Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli, Italian Physicist and best selling author by Promotivate Speakers Agency
  • Physicist and author pioneering the loop quantum gravity theory.
  • Author of “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,” a worldwide bestseller in multiple languages.
  • Teachers at Aix-Marseille University are in charge of quantum gravity research.
  • Top global thinker for his influential ideas and writings.

Carlo Rovelli’s fantastic work on loop quantum gravity has broadened our grasp of the universe’s foundations. Rovelli is more than simply a scientist; he has a unique capacity to make complicated scientific issues clear and exciting for people. The two most renowned books, “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” and “The Order of Time,” exceeded sales records and inspired general interest in theoretical physics problems.

Rovelli’s writing and speaking are well-known for being very accessible, with insights that delve deep into the mysteries of the universe. This distinct combination has established him as a prominent figure in making difficult scientific concepts appealing to a broad audience. Rovelli’s work has effectively bridged the gap between the complex realm of scientific theories and many people’s inherent curiosity about the universe.

Recognition and Achievements of Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli’s voyage in science shines brightly with remarkable achievements and prestigious honours. He stands out for his innovative work on loop quantum gravity theory. This theory has revolutionized how we see the universe’s fabric, challenging old beliefs on space and time. It’s a vital component of his legacy, presenting fresh insights into the universe’s most fundamental mysteries.

His books, especially “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,” have become well-known outside of academia. They have caught the attention of people throughout the world by making complex scientific subjects attractive and relatable. This book has sold over a million copies and been translated into forty-one languages. His following publication, “The Order of Time,” goes into the complexities of time, further exhibiting his expertise in making science fascinating for everyone. In 2019, Foreign Policy magazine named Rovelli one of the 100 most influential global intellectuals. This prize highlights his enormous impact on research and public understanding. His involvement at Aix-Marseille University and affiliations with the Perimeter Institute and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy underline his importance in theoretical physics.

Rovelli’s career is an encouraging example of how exploring the universe’s mysteries may be scientific and narrative. He bridges the distance between the microscopic domain of quantum particles and the immense cosmos, bringing the universe’s mysteries closer to everyone. His work not only advances science but also inspires astonishment and admiration at the magnificence of the universe.

Carlo Rovelli – Speaker

When Carlo Rovelli speaks, his audience is genuinely engaged. He infuses his lectures with a profound knowledge of the cosmos, rendering challenging scientific ideas comprehensible and poignant. His talks frequently combine philosophy, science, and personal experiences to compel his audience to reflect carefully on the wonders of the cosmos. In addition to being extremely passionate, Rovelli’s speeches are also very educational. He is a firm believer in the ability of knowledge to pique interest and inspire change.

Speaking Topics

  • The Nature of Time and Space
  • Quantum Gravity and the Universe
  • The Philosophy of Science
  • The Art of Science Communication
  • Exploring the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics


Lorenzo de Leo

Lorenzo de Leo Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Entrepreneurship and corporate innovation expert
  • Has a vast experience of the aerospace sector
  • Possesses a deep understanding of innovation hubs and venture capital
  • Managing partner at Rokk3r

Lorenzo de Leo has a vast background in emerging technologies, innovation, and startups. His career while teaching at the Complutense University of Madrid saw him lead more than 100 innovation projects in the Americas. He has developed a deep understanding of innovation hubs, venture capital in the US and Latin America, and the transformative impact of exponential technologies across various industries.

Lorenzo de Leo has played a key role at various organisations. Amongst these, he includes ARQUIMEA, Rokk3r, and Rayo Capital. He has reviewed thousands of startup pitches across the globe and advised companies that secured substantial funding while a mentor at Techstars and Web3 Spaces as well as while a member of the Stanford AI& Web3 Research Lab.

Involvement in Aerospace Industry

His educational background saw Lorenzo de Leo obtain a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics, he joined ARQUIMEA. This is the aerospace spin-off from Carlos III University. While there, he led projects across the aerospace, security, health, and robotics industries, amongst various others. This was done in collaboration with the European Union, the European Space Agency, and the Japanese Space Agency.

The technology transfer activities Lorenzo de Leo was involved in significantly contributed to the launch of four startups and established a solid foundation for ARQUIMEAs ongoing growth.

As Managing Partner at Rokk3r, Lorenzo de Leo has led many projects in the US and Latin America. Rokk3r created and co-founded more than fifty startups. He also developed the company’s educational platform for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

As a regular contributor to the Inter-American Development Bank, Lorenzo de Leo writes about emerging technologies and trends in Latin America and globally.

Lorenzo de Leo – Speaker

His fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian has allowed Lorenzo de Leo to connect with diverse audiences across the globe. He has delivered lectures and masterclasses on various renowned international platforms, including, amongst many others, London Business School, Forbes Mexico, and SXSW. He shares insights on topics that range from company building to the nuances of blockchain to the application of AI to various industries. He currently resides in Miami, USA, but also spends time in Italy and Spain.

Speaking Topics

  • Innovation Hub: what they are, history, how they are created, Miami, the future hub.
  • (Venture Capital in) Latam: big problems lead to global opportunities.
  • What Latam needs to compete globally in venture capital.
  • Emerging markets: historically separated, today global scale opportunities.
  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • The path from technologist to entrepreneur.
  • The role of mentor/advisor: how to be a good mentor.
  • Startups and investors: a conversation at eye level (or so it should be…).
  • The difference between Web3 startups and Web2 startups.
  • The impact of exponential technologies (blockchain, AI, sensors, cloud vs. edge computing, etc.) on different industries: Finance, insurance, logistics, entertainment, video games, etc.
  • Blockchain and AI: Trends – current and future applications in different industries.

Joe Navarro

joe navarro
  • Former FBI Special Agent and becoming one of the youngest agents at the FBI
  • Is a leading expert on body language and nonverbal communication
  • Excels as a preeminent expert in the field of body language

Joe Navarro used nonverbal communication as his primary professional tool in the FBI to catch and interview spies, criminals, and terrorists. Since leaving the FBI, his life’s work has been in building awareness about the power of nonverbal communication, debunking myths and falsehoods about nonverbals, and giving people insight into how to better utilize nonverbals to enhance their communication skills.

Joe Navarro was a Spycatcher for the FBI for decades. Using his specialized skills in behavioural assessment, he mastered the craft of counterintelligence through nonverbal communication. Since retiring, he has authored 13 books dealing with human behaviour and lectured widely on the importance and practical use of nonverbal communication.

His knowledge helps us see beyond words, showing real feelings and purposes. Through his Body Language Academy, Joe encourages others to improve their communication skills. His work teaches us about body language and the power of observation and understanding. Joe Navarro is not just an expert; he is a guide to understanding the secrets of human contact.

Recognition and Achievements of Joe Navarro

His expertise in interpreting complex body language has rendered him a valuable asset in behavioural analysis, leadership, and negotiation. Navarro has written thirteen best-selling books, including “What Every BODY is Saying,” which is still the best-selling body language book worldwide. His thoughts have been highlighted in renowned journals such as Psychology Today, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Navarro’s passion for education and training is evident through his Body Language Academy, where he offers exclusive online instruction. This curriculum is aimed to provide individuals with the tools to flourish in their personal and professional lives by understanding nonverbal communication. The academy’s curriculum, reinforced with Navarro’s wide expertise and practical insights, has assisted numerous students and professionals across various industries.

Speaker and Author – Joe Navarro

Navarro is a massively respected author and speaker who shares his profound knowledge of nonverbal communication and its influence on human interaction. His presentations leverage his extensive background in behavioural analysis, gained from his years as an FBI agent, and his deep dive into the psychology of body language. Navarro offers invaluable insights for individuals and organizations, focusing on interpreting nonverbal cues to enhance interpersonal relationships and business negotiations. He is a passionate advocate for applying nonverbal intelligence across various sectors, and his talks often explore themes of influence, trust-building, and the subtle dynamics of human behaviour.

Speaking topics

  • Mastering Nonverbal Communication
  • Insights from a Body Language Expert
  • The Science Behind Body Language
  • Nonverbal Intelligence in Leadership

Joao Cordeiro

Joao Cordeiro Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication expert
  • Talent igniter on a mission to raise human potential awareness
  • Successful business owner who sold three extraordinarily successful companies to pursue a different path
  • Overcame physical disability to pursue a football career only to have change forced upon him

Like most people, Joao Cordeiro has lived a life filled with ups and downs. Diagnosed with a severe neurological disorder at the tender age of ten, he was informed he could never take part in sports. He proved the doctors wrong and excelled at football. He became a goalkeeper.

By the time he turned nineteen, Joao Cordeiro played for a European club and was a short step away from signing a contract with Milan. Due to injuries and emotional issues, he had to let go of his dream before even reaching his peak.

Joao Cordeiro then went on to become an entrepreneur, only to have his first business venture fail when he was 23 years old. This resulted in him falling into a deep depression. While he had a lot of unpaid debts, he had also experienced a 30kg increase in weight.


Instead of giving up, however, Joao Cordeiro decided to embrace adversity. He went on to create a second company focused on business networking and behavioural training. After six years of blood, sweat, and tears, his new venture turned out a success. The rest, as they say, is history.

The main lesson learned, according to Joao Cordeiro, is that most people are not mentally and emotionally prepared to build the professional and personal life they genuinely want. Most people live repressed lives, with their talents crushed by various internal and external factors. These include their fears, insecurities, false beliefs, dependencies on others, and toxic relationships.

Making Another Change

In 2017, Joao Cordeiro found himself owning three companies. Although successful in Portugal and Brazil, he felt it was time to follow a different path. He went on to exclusively dedicate himself to coaching, mentoring, and delivering talks that relate to talent, leadership, communication, potential, development, and personal mastery.

Joao Cordeiro, who consistently strives to learn new things, searched for great mentors and found them. He became the first Portuguese person at Sharma Leadership International and the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. He also attended a course in Building High-Performing Teams at Harvard University in the United States.

To date, his journey has seen Joao Cordeiro invest thousands of hours in learning, thinking, and doing. He has participated in over three hundred events and helped more than 14,000 people from twenty different nationalities in their business and personal lives.

Joao Cordeiro – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Joao Cordeiro engages his audiences by delivering content, ideas, and tools that make people aware of their true potential and, in doing so, achieve unusual results. He lives in Portugal and presents in Portuguese and English.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Talent development and retention
  • Emotional Intelligence and well-being
  • Motivation and Resilience
  • Goals and High Performance
  • Building Strong relationships in challenging environments


Hitesh Ramchandani

Hitesh Ramchandani Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Better Than Normal: A recognised top global diversity and inclusion leader.
  • Singapore Paralympic Medal winner
  • Overcame many challenges posed by cerebral palsy to become a successful speaker and entrepreneur
  • Author of Better Than Normal

Hitesh Ramchandani has a life story that boggles the imagination. Born with cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s mistake and not expected to live to the next day, he has gone on to distinguish himself as an athlete, speaker, and businessman.

Someone who refused to allow his disability to rule his life or determine his limits, Hitesh Ramchandani, with his love of football, went on to become a Singapore Paralympic Football Team medal winner. These days, a sought-after keynote speaker on a global scale, his wish is to inspire over 50 million people by 2050.

Besides his phenomenal success as an athlete and public speaker, Hitesh Ramchandra is also an entrepreneur. He founded BTN Physio Hub, the largest physiotherapy clinic in Asia. He also regularly features on local and global television and radio, in magazines, and even a Bollywood movie! In addition to this, he was recognized as a Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader in 2019. He also received the Asia Excellence Award, which recognises him as one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

But this was not enough. Hitesh Ramchandani has gone on to author a book titled “Better Than Normal”. The book, based on his own life story, describes how he grew up with cerebral palsy and tackled and overcame the challenges he faced in his life.

Hitesh Ramchandani – Speaker

Hitesh Ramchandani has done over 400 keynotes and inspired over 10 million people globally with his insightful talks based on his perceptions and experiences. His talks have him share real-life stories and examples of how he uses willpower, resilience, and mental toughness to overcome the challenges he faces in his daily life due to his disability.

Hitesh Ramchandani lives in Singapore and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • LEADERSHIP & RESILIENCE: This keynote topic is best suited for C-suite leaders, Senior Managers, Aspiring Leaders, and entrepreneurs.

What will you learn:

Steps to create a winning culture in your organisation.

Eliminating gossip and politics in your organisation.

Examining evolving models and trends of Leadership.

Understanding the psychology behind Resilience.

The leadership lesson Hitesh learnt when he played for the Singapore Paralympic Football team

  • DIVERSITY EQUITY & INCLUSION: This keynote topic is best suited for DEI Leaders, HR Leaders, Talent Acquisition Leaders, and organisations striving to inculcate DEI in their culture.

What will you learn:

Rethinking the DEI Value Proposition.

Embracing Diversity Equity & Inclusion at the workplace.

Learning how to leverage DE&I as a Catalyst for Productivity & Profits.

Exploring Unconscious Biases which lead to our DE&I decision-making process.

Why global companies need to have a diverse mindset when they are operating in a diverse environment.

The misunderstood meaning of “Privilege” from Hitesh’s perspective of being born with cerebral palsy.

  • SALES & MOTIVATION: This keynote topic is best suited for Financial Service Agents, Real Estate Agents, Pharmaceutical Sales representatives, Sales Engineers, or any other Sales-Related Profession.

What will you learn:

Mind hacks for self-motivation.

Psychological strategies to increase sales rate.

Building trust with customers and prospects.

The art of handling rejections.

How Hitesh became an entrepreneur and global influencer despite having a disability.

Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Northern Irish former World Boxing Champion in two weight groups
  • Advocate for social cohesion and conflict resolution
  • He is a role model for inclusive education, not least with his experience growing up in a divided Northern Ireland

Carl Frampton, aka ‘The Jackal’, is a boxing world champion in two weight groups. He proved himself one of the best boxers of his generation.

Carl Frampton became a professional boxer in 2009. However, the Northern Irishman quickly climbs the ranks. He won both the IBF and WBA Super-Bantamweight belts. He then went on to win the WBA Featherweight Championship. This feat made history as he was the first Northern Irish fighter to win a world title in two weight divisions.

Someone regarded as one of the most exciting boxers to watch in the ring, Carl Frampton is known for his destructive punching power, intelligence, and speed.

What made Carl Frampton so famous in the global boxing and sporting community, however, was his grounded personality, entertaining style, and humour. These traits gained him an intensely loyal following and cemented his status as a global mainstream star.

Overcoming Challenges

Carl Frampton did not have an easy road to the top. But guided by the strength and support of his community and strong family values, he gained ultimate victory.

Born into a staunchly loyalist area of North Belfast, Carl Frampton grew up during the back end of the troubles in Northern Ireland. Although he showed promise as a sportsman at an early age, Carl Frampton, who started boxing at the tender age of nine, soon had to decide whether to keep boxing or consider a football career. Boxing won out, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Advocate for social cohesion and conflict resolution, Carl Frampton has become a prominent supporter of Integrated Education. He campaigns for inclusive education; in other words, children from different religions should not receive their education in different schools. Determined to stand as a role model for the future of Northern Ireland, he wants to ensure that the next generation grows up without the prejudices of the past.

Passionate about promoting opportunities for young people, Carl Frampton strives for the development of social skills and career prospects for the younger generation through sport. He was awarded an MBE for services to boxing and the community in 2016 at the New Year’s Honours.

Life After Boxing

His life after boxing has seen Carl Frampton go on to have a successful media career. As a leading boxing pundit, he has worked with BBC and TNT Sports. He also fronts documentaries looking into the mental health of young men. In addition to this, he is a successful businessman who has applied his philosophy of success during his boxing career to various business ventures.

Carl Frampton – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Carl Frampton speaks from the heart. He highlights the importance of making the right decisions, seeking out the support of mentors, and applying a focused mindset to pursue your goals. He lives in Northern Ireland and presents in English.

Speaking Topics

  • Setting goals and tracking them down
  • Determination and sacrifice
  • Teamwork
  • Youth opportunity and the power of mentoring
  • Social cohesion and conflict resolution
  • Experience in the world of sports and moving into the business world


Antonio Cincotta

Antonio Cincotta Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Leading Italian Women’s Football Club Coach and serial winner
  • Teamwork expert and international women’s football coach
  • Regular television moderator and host
  • Expert storyteller who delivers impactful presentations

Antonio Cincotta is known as a successful international women’s football coach. He was the Head Coach of Fiorentina. Under his guidance, the team won one Serie A, two Italy Cups, and one Super Cup.


Antonio Cincotta with his innate ability to talk and inspire was the official anchor and moderator for one event with the Football Word Champion Marco Materazzi.

Antonio is often host, guest or moderator in TV channels as CBS, Sky, La 7 and in the international convention for American Soccer Coach Association.

He also worked as a protagonist for People of Shibuya in the creation of advertisements for their newest collection.


In June 2021, Coach Cincotta wrote one of the best Italian football stories. The Club Sampdoria, under his tenure, did what was later called “the miracle”. Sampdoria bought a sports franchise to take part in the Serie A for the very first time and even though they started from zero, without even having any players, they didn’t only avoid relegation, but achieving the 6th position in Serie A, a higher position than clubs with four times the budget of Sampdoria.

Only 27 years old, Cincotta became the first Italian coach to sign a contract in the Women’s Premier Soccer League in the USA as the head coach of AC Seattle.


Italian professional soccer coach Antonio Cincotta is regarded as one of the most successful coaches in the history of Italian women’s soccer. He was the Head Coach of Fiorentina, where he won 1 Scudetto (Serie A), 2 Italy Cups and 1 Super Cup.

He was also in the Uefa Champions League 4 times, 3 of which he achieved the prestigious round of 16. At only 38 years old, Antonio Cincotta is the ONLY COACH in ITALY able to succeed in every Italian football division, winning 6 titles in a row in 5 years.


He is a guest speaker and executive coach for international companies like KPMG, EY, Lega Serie A and College Life Italia. He works with communication, inspiration and motivation to ensure peak performance in a winning team.

In the last four years, prestigious universities have invited him to give speeches on the graduation day about life coaching and motivations.

Story Telling

Antonio uses his experiences, from a sport and tv performance background, to help audiences in their quest for a change. With an edutainment way of speaking, Cincotta has become an expert in storytelling at the same time as teaching how to optimise human potential, both in the world of business and the world of sport.

Adept at tailoring his manner concerning the audience’s needs, he loves to mix inspiration and humour to keep them engaged throughout his talks.

Team Work

Only 27 years old, Cincotta became the first Italian coach to sign a contract in the Women’s Premier Soccer League in USA, as the head coach of AC Seattle, from that moment, ho works in team work about sport and business team work every days of his life.

Antonio Cincotta – Speaker

He present in both English and Italian and after every client presentation Antonio Cincotta offers to send the clients a summary of his performance.

Speaking Topics

  • Switch from Ambitions into achievements
  • Negative looks back, inspiration is the “place to be”.
  • Team Working storytelling and action
  • Consumer behaviours and psychology
  • Flexible relationships make winning teams
  • Creativity is an asset
  • Leadership and performance: be yourself, not the best, but the one

Jaron Lanier

  • Founded VPL Research, the first VR product company of the first companies to commercialize virtual reality technology
  • Writes internationally best-selling books on tech philosophy and economics.
  • Criticizes advertising models, and proposes human-centered digital economics.
  • Awarded numerous honorary doctorates and prestigious honours.
  • Musician and composer, collaborates with famous artists, and Microsoft scientists.

Jaron Lanier, the godfather of virtual reality, has worked with web visionaries. He loves to highlight technology’s flaws and believes the internet has limited our choices. Lanier finds potential in new AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. He believes these tools could give users more control over their online experiences. Currently, AI algorithms often dictate what we see online, potentially limiting our curiosity and exploration. Lanier yearns for a return to the days of independent discovery, like browsing physical bookstores, where choice and serendipity thrived.

Recognition and Achievements of Jaron Lanier

Lanier is a key figure in virtual reality. He likely invented the term “Virtual Reality.” His early work at VPL Research set the stage for VR’s use in various fields. Lanier’s ideas have shaped how we interact with virtual worlds. Moreover, Lanier is a respected writer. He discusses technology’s impact on society. His work offers a critical view of digital economics. Lanier suggests new ways to think about technology and its role.

Lanier’s work has won him global renown. He has received many honorary doctorates. Awards include the IEEE Lifetime Career Award and Harvard’s Goldsmith Book Prize. In 2018, Wired Magazine listed him among the top 25 tech influencers. Time Magazine called him one of the world’s most important individuals. ‘s most influential people. Furthermore, Lanier has founded startups now owned by major corporations. He currently works at Microsoft, focusing on technology and neuroscience. His role reflects his diverse interests and expertise.

Jaron Lanier – Speaker and Musician

As a speaker, Lanier shares insights from his vast experience in technology. He covers topics like virtual reality, digital economics, and the human impact of tech. His speeches draw from his personal journey and professional achievements.

Additionally, Lanier is an accomplished musician. He has played alongside well-known performers across numerous genres. His music career complements his tech expertise, demonstrating his multiple talents.

Speaking Topics

  • The Future of Virtual Reality
  • Tech Philosophy and Economics
  • Human-Centric Digital Economics
  • Challenges of Advertising Models in Tech
  • Innovations in Music and Science

Chris Heemskerk

Chris Heemskerk Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Ex-Apple & Google USA – Former Head of Scaled Acquisitions, Google USA
  • Featured in Harvard Case Study as an advisor to Google’s Innovation Lab.
  • Innovation, Leadership & Design Thinking trained at Harvard & Stanford Business School, Boston & Palo Alto.
  • Author of The Innovation Scorecard™️
  • Founder of The Innovation Alliance.

Chris Heemskerk is a sought-after innovation speaker, author and practitioner. He has addressed, amongst many others, The United Nations in Rome, and the Arizona Technology Council’s CEO Summit of 2023.

Drawing from over a decade of experience at leading technology firms, including Google and Apple, Chris Heemskerk showcases his vision of corporate innovation by heading The Innovation Alliance, a global network of tech executives and innovation leaders.

As former Head of Scaled Acquisitions for Google in North America, Chris transformed his business operation into a global center for innovation and operational excellence. Hence, he was asked to serve as an advisor to Google’s Innovation Lab and established a partnership with Harvard Business School to document the lab’s endeavors in two HBS Case Studies, in which he features.

In pursuit of providing organizations with the necessary resources to innovate consistently, he authored The Innovation Scorecard™️, a comprehensive framework that enables firms to maximize their innovation capabilities and discover new growth opportunities.

He has been a sought-after innovation speaker and workshop facilitator both internally at Google and externally, including features at The United Nations in Rome and the Arizona Technology Council’s CEO Summit of 2023.

Chris’s educational journey is rooted in his passion for lifelong learning. He is a faculty member of The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (, holds Executive Certifications in Innovation Leadership from Harvard Business School (HBS), and acquired sponsorship to attend the HBS High Potential Leadership Program of 2019. He’s certified in Design Thinking at Stanford University and holds an MSc in Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance.

He alternates between Europe and The United States together with his wife and three-year-old son.

Chris Heemskerk – Speaker

Key Audience

As a keynote speaker, Chris Heemskerk has, as his primary audience, C-level, and Sr. Executives. He is fluent in English and Dutch, has a limited working proficiency in French and German, and an elementary proficiency in Italian. He divides his time between Amsterdam and the USA.

Speaking Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Innovation Culture
  • Innovation Labs
  • Digital Transformation

Audience Takeaways

The audience will learn about the art and science of innovation that is practiced by the world’s leading organizations, and what we can learn from them.

The following questions will be addressed:

‘’How can some firms innovate consistently, while most cannot?’’
‘’How can you build an Innovation Engine for your organization?’’
‘’How can you build and lead a culture of Innovation in your organization?’’
‘’How can we leverage AI in our business?’’
‘’How can we build an AI strategy for our business?’’

The keynote provides concrete, actionable steps to drive innovation in your organization with the use of the proprietary framework called The Innovation Scorecard™️.

Gideon Rachman

Gideon Rachman Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Geopolitics and foreign affairs expert: Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas
  • Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist, Financial Times
  • Regular broadcaster for the BBS, CNN, and NPR
  • Bestselling author

In July 2006, Gideon Rachman became the chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times. Before this, he spent 15 years at The Economist. He worked as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, Washington, and Bangkok. He was also an editor for The Economist’s business and Asia sections. His areas of interest include American foreign policy, the European Union, and globalization. In 2010, Rachman published his book, Zero-Sum World, which explores the future of international relations.

Gideon Rachman earned a first-class honours degree in History from Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge University in 1984. While there, he befriended Richard Tomlinson, a future MI6 agent, and provided him with a reference for his Kennedy Scholarship application. He began his career in 1984 with the BBC World Service and later became a visiting fellow and Fulbright scholar at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs from 1987 to 1988. He worked as a reporter for The Sunday Correspondent in Washington DC from 1988 to 1990.

Gideon Rachman is a regular broadcaster for the BBC, CNN, and NPR, and also speaks publicly before academic and business audiences. He is the author of ‘Easternisation – War and Peace in the Asian Century’, ‘Zero Sum World: Politics Power and Prosperity After the Crash’ and ‘Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century’.

Gideon Rachman – Speaker

Gideon Rachman speaks on topics encompassing economics, global politics, globalisation, and global polycrises. He lives in the United Kingdom and speaks English.

Speaking Topics

  • Zero-Sum World
  • The Future of Globalisation
  • The European Union
  • US-China Relations
  • European Economy
  • American Foreign Policy

Harris Mylonas

Harris Mylonas Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speakers
  • Nationalism and geopolitics expert; editor-in-chief of Nationalities Papers
  • Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University
  • Offers new perspectives on global challenges and provides insights into United States, European, and Greek domestic politics
  • Award-winning author

Award-winning political scientist and editor-in-chief of Nationalities Papers, Harris Mylonas serves as an independent voice on difficult political issues. These include geopolitical trends and risks, the role of nationalism in international and domestic politics, and polarisation and identity politics in the United States.

Harris Mylonas is an academic with over fifteen years of experience. His work has influenced policies in various government agencies. He has given several presentations to various government branches. These include the Foreign Service Institute and the Office of International Religious Freedom at the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. DoD’s Intelligence Community where he unpacks the political developments in the EU, Greece, and the Eastern Mediterranean. He has also contributed to Executive Analytic Exchanges about geopolitical matters for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the U.S. Department of State. Mylonas has also briefed U.S. Ambassadors before taking up their postings in Greece and Cyprus.

During his long career, Harris Mylonas has given talks to and put together policy memos for many think tanks. Amongst these, he includes the likes of The Asian Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul, the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington DC, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC, and the Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University.

Harris Mylonas has been part of PONARS Eurasia for over fifteen years. This network consists of more than 140 academics. Most of them hail from America and post-Soviet Eurasia, striving to bridge scholarly insights with actionable policy in the region. He has also been an Advisor for the Aspen Institute’s vital initiative “Who is Us? A Project on American Identity”. The Citizenship and American Identity Programme manages the initiative.

Author, Filmmaker, Podcast Co-Producer

An award-winning author of books covering various political issues, Harris Mylonas has also made a documentary film. In “Searching for Andreas: Political Leadership in Times of Crises” he explores the consequences of voter overreliance on charismatic leaders. He also co-produced the podcast “American Constitutive Stories”. The podcast serves as a platform where Americans from diverse backgrounds can share their understanding of various topics.

Someone with a widely respected voice in his field, Harris Mylonas has seen his insights published in various news outlets. These include The Washington Post,, The Guardian, Foreign Affairs, and many more. He also regularly appears on radio and television. He has appeared on the BBC, CNN, CBC Radio, and Voice of America.

Academic Background

Regarding his academic background, Harris Mylonas earned his MA in Political Science from the University of Chicago. From there he went on to complete his PhD in Political Science from at Yale University. He then served as an Academy Scholar at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies at Harvard University for two years. Mylonas has been a Professor at George Washington University since 2009. He also served as Associate Dean for Research at the Elliott School of International Affairs. Other positions include his stint as Chair of the Council for European Studies Research Network and his decade-long term as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Studies of Nationalities.

Harris Mylonas – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Harris Mylonas focuses on various areas pertaining to geopolitics. His area of expertise includes U.S. and European affairs, especially that of Greece. He currently resides in Spain and speaks English, Greek, and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Partisanship, Polarization & Identity Politics in the United States
  • US elections
  • The Origins and Impact of Charismatic Leadership on Politics
  • The Geopolitics of Fifth Column Accusations
  • What can we do to prevent exclusionary politics such as ethnic cleansing?
  • Geopolitical Risk and the Nature of the International System
  • Shifting Paradigms: From the Unipolar Moment to Regional Multilateralism?
  • EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans
  • Greek Politics

Reese Wong

Reese Wong Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Changemaker and community builder aiming to lead and catalyse social impact
  • Selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper
  • Passionate advocate for sustainable development goals
  • Vice Curator at London Hub II

Reese Wong founded ISSIA, Hong Kong’s largest youth-led nonprofit when he was only sixteen years old. The nonprofit aims to empower young changemakers through peer-to-peer and project-based learning. ISSIA has, with its 300+ volunteers from more than eighty schools, launched over thirty projects and featured on more than fifteen platforms. Nasdaq is one of these.

He was selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. This results from his work as a passionate advocate for Sustainable Development Goals. Reese Wong is also a Future Minds 25 Under 25 awardee, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of Catalyst 2030.

Reese Wong has worked at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and as a Communications Consultant for Ashoka. The latter is the world’s largest community of social entrepreneurs. He was the Community Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. He is currently the Vice Curator at London Hub II.

As an advocate, Reese Wong has addressed audiences at over sixty engagements thus far. Amongst his engagements, he includes appearances at the World Humanitarian Forum and Asia Pacific International Schools Conference. He has appeared at conferences alongside youth leaders, leading social entrepreneurs, and civil servants.

Reese Wong is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics.

Reese Wong – Speaker

Originally from Hong Kong and currently residing in the United Kingdom, Reese Wong talks about a wide variety of subjects. These include community, the future of work, entrepreneurship, social impact, and career development. He speaks three languages, i.e., English, Chinese, and Cantonese.

Speaking Topics

  • Young Changemakers: Unleashing the Impact of Gen Z: This workshop showcases case studies of young entrepreneurs and how they have made significant social impact. We now live in an ‘everyone a changemaker world’; how can you empower more young people to participate in social change?
  • Social Entrepreneurship 101: Scaling Your Impact: Primarily aimed at younger audiences; this workshop introduces the concept of social entrepreneurship and how young people can identify their passions (Ikigai framework) and work towards launching a socially impactful project and position themselves as future global leaders.
  • Using LinkedIn to Level Up Your Personal Brand: Learn about how to optimise your LinkedIn to increase your ‘surface area of luck’ and maximise the number of opportunities that come your way.

Bruno Marion

Bruno Marion Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • The Futurist Monk: an expert on global trends and innovation
  • Bestselling author of ‘Chaos, a User’s Guide’
  • Expert on Asian cultures
  • Interests include philosophy, spirituality, science, and the latest technologies

The Futurist Month Monk, bestselling author, and speaker Bruno Marion helps people and organisations navigate uncertainty, create new breakthroughs, become more resilient, and benefit from crises. This he does through a new actionable framework powered by the Science of Chaos. His bestseller, Chaos, a User’s Guide, explains how you can take advantage of chaos and uncertainty.

Bruno Marion has travelled across the globe for the past thirty years. He has spent his time meeting CEOs, religious leaders, Indian and Silicon Valley gurus, homeless people, successful entrepreneurs, artists, high-level politicians, and just about everyone from every walk of life possible. Someone who meditates every day, he also reads over 100 books a year. His topics of interest in this regard include philosophy, spirituality, science, and the latest innovations in technology. He has experimented with cutting-edge technologies, investigated new governance types, and explored smart cities and disruptive ways of living.

A Physics Engineer who also holds an MBA, Bruno Marion has occupied senior executive positions in various international companies. He is considered an expert writer on Asian cultures. As a result of his career, experiences, and interactions with others, Bruno Marion has discovered that one can see the world as it is and not as it used to be. One can indeed understand and survive in the chaotic world we live in.

Bruno Marion – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Bruno Marion focuses on the future. His wide area of expertise includes global trends, resilience, innovation, and organisational changes needed to cope with future trends. He lives in France and speaks English and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Future
  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • New thinking
  • Organisational change
  • Global trends
  • Megatrends
  • Forecasts
  • Sustainability
  • Crisis management
  • Decision making
  • Asia
  • Breakthroughs
  • Complexity
  • Butterfly effect
  • Resilience

Alvaro Vizcaino

Alvaro Vizcaino Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Strategies for managing adversity and change
  • Netflix movie based on his personal story and bestselling book ‘SOLO’
  • Keynotes provide purpose and responsibility to teams

A successful businessman with a love of surfing, Alvaro Vizcaino saw his life change in a heartbeat. Not only did he have an accident but landed up in an isolated area with severe injuries. He had to survive on his own for three days without any help. He is a notable example of survival in the face of adversity.

The time spent trying to survive resulted in a lot of introspection. Alvaro Vizcaino had learned some powerful lessons during his ordeal which he relates in a direct, powerful, and inspiring way with audiences. He focuses on finding inner resources to overcome uncertainty. To do so, he makes use of his training in psychology, mindfulness, and coaching to motivate his audience.

An inspirational expert with a transgressive approach to self-improvement, Alvaro Vizcaino believes that the potential for change lies in fear. According to him, most self-help books focus on the “how” of doing something. They do not look at the source of a behaviour or condition, i.e., the “what” and the “why”. However, once you look at “what you do” and “why” you do it, it gives you clarity on how you can move forward. This applies to both businesses and people.

Alvaro Vizcaino deals with his life’s most difficult issues bluntly. He tells his emotional story of how he became a castaway, his revelations during this time, and his rescue. The bestselling author of “Solo”, his story was also captured in the Spanish feature film SOLO.

Alvaro Vizcaino – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Alvaro Vizcaino conveys powerful talks focusing on the acceptance of circumstances to be able to adapt. His story of the miracle of the spirit to self-improve generates a call for urgency in life. He delivers a positive, motivational message. He lives in Spain and speaks English and Spanish.

Speaking topics

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Adaption and Resilience
  • Managing yourself
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing uncertainty

Alvaro Vizcaino – En Espanol:

Temáticas: Superación, motivación, cambio

> Estratégias ante la adversidad
> Coaching de equipos – propósito y responsabilidad
> Película de Netflix basada en su historia personal “SOLO”
> Gran discurso y visualización guiada

Álvaro es un empresario independiente que ha sabido aprovechar el riesgo para utilizarlo a su favor transformando las dificultades en oportunidades.

Antes del accidente que cambiaría su vida, ayudaba a sus clientes a facturar millones de euros en el sector e-commerce. “Buscando la ola perfecta” encontró la prueba perfecta, una de esas en las que se pierde o se gana todo. En una excursión para hacer surf en una zona inhóspita de la isla, cayó por un acantilado y sobrevivió 48 horas perdido con graves lesiones.

Esta increíble historia de cómo escapó de la muerte se cuenta también a través de la película “SOLO” (Netflix). Una historia de cambio y adaptación constante, de eso trata su conferencia; cómo adaptarse y sobrevivir en entornos nuevos y amenazantes. También tiene estudios en psicología, mindfulness y coaching, que utiliza para motivar a cada tipo de público. Consigue crear una metáfora con la situación de cada equipo. Su conferencia es ideal para inspirar a la audiencia hacia el cambio en entornos de incertidumbre. Propone un método claro para practicar durante la conferencia.

Las conferencias de Álvaro Vizcaíno giran entorno cuatro temáticas:

  • Motivación: La historia de este milagro contada en primera persona genera en la audiencia una llamada de urgencia de vida.
  • Adaptación y resiliencia: Muestra cómo liberar el potencial interno y aprender a tomar decisiones difíciles analizando cada situación que se nos presenta.
  • Autoconocimiento y liderazgo: Álvaro es un fiel creyente de que el que mejor se conoce, se limita menos por sus juicios y hace un mejor diagnóstico de la situación para ofrecer nuevas visiones y posibilidades.
  • Superación: Aprender a encontrar las oportunidades ocultas tras las dificultades.


A pesar de la dura e impresionante historia, el mensaje está cargado de positivismo y de ilusión, ¡sales con ganas de vivir!


Alejandro Aravena

Alejandro Aravena Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Leading architect – 2016 Pritzker Prize winner
  • Founder of ELEMENTAL “Do Tank” to design and build low-cost housing
  • Named one of the 20 new heroes in the world by Monocle magazine
  • International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architecture since 2010

Alejandro Aravena is an architect known for his socially conscious building projects. With his work, he attempts to break down economic inequality in urban areas.

After graduating as an architect at the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 1992, Alejandro Aravena went on to establish his own practice, Alejandro Aravena Architects in 1994. He has led ELEMENTAL, which he co-founded, since 2001. This “Do Tank” has gained international acclaim. It focuses on designing affordable housing solutions that prioritize community engagement and sustainable design.

Someone whose work often integrates urban planning, social housing, and public space design, Alejandro Aravena strives to create holistic solutions that address complex social issues. Amongst these, he includes poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.

Recognition Gained

ELEMENTAL has embarked on building in various countries like the USA, China, Switzerland, Mexico, and of course, Chile. After suffering much damage during the 2010 earthquake and tsunami that hit Chile, ELEMENTAL was tasked to help with the city’s reconstruction. Alejandro Aravena’s partners in this venture are Gonzalo Arteaga, Juan Cerda, Victor Oddo, and Diega Torres.

In 2010, Alejandro Aravena was named International Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He is also a Board Member of the Cities Program of the London School of Economics, the Swiss Holcim Foundation, and the Director of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016. He is also a Regional Advisory Board Member of the David Rockefeller Centre for Latin American Studies, a foundational Member of the Chilean Public Policies Society, and Leader of the Helsinki Design Lab for SITRA, the Finnish Government Innovation Fund.

The period 2009 to 2015 saw him as a member of the Pritzker Architecture Prize Jury. He won this prize in 2016. In 2012, he was one of the 100 personalities contributing to the Rio +20 Global Summit. Monocle magazine also named him one of the 20 heroes of the world.

His work in the field of education saw Alejandro Aravena as a Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He also taught at Instituto Universitario de Architetettura de Venezia, the Architectural Association in London, and the London School of Economics. He has held the ELEMENTAL Copec Chair at Universidad Catolica de Chile since 2006.

A bestselling author, Alejandro Aravena has seen his work published in more than fifty countries across the globe.

Alejandro Aravena – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Alejandro Aravena brings a wide range of insights into his talks relating to architecture, people, design, creativity, and so much more. He lives in Chile and speaks English and Spanish.

Speaking Topics

  • Architecture
  • Urbanism
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Community

Martin Wezowski

Conference Speaker Martin Wezowski by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Futurist: Innovation and technology expert
  • Futurist and Chief Designer for SAP’s Technology and Innovation strategy team
  • Former UX (Huawei) board member
  • Maps, builds, and inspires a future all people would want to experience

Martin Wezowski has spent his entire career focusing on innovation and technology.  He has worked in a broad range of design and innovation principles. These include visual, interaction, service, and systems innovation, leading innovation as a strategic, long-term tool for the future.

The Chief Designer and futurist for SAP’s Technology and Innovation strategy team, Martin Wezowski is also a faculty member at Futur/IO, a European future institute. He is, however, also involved in other education programmes. His key focus area is upcoming trends, while his team works directly for the SAP board member in charge of technology and innovation.

Although Martin Wezowski’s younger years saw him play the bass guitar in a punk rock band, a leading German business magazine, Handelsblatt, recently referred to him as one of “Germany’s one hundred smartest innovators. His role as head futurist for the SAP software group is to look ahead.

Martin Wezowski has worked in a wide range of disciplines. He has deviated from UX to system design to define innovation visions and strategies. His current mission sees him map, build, and inspire a future everyone would love to experience.

Martin Wezowski’s role sees him craft future outlooks, concepts, and products. In so doing, he helps to define and run innovation frameworks that determine the next step beyond SAP’s cast ecosystem and the future of work. His work was acknowledged in 2017 when he was named one of a hundred of the most innovative minds in Germany.

Before joining SAP in 2013, Martin Wezowski worked as the creative director for Sony Ericsson in Sweden. He also spent time in China while serving as a director of the UX (Huawei) board. His personal belief is that everything should be given a purpose through innovative design. This includes the various innovation systems themselves.

Martin Wezowski, Speaker

As a conference speaker, Martin Wezowski draws on his international experiences across companies. He believes that collaboration with technology will influence the evolution of humanity. His presentations see him share his passion for his topics and their value in business and society at large. He lives in Germany and speaks five languages. He is fully proficient in English, Polish, and Swedish while boasting an elementary proficiency in German and Russian.

Speaker Topics

  • What the future of technology looks like
  • Innovation
  • The future of work
  • Design the future
  • Humachine: Human machine symbiosis
  • Creative culture
  • Artificial intelligence

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Anders Fogh Rasmussen Conference Speaker by Promotivate Speaker Agency
  • Former Danish Prime Minister and Secretary General of NATO
  • Expert on international leadership and geopolitical issues
  • Offers solutions to global challenges; identifies opportunities for cooperation across borders and industries
  • Bestselling author of “The Will to Lead”

An international statesman and leader, Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the founder of Rasmussen Global. He provides valuable geopolitical and strategic consulting services. As such, Rasmussen Global advises its clients on multiple issue. Examples include Transatlantic relations, international security, emerging markets, and so much more. To do so, they draw on their extensive network of professionals which includes business executives, policy experts, and former officials from across the globe.

His career has seen Anders Fogh Rasmussen taking centre stage in European and global politics for more than thirty years. Positions held include that of the former Danish Prime Minister, Danish Minister of Economic Affairs, that of a leading Danish parliamentarian, and Secretary General of NATO. He is the only prime minister of a country to ever fill this position.

The bestselling author of “The Will to Lead”, Anders Fogh Rasmussen outlines in his book the reasons why American leadership is needed in the world.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is also the founder and chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation. The non-profit aims to advance democracy and free market systems globally. The organisation also holds the yearly Copenhagen Democracy Summit. The Summit has been attended by the likes of previous former Vice-President (now president) Joe Biden and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. He has also launched the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity. The commission was designed to bolster Western democracies outside interference.

On a more recent note, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has worked with the Ukrainian President’s office on a pro-bono basis since the start of the war in Ukraine. President Zelensky asked him to co-author a report on security for Ukraine. The report, known as the Kyiv Security Compact, forms the basis for a bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and G7 nations.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Anders Fogh Rasmussen focuses on international leadership and geopolitical issues. He regularly addresses large audiences at various summits like the Treasury 360° Nordic 2024 – The Nordics’ spectacular event for treasurers – by treasurers. He lives in Denmark and speaks Danish, English, and French.

Speaking Topics

  • Technology: New Frontiers in the Battle for Global Leadership
  • The Post-Covid World
  • American Foreign Policy: A Future of Risks and Opportunities
  • Brexit: The Future Relationship Between the UK, the EU, and the U.S.
  • The Art of Leadership and Negotiation

Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabor Maté
  • A survivor in real life, Budapest-born son of Holocaust survivors.
  • 20 years in family practice, and palliative care.
  • Expert speaker on addiction, stress, and childhood.
  • Worked with patients with drug addiction and mental illness.

Dr. Gabor Maté is a distinguished speaker and bestselling author known for his expertise in addiction, stress, and childhood development. With a focus on holistic healing, he combines scientific research, personal insights, and extensive clinical experience to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being.

After two decades in family practice and palliative care, Dr. Maté spent over ten years in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, addressing challenges in drug addiction and mental illness. Born to Holocaust survivors, his personal experiences shape his understanding of themes like abandonment and rage. Dr. Maté’s talks cover a spectrum of topics, including the mind-body connection, trauma, and fostering resilience, providing valuable insights for diverse audiences.

Dr. Gabor Maté, challenges conventional health narratives in his latest book, “The Myth of Normal.” Maté contends that trauma underlies various health issues, from addiction to chronic diseases, advocating for societal change, holistic healing, and psychedelic-assisted spiritual growth.

While his trauma-focused approach garners attention, skeptics question the scientific evidence supporting his claims. The book critiques individualism and societal pathologies, offering a complex vision for health and well-being. Despite contradictions and potential oversimplifications, Maté’s work resonates with those seeking a holistic understanding of health and societal transformation.

Dr. Gabor Maté – Speaker

Holocaust survivor and family practice veteran, Dr. Gabor Maté, a bestselling author, challenges health norms, emphasizing holistic healing and societal transformation in his work on addiction and stress.

Maté’s Speaking Topics

  • Fighting Addiction
  • Coping Stress
  • Childhood Development
  • Trauma
  • Fostering Resilience