Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson by ProMotivate™ Europe for Motivational Speaking bookings
  • Multiple Olympic Champion who destroyed world records in 200m and 400m.
  • Five times Olympic Gold Medallist* retaining four Olympic Golds.
  • Since retirement has focussed on and excels in helping others develop personal motivation. 
  • Learning from a true champion. How to use motivation to succeed at every level and in all aspects of life.

Michael Johnson won four Olympic Gold medals and eight World Championship Gold Medals. He is regarded as one of the greatest track and field athletes of all time, an icon and legend of the sport.

Michael is an award winning television broadcaster, a renowned motivational speaker, and an Olympic legend.

A Career In Gold

1992 in Barcelona won Olympic Gold in the 4 x 400m relay.

1996 in Atlanta won double gold medal at the Olympics in the 200 meters and 400 meters. He was the first man to win these two gold medals at the same Olympics.

2000 in Sydney won double gold in the 400 meters and 4 x 400m and retired with that.

Michael won 19 gold medals during his career without winning any silver or bronze medals during this entire period. Michael still retains the world record for the 400m.


Michael owns and manages an elite training facility ‘Michael Johnson Performance’ in his hometown in Texas. His academy is a training facility for youth athletes aged 10 to 18 and professional athletes in all sports. He also runs a sport management company for track and field athletes.

*Michael has actually won five Olympic Gold Medals but in  2008 he voluntarily returned the 4 x 400 m relay gold medal he earned in the 2000 Barcelona Olympics after Antonio Pettigrew, who ran the second leg, admitted he took performance enhancing drugs between 1997 and 2001.

Michael Johnson, known as the ‘Fastest Man in the World’ during the 90s, started contributing to  the media after his retirement. He is a regular columnist in the UK’s Daily Telegraph and sports commentator on the BBC for major athletic events.

Michael Johnson Speaker

Michael is a popular keynote speaker, a skill he developed after retiring from professional sport. Michael excels as a motivational speaker since he has lot to share about his personal motivation that he used to win Olympic gold medals. His motivation also helped him to become a successful entrepreneur.

Michael has authored ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Slaying the Dragon’. In both the books, Michael provides his personal blueprint of success and tells the readers how to use motivation to achieve success at every level.

As one of the greatest Olympians of all time and still a world record holder, Johnson is a sports icon who audiences admire greatly and listen to incessantly. Keen to learn and follow the mindset of one of the world’s ultimate high achievers.

Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus - Muhammad Yunus
  • Nobel Prize Winner – ‘The Banker To The Poor’ of Bangladesh noted for redistributing income to the poor.
  • Respected globally for his initiative towards eradicating poverty.
  • His Grameen Bank  revolutionised banking by offering loans to the poorest of borrowers.
  • Used the Nobel Prize’s financial reward to fund an eye hospital and low cost food source for the poor.

Muhammad Yunus is is a successful economist and banker, but instead of living a life of leisure, he chooses to devote his time helping those in need. As a sought-after inspirational keynote speaker; his work have shown others what human compassion truly means.

In 2009, Muhammad was awarded with the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the US. Other international honors include the Man for Peace Award Italy; Sydney Peace Prize Australia; King Hussein Humanitarian Leadership Award Jordan; Franklin D. Roosevelt Freedom Award Netherlands; Seoul Peace Prize Korea, among others.

Muhammad is more than just a hero from Bangladesh. His help has extended to others worldwide. He is a true leader whose visions are always translated into actions. Being a recipient of the highly esteemed Nobel Peace Prize, this inspirational speaker used a large portion of his award money to start an organization that makes low-cost, high-nutrition food for the people who can’t afford. The rest of his money went to the building of an eye hospital in his country.

Most businesses are controlled by individuals who want to maximize growth for their own profit. As for Muhammad, he wants the rest of the world to see that there are selfless individuals who want nothing more than to improve human conditions. Being an inspirational speaker has given him power to change the world and to give back to mankind. Called the “Banker to the Poor,” Muhammad is respected globally for his contributions toward eradicating poverty. His Grameen Bank has revolutionized banking by offering loans to the poorest of borrowers.

Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh, The Human Polar Bear
  • UN Special Envoy on Global Sustainability & Award Winning International Conference Speaker.
  • Cape Town & Cambridge educated maritime lawyer who swims in endangered oceans wearing just his Speedos to draw awareness to the effects of climate change.
  • Lewis speaks regularly alongside Prime Ministers & Presidents at global conferences including World Economic Forum and TED.

Lewis Pugh has over twenty years pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any other swimmer in history.  The maritime lawyer is the only person to have completed a long distance swim in every ocean of the world. Through his swims he has had a unique perspective on climate change. Lewis has witnessed retreating glaciers, decreasing sea ice, coral bleaching, and the migration of animals to colder climates.

Lewis Pugh Speaking

Speaking alongside Al Gore he has addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos. His background and range of speaking topics make him a highly sought after and interesting international speaker. Coca-Cola chose Lewis to give the keynote at their global 125th anniversary and Swiss Re similarly for their 150th anniversary. His leadership address at the Business Innovation Forum was voted one of the “7 Most Inspiring Videos on the Web”.

Many millions have viewed Lewis’s TED talks and countless others have followed him on BBC, Good Morning America, CNN, Jon Stewart, National Geographic, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Jay Leno and more. His autobiography “Achieving the Impossible” and recent book “21 Yaks and a Speedo” are both bestsellers.

“I believe that each and every one of us can do something to ensure that future generations enjoy the sight of polar bears and the security of a sustainable world.” – Lewis Pugh

Lewis is a leading figure in efforts to protect the oceans. His awards include France and South Africa’s highest honours, as well as the Freedom of the City of London. The World Economic Forum named him a Young Global Leader for his “potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through inspiring leadership” and in 2013 the United Nations Environment Programme appointed him “Patron of the Oceans”.

Ross Sea Swims

The Ross Sea is situated off Antarctica and is the most pristine ecosystem left on earth. However, it is now facing rampant overfishing. The organisation responsible for protecting it is made up of 25 states. All the nations have agreed to set up a Marine Protected Area (akin to a National Park) except Russia and China.

Lewis undertook some of  toughest swims of his life to highlight the importance of this marine ecosystem and to urge Russia and China to come onboard. Afterwards he flew to Russia and met with the Russian Minister of Defence (who is the No. 2 official in Russia), the Governor of the Moscow Region and the former Minister of Sport. He had lengthy discussions which were warm and constructive. They were especially interested in discussing whether Antarctica could be used to find common ground between themselves and the UK/USA.

As Lewis says, “In 1959, at the height of the Cold War, Antarctica was set aside as a place for peace and science. If that could be achieved on land, could the same be done in the waters off Antarctica in 2015?”

Ranulph Fiennes

sir ranulph fiennes
  • ‘The World’s Greatest Living Explorer’ – The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Expert Speaker on Leadership, Teamwork, Planning, Resilience, Change, Setting & Achieving Goals.
  • Europe’s most booked and in-demand inspirational speaker.
  • Completed 23 expeditions and raised over £24m for charity.
  • Summited the Eiger’s North Face,  Everest Aged 65 and at 71 the 2015 Marathon des Sables, 6 marathons in 7 days across the Sahara Desert.
  • Author of 24 books including Fear, his autobiography–  Mad Bad and Dangerous, Cold and The Feather Men.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes BT OBE, is the worlds most famous living explorer, author and motivational speaker who amongst many first achievements, at age 65, climbed Mount Everest despite an impending heart ailment and suffering vertigo. He is the only man alive ever to have travelled around the Earth’s circumpolar surface.

Ranulph was born in the UK in 1944, just after his father was killed in the war. Then brought up in South Africa he returned to the UK to study at Eton College where he was unsuccessful and failed his A Levels. He joined the British Army driving tanks during the Cold War and became the Youngest Captain in the British Army serving with the SAS. In 1968 – 70 he fought Marxist terrorists and received the Sultans Bravery Medal from HM the Queen. He then spent six years as VP of Public Relations for the Chairman the of Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Notably, Ranulph made the final six to play James Bond, 007 in Diamonds Are Forever. Producer Cubby Broccoli rejected Ranulph for the part and selected Sean Connery on the grounds that;

‘Broccoli took one look at me and said to (Director) Hamilton, ‘This one looks like a farmer. Look at his hands.’ Even though I had proper fingers in those days, they apparently weren’t what they were after.’

But in a twist of fate, Ranulph used the same trip for the interview to go to the Ministry of Defence, where they were looking for an ex-officer to lead an expedition in Canada. Sir Ranulph went on to lead the Headless Valley Expedition, undertaking the first cross of Canada north to south, inland and over water.

On losing out on James Bond, Ranulph said:

“Still, I got the expedition and we never looked back.”

During this period with his first wife Ginny, they launched a series of record-breaking expeditions that kept them ahead of their international rivals for three decades.

He has braved the ice and extreme weather conditions to become the first person to visit the North and South Poles by means of no surface transport. A solo expedition to the North Pole in the year 2000 led to severe frostbite on all fingertips of his left hand. Aged 55 he was forced to amputate his own fingers with a hack saw and spent two days hacking through his thumb in a vice before putting them in a tin which he later lost.

Ranulph epitomises leadership. He has been a front runner for 30 major expeditions and broke the trail across Antarctica on foot. The Guinness Book of World Records described him as the ‘World’s Greatest Living Explorer’.

Ranulph travels around the world inspired both by his competitive spirit and a drive to raise money for charity Marie Curie after the death of his beloved first wife, Ginny. He has selflessly helped many other organisations and charitable institutions worldwide including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the British Heart Foundation. He has raised over £18m for good causes and is named the UK’s top celebrity charity fundraiser by Just Giving.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes – Achievements & World Records

  • First to reach both Poles (with Charles Burton).
  • First to cross Antarctic and Arctic Ocean (with Charles Burton).
  • First to circumnavigate the world along its polar axis (with Charles Burton).
    ‘This 3 year, 52 000 mile odyssey took intricate planning, 1900 sponsors, a 52 person team to handle, complex communications, meticulous planning and iron determination mixed with flexibility. The circumnavigation has never been successfully repeated.
  • Led the first hovercraft expedition up the longest river in the world (the Nile) in 1968/1969.
  • Achieved world record for unsupported northerly polar travel in 1990.
  • Led the team that discovered the lost city of Ubar on the Yemeni border in 1992 (after seven previous search expeditions over a 26 year period).
  • Achieved world first in 1992/1993 by completing the first unsupported crossing of the Antarctic Continent (with Mike Stroud). This was the longest unsupported polar journey in history.
  • In 2003, only 3½ months after a massive heart attack, 3-day coma and double bypass, Ranulph Fiennes (with Mike Stroud) achieved the first 7x7x7 (Seven marathons in only seven days on all seven continents).
  • March 2005, climbed Everest (Tibet-side) to within 300m of summit raising £2 million for the British Heart Foundations new research MRI scanner.
  • March 2007, Sir Ranulph climbed the North Face of the Eiger and raised £1.8 million for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s delivering Choice Programme
  • Winner of ITV Greatest Britons 2007 Sports Award (Other nominees included Joe Calzaghe and Lewis Hamilton)
    May 2008, climbed Everest (Nepal-side) to within 400m from summit raising £2.6m for Marie Curie Cancer Care – Delivering Choice Programme Marie Curie 2008 ‘Above and Beyond Award’ Winner
  • Successfully summited Everest May 2009 becoming the oldest Briton to do so. £6.3m raised for M.C.C.C.
  • In 2010 Sir Ranulph Fiennes was named as the UK’s top celebrity online fundraiser by Just Giving, the UK’s most popular online fundraising platform. Having raised more than £2.5 million online for Marie Curie Cancer Care over between Jan 2009 and Dec 2010.
  • He was involved in the planning of The Coldest Journey in 2012 and in 2013 over £1.8m was raised for
    Seeing is Believing.
  • Another £1 million was raised for Marie Curie through successfully finishing the Marathon des Sables (2015).

Sir Ranulph Fiennes – Keynote Speaker

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is no ordinary man. One of the world’s most famous lecturers, he continues to inspire with his passion for life and adventure, imparting wit and wisdom on every speaking engagement. Each time, he highlights the importance of leadership, teamwork, determination and discipline in fulfillment of his role as a motivational speaker.

Ranulph is regarded by many as one of the world’s Top 10 leading public speakers, without doubt, the most interesting, devoting the majority of his entire life to setting and achieving major world firsts. From an audience’s perspective what is particularly remarkable is that he continues to seek out new challenges in his seventies from climbing Everest to completing the Marathon des Sables in 2015.


24 books including the UK bestseller (Times and Telegraph) in 1991 The Feather Men, and in 2003 the top-selling biography (Times) of Captain Scott. My Heroes was published in 2011 and The Feather Men was released as a major motion picture Killer Elite (www.killerelite.com).  Fear is the latest addition.

Recent Media

Sir Ranulph Fiennes to deliver AHIC 2018 closing speech in UAE, April 19th 2018 – Link

The Daily Telegraph: ‘Ranulph Fiennes tells how failed Bond audition kick-started his career’

Marc Woods

Marc Woods | motivational speaker by promotivate speakers agency UK
  • Four times Paralympic swimming champion who swam faster with one leg than he had with two and broke world records.
  • Despite losing a leg to cancer aged just 17 Marc is a shining example of what can be achieved with goal setting.
  • 10+ years on the speaker circuit as one of the leading motivational speakers with a fabulous story of achievement.
  • Charismatic speaker and sports television presenter.

Marc Woods is a four-time Paralympics gold medalist in swimming. He has a high-speed javelin train named after him and was an ambassador for the 2012 London Olympics. He is highly experienced and regarded motivational speaker who has given hundreds of presentations inspiring people and organisations world-wide.

Marc Woods had to struggle from a very early age to achieve all his success. Aged just seventeen years old he developed cancer in his left leg which had to amputated. He had been a good swimmer, at County level before losing a leg, however trained and became even faster despite his disability.

Marc’s motivation and hard work helped him win 21 medals from European and World Championships in addition to 12 medals in five Paralympics. Marc  has developed the highest possible levels of motivation and courage during his years as an athlete.

Marc had never rose to his full potential as an athlete before the unfortunate event when he lost his leg. However, it was fundamental in his effort and moral after the incident. He stepped up his training regimes and won a race while he was still on chemotherapy. Only six months later, he beat his personal best that he once set with two legs. He continued his exceptional performance and worked harder than ever, finally getting the reward winning 12 Paralympics medals, including four gold medals.

Now retired from international swimming Marc has embarked on a series of new challenges. Having already trekked in Nepal, Ecuador and Peru (the Inca Trail) he has begun to develop his mountaineering skills. To date he has climbed the world’s highest volcano, Cotopaxi in Ecuador; Mont Pelvoux part of the Massif des Ecrins in France and 22,200ft Mera Peak in Nepal.

Marc’s motivational speeches inspire everyone in the audience as he enthrals them with his remarkable journey. His keynote is titled ‘Path To Gold’ based on his inspirational book and the overriding guidance for people to set goals in order to achieve success.  He focuses on motivation, teamwork, leadership and communication as he captures his audiences’ attention with his unique sense of humour and thrilling footage.

His visual presentation incorporates his international races and as such will appeal to requirements with an international mix. He is extremely accommodating and makes himself available around his presentation to speak to guests.  Whilst one of the UK’s leading keynote motivational speakers Marc is also popular as an after dinner speaker and as a host for awards ceremonies.

Mark Pollock

Mark Pollock Speaker
  • Explorer, innovator & collaboration catalyst ‘making the impossible, possible’
  • His latest expedition is to cure paralysis by exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide
  • Inspired millions of people to achieve more than they thought possible in hundreds of organisations worldwide incl. TED2018, Davos, the Web Summit, the World Economic Forum, EG and Wired

Mark Pollock has been described by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella as one of ‘the most inspiring people I met’ after they discussed the ways technology is changing how people learn. After Mark addressed the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, the Head of Public Engagement and Foundations said, “Mark doesn’t just talk about the transformative intersection of technology and humankind, he lives it.

The Story of Mark Pollock

Unbroken by blindness in 1998, Mark became an adventure athlete competing in ultra-endurance races across deserts, mountains, and the polar ice caps including being the first blind person to race to the South Pole.

During this period Mark came across ‘Man’s Search for Meaning‘, Viktor Frankl’s book about enduring hunger and brutality in Auschwitz, where he quoted Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.”

Then in 2010, a fall from a second story window nearly killed him. Mark broke his back and the damage to his spinal cord left him paralysed. Now he is on a new expedition, this time to cure paralysis in our lifetime by exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide.

Mark is now on a new expedition with the Mark Pollock Trust, to find and connect people working in science, technology, communications and finance to fast-track a cure for paralysis. It is a purpose so incredibly exciting that Mark Pollock rarely thinks about the hardship of the ‘how’.

Mark Pollock – The Speaker

It is tough to deliver world-class performance. Your people won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst like Mark Pollock, you can help them act with the courage to make it happen.

Mark says, “The reason to bring in a speaker is to move the audience emotionally. It can never be about the speaker, rather it must be about engaging the audience to help them achieve more than they thought possible – that is what I aim to do every time.”

Since being paralysed  Mark is now exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery, combining an innovative electrical stimulator over his spinal cord and a drug super-charging his nervous system whilst walking hundreds of thousands of steps as the world’s leading test pilot of Ekso Bionics robotic legs. He trains daily on his legs to challenge the conventional wisdom that says his central nervous system cannot recover.  Mark is on a mission to find and connect people around the world to fast-track a cure for paralysis. His truly inspiring story is in realtime and being played out every day.

International Conference Speaker

Described in the Daily Telegraph as “a story of courage, determination and hope” Using his hard-earned expertise, Mark has inspired millions of people to achieve more than they thought possible in hundreds of organisations worldwide as well as TED2018, Davos, Web Summit, the World Economic Forum, EG and Wired.

Notably in 2018 in Vancouver, Mark was chosen to close the TED Global conference. His keynote, with his partner Simone George entitled “A love letter to realism in a time of grief” has amassed over one and a half million views on YouTube.

Acknowledged as an expert in smashing expectations, Red Bull UK’s Managing Director describes him as “awe-inspiring”.

Google’s Head of SMB Sales says he “started a conversation about challenging the conventional wisdom that is ongoing at Google”.

Keynote Topics:

  • Overcome Adversity / Overcome Challenges — Maintaining a Resilient Mindset Under Pressure
  • Leadership & Motivation — Leading Through a Crisis and Developing Intrinsic Motivation to Move Forward
  • Mindset & Performance – Challenging Expectations to Perform at a Higher Level
  • Collaboration & Teamwork — Creating & Motivating Dispersed Teams Across Disciplines & Geographies
  • Human Enhancement – Exploring the Intersection Where Humans & Technology Collide in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Virtual Talks & Webinars

Mark can deliver virtual talks and webinars, to help you support your people to remain resilient, adapt to change and collaborate with others.
Co-hosted with Paula Cunniffe, CEO of Strive Management, Mark can explore the topics, descriptions and key takeaways outlined below:

Challenge is the Opportunity

‘Sometimes we choose our challenges, sometimes our challenges choose us. What we decide to do about them is what counts.’

During this webinar, Mark will help your people to:

Build resilience and maintain motivation
Embrace change and unexpected challenges
Chart a path through uncertainty

Expecting Problems as we Explore Possibilities

In the midst of a crisis, spectators sit on the side lines holding back. Competitors step into the arena as they pursue success and risk failure. The choice is ours.

During this talk and webinar, Mark will help your people to:

Embrace a competitor mindset to pursue success
Deal with fear and anxiety
Develop a performance bias

Optimist, Realist or Something Else?

The tyranny of uncertainty typifies a crisis. It demands us to adapt our behaviour as we seek to create stability where there is none.

During this talk and webinar, Mark will help your people to:

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Balance conflicting emotions in times of uncertainty
  • Navigate a path through a crisis

Bringing people together to solve complex problems

Human beings have faced seemingly impossible challenges before. So, in times of great uncertainty, it’s worth remembering that history is filled with accounts of the impossible made possible through human endeavour. And, when that endeavour is combined with others through collaboration, that is when major breakthroughs happen.

During this talk and webinar, Mark will help your people to:

  • Understand the value of collaboration in delivering results
  • Adapt and sustain teamwork
  • Lead teams by galvanising around a common goal


Selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, Mark is on the Board of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (USA) and is a Wings for Life Ambassador (UK). He is the subject of two acclaimed documentaries – Unbreakable, and Blind Man Walking – and is co-Founder of the global running series called Run in the Dark (www.runinthedark.org).

In addition, Mark has been awarded honorary doctorates by The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and also from Queens University Belfast. And, he holds a diploma in Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century from Harvard University, degrees from Trinity College Dublin and The Smurfit Business School.

If you would like to inquire about booking Mark Pollock for an inspirational talk to your organisation please call Promotivate Speakers office in London on +442078711829 or email us at ask@pro-motivate.com

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Stelios Haji-Ioannou
  • Serial entrepreneur and founder of Easyjet the low cost airline.
  • Behind a number of philanthropic initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, higher education and environmental sustainability.
  • Expert on building sustainable brands and also taking risks to achieve success.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is  a serial entrepreneur. While he’s known around the world as a business magnate, he’s also hailed as a conference speaker who readily and willingly shares his wisdom to the world.

Stelios is best known for his easyJet start-up in 1995, at the age of just 28. After floating the massively popular budget airline on the London Stock Exchange in 2000; he stepped back to concentrate on extending the easy brand to several businesses – all dedicated to offering consumers more value for less. These include easyHotel, easyCar, easyBus, easyOffice and easyGym – all owned through his private company easyGroup. Stelios and his family continue to own 38% of easyJet where he retains a keen interest in the airline as its largest shareholder.

In 2006, at the age of 39, Stelios received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for services to entrepreneurship. In 2009, Stelios was nominated the Honorary General Consul for the Republic of Cyprus in the Principality of Monaco. Recently Stelios has begun to concentrate on making a difference to society by launching a number of philanthropic initiatives supporting entrepreneurship, higher education and environmental sustainability.

Stelios resides in Monaco. A well known speaker who travels around the world, one of his advocacies is to inspire young entrepreneurs and to spur positive changes in organisations.

Chris Moon

Chris Moon Motivational Speaker by @promotivate
  • Landmine surviving double amputee and top-class conference motivational speaker.
  • Specialist speaker on Health & Safety, Risk & Diversity.
  • Survived near death when clearing landmines for the HALO Trust.
  • Coach to global organisations helping them to overcome management challenges and develop their capabilities by adopting the right mindsets.
  • ‘Going The Extra Mile’ inspiration as he has done.

Chris Moon MBE exists to help people do what they do better, drawing on his unique experiences to illustrate principles people can use in their daily lives.

He’s one of the most fortunate people to be alive you’re likely to meet and should be dead many times over. He’s a former British Officer who left the Army to work for a charity clearing landmines and unexploded ordnance.

He’s one of the few Westerners to survive being taken prisoner in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (one of the most ruthless terror groups in history). He negotiated his own release and that of two colleagues. Two years later, when working in a remote part of Mozambique, he was blown up walking in a supposedly cleared area losing his lower right arm and leg. To survive he treated himself in the minefield. His doctors said they’d never seen anyone survive with such a small amount of blood.

Less than a year after leaving hospital he successfully completed the London Marathon and became the world’s first amputee ultra-distance runner when he completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sables. Since then he’s completed many of the toughest ultra-distance races in the world, including the Badwater 135 mile Death Valley run in the hottest place on earth.

When it comes to challenging the concept of limitation, adapting to change and overcoming adversity Chris walks the talk. He has a proven track record of delivering high impact presentations, helping to change behaviours and improve performance.

Chris Moon – Motivational Speaker

As a speaker, Chris delivers passion, humour and inspiration. He shares experience on the balance of life and death and the limit of human endurance, which strips away any pretence we have as human beings to allow us to use his principles to do what we do better. These have academic rigour behind them from his Masters in human behaviour and work with psychologists and psychiatrists.

Chris Moon is a truly international speaker who has worked with diverse cultures, businesses and governments around the globe.

Topics include change, motivation, risk and safety, communication, improving sales, diversity and personal and strategic leadership.

Health & Safety, Risk – Content & Client Comments

It is now generally accepted most well-run businesses are aiming for a 100% health and safety record. The clear moral responsibility of keeping staff safe at work, reputation issues and the huge cost of the shutdown and other hidden costs are now widely recognised. Chris Moon examines individual and group behaviours and thinking beyond procedures. His presentations are all bespoke to the individual client and include:

  • Extreme personal experience of high risk environments (past and present) and how and why things can go wrong
  • Academic study of risk and human behaviour and a psychological perspective.
  • The shared experience of the many organisations he’s worked with in the last ten years and the power of personality and presence to effect change.

“Thank you for the time and effort you personally put into our Health & Safety event. We’ve received excellent feedback about your speech and it has left our team with plenty of food for thought.” – Skanska UK

“Thank you very much for your most positive and inspirational contribution towards our Health & Safety Conference. Feedback from the team has commented on the inspiration you have given in encouraging them to reconnect with best practice in Health & Safety.” –Carter Construction

“Thank you for delivering such a brilliant speech. You absolutely hit the spot in terms of both entertaining the room and promoting our safety theme.” – Institute of Gas Engineers 150th Anniversary Dinner

Diversity – Delivery & Client Comments:

Effective diversity policy is much more than ensuring the provisions of Equality are met. By valuing differences there is a huge potential of bottom line benefits from innovation, creativity, higher energy levels and greater levels of communication.

Chris has been involved with many disability organisations and acted as host and facilitator at a number of diversity days, some for disability networks. He creates a bespoke powerful and innovative experience which enables difficult issues to be faced and solutions found. Topics include:

  • Celebrating Difference
  • Communicating the Challenge
  • Engaging – It’s Everyone’s Problem
  • Speaking up when you can’t stand up
  • Creating New Thinking

Chris can advise on all aspects of diversity and help create disability and user groups in addition to Keynote and Workshop experiences.

“Thank you very much for presenting at our International Day of Persons with Disabilities event. Your personal contribution ensured the event was a huge success and that feedback received has been extremely positive.” – Staff Disability Network, City of London

“Chris inspired our audience with an enjoyable and uplifting speech about remaining positive even in very difficult circumstances. His observation on attitudes towards disability was refreshingly honest and from the heart. No jargon, no corporate buzz words and plenty of laughs.” – Hertfordshire County Council

“Huge thanks to Chris for hosting a great ‘Performance Under Pressure’ Wellbeing seminar. Powerful insight into nature of humanity.” – Lloyd’s of London

To Book Chris Moon

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Clive Woodward

Clive Woodward by Promotivate Speakers Agency UK
  • High-Performance Coach of England Rugby & British Olympic Team
  • Renowned for changing traditional methods and training teams to prepare for hurdles on the way which ultimately led to great success.
  • Led England to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup and spent six years as Director of Elite Performance for the British Olympic Association.
  • Outright specialist speaker and proven expert on leadership and high performance to organisations worldwide.

Sir Clive Woodward OBE led England to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup and was Director of Elite Performance with the British Olympic Association where Team GB excelled winning 140 Olympic medals in London 2012. He is an expert business coach and addresses conferences all over the world on peak performance and as a leadership speaker.

Woodward played elite level rugby for Harlequins, Loughborough University and Leicester. He won 21 caps for England and won the Grand Slam in 1980 and toured twice with the British & Irish Lions before finishing his career in Australia playing for Manly.

In 1998 Clive Woodward gave future star Jonny Wilkinson his debut, whereas many critics were saying that Wilkinson, aged 18, was too inexperienced. Wilkinson said of Woodward: “His hallmark was his inexhaustible search for that step ahead.” The team developed and subsequently won a Grand Slam in 2003 followed by the 2003 Rugby World Cup, beating the reigning champions Australia in the final.Clive developed the World Cup winning England side in 2003 which had been the culmination of an excellent year where England had won the Grand Slam and had a successful southern-hemisphere tour beating New Zealand and Australia. In 2005 Woodward was the Head Coach of the British Lions during their tour of New Zealand.

Clive and his staff are credited with creating a unique management system within international rugby, bringing professionalism to rugby in England at this level. He has revolutionised the game both on and off the field. Whether in the field of sport or business, the principles associated with building high performance teams are the same. Leadership, teamwork, partnership and attention to detail are the key components of the team building process. Cultures may change from team to team and from company to company but the key ingredients for success remain consistent.

During Clive Woodward’s time with the England Rugby team, and with the backing of the RFU, he established a series of high performance management systems incorporating players, coaches, technical, medical and administrative teams. These systems operated individually and collectively, guided by a series of winning behaviours, which ultimately provide the framework for our activities both on and off the field. It is the establishment, recognition and implementation of these key principles, which have enabled Clive to meet his twin objectives of wanting to build a happy, and more importantly, successful team.


Identifying your own winning behaviours will equate to high performance, this is true whether you are managing an international sports team or are responsible for a group of highly skilled businessmen and women. The concept and principles remain the same and Clive’s presentations give you an insight into the tools and methods that he has used since becoming England’s first full time coach in 1997.

The resulting transformation of the national side led to England at last beginning to beat southern hemisphere teams on a regular basis, becoming ranked No 1 in the world, and ultimately winning the greatest prize in rugby, the World Cup.Clive is an exceptional leadership, peak performance, motivational and teamwork speaker with a world class track record of managing teams to the highest levels of sport.

Keynote Topics

1. One Team
“How Do You Want To Be Remembered?”
Focused on “creating an environment so good that everyone wants to be a part of and nobody ever wants to leave,” One Team encapsulates the collaborative leadership model Clive successfully applied to the World Cup winning England rugby team and Team GB at London 2012.

2. The DNA of a Champion
“Talent Alone Is Not Enough”
Based on the notion that “Great Teams Are Made of Great Individuals” Clive has identified four criteria which he believes characterise a champion individual or team in both business and sport. ‘The DNA of a Champion’ details each of these criteria, but also how they can be coached to achieve high performing teams.

3. Winning Ways
“Organise, Evolve, Share”
A successful coach and leader is one who can effectively capture and share their knowledge. Clive believes it is important to formalise this process and is currently working with the IOC and a number of young talented athletes to this end. The goal of this process is to highlight the Winning Moves – those practices crucial to success.

4. Change Thinking
“100 Things 1% Better”
Clive’s reputation as an innovative leader is driven by his determined approach to challenge the traditional school of thought and find new, different ways of operating. In ‘Change Thinking’ he highlights were his inspiration for change originated and illustrates how effective change creates an inspiring and engaging culture off the field as well as impacting performance on the field.

Clive Woodward can deliver virtual keynotes, webinars, and question and answer sessions. Here is an example and recording of one we have organised during the Coronavirus pandemic which worked extremely well:

Watch a Virtual Keynote delivered by Sir Clive Woodward here:

Leadership Special: In Conversation with Sir Clive Woodward

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Ben Ainslie

Ben Ainslie - Ben Ainslie
  • Four times Olympic sailing champion and the world’s most successful Olympic sailor.
  • Skippered the  2013 America’s Cup Winners Team Oracle to a famous turnover of Team New Zealand.

Sir Ben Ainslie CBE is Great Britain’s quadruple gold and silver Olympic medallist and the world’s most successful Olympic sailor. Having won medals in five consecutive Olympic medals, the last four being gold, Ben famously skippered Team Oracle in the 2014 America’s Cup leading one of sports greatest ever comebacks from 0-6 to 8-8 and win 9-8 in the match races over Emirates, New Zealand.

Ben’s father captained a boat in the first Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973 and when he was 8 years old Ainslie took an initial interest in sailing after being given a small sailing dinghy by his parents. Such was his enthusiasm for the sport that he quickly progressed. At 12, he competed in the World Championships and at 18, won the gold at the World Youth Championships as well as became British Yachtsman of the Year.

An Olympic speaker whose competitive edge is simply unwavering, Ben is a person of interest for thousands of athletes seeking inspiration and motivation. The last time Ben went home with only a silver medal was in 1996 during his first taste of the Olympic Games. In the following years, he amassed nothing but the gold each time he competed in his sport.

In 2012, he became the first person sailor to consecutively win gold medals in four different Olympic Games – in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Ben has also won the International Sailing Federation Top Award more times than anyone else, being named ISAF World Sailor of the Year in 1998, 2002, 2008 and 2012. His enduring fondness coupled with commitment for the sport has made him a world-class sailor. As  speaker, he talks about how physicality, skill, strategy and technique are equally important.

His autobiography titled ‘Close to the Wind’, covers most of his career including detailed stories of great races. He continues to train intensively despite having already reached the peaks of excellence and looks forward to his next conquest. For someone who once said that his greatest strength is never giving up, Ben indeed inspires and motivates as an Olympic speaker.

“A truly great speaker, Ben has the unique ability to inspire confidence, courage, and hope in people and learn about goal-setting, leadership, focus, self-motivation and commitment.”

A truly great and highly experienced speaker, Ben Ainslie shows audiences exactly what it takes to become an Olympic Champion.

Jim Steele

Jim Steele Speaker
  • Conference speaker specialising on performance improvement and leadership
  • Former insurance salesman turned leading motivational speaker
  • Spent 20 years researching peak performance and how to help people to reach new levels
  • Motivates and inspires over 40,000 professionals each year in companies across Europe & USA

Jim Steele is a professional speaker and performance coach specialising in the design and delivery of strategies for driving sustainable change within companies.

He has worked with hundreds of organisations throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, and whether speaking at conferences, facilitating management off-sites or providing senior executive coaching he consistently demonstrates his proven ability to deliver material that motivates, educates, inspires and entertains… more importantly, he gets results!

Jim spent 9 years of his career working as a life insurance salesman with a multinational corporation where the future was decidedly bleak as he was merely an average performing agent but with a driving ambition nonetheless. The big break came when he was given the opportunity to follow a leading sales colleague closely. It was a time of self-realisation and redefinition of mindset which eventually changed his life for the better. His thirst for knowledge suddenly became unquenchable.

For 20 years, he read and studied tirelessly, focusing on how an average performer can be propelled to excellence. Since then has spent much of the last 20 years working with highly successful companies, teams and individuals from both the corporate sector as well as from the world of professional sport, seeking to understand how these people perform consistently at the highest level.

Jim shares cutting-edge performance strategies and offers delegates the necessary tools to apply these methods to impact business results. He works with clients to highlight the mindset and behaviours needed by those leading and managing the business as well as interventions to engage teams and inspire new ways of working.

Through his highly engaging and inspiring approach, Jim coaches proven principles, ideas and techniques that optimise individual and team performance. He works with leaders and their teams to navigate change and embrace the mindset and behaviours to respond resourcefully.

‘It is safe to say that we cannot control all of the circumstances and changes that we face but we can control how we respond to them’. – Jim Steele

Jim has the reputation of being a thrilling and amusing performer, some of the traits that give him the power to fascinate his audience. But his methodology goes beyond being a captivating motivational speaker. He presses on with a series of exercises and analogies designed to engage, challenge and entertain. And at the end of the day, Jim makes sure that his delegates leave the conference room armed with a positive outlook, a fresh mindset and a winning behaviour.


For each presentation, in consultation with the client, the content will be designed to match the context of the challenges faced by that particular audience. Topics include:

  • Personal and team leadership
  • Mastering motivation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving and resourcefulness
  • Power presentations
  • Coaching for peak performance


This approach to building resilience helps his groups and individuals to:

  • Exercise choice over personal motivation levels and maintain a resilient mindset irrespective of the challenges faced.
  • Challenge the constraints of their existing beliefs and attitudes
  • Use clear personal goals and desired outcomes to focus effort and give direction to day-to-day actions
  • Gain more understanding of how individuals and teams can reproduce their ‘best days’ consistently.
  • Aligned to key principles that help clients create change that sticks.
  • Encourage teams to engage, work together and to develop more effective communication and collaboration.


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Bertrand Piccard

Keynote Speaker Bertrand Piccard
  • Swiss pioneer and adventurer who in 2009 became the first person to fly around the world in a hot-air balloon 
  • In 2016 Piccard with André Borschberg, became the first to circumnavigate the globe by solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse
  • On the same day, they announced the creation of the International Committee of Clean Technologies
  • World class speaker on the need for all sectors to constantly innovate and set new targets for progress, and on ecological sustainability

Bertrand Piccard is a Swiss psychiatrist, pioneer and an adventurer. He circumnavigated the earth in a hot-air balloon with Brian Jones in 1999. Piccard took inspiration from his grandfather, who ballooned into the stratosphere over 80 years ago. The family tradition of adventure continued with Bertrand’s father who reached the deepest point of the world’s oceans in 1960 at the Mariana Trench.

Bertrand Piccard completed his balloon circumnavigation in 20 days, flying more than 45,000 km non-stop.  Piccard then set about a mission to circle the world in an airplane powered by solar energy in 2016. The plane, named Solar Impulse flew non-stop around the world, even at night. Environmentally friendly, Solar Impulse stored solar energy so that it could use it to power its engine at night.

Bertrand Piccard is also an author and a well-known speaker. His famous book ‘Around the World in 20 Days’ published in 2000 became an instant hit in France, USA, UK and Germany. His amazing speaking ability has helped him to be recognised among the world’s top motivational speakers. Bertrand Piccard is among Europe’s leading motivational speakers. He engages audiences through his adventure stories and then teaches them the importance of motivation and innovation to achieve the impossible.

After his round-the-world flight, Dr Piccard became a sought-after speaker both by the public and by companies who invite him to address their management, employees or clients. He knows that his audience isn’t there to learn how to fly a balloon, but rather to find in his experience a source of inspiration for their private or professional lives.

Using his aerial exploits as a backdrop, Bertrand Piccard illustrates his concept of the psychology of life, human communication, team-work, motivation, pioneering spirit, as well as how to deal with stress, uncertainty and crises.

bertrand piccard 2 1024x307 - Bertrand Piccard

Gerald Ratner

Gerald Ratner 185 - Gerald Ratner
  • The CEO who destroyed his eponymous company overnight with a flippant comment to the media
  • A fascinating insight into Ratners, ‘Rise, Fall and Rise Again’ as he has rebuilt himself
  • One of UK businesses great stories told by a charismatic speaker that is still as relevant to companies today as it was in 1991

Gerald Ratner made one careless remark to bring down a billion-dollar enterprise, an error that would cause a brilliant businessman to resign from the family business where he was then Chairman and Chief Executive. Even over 20 years later Gerald Ratner’s story remains one of the most fascinating and popular on the business speaker circuit.Who would have thought that referring to a product in his company as crap could result to a staggering £500-million loss? It was simply unacceptable in the business community and soon he became an outcast without a home and a job. The year was 1991.

The rise back to financial freedom was an uphill climb for Gerald but he subsequently reached the summit, and made it big again. His incredible roller-coaster ride now qualifies him as one of the best business conference speakers in the country.

Clawing his way back to the top was painstakingly slow and difficult but he endured the consequences of his mistake and learned his lesson the hard way. Gerald is now CEO of the UK’s largest online jewellery business, a business he launched in 2004. In his endeavour as business speaker, he lectures on practical business principles and management strategies in a highly competitive marketplace. He is not ashamed to talk about his past errors but instead, looks at them as valuable lessons.

In 2007, Gerald published his book ‘Gerald Ratner: The Rise and Fall… and Rise Again’ which became an instant Sunday Times bestseller. Gerald has been on both sides of the wheel indeed, top to down and riches to rags. But today he is at the peak again – stronger than he ever was. He is also a charismatic and amusing motivational speaker with the innate ability to captivate his audiences with unbelievable stories of failure and success. He has no plans of ever “doing a Ratner” again.

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Sebastien Foucan

  • Expert on Parkour ‘free running’ and Hollywood movie star.
  • Noted for starring in the dramatic opening of Casino Royale, leaping over cranes and houses.
  • Can incorporate free running on large stages for something entirely different.

Sebastien Foucan is more than just a conference speaker. He’s got a mix of good genes, great talent and awe-inspiring life testimonials. James Bond aficionados may know him as the guy who’s made Mr. 007 himself sweat bullets while being chased on rooftops and cranes. As far as Casino Royale is concerned, his acting skills may not go beyond a myriad of blockbuster Hollywood movies but he’s a professional Parkour practitioner beyond comparison.

Parkour is a training discipline that involves running at unbelievable speed while overcoming obstacles and hurdles. Military men are familiar with this art of movement because it was developed out of military obstacle training courses. No one can free run like Sebastien can. He can outrun, out jump, and outlast the mightiest, and how they have fallen with him at the other side of the track. This extraordinary talent catapulted him to international fame and prompted him to become a sought-after conference speaker.

Remarkably despite being famous for jumping across roofs, Sebastien is scared of heights and tall buildings. This is where in addition to having terrific footage to share with audiences he talks of overcoming fear and retaining focus to achieve your goals.

Parkour may have been around for ages, but Sebastien, a simple man from France with big dreams, has certainly introduced Parkour to the rest of the world. Today he shares his life story unabashedly, injecting natural wit and humor to his speeches. As a speaker, he aims to give his audience a better understanding of his career as well as to impart motivation to those who want to achieve greatness through constant practice. He delivers his messages in a charming, enjoyable and memorable way in true Sebastien Foucan style. At present, he holds regular workshop sessions and training for all ages at his Free Running Academy.

Have Sebastien Free Run At Your Event – Sebastien is able to incorporate his free running into his programme to bring a touch excitement to conferences and events.

Richard Branson

richad profile - Richard Branson
  • Britain’s best known entrepreneur, founder of the Virgin Group.  
  • Expert on brand building.
  • Author of best selling business books, philanthropist and exponent of climate change policy.

Sir Richard Branson is Britain’s best known entrepreneur, As founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Richard is a pioneer in more many fields of business.

Branson showed signs of great entrepreneurship at a very young age. When he was only 16 years old, he delved into journalism and started his very own magazine called Student. He has since authored several best-selling business books. Today, based on Forbes  studies, Richard Branson is known as the 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom with an estimated net worth of US$4.2 billion.

Richard took his passion for business seriously and forayed deeper to build a chain of music stores called Virgin Records in 1972. The who’s who in the song industry considers Richard Branson a name to be revered. Before long, he, too, would top that very list and become one of UK’s wealthiest.

He would stress that fun has become his guiding principle and lives up to the attitude by taking part in various sporting adventures. The journey to success can actually be enjoyable! Richard also explored the travel industry and set up Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, the now famous airline company. Building a towering empire from scratch, Richard forged on to have more than 400 diverse companies under the Virgin Group.

Richard may have had his share of ups and downs, but no one can deny the fact that he has rightfully earned all his success. He copes with being dyslexic and has learned to excel more by connecting with people he meets. He supports a string of charitable foundations worldwide and teamed up with the equally iconic Nelson Mandela to form The Elders, an organization that promotes peace building, alleviates human suffering and upholds human interest. Branson is also the founder of Carbon War Room, a group that addresses global climate change.

As a conference speaker, Richard Branson reaches out to others in a manner that has truly made him the man he is today – a motivator, an inspiration, and a catalyst for world change.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Speaker 2016 by PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency Europe booking enquiries +44 207 8711829
  • Won and lost seven Tour de France yellow jerseys.
  • At the forefront of what was described as the ‘most sophisticated doping programme ever.’
  • A story of epic proportion, doggedness and winning at all costs.
  • Lance’s own overcoming of cancer and the raising of millions for cancer sufferers.
  • The path to redemption and warning others of taking excessive risks in pursuit of success.

Lance Armstrong overcame testicular cancer in 1996 and went on to win an unrivalled seven consecutive Tour de France’s between 1998 and 2005 before receiving a lifetime ban in 2012 for doping offences.Armstrong founded the Livestrong Foundation to provide support for cancer patients which has raised in excess of $1/2 billion dollars to date. He is one of the most recognisable faces on the planet.

Lance began competitive sport as a triathlete aged 16 winning US national championships before switching to professional cycling in 1992 and winning a series of Category 1 races in Europe before being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996. With the cancer spreading to his brain and lungs he underwent  brain and testicular surgery with extensive chemotherapy.

In February 1997 he was declared cancer free and later that year renewed his serious cycling training and joined the US Postal/Discovery Team. With US Postal/Discovery Team he won an unprecedented seven back to back Tour de France’s. Lance retired after his seventh Tour de France win in 2005 but returned to competitive cycling with the Astana team in January 2009 and finished third in the 2009 Tour de France.

In February 2011 Armstrong announced his retirement from competitive cycling, while facing a US federal investigation into doping allegations. In August 2012 the USADA announced a lifetime ban from competition on Armstrong, applicable to all sports which follow the World Anti-Doping Agency code, as well as the stripping of all his seven Tour de France titles won between 1998 and 2005.

The USADA report concluded that Armstrong enforced “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen”. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the sport’s governing body, announced its decision to accept USADA’s findings. Armstrong chose not to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and in January 2013 he admitted doping in a television interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, despite having made denials throughout his career.

Lance’s story of gargantuan success achieved after his battle with cancer was for over ten years probably one of the most inspiring personal triumphs over adversity in sports history. Millions bought Lance’s books ‘It’s Not About The Bike’  and ‘Every Second Counts’ and took inspiration from them.Armstrong  became one of the biggest names and a sponsors dream, living the life of a star, friends with US Presidents,  married to singer Sheryl Crow and with Hollywood A-listers on call. He has in excess of 4 million followers on Twitter and many more wore the yellow Livestrong bracelets.


Lance Armstrong was one of the world’s most admired sportsmen and certainly one of three of the world’s most in-demand motivational speakers. He may have lost many of his fans but there are many that have benefitted from the work of the Livestrong Foundation and continue to support him because of the great deal he has done to inspire and support cancer sufferers.

Today Lance Armstrong has admitted what he did was wrong. He participated in an era of professional cycling where unfortunately the majority of cyclists used performance enhancing drugs. In losing his sponsors and also his prized yellow jerseys Armstrong has paid a high price for his involvement in cycling. There is no doubt that he was an incredible athlete before his Tour wins and there is no doubt that his raising awareness, hope and charity for cancer victims for millions of people has been a great achievement.

Armstrong owns a coffee shop in downtown Austin, Texas called Juan Pelota Cafe“. The name is a joking reference to his testicular cancer, with the name “Juan” being considered by some a homophone for “one” and “Pelota” being the Spanish word for “ball”. Out of the same building, Armstrong owns and operates a bike shop named Mellow Johnny’s, after another nickname of his derived from the Tour term “maillot jaune”, which is French for “yellow jersey.”

Today Lance now more than ever will be thankful that first and foremost he has lived to tell the tale.


Whichever way you look at Lance Armstrong his story of highs and lows; his millions of fans; Livestrong success;  overcoming cancer; his rock star life and ultimately the loss and admittance of cheating to win can all be used to prevent others falling into the same traps. Cycling and other sports will hopefully benefit from the awareness his case has brought about the rampant use of drugs in sport that’s use goes undetected.

Lance has throughout his professional cycling career been one of the world’s most in-demand motivational speakers. Millions of people have benefitted from learning of his success in beating cancer and how he pushed his body to its limits and beyond. Those facts remain the same today.