Timothy Ahrensbach

Conference Speaker Timothy Ahrensbach by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Workplace experience expert
  • LEGO Group’s Global Head of Workplace Experience
  • Over thirteen years of experience in workplace strategy
  • Has worked with a wide range of organisations and governments to deliver workspaces in various countries

Timothy Ahrensbach is a workplace experience expert. As the Global Head of Workplace Experience for the LEGO Group, he oversees the creation and deployment of global concepts and strategies and sets the direction for the everyday workplace experience of the company’s over thirty thousand employees.

His more than thirteen years of experience in workplace strategy and creating nurturing and creative work environments have enabled people to be their best selves and colleagues.

Although previously based in London, Timothy Ahrensbach is now based in Denmark. He has worked with The LEGO Group, Impact Hub, ActionAid, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation, YMCA, the Governments of Japan and UAE, and a range of London Councils delivering workspaces in Europe, Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He has been featured in various media, including Inc., Get Reworked, Workplace Leader, and Quartz for Work.

With regard to his educational background, Timothy Ahrensbach is a trained human geographer. He holds an MSc in Urban Development from the University of London and a BSc in Geography from the University of Copenhagen.

Timothy Ahrensbach – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Timothy Ahrensbach touches on vital aspects of what a thriving workplace environment looks like, and how to go about attaining it. He lives in Denmark and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Workplace experience
  • Workplace strategy
  • Workplace insights
  • How to improve the workplace experience for all employees equally
  • Work environments that enable people to become their best selves and colleagues

Hermann Simon

Conference Speaker Hermann Simon by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Strategy, marketing, and pricing expert
  • Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • Bestselling author
  • Recipient of numerous honorary doctorates

Strategy, marketing, and pricing expert Hermann Simon is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is the only German in the “Thinkers50 Hall of Fame” of the most important management thinkers in the world. He has consistently been voted the most influential living management thinker since 2005 in German-speaking countries.

Hermann Simon was a professor of business administration and marketing at the University of Mainz and the University of Bielefeld before committing himself to a career in management consulting. He was also a visiting professor at various institutions of higher education. Amongst these, he counts the likes of INSEAD, Tokyo’s Keio University, Harvard Business School, London Business School, Stanford, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was the Simon-Kycher & Partners CEO from 1995 to 2009. Cicero-Magazine listed him as one of the 100 leading German intellectuals.

The recipient of numerous awards, Hermann Simon has also received honorary doctorates from multiple institutes of higher learning in various countries. Examples include IEDV Business School in Bled, Slovenia, the University of Siegen in Germany, and Kozminski University Warsaw in Poland. China’s ‘Hermann Simon Business School’ was named after him and he holds an honorary professorship at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. He is an honorary citizen in his hometown.

A well-established bestselling author, his books touch on various subjects in the field of strategy, marketing, pricing, and business transformation. His books have been published in over thirty countries and translated into thirty languages. Hermann Simon is also an editorial board member of numerous journals. Amongst these, he includes Management Science, European Management Journal, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Recherche et Applications en Marketing. He also regularly wrote columns for Manager Magazine.

Hermann Simon has gained considerable experience in corporate governance due to his role as a board member of various corporations and foundations. He was president of the European Marketing Academy from 1984 – 1986 and the co-founder of the first Special Purpose Acquisition Company listed on the German Stock Exchange.

Concerning his academic background, Hermann Simon studied economics and business administration at the universities of Bonn and Cologne. He received both his diploma and doctorate from the University of Bonn.

Hermann Simon – Speaker

Hermann Simon is an acclaimed speaker on topics that include globalization, profit, orientation, corporate strategy, and global market leadership. He tailors each talk to suit his client and audience’s needs. He lives in Germany and speaks German, English, and French fluently.

Speaker Topics

  • Business Management
  • Globalization
  • Global market leadership
  • Hidden Champions
  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Pricing
  • Corporate strategies

Jorge Sá

Conference Speaker Jorge Sá by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in modern marketing and management
  • Senior research fellow at Drucker University in Los Angeles and Professor at ISG Business School
  • Recipient of many awards including the Jean Monnet Chair by the Jean Monnet Foundation
  • Bestselling author with books published in 12 languages

Jorge Sá is a senior research fellow at Drucker University in Los Angeles and a Professor at ISG Business School. He is an expert on Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management, and Philip Kotler, the founder of modern marketing. He studied with both and has received letters of recommendation from them for his books and endorsements for his work.

With regard to his education, Jorge Sá has a master’s degree from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management in California, USA, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Columbia University, New York, where he was a student and research and teaching assistant. He also holds two undergraduate degrees in business administration and economics and a graduate degree in macroeconomics.

His career has seen Jorge Sá awarded numerous accolades and distinctions. He was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair by the Jean Monnet Foundation in Brussels. Amongst distinctions received, he includes Fulbright fellowships. He is also a bestselling author who has received endorsements from various experts in the field, including Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Al Ries, and Don Hambrick. His books have been published in twelve languages.

Someone who has seen nearly thirty articles published in blind refereed reviews and journals of economics, business administration, and medicine, he regularly addresses conferences and gives seminars at institutions. Amongst these, he includes the likes of IESE, Drucker University, ESSAM, Oxford, George Washington University, Liberty Forum in Brazil, and the American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. He has also presented articles at non-academic meetings such as the European Commission, the Western Economic Association, and various others.

His career has also seen Jorge Sá work as a private consultant and non-executive director. He has taught in the executive programmes of multinational companies. Examples include IBM, Glaxo, Coca-Cola, British Petroleum, Makro, United Steel Products, and Accenture.

Jorge Sá – Speaker

Jorge Sá bases his talks on books endorsed by Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management, and Phillip Kotler, the founder of modern marketing. He speaks and writes in five languages, viz. English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. His primary address is in Portugal although he spends some time of the year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Speaking Topics

  • Peter Drucker on corporate strategy: How multi-business organizations define their strategy (11 steps) to create synergy (rather than anergy).
  • Philip Kotler on business strategy for brand/product managers: The 14 strategic moves (6 of attack and 8 of defense) and the rules to implement them; one can win with ten and lose with one hundred (P. Kotler).
  • Peter Drucker on how to manage clients and make (the five sections of) a marketing plan: The purpose of a business is to create a customer (P. Drucker).
  • Peter Drucker on effective leadership: what really matters: Leadership is as popular as a placid subject. However, the examples of Katharine Graham (a housewife heir to the Washington Post), or Darwin Smith (a discreet lawyer who as CEO transformed Kimberly-Clark into one of the most admired world companies), demonstrate how what truly matters for effective leadership is frequently plainly missed. Only two behavioural traits (not personality types much less charisma) and also two management skills are absolutely necessary conditions for great leaders. That is the message of Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management.
  • Peter Drucker on staffing: Staffing: how to build great teams by:
  1. Forgetting weaknesses and focusing on strengths.
  2. Ignoring human relations/team building and concentrating on the key factors of the jobs to be done.
  3. Rather than knowledge focusing on the required temperament: most business functions accept a second-rate intellect but require a first-rate temperament (P. Drucker).
  • Peter Drucker on entrepreneurship and innovation; the PISA method to create:
  1. Unicorns;
  2. Simple (without great technical complexity);
  3. By assessing people’s emotions, not reasoning;
  4. Based on opportunities that come to us (instead of creating them); and
  5. Solutions that already exist rather than inventing them.
  • Motivational conference: How do I want to be remembered? How can I make a difference? Many motivational talks focus on examples of those who plunged to the greatest depths of the oceans, conquered the thickest forests, or climbed the highest mountains. This conference centers on the management tools which enable us to make a difference and thus leave a legacy to be remembered for. Those instruments are simple. Within anyone’s grasp. Through a common link directly impacting the multitude of problems we all face nowadays: from population growth to poverty. And regardless of how (apparently) insignificant a job seems to be. According to Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management.

Jacob Morgan

Conference Speaker Jacob Morgan by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • International best-selling author of five books: Leading With Vulnerability, The Future Leader, The Employee Experience Advantage, The Future of Work, & The Collaborative Organization.
  • Founder of the online The Future Of Work University
  • Futurist Expert on leadership, the future of work and the employee experience
  • 5-star rated podcast host of Leading the Future of Work With Jacob Morgan

Futurist Jacob Morgan is an expert on leadership, the future of work, and the employee experience. Coming from an immigrant family, he learned about the values of hard work, fighting for what you believe in, and the importance of having a vision for your future from an early age.

Shortly after leaving college with an honours degree in business management economics and psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz, Jacob Morgan found himself in a dead-end job without much scope for advancement. He did not stay there for long. It was also his last corporate job.

These days he is a trained futurist and an international best-selling author, acclaimed speaker, futurist, and entrepreneur. His own research has seen him conduct surveys that included both employees and CEOs of large corporations across the globe.

Jacob Morgan is also the founder of The Future of Work University. The online education and training platform helps both individuals and organisations thrive in a rapidly changing world. He also created “The Future of If”. The latter represents a global community consisting of business leaders, authors, and futurists who explore the possibilities of our feature if certain technologies, trends, and approaches were to happen. This community focuses on myriad areas that include leadership, management, AI, automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so much more.

Another hat he wears is that of the host of Leading the Future of Work With Jacob Morgan. This weekly podcast sees him talk to authors, business leaders, and senior executives about topics relating to the changing world of work. The show has won numerous awards and boasts a 5-star Apple Podcasts rating. He has also either been cited or contributed to numerous publications. Amongst these, he includes the likes of CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Harvard Business Review. He has relationships with the world’s top CEOs and leaders that allow him to share research, findings, and insights that are unique and exclusive to Jacob only.

Jacob Morgan – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Jacob Morgan delivers a powerful experience that helps with organisation transformation while creating better leaders and having a positive impact on the lives of his audience. Each talk is customized and filled with research and stories, resulting in an actionable end result.  He lives in the USA and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • The Future Leader: The 9 Skills and Mindsets to Lead in The Future Of Work – Leadership is changing right before our eyes and the pandemic has only accelerated the transformation. It’s never been harder to be a leader but the impact that leaders have has also never been greater. How should current and prospective leaders think and what do they need to know how to do? In this groundbreaking keynote, Jacob shares insights from the exclusive research he conducted by interviewing over 140 of the world’s top CEOs and surveying nearly 14,000 employees. Jacob identified a specific set of four mindsets and five skills that all leaders must practice if they wish to guide themselves, their teams, and their organisations to success in the future of work. In this keynote, Jacob will explore why and how leadership is changing, what all of the mindsets and skills are, and give actionable steps that attendees can take to practice them. The session is filled with lots of stories, insights, and research.
  • The Employee Experience Advantage: How To Create An Organisation Where People Want, Not NEED to Show Up – Nothing matters more than the experience organisations create for their people, this has become glaringly true in a post-pandemic world. For decades, organisations have been investing in short-term “adrenaline shot” programs such as free food or work-from-home Fridays with no impact for team members or the organisation. Organisations have been using these “engagement programs” to distract employees from the sad reality of what it’s like to actually work there. But now it’s time to make actual changes to the core workplaces of organisations. Instead of forcing people into outdated workplace practices, the world’s top companies are redesigning work around their people by focusing on three environments: culture, technology, and space. In this session, Jacob will share research he did on 252 organisations and will uncover what the world’s top organisations are doing to attract and retain top talent. Employee experience is no longer an “HR thing” it is a “leader thing” and after this session, you will know why and what to do about it!
  • The Future of Work: How is the world of work changing and how should we set ourselves and our organisations up for success? Talent is transforming, there is fear of AI and automation taking jobs, change is accelerating, work and life are integrating, and leadership is evolving. In this talk, Jacob explores how employees, leaders, and organisations are evolving and what that means for all of us.
  • Leading With Vulnerability: Vulnerability is crucial for leading through change, unlocking the potential of others, driving business performance, and creating trust. But is vulnerability for leaders the same as it is for everyone else? It turns out, it’s not. We all know what it feels like to be vulnerable but very few know how to lead with vulnerability. Based on over 100 CEO interviews and a survey of 14,000 employees, Jacob shares groundbreaking new research which shows how leaders can tap into vulnerability to transform themselves, their teams, and their organisation. Leading with vulnerability is the most powerful thing a leader can do when they know how to do it the right way, and that’s what this session uncovers. Filled with candid stories and examples, frameworks, and data to back everything up, this session will make everyone in the room a better leader.

Pavel Pumprla

Conference Speaker Pavel Pumprla by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Former professional basketball player and captain of the Czech national team
  • Co-author of “Building Successful Teams”
  • Business consultant: personal development, leadership, and teamwork expert

Pavel Pumprla combines his more than twenty years in professional sport and his stellar education in his work life and talks. He effectively combines theory and practical skills garnered in his sport to help others in the fields of personal development, teamwork, and leadership.

Although Pavel Pumprla has a Master’s degree in Science in Business and Leadership from Northumbria University and an MBA from the European School of Business, the business consultant is best recognised as a star Czech basketball player and former captain of the Czech Basketball National Team.

As a basketball player, Pavel Pumprla was known as someone who showcased his athletic prowess on basketball courts all over the European and international arenas. He was the captain of the successful Czech National Team that appeared at the World Cup in China in 2019 for the first time where they finished in an astounding sixth place. He played professional basketball in the Czech Republic and in Spain.

His business consultant work sees him working with companies, developing courses, and holding workshops. Pavel Pumprla helps prepare special management programmes to strengthen management’s ability to handle pressure and unexpected changes.

Teaming with the former Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation Europe Jan Mühlfeit, Pavel Pumprla is the author of the bestselling book “Building Successful Teams”. The book provides a unique viewpoint of what successful teams do differently.

Pavel Pumprla – Speaker

Someone known for his extreme energy on the basketball court, Pavel Pumprla brings this same energy to his talks. He leaves his audiences energized and motivated to reach their own potential. He lives in the Czech Republic and speaks and presents in Czech, English, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Mental toughness
  • High performance
  • Motivation
  • Work-life balance

Jon Matonis

Conference Speaker Jon Matonis by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in e-Money who advises companies about the cryptocurrency space
  • Director and Chief Economist for Cypherpunk Holdings Inc.
  • Founding Board Member for the Bitcoin Foundation
  • Editor of The Monetary Future

Jon Matonis is the Director and Chief Economist for Cypherpunk Holdings. Listed in Canada, the company focuses on non-political digital currencies and private technology. His vast career has included influential senior positions at VISA, Sumitomo Bank, Hushmail, and VeriSign.

The period from 2012 to 2015 saw Jon Matonis serve as Executive Director and Founding Board Member for the Bitcoin Foundation. He was also an Editorial Board Member for CoinDesk before its acquisition by Digital Currency Group in 2016.

A global e-Money specialist and editor of The Monetary Future, he regularly advises companies on the emerging cryptocurrency space. Jon Matonis focuses on Bitcoin, Blockchain applications, mobile payments, and gaming. His earlier work on digital cash and financial cryptography has been published by the London School of Economics and Dow Jones.

His career has seen Jon Matonis work with a wide audience range. These include the Federal Reserve Bank, The Bank of England, the European Central Bank, retail payment networks, SWIFT, regulatory bodies, hedge funds, iGaming operators, and many others.

His earlier work history includes that of CEO and Board Director of Network Inference (2002 – 2004). This is a Nokia Ventures company focused on business intelligence software. Jon Matonis took the company from a small Manchester, UK startup, to a large entity operating throughout Europe and North America. The company’s vast customer list includes the likes of IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, and Qinetig.

Before this, Jon Matonis was CEO and Board Director of Hush Communications (2000 – 2002). His tenure there saw the company recruit Phill Zimmerman as Chief Cryptography. With the world-renowned PGP inventor, the company set the standard for end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Before joining Hush, John Matonis was, from 1995 – 1998, the Director of Financial Platform Sales at VeriSign. He was the company’s tenth employee and led the domestic and international sales efforts of the company’s security solutions to the financial services industry. Clients included Bank of America, MasterCard, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada, Reuters, SWIFT, VISA, and EuroPay, among others.

Jon Matonis, before VeriSign, was the Chief Foreign Exchange Dealer for VISA International. He directed the Card Issuer Profitability Program from 1990 – 1995. His position saw him manage the company’s foreign exchange trading division. His responsibilities included developing profitability models for member banks and leading VISA regional offices on international cost studies for restructuring bank-to-bank exchange rates.

Jon Matonis – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Jon Matonis speaks on various aspects of digital currency, its future use and expansion, and its effect on business as we know it. He lives in Canada and speaks English.

Speaking Topics

  • Bitcoin: The Appeal of a non-political Monetary Unit
  • Digital Currency perspective in different countries
  • Why Bitcoin will continue to expand in the near future
  • Role of digital payment alternatives in today’s economy
  • Innovation Unleashed
  • Future of Commerce

Laureano Turienzo

Conference Speaker Laureano Turienzo by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • World-renowned analyst, thought leader, and influencer
  • Specialises in retail, technology, and consumer trends
  • Has a great passion for the use of technology for the good of communities
  • Ranked by LinkedIn as one of Spain’s most influential people in 2021

World-renowned analyst and influencer, Laureano Turienzo is considered a thought leader in the fields of retail, consumer trends, and technology. He has a particular passion for the use of technology in retail and the good of communities. Someone who has advised most of the largest retail, consumer, and technology brands across the globe, he counts amongst his many prestige clients the likes of, amongst others, Coca-Cola, Sephora, Salesforce, Orange, MediaMarkt, and Oracle.

A well-known author, Laureano Turienzo regularly writes for Forbes. His social networks have millions of followers and he sports more than 15 million views for his LinkedIn articles. In 2021, LinkedIn ranked him as one of Spain’s most influential people and a global influencer in the retail industry. His career has seen him advise numerous government organisations, including the Spanish Government, Basque Government, and Madrid City Council.

Dedicated to observing consumers, Laureano Turienzo constantly studies the latest consumer trends. His passion for his work is obvious in his desire to help companies and professionals better connect with their consumers.

Laureano Turienzo advises some of the world’s most successful private companies and government organisations’ directors and executive teams. He considers as his specialty his ability to help leaders connect with consumers and understand industry trends.

With regards to Latin America, Laureano Turienzo and his team have helped companies within the Retails News Trends Ecosystem achieve an excellent connection with customers. His methods used are based on interviews with members of an organisation, highlighting their goals, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses and how to go about working on them.

Laureano Turienzo – Speaker

A global conference speaker of note, Laureano Turienzo has traveled the world collaborating with retail, consumer, and technology brands as well as appearing at myriad conferences. He lives in Spain and is fluent in Spanish and English with a working proficiency in Portuguese and Catalan.

Speaking Topics

  • Disruptive Retail
  • Physical Retail Stores versus Digital
  • Consumer Profiling
  • The Future of Marketing in Retail
  • Conquest of the Last Mile

Olaf Bruns

Conference Moderator Olaf Bruns by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Multilingual moderator focusing on politics and culture
  • Former Euronews Brussels Deputy Chief
  • Involved in various documentary film projects
  • Media trainer who also teaches journalism

Olaf Bruns is a senior television journalist, an expert on European Union policy, a media trainer, and a sought-after panel moderator.

Someone who thrives in open and international environments, Olaf Bruns deploys his vast array of skills and talents when presented with new challenges. His vast management experience, ability to think creatively, and attention to detail make him a skilled team player in any given situation.

While holding the position of Euronews Brussels Deputy Chief, Olaf Bruns played a key role in starting the organisation’s new offices. He successfully managed a team of 13 European Affairs correspondents from various countries during this period. Topics covered, amongst many others, included the refugee crisis, Brexit, the rise of EU skepticism, and far-right movements. He also continuously kept on doing high-profile interviews and covered breaking news and international developments.

His educational background in sociology/anthropology, saw him specialise in developmental studies with a particular focus on the relationship between politics and violence. He spent two years in the African countries of Guinea, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Olaf Bruns has been involved in several documentary film projects, is Deputy in Chief of the Progressive Post, a media trainer for Crown Media, and teaches journalism at the Brussels journalism school IHECS.

Olaf Bruns – Moderator

As a conference moderator, Olaf Bruns is fluent in five languages. He moderates conferences in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. Someone who moderates a wide variety of topics, he is especially interested in those pertaining to politics. He also has a working fluency in Spanish and resides in Belgium.

Moderator Topics

Although Olaf Bruns is a conference moderator who has led talks on a wide variety of topics, he specifically specialises in the economy, sustainability, AI, politics and culture.

Marc Priestley

  • Successful Formula One mechanic, broadcaster, and author
  • McLaren pitstop crew member who was also involved in team management
  • Author of “The Mechanic”. The book gives unique insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of a racing team

A successful Formula One mechanic, broadcaster, and author, Marc Priestley worked as a pitstop crew member and in team management for McLaren Racing for more than a decade. He has stood in the pitlane watching a car approach at motorway speeds, only to stop within centimeters of where he stood. He and his team, working together in perfect synchronicity, would then change tyres in less than three seconds to get the car back into the race.

His time at McLaren saw Marc Priestley become one of the team’s most experienced pit crew members. He undertook every conceivable job pertaining to racing cars. His experiences give him a unique perspective with regard to analysing the various dynamics associated with teamwork, communication, management, and strategy when under pressure. Amongst the lengthy list of drivers and world champions he has worked with, he includes the likes of Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Mika Hakkinen.

After leaving the racing circuit, Marc Priestley successfully embarked on a new career. He is a popular journalist and broadcaster who has written for various websites and magazines. He currently serves as a commentator and pundit for various sports broadcasters including the BBC and Sky Sports.

In 2014, Marc Priestley became involved in ITV’s presentation team for the coverage of the Formula E electric racing series. He has become adept at speaking about electric vehicle technology and the general disruptive concept of electric vehicles.

Besides his regular broadcasting, Mark Priestley is the successful author of “The Mechanic”. The book gives unique insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of a racing team, as well as anecdotes and insights into achieving successful results.

Marc Priestley – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Marc Priestley shares his experiences and knowledge with businesses worldwide. He offers unique insights into diverse areas that include rapid productivity, teamwork, data analysis for strategy optimization, and marginal gains. He lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership – Leaders as visible figureheads
  • High performance when under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Marginal gains, rapid productivity
  • Data analysis for strategy optimization
  • Brand image

Jacques Villeneuve

  • Formula One Driver’s World Champion, Indianapolis 500 winner, and PPG Indy Car World Series Champion
  • Finished second in his first season as a Formula One driver, and first during his second year
  • One of three drivers to take home the title of champion in the Formula 1 series, Indy Car series, and Indianapolis 500
  • Son of Gilles Villeneuve who tragically died in a car accident during the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix

Jacques Villeneuve is a Formula One world champion, Indy 500 winner, and Indy Car Series Champion. A Canadian by birth, he won the 1997 Formula One World Championship for the Williams-Renault team. What makes this achievement so remarkable, is that he did so in his second season of Formula 1 racing, beating Michael Schumacher, his arch-rival. His first Formula One season, in 1996, saw him finish second in the World Championship. In the competitive world of motorsport, this was an astonishing feat in itself.

Before his participation on the Formula One circuit, Jacques Villeneuve made his name in the Indy Car Series in the USA. He finished in first place in 1995, while also winning the world-famous Indianapolis 500. He is only one of three drivers to ever achieve this triple win. The other two are Mario Andretti and Emerson Fittipaldi.

Regarding his Formula One career, Jacques Villeneuve participated until 2006. He spent six years of this time driving for BAR-Honda, a team he co-founded and of which he was a part owner. Although considered officially retired from Formula One racing, he still competes in a wide range of motorsports events and remains fully active in Formula One as a commentator for both French and Italian television.

The love for motorsport runs in Jacques’ family, however. He is the son of Gilles Villeneuve who is regarded by many as one of the most exciting drivers to ever drive for the Ferrari Formula One team. His father’s career ended in 1982 when he died in a tragic accident during the Belgian Grand Prix. This event makes the many achievements of Jacques Villeneuve all the more extraordinary. His career could be regarded as an enhancement of his family name in the world of motor racing.

Jacques Villeneuve – Speaker

As a speaker, Jacques Villeneuve draws on his abundance of career anecdotes, making for interesting, inciteful talks. His charismatic, dynamic speaking style allows him to engage even the largest of audiences, leaving them feeling empowered to make changes to their working style. He lives in Canada and speaks French, English, and Italian.

Speaking Topics

  • Drive & Determination
  • Motorsport Speaker
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Peak Performance
  • Realising Ambitions

Orlando Machado

  • Data analytics expert, LEGO Group Chief Data Officer
  • Ranked first on the DataIQ list of the most influential people in data-driven business in 2019
  • Employs statistical techniques to turn data into predictions that improve customer experience
  • Former Chief Data Scientist at MoneySupermarket

With over 25 years of experience helping large organisations get value from data, Orlando Machado has been involved in board-level engagements across multiple sectors. These include, amongst others, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

Orlando Machado was a data scientist long before data science became one of the hottest technology roles. An expert in diving into customer insights and thus providing them with the best experience possible, he has held various positions during his career. Before joining the LEGO Group, he was the Chief Data Scientist at MoneySupermarket. He also worked at dunnuhumby where, as the Head of Customer Insight, he worked on Tesco’s successful Clubcard. He has also had dealings with Aviva and the BBC and filled the post of Head of Analytics at Wunderman, one of the largest communications agencies in the world.

His role in his various positions has seen him employ statistical techniques to turn data into predictions to improve customer experiences.

Due to his excellent outcomes, DataIQ ranked Orlando Machado number one on its list of the most influential people in data-driven business in 2019. He was appointed chief data officer for the LEGO Group in 2021. His role sees him bring his wealth of expertise and experience into the world of play.

Although he works at LEGO and has numerous speaking engagements, Orlando Machado remains a non-executive director for Cambridge University Press And Assessment Board. Regarding his educational background, he holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Warwick.

Orlando Machado – Speaker

A regular speaker at industry events, Orlando Machado is passionate about the opportunities available to use emerging technologies to evolve and transform established industries. He lives in the United Kingdom and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • LEGO Group and their thinking in technology
  • How Lego could create fantastic online building experiences to help kids play together when they’re using the physical product.
  • Processes of consuming and generating data.
  • AI as an opportunity to make any of those processes better
  • How we could help molding machines work more effectively
  • Effective customer engagement
  • Data / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Tony Anderson

  • Marketing expert, brand builder, and strategic advisor to start-ups and early-stage ventures
  • easyJet’s first marketing director and third employee at the company
  • Successful author of “Jet Rising: How easyJet changed the way we fly

Tony Anderson is a man of many talents. A marketing expert and brand builder, he is also a strategic advisor to many start-ups and early-stage ventures. He is probably best known for the amazing role he played in the success of easyJet. He was the company’s first-ever marketing director and the third person employed in the company. Before this, he enjoyed a successful career with Thomas Cook and British Airways.

Someone who believes that any type of success, whether in your personal or professional life, is a result of timing and good fortune, Tony Anderson was in the right place at the right time to land the job of marketing director of the start-up airline easyJet.

According to the self-deprecating Tony Anderson, his educational background saw him fail his A levels while a student in South Wales. He did, however, manage to make it to university where, according to him, he barely managed to gain a marketing degree at Lancaster University. The university was one of only two universities in the United Kingdom that offered the subject at the time.

Upon completing his degree, Tony Anderson gained a spot in the British Airways Graduate Programme. He spent four years working with the company before joining Thomas Cook. It was, ironically, his boss at this company who advised him to join easyJet as their present company may close down at some point. He followed the advice.

In 1995, Tony Anderson was interviewed by easyJet for the role of marketing director. He joined the company six months before their first aircraft took to the skies. The rest, as they say, is history.

Besides being an amazing marketer and strategic advisor, Tony Anderson is the successful author of his much-lauded book “Jet Rising: How easyJet changed the way we fly.

Tony Anderson – Conference Speaker

As a conference speaker, Tony Anderson is most often asked to talk about what other industries can learn from the aviation revolution brought about by easyJet/Raynair. His engaging and entertaining speaking style, coupled with the advantage of most of his audience having some experience of budget airlines, makes for a thought-provoking talk. He lives in the UK and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Organisational change
  • Travel
  • easyJet
  • Aviation
  • Innovation
  • Sales

Andrew Bryant

  • Self-leadership expert: driving accelerated results
  • A bestselling author in the leadership genre
  • Twice recognised by Singapore’s President for his work relating to leadership with teenagers and women
  • Teaches leadership in global MBA programmes

According to Andrew Bryant, CSP, the founder of Self Leadership International and the president of Spain’s Professional Speakers Association, “Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your communication, emotions, and behavior on the way to getting there.” He founded the company in 1999 to empower people to have more ownership opportunities, and to take ownership of their lives. To do so, they would need the skills of self-leadership and personal mastery.

Andrew Bryant is a truly international speaker. Although English by birth, he holds an Australian passport, has a Brazilian partner, and stays in Portugal. His background as a physiotherapist and with a post-graduate in acupuncture means that he truly understands how the body works.

Someone who has closely worked with athletes, he has a deep understanding of how teams perform when under pressure. Furthermore, he has studied neurosemantics, hypnosis, and psychology, thereby giving him a solid foundation for how the mind works. Add to this his first-hand experience and MBA studies, he also has a good understanding of what makes a business work.

His personal life which includes business disruption, divorce, and a health scare, together with his time spent working on different continents, i.e., Asia, the USA, Australia, and Europe, has given him an understanding of diverse cultural nuances. His insights into what it takes to become successful he ascribes to his work coaching C-level executives and engineers.

Taking his background and wealth of experience into consideration, Andrew Bryant has unique insights into leadership and self-leadership.

Besides his talks and constant studies into the various aspects of how the human mind works, he is also a bestselling author with four books under his belt thus far. Andrew Bryant has also been recognised by Singapore’s president: once for his work coaching self-help leadership to disadvantaged teenagers, and once for his work on empowering women. He is also in the Faculty of Women in Leadership at Singapore Management University and teaches leadership in MBA programmes across the globe.

Andrew Bryant – Speaker

Through his talks, Andrew Bryant has empowered thousands of people to become more confident, resilient, and effective, helping them increase both their executive presence and influence capital. He is based in both the UK and Portugal.

Speaking Topic

  • Accelerating Results through Self-leadership: Leadership is the process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contribution to the realization of group goals. Effective Leadership is a function of the Leader’s Style, Followers’ Motivation and Skills, and the Business Environment. This requires self-awareness, self-learning, and self-regulation, in short, self-leadership. Everyone can be a self-leader, taking ownership and responsibility for achieving objectives, but often hit the roadblocks of ‘framing’ and ‘firefighting’. Andrew illustrates how to accelerate with self-leadership and achieve accelerated results by having the right conversations. Participants leave inspired, with increased ownership, self-awareness, and a practical framework to improve their leadership conversations, and deliver results.