Arne Elias Corneliussen

Arne Elias Corneliussen Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Geopolitical expert, global strategist, and founder and CEO of NRCI
  • Extensive background in geopolitical science
  • Conducted extensive research in various global geopolitical regions
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of London

A renowned geopolitical advisor and keynote speaker, Arne Elias Corneliussen delivers eye-opening, insightful speaking engagements. His background in political science and extensive studies in the United States, Egypt, and Chile, have given him a unique global understanding of geopolitical and strategic events. He founded the reputable geopolitical advisory firm NRCI in 2010. He has led the company as its Chief Executive Officer since its inception.

Arne Elias Corneliussen has gained unparalleled firsthand experience due to travelling to more than 125 countries. He conducted extensive fact-finding expeditions to various countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. An expedition spanning China, Central Asia, and the Caucasus that ended in Istanbul saw him map infrastructure developments and logistic clusters along the One Belt Road. This was a major Chinese initiative. He also travelled across eastern, southern, and western Europe in 2022, assessing geopolitical and strategic dynamics.

His extensive experience and nearly 15 years of managing a geopolitical advisory firm, have endowed Arne Elias Corneliussen with extraordinary geopolitical, strategic, and business insights. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of London and maintains a vast network of contacts in academia, business, diplomacy, and governments worldwide.

Arne Elias Corneliussen is also the program chair, conference host, moderator, and keynote speaker at the Norwegian Risk Forum. This annual geopolitical conference focuses on global risks and business opportunities.

Arne Elias Corneliussen – Speaker

Arne Elias Corneliussen delivers sought-after presentations filled with valuable, illuminating content. He resides in Norway and speaks English and Norwegian.

Speaker Topics

  • CHANGING DIMENSIONS IN GLOBAL GEOPOLITICS : IMPACT ON INVESTMENT OUTLOOK AND BUSINESS STRATEGY: Gain insights into evolving geopolitical and strategic dynamics across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America impacting businesses and investors.
  • STRATEGIC AND GEOPOLITICAL DYNAMICS SHAPING ASIA TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE: Arne  undertook various overland expeditions across Asia and the Middle East. He gained an in-depth understanding of the strategic and geopolitical dynamics shaping the region. His informative presentation reveals the rise of China, India’s role, and Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, He also covers key countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.
  • THE FUTURE OF EUROPE: Arne Elias Corneliussen conducted a 2½ month overland fact-finding expedition across 19 European countries in 2022. He explains how geopolitical dynamics impact the future of Europe, based on his observations from travelling across historical conflict territories.
  • AFRICA – UNDERSTANDING AND EXPLORING A GROWTH CONTINENT: Arne Elias Corneliussen travelled across 30 African countries on 10 fact-finding expeditions by public bus. He shares unique insights and perspectives on geopolitical, economic, and infrastructure developments in Africa.
  • CONVERSATION WITH ARNE ELIAS CORNELIUSSEN: Arne Elias Corneliussen offers conversation sessions covering diverse topics. Examples include geopolitical and strategic issues, team building in challenging international environments, and developing a listening and agile leadership culture. His unique experiences from fact-finding expeditions provide exceptional value to his insights.

Dani Berti

Dani Berti Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Latin American communications and marketing expert
  • Certified neuro-leader
  • Provides individual and group training for executives
  • Worked on technology projects on an international scale

Dani Berti is a communication specialist for IT companies, a communication consultant, and a mediator. She often serves as master of ceremonies at events. Since 2015, she has extensively worked in the communications field for Brazil and Latin America’s technology market. She is a content curator, scriptwriter, reporter, panel mediator, and moderator for in-person and digital events.

Her expertise has seen Dani Berti’s services become sought after at various companies. These include Cisco and Cisco Meraki, Philips, Samsung, Motorola, Century Link/Lumen (Cirion Technologies), Hewlett-Packard, and Amazon Web Services.

Dani Berti’s journalism degree from Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo saw her specialise in TV Presenting. She has been involved in the communications market for more than ten years. A communications consultant, she provides training on a one-to-one basis as well as for groups of executives. She is also a certified neuro-leader by the Organisation International de Neuroliderazgo, which is based in Colombia.

Dani Berti’s career has seen her work on technology projects on an international scale. She was a public relations officer in the luxury, fine arts, design, fashion, and lifestyle arenas. Among her clients, she includes Fiat, Nestle Gold, and Ford. She also worked as a reporter and website editor for various magazines and as a reporter for Grupo Record and TC Cultura in Brazil.

Dani Berti – Speaker and Master of Ceremonies

Dani Berti has become a sought-after conference speaker who has covered various aspects of communication and marketing. She lives in Brazil and presents in Spanish and English.

Speaker Topics

  • 5 communication steps to delight the client.
  • Learn how to create and add value to your corporate image on social networks.
  • Know and apply the power of words in your business.
  • Neuromarketing and Communication to leverage business

Ferran Tort

Ferran Tort Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Team building expert and high-performance coach with a degree in psychology
  • Overcame diversity resulting from eye health issues
  • Established the RESTART Method that has transformed thousands of lives
  • Encourage Agile thinking for personal and professional success

Ferran Tort, a registered psychologist, coach, and senior manager trainer, has lived and worked in seven countries on five continents over the last ten years. His travels resulted in him constantly learning and developing his creativity and global perspective. This, he feels, adds much benefit to his training and talks.

Dealing With Adversity

In 2015, Ferran Tort faced one of his greatest challenges. He received a double diagnosis of macular dystrophy and irreversible achromatopsia. This resulted in a 90% loss of vision. The little he sees is in black and white.

Ferran Tort, at the time, executed mural projects across the globe. Despite his prognosis, however, he decided to seek solutions. The months following his diagnosis saw him grappling with the reality of his situation. Yet during this time, he discovered that he had inspired and impacted the lives of people worldwide.

Success And More

In 2017, Ferran Tort delivered his inaugural TED conference in Medellin. This experience was a transformational milestone and opened many doors in public speaking. He became an official trainer for the Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives. His role involves providing training to senior managers for various large multinational corporations across the globe. Among the companies he has worked with thus far are Danone, Deloitte, and Inditex.

Ferran Torte has seen his endeavours provide the opportunity for media visibility. He has been featured in prominent Spanish outlets. Examples include La Vanguarda, Time Out Barcelona, and others. He also featured in international publications like USA Today and Peropolitano, a Brazilian newspaper.

His interest in developing methodologies to empower people to overcome obstacles and reach their goals intensified in 2018. After extensive research, experimentation, and refinement, Ferran Tort established the RESTART Method. The program has significantly transformed thousands of lives around the world. His training initiatives aim to motivate people to define their objectives and formulate a workable action plan.

Ferran Tort feels his experiences have deepened his understanding of true team transformation. He believes there is great power in showing people how various methodologies can positively influence their personal and professional lives. He thus encourages organisations to embrace an Agile mindset to improve their employees’ working and personal lives. Doing so would mark the start of true transformation in a company.

Ferran Tort – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Ferran Tor has consistently received stellar feedback. His focus on teamwork encompasses other aspects of company culture as well. These include change management, diversity, creativity development, and better communication skills. He lives in Spain and is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and English, with a professional proficiency in Portuguese.

Speaker Topics

  • GROWTH MINDSET: HOW TO MANAGE CHANGE: To address a changing reality and exponential growth, we must develop and train a flexible mentality that allows us to adapt to the new challenges that are yet to come.
  • IKIGAI, THE SECRET OF EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS: No professional development is without personal development. The Japanese model of Ikigai is crucial in aligning ourselves with our identity, abilities and what makes us happy.
  • WHAT IS IT TO BE NORMAL? DIVERSITY AS AN ASSET: A new look to understand and enhance diversity and inclusion in your team. We are all different; this is a team’s most significant asset if we know how to take advantage of it.
  • DESIGN THINKING FOR DAILY LIFE: Developing the creativity and resourcefulness necessary to solve any personal or professional problem. Design Thinking will change how you are and do things far beyond work.
  • LIVE AGILE, BEYOND WORK: Agile Culture is much more than a Daily log and a Minimum Viable Product. When our team applies AGILE to your personal life, you will be transformed! And that is when they will become AGILE people and teams.
  • COMMUNICATION 2.0: HOW TO LISTEN SO YOUR TEAM TALK, AND HOW TO TALK SO YOUR TEAM LISTEN: Discover the keys to improving relationships of any kind, through the key and simple fundamentals of communication.

Jay Richards

Jay Richards Keynote Speaker by Promotivate
  • Expert on Gen-Z, visionary entrepreneur, and CEO at Imagen Insights
  • Empowers businesses to craft successful marketing strategies
  • Named a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur
  • Named a Future Leader finalist by Mediatel

Jay Richards is a visionary entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and CEO at Imagen Insights. His mission is to bridge the communication gap between brands and the influential Gen Z demographic. Using unfiltered feedback from the brutally honest Imagen Insights Gen Z community, he empowers household names with the knowledge and data they need to craft successful marketing strategies.

From his early days as a rebellious school student, Jay Richards has been on a journey that attests to his hard work and dedication. Today, he stands as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, recognised for his groundbreaking work in the field of marketing and qualitative generational insights. In 2020, he was named a Future Leader finalist by Mediatel. This feat solidified his reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Jay Richards has made an extensive impact in his field of expertise. Imagen Insights has played a pivotal role in assisting industry giants such as Amazon Prime Video, Google, and Unilever to engage their target demographic and drive innovation in their marketing strategies.

Jay Richards – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Jay Richards has a unique ability to engage his audiences right from the outset. A masterful storyteller, he commands the stage with an electrifying energy and a great sense of humour. He leaves his audiences invested due to his ability to connect with them on a personal level.

Jay Richards lives in the United Kingdom and presents in English. He also has an elementary proficiency in French and a limited working proficiency in Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • The behaviours and attitudes of Generation Z
  • Entrepreneurship in the twenty-first century – skills, attitudes, and rewards
  • Marketing
  • The future of work – the impact of AI


Daniel Langer

Daniel Langer Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • A top five global expert and speaker about retail and luxury
  • Professor of luxury strategy at Pepperdine University
  • Features weekly in leading publications across the globe
  • Top-rated author of luxury books

Daniel Langer, the founder and CEO of Équité, advises many of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. He helps them transition to a rapidly changing world by strengthening their brand storytelling and desirability. Additionally, he is the Executive Professor of Luxury Strategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, where he is establishing a Centre for Disruptive Luxury. At Pepperdine, he teaches luxury strategy and is a Professor of Luxury at NYU in New York.

Author Who Features In Global Media Outlets

The author of several best-selling luxury management books in English and Chinese. Daniel Langer frequently features as a luxury expert in global media outlets. These include Bloomberg TV, Forbes, The Economist, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Insider, Vogue Business, and Vanity Fair.

Daniel Langer writes two weekly columns read by tens of thousands of readers. These are “The Future of Luxury” in Jing Daily and “Luxury Unfiltered” in Luxury Daily. He also regularly contributes to the South China Morning Post, Robb Report, and Tatler Asia, covering a variety of luxury topics. These include the Future of Luxury, Selling Desire, Connecting with Generation Z, Creating the Luxury Experience of the Future, Unlocking Pricing Power, Sustainable Luxury, and AI.

Inspirational Brand Builder

Numerous leading companies trust Daniel Langer to inspire both their leadership and sales teams to create desire and deliver exceptional experiences. Amongst these companies, he includes the likes of L’Oréal, Ferrari, Gaggenau, Forbes Travel Guide, Compass, Swire Properties, and Raffles.

Daniel Langer has become an award-winning brand builder who manages and scales brands and businesses across Europe, Asia, and North America. His extensive experience with companies like Nestlé and L’Oréal has given him a deep understanding of consumer insights on a global scale. His business career includes managing and scaling multi-billion-dollar brands and developing highly profitable brands from scratch. Many of these brands now earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Regarding his education, Daniel Langer pursued advanced degrees at Harvard Business School and IESE. He obtained an MBA and PhD in luxury management.

Gaining The Competitive Advantage

Known for pioneering luxury science through breakthrough luxury value drivers, Daniel Langer builds extreme and sustainable competitive advantages for luxury, lifestyle, and consumer brands. His approach combines data from AI-based consumer sources with a deep understanding of business realities and the pressures brands face. He has also created an advanced luxury pricing tool to assist brands in achieving more precise pricing.

Daniel Langer, an expert across various luxury categories like the fashion, beauty, automotive, and hospitality industries, amongst many others, is a sought-after expert in China, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. His philosophy underscores the significance of crafting exceptional experiences to set brands apart, all while adding value for clients.

Daniel Langer – Speaker

A luxury speaker of note, Daniel Langer has addressed thousands of people globally. He also conducts luxury workshops and masterclasses, training luxury executives worldwide. Daniel’s talks are always tailored to his audiences and include vital takeaways.

He lives in Los Angeles and can address audiences in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Speaker Topics

  • The Future of Luxury
  • Selling Desire: How to sell luxury and train your teams
  • How luxury brands need to reimagine themselves to inspire Gen Z
  • Creating the luxury experience of the future (including AI)
  • How to unlock luxury’s hidden superpower


Magic Johnson

magic johnson
  • Led the Lakers to five NBA championships as a player.
  • Transformed into a successful businessman after his basketball career.
  • Owns companies that create jobs and help communities.
  • Founded a program to provide resources for HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • Played a key role in bringing the 2028 Olympics to Los Angeles.

Magic Johnson is more than simply a legendary athlete. He’s a powerful individual who channeled his natural competitiveness into a desire to improve society. He proved his versatility and unrelenting desire by building a corporate empire that spans industries after dominating the basketball court. However, for Magic, it’s not all about statistics. He uses his platform to bring attention to underserved areas, reinvesting in those places to create jobs and boost economies. Behind his charismatic smile lies a resolute will to help—Magic is an outspoken supporter of youth empowerment and causes like HIV/AIDS awareness. The true value of fame and money, as he learned through his experience, lies in helping other people.

Recognitions and Achievements 

Magic Johnson’s remarkable career extends far beyond his iconic basketball achievements. He’s a proven business leader, building a multi-faceted portfolio that generates significant revenue and economic impact. He revitalized underserved communities through strategic investments, driving tangible job creation and economic growth. Beyond business, Magic is an enthusiastic supporter of social change and philanthropy. His foundation is well known for its efforts to raise public awareness of and prevent HIV/AIDS. His voice amplifies causes of equality and opportunity, demonstrating a profound commitment to making a difference.

Speaker and Business Strategist

Magic Johnson leverages his decades of entrepreneurial success to deliver high-impact keynotes on business strategy. He offers unique insights into investment, team building, and turning vision into reality. His experience driving growth in diverse markets makes him a valuable advisor for companies of all sizes. Magic’s presentations blend insider knowledge with his signature optimism, inspiring audiences to think bigger and aim higher.

Speaking Topics 

  • Building Championship Teams
  • Vision to Reality
  • Smart Growth Strategies
  • Overcoming Any Obstacle
  • Investing in Communities
  • The secret to success
  • Inclusion
  • Role Models
  • Continuous learning


Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Climate impact and global sustainability expert
  • Recognised as one of the most influential and most-cited scientists in the world
  • Recipient of numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his work
  • Founder of the Stockholm Resilience Centre

Johan Rockström, a climate impact and global sustainability expert, holds multiple prestigious positions. Amongst these, he includes the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and a Professor at both Potsdam University and Stockholm University. He is widely known for developing the Planetary Boundaries framework, a standard in sustainability science. His research focuses on the Earth System and global sustainability in the Anthropocene, aiming to determine the safe operating space for humanity’s future on Earth and identify sustainable transformations to achieve it.

Someone who has made a significant impact on the scientific community, Johan Rockström has received numerous accolades. Examples include the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant and his recognition as one of the most influential and most-cited scientists in the world. Besides his research, he provides scientific guidance to various organisations. He is also involved in high-level international meetings and forums.

Amongst the numerous awards received in recognition of his work, Johan Rockström includes the Prince Albert II of Monaco Climate Change Award, the Hillary Laureate by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership, and the German Environmental Award. Prior to his current roles, he founded the Stockholm Resilience Centre and held executive positions at the Stockholm Environment Institute. He holds multiple degrees, including a Master of Science (MSc) and a doctorate (PhD) in Natural Resources Management from Stockholm University.

Johan Rockström – Speaker

A sought-after conference speaker, Johan Rockström focuses on climate impact and global sustainability topics. He lives in Sweden and speaks Swedish and English.

Speaker Topics

  • Weather, extremes, and atmosphere
  • Ice, oceans, and sea level rise
  • Land use, food, water, and ecosystems
  • Climate policy, economics, and energy
  • Health, security, and development
  • Complex networks, machine learning, and decision theory
  • Planetary boundaries, tipping elements, and global commons



Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari
  • Renowned historian and philosopher, author of “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”
  • His books have sold over 45 million copies worldwide
  • Co-founder of Sapienship, a company focused on addressing global challenges

Yuval Noah Harari is a great weaver of historical narratives, noted globally for his ability to convert intricate histories into enthralling stories in his book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.” With a prominent academic background from Oxford and his current work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Harari communicates with audiences globally, articulating deep historical insights in over 65 languages.

His works are historical narratives and discussions about the future, investigating the interconnections of technology, power, and ethics. Beyond his works, Harari captivates global audiences with his lectures, notably at locations like the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he turns complex ideas into approachable insights. His influence extends throughout his lectures, books, and public engagements, pushing for a broader knowledge of our past and its implications for our future.

Recognition and Achievements

Yuval Noah Harari has powerfully touched scholarly and literary circles. His debut book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, surged rapidly to international bestseller status and garnered accolades from influential leaders like Bill Gates and Barack Obama. This accolade acknowledges the enormous readership and significant effect of the literature.

His later writings, “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” and “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow,” show even more of his progressive viewpoint on the possibilities and technological problems that humanity faces. As recognition of his contributions to thought leadership, Harari has received several distinguished honours, including the German Economic Book Award and an honorary doctorate from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His “Sapiens” graphic novelization has also increased his audience and made complex concepts more approachable.

Scholar and Educator – Yuval Noah Harari

As a respected Hebrew University of Jerusalem lecturer and former Oxford scholar, Harari offers a wealth of scholarly experience in his writing and teaching. He challenges conventional narratives, linking historical events to the broad existential questions and ethical dilemmas we face today. His rigorous academic approach, combined with an engaging style, not only educates but also inspires a new generation of thinkers and leaders to reflect on the lessons of history critically.

Educational Contributions

  • Creating Interesting Narratives from Complicated Ideas
  • Converging Historical Knowledge with Current Issues
  • Supporting International Communication via Sapienship
  • Motivating Next Generations to Recognize the Route of Humanity

He talks about the role of fictional stories and shared beliefs in organizing human cooperation, the potential impacts of AI and biotechnology, threats like climate change and nuclear war that require global cooperation to solve, the difference between religion and spirituality, and more

  • Harari believes the most important skills to teach children today are emotional intelligence and mental flexibility, as the world is changing rapidly, and they will need to reinvent themselves constantly.
  • Technology like AI and biotech can be used for good or evil; it is not inherently good or bad. We must pay attention to dangerous scenarios to prepare for the worst outcomes.
  • Religions” provide rigid answers, while “spirituality” involves open-ended questioning. Spirituality is becoming more relevant as we grapple with technological changes.
  • Fictions” like money and nations, though invented by humans, bind society together. But we must not forget they were created to serve human needs.
  • To avoid technology that hacks humanity, we need self-knowledge and compassion. Meditation helps provide focus and clarity to distinguish stories from reality.

Brice Fontaine

Brice Fontaine Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Expert in luxury fashion technology and consumer behaviour
  • Foresees and navigates emerging trends
  • Provides groundbreaking solutions while delivering a unique digital user experience
  • Pioneer of a new luxury fashion platform using AI

An expert in luxury fashion technology, Brice Fontaine has a distinguished background in user research innovation strategy and UX/UI design. He boasts a comprehensive understanding of the luxury sector and consumer behaviour. This allows him to foresee and navigate emerging trends. As a result, he can ensure that the desirability and exclusivity of luxury do not change as market dynamics evolve.

Although originally from France, Brice Fontaine has lived in the United States and Greece and currently resides in the United Kingdom. This has vastly enriched his global perspective.

Brice Fontaine has an illustrious career that spans various industry sectors. His work experience includes working at Richemont, NET-A-PORTER, FARTECH, Samsung, Lanvin, and NellyRodi. The latter is a trend forecasting agency. His work experience has seen him spearhead the development of groundbreaking solutions and delivering unique digital user experiences. His expertise extends across numerous digital platforms, luxury fashion, hospitality, and physical retail. He is driven by a commitment to merge technology and luxury.

Besides his various corporate roles, Brice Fontaine has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship. He has set up his own startup. Together with a dedicated team of engineers, he is pioneering the next platform for luxury fashion while exploring all the possibilities the AI industry offers.

Brice Fontaine – Speaker

Brice Fontaine is a conference speaker with a unique global perspective. His multicultural insights enrich his talks. He currently resides in London and is fluent in French and English, with some knowledge of modern Greek.

Speaking Topics

  • Luxury fashion technology
  • Consumer behaviour in the present day
  • Luxury in the era of convenience
  • Research-driven design systems
  • Adapting to new generations and market dynamics

Godfrey Deeny

Godfrey Deeny Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Branding, fashion, style, and luxury history expert
  • Inaugural international Editor-in-Chief of Fashion
  • Lecturer at the Paris Fashion Institute
  • Jury member for numerous prizes in the fashion industry

Branding, fashion, style, and luxury history expert Godfrey Deeny is part of The BoF (The Business of Fashion), the group that shapes the fashion industry. His role as an international fashion critic has seen him cover runaways the world over. These include the likes of Paris, Milan, New York, and London. He also regularly occupies a front-row suite to review the fashion seasons in Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Sidney, Sao Paulo, and Rome.

Godfrey Deeny was appointed the inaugural International Editor-In-Chief of the multilingual fashion news platform Fashion in 2017. He was the Fashion  Editor at Large for Le Figaro for five years before this. His time with Le Figaro saw him review major ready-to-wear couture collections and write the Paris Daily’s key features on top international designers.

Other Key Positions

His twenty years in the industry have seen Godfrey Deeny, besides those mentioned, hold numerous key senior positions. Amongst these, he counts the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Hommes, the Paris Bureau Chief of Industry for Women’s Wear Daily, the European Editor of Fashion Eire Daily, and the men’s fashion critic of The Financial Times.

A lecturer at Moscow State University’s graduate business school and the Paris Fashion Institute, Godfrey Deeny is also a jury member for numerous fashion industry prizes. These include, amongst others, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the LVMH Prize, and Rome of Who is on Next. The latter is a leading Italian award for young design talent created by Italian Vogue Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani.

A More Currently

Godfrey Deeny is currently the Editor-in-Chief and joint owner of Achtung and Sepp. Achtung is Germany’s leading directional fashion magazine. Sepp, on the other hand, is a football fashion magazine that is produced every two years for The World Cup and The European Championships.

Despite his full plate, Godfrey Deeny still carves out time to act as an editor for various custom publishing magazines. Examples of these include Giorgio Armani and H&M. He also writes for various titles such as Vogue’s Chinese, Taiwanese, Australian, and Brazilian titles as well as Der Stern, Die Zeit, and The Daily Telegraph.

Godfrey Deeny – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Godfrey Deeny has addressed audiences across the globe. His topics of note include personal branding, fashion, style, and luxury history. Although born in Ireland, he currently resides in France and speaks English, French, and Italian.

Speaking Topics

  • Personal Branding
  • Fashion
  • Style
  • Luxury history

James Laughlin

James Laughlin Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • High-performance leadership and personal mastery expert, trainer, and consultant
  • Canterbury Rugby mental skills coach
  • Presenter of the podcast Lead on Purpose
  • Helps people achieve extraordinary heights

Someone who stands at the forefront of high-performance leadership and personal mastery, James Laughlin has earned global recognition as a pioneer in his field. His extensive experience spans working with elite performers and multinational corporations. Amongst these, he includes professional athletes, multinational corporations, and influential CEOs. He aims to empower them to lead with conviction and to achieve outstanding success.

James Laughlin bases his approach on his proprietary frameworks and models. He has meticulously designed them to help equip people with the tools they need to achieve personal mastery. He has made a huge impact on many people, including PGA tour professionals and billion-dollar enterprise executives.

Besides his strategic expertise, James Laughlin has proven himself a musician of worth. He holds seven world championship titles, a feat that highlights his ability to foster talent and cultivate winning mindsets. He can lead an underdog team to the greatest heights, i.e., attaining world championship glory.

His role as Canterbury Rugby’s mental skills coach has seen James Laughlin apply his understanding of resilience and peak performance to enhance the team’s competitive edge. The team is among the most esteemed professional sports teams in the Southern Hemisphere.

James Laughlin has further amplified his influence through his podcast Lead on Purpose. The podcast is ranked #1 on Apple Podcasts and sees him engage with a global audience. He interviews world leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, and industry giants. He has shared invaluable information on the show that touches on leadership insights and strategies.

James Laughlin – Speaker

Sought-after international speaker, James Laughlin captivates and inspires diverse audiences across the globe. His unique approach is designed to equip individuals with the tools for achieving personal mastery. Tailoring his speeches to fit clients’ needs, he talks about leadership, personal mastery, well-being, productivity, high performance, team culture, and strategy and planning. He lives in New Zealand and speaks English.

Speaking Topics

  • The High-Performance Habit: The groundbreaking method to achieving peak performance in life and business,
  • Next-Level Leadership: Wisdom from the World’s Best: Applying World-Class Lessons to Achieve Personal and Professional Mastery


Mario Calderini

Mario Calderini - expert keynote speaker on sustainability by Promotivate
  • A pioneer in innovation, social impact, and sustainability
  • A formidable advisor to the Italian government for innovation and research
  • Internationally recognized for contributions to social innovation and sustainability

Mario Calderini stands recognized as a pioneering figure in social impact and sustainability. At the center of his work is his dedication to purpose-driven innovation, which revolutionizes the way governments and corporations handle global concerns. As a full professor at Politecnico di Milano, he not only teaches future leaders sustainable management, but he also serves as director of Tiresia, the school’s impact finance and innovation research center. His influence extends beyond academia, serving as a senior scientific advisor to Italian governments and contributing to significant policy developments in sustainability and innovation.

Recognition and Achievements

Due to his contributions, Calderini has gained recognition on a global scale, solidifying his position as a major player in the sustainability and social impact domains. Taking note of his ten-year advisory role to successive Italian governments, Apolitical named him one of the World’s Most Influential Academics in Government in 2021. His role as the government’s Sherpa for the G7 Italian Presidency in 2017 was just one example of how his leadership was crucial in forming Italy’s position on sustainable finance and innovation. His work has been widely published and presents novel approaches to using innovation to address societal issues.  He is the President of the Advisory Board for Research and Innovation Strategy of the Lombardy Region Government. He sits on the Advisory Board of Unicredit.

Mario Calderini – Speaker

Calderini is a speaker who educates audiences worldwide on sustainability, social impact, and innovation. He provides wise viewpoints on fostering a sustainable future through purpose-driven innovation, drawing on his vast expertise in academia, government consultancy, and research. His talks encourage action and introspection while bridging the knowledge gap between theory and practice to address some of the planet’s most critical problems.

Speaking Topics

  • Sustainability and Social Impact in the Modern World
  • Management for Sustainability and Impact
  • The Role of Innovation in Social Change
  • Building a Purpose-Driven Organization
  • The Future of Impact Finance and Innovation

Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli, Italian Physicist and best selling author by Promotivate Speakers Agency
  • Physicist and author pioneering the loop quantum gravity theory.
  • Author of “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,” a worldwide bestseller in multiple languages.
  • Teachers at Aix-Marseille University are in charge of quantum gravity research.
  • Top global thinker for his influential ideas and writings.

Carlo Rovelli’s fantastic work on loop quantum gravity has broadened our grasp of the universe’s foundations. Rovelli is more than simply a scientist; he has a unique capacity to make complicated scientific issues clear and exciting for people. The two most renowned books, “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” and “The Order of Time,” exceeded sales records and inspired general interest in theoretical physics problems.

Rovelli’s writing and speaking are well-known for being very accessible, with insights that delve deep into the mysteries of the universe. This distinct combination has established him as a prominent figure in making difficult scientific concepts appealing to a broad audience. Rovelli’s work has effectively bridged the gap between the complex realm of scientific theories and many people’s inherent curiosity about the universe.

Recognition and Achievements of Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli’s voyage in science shines brightly with remarkable achievements and prestigious honours. He stands out for his innovative work on loop quantum gravity theory. This theory has revolutionized how we see the universe’s fabric, challenging old beliefs on space and time. It’s a vital component of his legacy, presenting fresh insights into the universe’s most fundamental mysteries.

His books, especially “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,” have become well-known outside of academia. They have caught the attention of people throughout the world by making complex scientific subjects attractive and relatable. This book has sold over a million copies and been translated into forty-one languages. His following publication, “The Order of Time,” goes into the complexities of time, further exhibiting his expertise in making science fascinating for everyone. In 2019, Foreign Policy magazine named Rovelli one of the 100 most influential global intellectuals. This prize highlights his enormous impact on research and public understanding. His involvement at Aix-Marseille University and affiliations with the Perimeter Institute and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy underline his importance in theoretical physics.

Rovelli’s career is an encouraging example of how exploring the universe’s mysteries may be scientific and narrative. He bridges the distance between the microscopic domain of quantum particles and the immense cosmos, bringing the universe’s mysteries closer to everyone. His work not only advances science but also inspires astonishment and admiration at the magnificence of the universe.

Carlo Rovelli – Speaker

When Carlo Rovelli speaks, his audience is genuinely engaged. He infuses his lectures with a profound knowledge of the cosmos, rendering challenging scientific ideas comprehensible and poignant. His talks frequently combine philosophy, science, and personal experiences to compel his audience to reflect carefully on the wonders of the cosmos. In addition to being extremely passionate, Rovelli’s speeches are also very educational. He is a firm believer in the ability of knowledge to pique interest and inspire change.

Speaking Topics

  • The Nature of Time and Space
  • Quantum Gravity and the Universe
  • The Philosophy of Science
  • The Art of Science Communication
  • Exploring the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics


Lorenzo de Leo

Lorenzo de Leo Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Entrepreneurship and corporate innovation expert
  • Has a vast experience of the aerospace sector
  • Possesses a deep understanding of innovation hubs and venture capital
  • Managing partner at Rokk3r

Lorenzo de Leo has a vast background in emerging technologies, innovation, and startups. His career while teaching at the Complutense University of Madrid saw him lead more than 100 innovation projects in the Americas. He has developed a deep understanding of innovation hubs, venture capital in the US and Latin America, and the transformative impact of exponential technologies across various industries.

Lorenzo de Leo has played a key role at various organisations. Amongst these, he includes ARQUIMEA, Rokk3r, and Rayo Capital. He has reviewed thousands of startup pitches across the globe and advised companies that secured substantial funding while a mentor at Techstars and Web3 Spaces as well as while a member of the Stanford AI& Web3 Research Lab.

Involvement in Aerospace Industry

His educational background saw Lorenzo de Leo obtain a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics, he joined ARQUIMEA. This is the aerospace spin-off from Carlos III University. While there, he led projects across the aerospace, security, health, and robotics industries, amongst various others. This was done in collaboration with the European Union, the European Space Agency, and the Japanese Space Agency.

The technology transfer activities Lorenzo de Leo was involved in significantly contributed to the launch of four startups and established a solid foundation for ARQUIMEAs ongoing growth.

As Managing Partner at Rokk3r, Lorenzo de Leo has led many projects in the US and Latin America. Rokk3r created and co-founded more than fifty startups. He also developed the company’s educational platform for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

As a regular contributor to the Inter-American Development Bank, Lorenzo de Leo writes about emerging technologies and trends in Latin America and globally.

Lorenzo de Leo – Speaker

His fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian has allowed Lorenzo de Leo to connect with diverse audiences across the globe. He has delivered lectures and masterclasses on various renowned international platforms, including, amongst many others, London Business School, Forbes Mexico, and SXSW. He shares insights on topics that range from company building to the nuances of blockchain to the application of AI to various industries. He currently resides in Miami, USA, but also spends time in Italy and Spain.

Speaking Topics

  • Innovation Hub: what they are, history, how they are created, Miami, the future hub.
  • (Venture Capital in) Latam: big problems lead to global opportunities.
  • What Latam needs to compete globally in venture capital.
  • Emerging markets: historically separated, today global scale opportunities.
  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • The path from technologist to entrepreneur.
  • The role of mentor/advisor: how to be a good mentor.
  • Startups and investors: a conversation at eye level (or so it should be…).
  • The difference between Web3 startups and Web2 startups.
  • The impact of exponential technologies (blockchain, AI, sensors, cloud vs. edge computing, etc.) on different industries: Finance, insurance, logistics, entertainment, video games, etc.
  • Blockchain and AI: Trends – current and future applications in different industries.