boardroom
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Patterns
  • Consumer Trends
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Relationship
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Disruption
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • E-commerce
  • Employee development
  • Experience Economy
  • Food trends
  • Futurists
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Megatrends
  • Metaverse
  • Omnichannel Retail
  • Online retail
  • Retail
  • Retail Trends
  • Future of Retail
  • Storytelling
  • Strategic Management
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Trends

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Innovation, creativity, and resilience expert
  • A bestselling author published in 20 languages
  • Founder of Ayoa.com – AI-powered neuroinclusive mind mapping
  • Founder of Inspired Genius Foundation – a charity that supports neurodiversity and neuroinclusion

Chris Griffiths has consulted and trained people on systemising innovation. Amongst his myriad clients, he includes governments, various academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and even Royal Families. He has coached senior leadership teams at the European Commission, and been the facilitator at brainstorming sessions with Nobel Laureates. His various keynotes have seen him address a wide variety of audiences. He has, for example, addressed the London Stock Exchange, presented talks at the European Business Awards, and done multiple TEDx talks.

A firm supporter of neurodiversity, Chris Griffiths founded the Inspire Genius Foundation. The charity aims to help promote inclusion and raise awareness of how neurodivergent thinkers add value to an organisation. He is also the founder of OpenGenius, a company that helps transform thinking, creativity, and learning.

Besides taking care of his various businesses and charity work, Chris Griffiths has found the time to excel as a writer. A bestselling author on creativity, mind mapping, and innovative thinking, he has seen his efforts translated into twenty languages. His book ‘GRASP The Solution’ was ranked #1 on Amazon under their ‘Decision Making’ category.

A serial entrepreneur who actually walks the walk, Chris Griffiths has founded several businesses. He sold his first company that he set up at the age of 18 when he was 26. His companies have ranked both in The Sunday Times / London Stock Exchange Fasttrack 100 and European Deloitte Fast 50. Furthermore, each of his four apps has grown to more than a million users. Ayoa, his current product, is a personal management tool that uses mind mapping to help with creative thinking.

Someone who regularly contributes to various major publications, Chris Griffiths’ articles cover a variety of topics. These include rebooting a creative mindset, workplace positivity, and the future of work. His most recent articles have appeared in The Telegraph, Minute Hack, and GQ. He is also a regular Forbes contributor. Amongst his various media appearances, he includes BBC News and various radio stations and podcasts.

Chris Griffiths donates much of his spare time to not-for-profit initiatives. His work in this sphere includes facilitating brainstorming sessions held in Jordan at The Petra Nobel Conference. This conference saw more than 40 Nobel Laureates discuss strategies that would help end child hunger and poverty.

Chris Griffiths – Speaker

Chris Griffiths, considered one of the leading experts on systemising innovation, focuses on creativity, strategic thinking, resilience, and decision-making during his talks. He also promotes an ‘everything is possible’ mindset. He lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Systemising innovation
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Strategic thinking
  • Resilience
  • Developing an ‘everything is possible’ mindset

Rich Diviney

Rich Diviney Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Commanding Officer of SEAL Team Six
  • The Master of Uncertainty – helping organisations develop winning teams
  • Founder of The Attributes Inc.
  • Former Navy Seal Officer who completed over 13 overseas deployments
  • Well-received author of ‘The Attributes: 25 hidden drivers of optimal performance’

Rich Diviney has become The Master of Uncertainty. The founder of The Attributes Inc., he helps create winning teams who use innovative ideas to navigate and conquer uncertainties.

The conference speaker draws upon over twenty years of experience as an accomplished Navy Seal Officer. His time in the armed forces saw him complete more than thirteen overseas deployments. Eleven of these were to Iraq and Afghanistan.

His career in the military saw him achieve various leadership positions. Amongst these Rich Diviney includes the Commanding Officer of SEAL Team Six. He was also involved in the world-renowned SEAL selection process. The process is designed to whittle down candidates into a small, exceptional elite group of optimal performers.

What surprised Rich Diviney about the process was the number of recruits who seemed to have the right skills yet failed. At the same time, those he would initially have dismissed often proved to become the top performers. The criteria used seemed objective but did not answer the question of what it takes to become one of the world’s highest-performing teams.

Rich Diviney cracked the code after years of observation. He learned to identify the core attributes that guaranteed success, i.e., the innate traits needed to perform as both an individual and as part of a winning team. He understands that once you have built your high-performing team, you need to understand how to move through stress and adversity in order to become resilient. This methodology can also be applied to an individual’s personal and professional life.

Upon his retirement from the military in 2017, Rich Diviney started working as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant. He teaches corporate teams how to become successful high-performing teams.

Rich Diviney launched his first book ‘The Attributes: 25 hidden drivers of optimal performance’ in 2021. He also launched The Attributes Inc., his own consulting business, and developed the revolutionary selection technique called The Attributes Discovery. He aims to help organisations select and access the right people to form the best teams.

Rich Diviney – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Rich Diviney draws on his experience in the USA’s armed forces to help organisations develop high-performance, winning teams. He lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topic

“Leading Superheroes: The 5 Secrets to High Performing Teams”

  • Learn the difference between “peak” performance and “optimal” performance and why it matters.
  • Unpack trust as the vital factor in maintaining optimal performance, and how to build it.
  • Unlock a critical key to enabling better performance by throwing out the age-old “task organisation chart”
  • Recognise that “resilience” is only one side of the equation and why simply being able to “bounce back” is not enough.
  • Discover the critical mistake of hiring for “top talent” and, instead, focus on hiring and cultivating the right talent.
  • Explore the concept of becoming “Masters of Uncertainty” and why it is critical these days to train for certainty and educate for uncertainty.

Jonas Deichman

Jonas Deichman Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Breaking Limits: Record-breaking adventurer running 120 marathons in 117 days
  • The first person to finish the first triathlon around the globe
  • Modern-day Forest Gump

Jonas Deichman set his first world record when he cycled coast to coast across Eurasia in 2017. After accomplishing this record-breaking feat, he resigned from his job in software sales. He had been in this field since completing his master’s degree in international business. He had decided to follow his dream and pursue a career as a professional adventurer.

The years after making this enormous career change saw Jonas Deichman not only succeed but surpass all expectations. He managed to set new world records for all big continental crossings. Amongst these, he includes the routes from Norway to South Africa and Alaska to Argentina.

The year 2020 saw Jonas Deichman undertake his biggest challenge to date. He was to embark on the first triathlon around the globe.

The around-the-world triathlon would see Jonas Deichman employ the triathlon disciplines of running, cycling, and swimming. And he made the seemingly impossible possible. During a time that saw the entire world in a state of lockdown, he spent fourteen months of his life circumnavigating the globe.

Jonas Deichman did not have an easy time during this amazing feat. He experienced various setbacks such as difficult borderline experiences, amongst various others. Yet he also experienced moments of intense joy. His journey saw him swim 460 km through the currents and storms of the Adriatic Sea. At times he was totally alone during periods of pitch blackness. His experience also saw him cycle over 20,000 km and cross Siberia during the coldest of winter months. His final journey saw him run 120 marathons in 117 days. This latter part of his journey saw him cross Mexico and become a national hero.

A modern-day Forrest Gump, Jonas Deichman made national news and gained a following of thousands who joined his run. Many millions followed it online.

This incredible journey is truly one of courage and motivation.

With regards to his educational background, Jonas Deichman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics / International Business from Sweden’s Jönköping University and a master’s degree in business and development from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

A self-employed adventurer and extreme athlete, Jonas Deichman is also a successful author who has been featured in three documentaries highlighting his feats. These include the 2020 Cape to Cape, the 2021 Miles Ahead, and the 2020 Das Limit bin nur ich.

His various world records include:

  • the 2020 – 2021 first iron triathlon around the world,
  • the 2020 longest unsupported swim,
  • the 2019 fastest unsupported cycle crossing Cape to Cape through Africa,
  • the 2018 fastest unsupported cycle crossing North and South America, a
  • and the 2018 fastest unsupported cycle crossing, i.e., from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego,
  • the 2017 unsupported cycle crossing Eurasia from west to east,
  • and fasted unsupported Panamericana cycle crossing of Europe from west to east the same year.

Jonas Deichman – Speaker

Jonas Deichman, as a conference speaker, brings to his audiences the amazing traits and mental focus needed to succeed in any given situation. His business background allows him to seamlessly make use of his true life experiences and apply them to the business environment. He lives in Sweden and speaks Swedish, English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Speaking Topics

Breaking Limits: Jonas Deichman tells his story in a visional presentation where he shares insights into his mindset, goal setting, motivation, and ability to overcome setbacks in the context of one of the world’s most challenging expeditions in recent years. His background in international business and sales gives him the ability to add new impetus and stimulus to the business context.

Timothy Ahrensbach

Conference Speaker Timothy Ahrensbach by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Workplace experience expert
  • LEGO Group’s Global Head of Workplace Experience
  • Over thirteen years of experience in workplace strategy
  • Has worked with a wide range of organisations and governments to deliver workspaces in various countries

Timothy Ahrensbach is a workplace experience expert. As the Global Head of Workplace Experience for the LEGO Group, he oversees the creation and deployment of global concepts and strategies and sets the direction for the everyday workplace experience of the company’s over thirty thousand employees.

His more than thirteen years of experience in workplace strategy and creating nurturing and creative work environments have enabled people to be their best selves and colleagues.

Although previously based in London, Timothy Ahrensbach is now based in Denmark. He has worked with The LEGO Group, Impact Hub, ActionAid, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation, YMCA, the Governments of Japan and UAE, and a range of London Councils delivering workspaces in Europe, Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He has been featured in various media, including Inc., Get Reworked, Workplace Leader, and Quartz for Work.

With regard to his educational background, Timothy Ahrensbach is a trained human geographer. He holds an MSc in Urban Development from the University of London and a BSc in Geography from the University of Copenhagen.

Timothy Ahrensbach – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Timothy Ahrensbach touches on vital aspects of what a thriving workplace environment looks like, and how to go about attaining it. He lives in Denmark and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Workplace experience
  • Workplace strategy
  • Workplace insights
  • How to improve the workplace experience for all employees equally
  • Work environments that enable people to become their best selves and colleagues

Hermann Simon

Conference Speaker Hermann Simon by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Strategy, marketing, and pricing expert
  • Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • Bestselling author
  • Recipient of numerous honorary doctorates

Strategy, marketing, and pricing expert Hermann Simon is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is the only German in the “Thinkers50 Hall of Fame” of the most important management thinkers in the world. He has consistently been voted the most influential living management thinker since 2005 in German-speaking countries.

Hermann Simon was a professor of business administration and marketing at the University of Mainz and the University of Bielefeld before committing himself to a career in management consulting. He was also a visiting professor at various institutions of higher education. Amongst these, he counts the likes of INSEAD, Tokyo’s Keio University, Harvard Business School, London Business School, Stanford, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was the Simon-Kycher & Partners CEO from 1995 to 2009. Cicero-Magazine listed him as one of the 100 leading German intellectuals.

The recipient of numerous awards, Hermann Simon has also received honorary doctorates from multiple institutes of higher learning in various countries. Examples include IEDV Business School in Bled, Slovenia, the University of Siegen in Germany, and Kozminski University Warsaw in Poland. China’s ‘Hermann Simon Business School’ was named after him and he holds an honorary professorship at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. He is an honorary citizen in his hometown.

A well-established bestselling author, his books touch on various subjects in the field of strategy, marketing, pricing, and business transformation. His books have been published in over thirty countries and translated into thirty languages. Hermann Simon is also an editorial board member of numerous journals. Amongst these, he includes Management Science, European Management Journal, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Recherche et Applications en Marketing. He also regularly wrote columns for Manager Magazine.

Hermann Simon has gained considerable experience in corporate governance due to his role as a board member of various corporations and foundations. He was president of the European Marketing Academy from 1984 – 1986 and the co-founder of the first Special Purpose Acquisition Company listed on the German Stock Exchange.

Concerning his academic background, Hermann Simon studied economics and business administration at the universities of Bonn and Cologne. He received both his diploma and doctorate from the University of Bonn.

Hermann Simon – Speaker

Hermann Simon is an acclaimed speaker on topics that include globalization, profit, orientation, corporate strategy, and global market leadership. He tailors each talk to suit his client and audience’s needs. He lives in Germany and speaks German, English, and French fluently.

Speaker Topics

  • Business Management
  • Globalization
  • Global market leadership
  • Hidden Champions
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Pricing
  • Corporate strategies