John Peters

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  • RAF pilot shot down flying over Iraq and captured, tortured and held as a POW during the Gulf War.
  • His battered face was shown on televisions worldwide as a warning to the West by Sadam Hussein’s regime.
  • His best seller ‘Tornado Down’ recounts his seven weeks of torture and interrogation that also ended his life.
  • A highly experienced international speaker on Change, Leadership, Handling Adversity & Resilience.

John Peters came to the world’s attention when his bruised and battered face flashed onto television screens around the world during the Gulf War.

On the first day of the Gulf War, a British Tornado bomber flown by John Peters and John Nichol was shot down over Iraqi territory and the two men were captured. After four days of mental and physical torture, they were forcibly shown on Iraqi television.

John Peters knows about dealing with uncertainty, change and performing under pressure. Many will remember John from the 1991 Gulf War when, as a Prisoner of War, the enduring, iconic image of his battered and bruised face was paraded on television by Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. It is his insight and ability to relate this to everyday challenges that keep him a unique, contemporary speaker that is in constant demand and why so many are eager to hear him speak.


John Peter’s powerful and inspirational story focuses on how he coped with both the brutal physical and mental pressure inflicted on him by his captors. Audiences will share his harrowing experiences and understand how John managed and others can overcome even our worst fears. He inspires and motivates people with his own dramatic account of his experiences during Operation Desert Storm. His war was not all as he expected, it became a seven-week ordeal of torture and interrogation testing, John, to the absolute limit and nearly ending his life.

John’s keynote speech is enthralling, inspiring and incredibly motivating which is often reflected in the number of standing ovations he receives at the end of his presentations. He uses his experience to inspire and motivate audiences earning him a reputation for being one of the most leading speakers on the circuit. His insights generate actions; these actions inspire performance.

Today John is as a qualified executive coach specialising in leadership and change.  For over a decade he has managed a business consultancy focused on helping senior executives with leadership, strategy, and change. This enables him to really understands the challenges businesses face and tailor his keynote talks to suit corporate objectives. He also delivers workshops to teams in his areas of expertise – change, leadership, handling adversity and resilience.

Roger Flynn

Roger Flynn
  • Transformational Change CEO and Investor in disruptive businesses
  • Lead global transformation  change programmes at organizations including Virgin, British Airways, Prudential, and the BBC
  • Expert speaker on Digital Disruption, Transformational Change & Leadership

Roger is passionate about transforming organisations, markets and business models and the Leadership required to deliver the Vision. He has driven transformational change in highly recognised global businesses and invests in media and travel businesses that have the potential to disrupt their markets.

Roger is a recognised CEO and leader in transformation change having driven change in global organisations including Virgin, British Airways, Prudential and the BBC.

Roger started his career at Virgin working directly for Sir Richard Branson on deals and new business ideas. He then became Commercial Director of Virgin Communications, the media arm of Virgin Group, working on the launch of Virgin Radio, the development of its’ global post-production business and the rapid growth and sale of Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

Roger was General Manager World Sales & Distribution at British Airways where he transformed the £1.2 billion distribution system for BA and subsequently the industry, launched electronic ticketing and created with a simultaneous launch in 72 countries across the world.

Roger was Managing Director of Prudential Retail, the retail distribution arm of Prudential Plc, with £2 billion in revenue and 6 million customers. Joining immediately after the pensions mis-selling scandal, he drove a major business transformation including the launch of new products, new distribution channels, a £200m CRM programme and an innovative new sales process. As part of this transformation he led an exhilarating and exhausting culture change for the 6,500 staff.

Roger was Chief Executive of BBC Ventures Group created with 4,500 staff from the back-office service functions of the BBC and running the media services for the BBC and other broadcast/IT customers around the world. Roger’s transformation and subsequent sale of these businesses created over £1 billion of value for the BBC. Roger was also on the Main Board of the BBC and an integral part of the BBC-wide transformational change programme.

“Roger achieved a remarkable turnaround
and created real value in the Ventures businesses”.
Greg Dyke, BBC Director General

Following a successful MBO with Warburg Pincus, Roger ran SDI Media Group, a global film and television business with operations in 32 countries and completed a series of acquisitions and eventual sale of the business.
Roger is now Chairman and investor in media, travel and technology businesses; he is Chairman of Luxtripper, a disruptive luxury travel agency, Chairman of Olive Communications, a company offering cloud communications solutions and Vodafone’s 2nd largest channel partner, Chairman of Masstech Innovations Inc., an international software business for broadcasters and Chairman of Clearvac Group, an international Cruise Ship and Superyacht maintenance services business.

He was for 7 years until May 2018 Chairman of and an investor in, the UK’s fastest growing online travel agency which disrupted the UK travel industry in six years from launch in January 2012 growing to over £400m in revenues. It is now the sixth largest travel agency in the UK and the UK’s 2nd fastest growing company in the Sunday Times Fasttrack 100 in 2016. The business was successfully sold in May 2018 for £190m.

Roger Flynn – Speaker

Roger has a wealth of experience as a driver of transformational change and investor in disruptive businesses. His insights, experiences and stories have proven invaluable to organisations around the world. Roger seeks to understand the strategic, business and cultural challenges facing your organisation and tailors his presentation to have maximum relevance to and impact on the audience.

As a speaker Roger Flynn is a proven expert on implementing, managing strategic change and running global business transformation programmes. This involves all elements from handling redundancy, to dealing with negative media coverage, putting your customers at the forefront of your strategy and more.

Roger Flynn is an accomplished businessman and keynote speaker with unique experience as CEO/Director in five global companies. He gives the following keynotes tailored to a clients corporate requirements:

  • Transformation
  • Turnaround
  • Strategy in Action
  • Leading Culture Change
  • Delighting the Customer
  • Innovation

Rob Forkan

Rob Forkan Paul Forkan London
  • Orphaned but survived the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka, Founders of Gandys – ‘Two brothers building homes for fellow orphans.’
  • Brothers who have turned their personal tragedy into devoting their lives to help other underprivileged children.
  • Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Authors and Inspirational Speakers.

Rob Forkan is half of the brothership that founded the Gandys brand alongside brother Paul, who came from a bohemian traveling and volunteering all over the World. They lost both their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and since then their lives have transformed remarkably in a positive way.

Driven by their personal passion after the tragic loss of their parents in the 2004 boxing day Tsunami and narrowly surviving themselves they hitched hiked home with there younger siblings all aged from 8 years old to 17 in a 3rd world country. They had experienced the biggest natural disaster in recorded history and have turned horrific sorrow and adversity into success.

Rob & Paul created the Gandys brand and website from their bedroom in London hand in hand with their charitable foundation; ‘Orphans for Orphans’ which helps support deprived children with an education, medication, and nutrition. The most notable achievement was reaching the initial vision of building a children’s home in memory of their parents for the 10th year anniversary in Sri Lanka and they are now building another in Malawi.

The brothers live by a simple philosophy, which is strongly reflected in the brand, Designed in London, Inspired by Travel, Fuelled by giving back.

Rob & Paul Forkan’s Recent Accolades & Achievements

– Prince William and Prince Harry invited the brothers to Buckingham Palace to be recognised as Young Leaders for the Commonwealth

– Sir Richard Branson supported the brothers and puts their flip flops and round towels in the room for all people who stay on Necker Island

– Liberty – Collaborated with their prints and the did a huge launch in store

– Rolling Stones have asked the brothers to create a summer collection for Rolling Stones exhibitionism World Tour

– Former Prime Minster David Cameron visited them at one of their Kid’s Campus in Sri Lanka

– Authors of Tsunami Kids the book that shares their remarkable story – Amazon Best Seller

– Rolling out stores across the UK – 8 Further stores opening in the next 18 months

Rob Forkan – Speaking

Rob and Paul’s aim, with the founding of Gandys, was not to make money. Rather, their business was built up with the aim of ‘doing good’. Their first meeting with potential investors had the brothers in flipflops and shorts, while their prospective investors were dressed in suits. Ambassadors for the brand include, amongst others, the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Prince Harry.

“In the long term, we’d like to have children’s homes in every continent in the world.” – Paul Forkan

Speaking Topics:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Sustainable development
  • Raising awareness of good causes


‘Rob and Paul’s story was very moving and I was humbled by their ability to turn a personal tragedy into something so positive.’ – Sir Richard Branson

Hamish Taylor

Promotivate Speakers Hamish Taylor
  • Leading international speaker on innovation, change & brand management, performance, effective leadership and delivering the customer promise.
  • Dubbed ‘The Masterthief’, for his unique work on ‘looking outside your current environment’.
  • Former CEO for Eurostar and Sainsbury’s Bank & Head of Brand for British Airways.

Hamish Taylor has an award winning record of driving innovation and change in a number of very different environments and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in innovation, change, customer focus, brand management and performance.

Taylor brings a combination of an outstanding corporate background with an excellent ability to inspire audiences.

He is in serious demand and has given keynotes and held workshops for over 200 organisations in 30 different countries. Without fail, Taylor receives outstanding testimonials from his customers, from Prime Ministers and CEO’s to front line staff; from major multi-nationals to small groups; from Sales/Marketing and Executive teams to HR, Risk, Finance and many other functions. His own experiences mean that his keynotes are relevant and demonstrate practical ways of achieving breakthroughs for teams.

Taylor was trained in brand management at Procter and Gamble before becoming a Management Consultant at Price Waterhouse. He then became Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsburys Bank – all before he was 40.  In each case, he left behind a record of significant growth triggered by a willingness to challenge the industry and organisations normal practices and direct emphasis on the customer at the core of all corporate activities.

He is well known as the “master thief” by the Inspired Leaders Network due to his record of stealing ideas from one environment to use in another including yacht designers for aircraft interiors, Disney to help with airport queuing, and rugby referees for new approaches to risk and compliance.

Hamish Taylor specialises in keynote speaking but is also much in demand for to host or lead Masterclasses (including interactive exercises).

“Hamish Taylor takes some beating”  – The Times

Recent High Profile Speaking: 

Mumbai – EY India Entrepreneur of the year Awards,  Kuala Lumpur – Business leaders masterclass,  Athens – CEO’s Conference
London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games – ‘masterclass demonstrating lessons to be learned from Olympic sports’
Latvia – Keynote to business leaders with Latvian Prime Minister
USA – World HR Directors Conference – ‘How to Put the Customer at the Core of HR Activity’
Berlin – Blackberry Innovation Awards Keynote

Recent in-house Keynotes, Masterclasses and/or Facilitation:

Clifford Chance, Eversheds, Law Society, Ernst and Young, PWC. (Professional Services); Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Group, Institute of Financial Services, Zurich,UBS (Financial services); Oracle, Sabre, Mindtree, Infosys (Technology); L’Oreal, PZ Cussons and SC Johnson (Consumer Goods), Johnson and Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis, Abbot Laboratories, Merck, Syngenta (Pharma/life sciences), Interserve, Lafarge (Building/facilities mgt), Sellafield (Nuclear Power), Cigna (Healthcare), British Telecom.

Robert Craven

Robert Craven Speaker
  • Internationally acclaimed marketing and strategy expert adviser to global brands.
  • An expert authority on putting customer service at the forefront of business operations.
  • Awarded the UK’s #1 Business Speaker; Programme Director at renowned Cranfield School of Management.

Robert is a first-class, international keynote business speaker, author and consultant who enthusiastically shares his ‘free of nonsense’ approach with his audiences.

Setting up and running his first business, age 21, and now advising PLCs and multinationals, Robert has seen most every aspect of running and growing a business. Robert has worked on designing and implementing strategy and marketing projects with household names such as Virgin, Barclays and BlackBerry and has contributed to success stories such as Nando’s, Mitie and Dickies.

Robert delivers presentations that are highly relevant and action-focused: a unique blend of hard facts, latest thinking, intuitive insights and good old-fashioned common sense with a healthy sense of humour. All focused on actionable takeaways that the audience can and will be able do after the event. Obsessed with customers, Robert will get the whole conference to think hard about the who, what, why, where and how of winning and keeping customers and clients.

Robert is also Managing Director of The Directors’ Centre – the consultancy for growing businesses. The team of been-there-done-it consultants and entrepreneurs work with a select number of directors to grow and develop the client’s business for the long-term. The focus is on delivering results. Recent clients include FTSE 100 as well as Fast Growth 100 businesses, from Barclays to Bigham’s.


  • UK’s #1 Business Speaker (Speaker, 2013)
  • Member, Global Speakers Federation
  • Fellow, Professional Speaking Association


  • Programme Director, Cranfield School of Management
  • Visiting Professor, Toulouse Business School
  • Formerly Head of Consulting/Training, Warwick Business School
  • MBA, Warwick Business School


Author of six business books, Robert’s work has been acted upon by thousands. Books include:

  • Customer is King and Kick-Start Your Business (Forewords by Sir Richard Branson)
  • Grow Your Service Firm
  • Bright Marketing

Kenton Cool

Kenton Cool Speaker
  • Summited Mount Everest sixteen times and is one of the world’s best climbers
  • The first non-sherpa to summit Everest 16 times
  • Guided legendary adventurer Ranulph Fiennes up the Eiger’s North Face and Mt Everest
  • Keynotes on teamwork, goal setting, risk, obstacles and achieving high performance

Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading high-altitude climbers. He has successfully climbed Mount Everest sixteen times. He was inspired having read about Hillary and Norgay’s first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953.

He has climbed extensively all over the world – establishing new routes and first ascents on peaks in Alaska, France and India. In 2003, he was nominated for a Piolet d’Or award for a route on Annapurna III.

Cool is also one of the world’s most sought-after guides. His track record on Everest is the best, without doubt, of any leader. In 2007, Kenton successfully guided Sir Ranulph Fiennes up the North Face of the Eiger before leading him to a successful Everest summit in 2009. More impressive because Fiennes suffers vertigo and had angina! In recent years, the Olympic Pledge and the Everest Triple Crown, have cemented Cool’s position as one of Britain’s most high-profile and celebrated climbers.

He is regularly featured on BBC TV and Radio, in the likes of The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian along with adventure publications like Outside Magazine and Sidetracked. He is also an obsessive fitness enthusiast and cycling is a second passion to climbing. He has completed two Haute Routes across the Alps considered some of the highest and toughest cycling competitions in the world. He describes climbing Mount Everest as easy’ compared to the 485-mile Alps race taking in 19 mountains and covering a massive 21,000m of ascent in total.


Kenton Cool is an energetic and engaging motivational speaker, who delivers popular keynote speeches on accomplishing challenges. He relates with great vividness and emotion the experience of climbing to the summit of some of the world’s highest mountains. Cool’s presentations focus on team building and leadership.

Entertaining and inspiring there is a serious element too, as Cool relates with great intimacy some of the most adverse situations he’s encountered and the personal fears he’s had to overcome across many successful summits of Everest and further afield. Each presentation is complemented by an impressive array of stunning photographs and video, taken from expeditions.

Mark Goyder

mark goyder keynote good governance
  • Founder of business think tank ‘Tomorrow’s Company’ advising on business sustainability.
  • An expert on advising businesses to look and plan for five years ahead and gain advantage over their competitors.
  • Published authority on change management within business and shareholder and director responsibility.

Mark Goyder is the founder of Tomorrow’s Company, a not-for-profit organisation championing long-term business sustainability. Goyder has a proven track record, having spoken around the world in front of a variety of audiences and having broadcast and published widely across television, radio and print media.

After 15 years as a manager in manufacturing businesses, Mark initiated the RSA Tomorrow’s Company inquiry into ‘the role of business in a changing world’. The resulting report, published in 1995 led to the creation of Tomorrow’s Company as an independent, business-led think tank. It also laid the foundations for the “enlightened shareholder value” approach in the redefinition of the directors’ duties in the 2006 Companies Act. Goyder has served in advisory capacities for British Airways, BT, Co-operative Financial Services and Novo Nordisk, Alliance Boots, and Camelot.

Goyder is an award-winning public speaker and leads the push for long-term sustainable business throughout the country and further afield. He challenges audiences to question their own business outlook and mentality­­- to look beyond the short-term and reach for a more sustainable future.

A broadcaster, writer and winner of the Institute of Management Studies Tillers Millennium Trophy for best speaker, Mark was Director Magazine Director of the Month in June 2004. Journalist Anthony Hilton described Tomorrow’s Company as “five years ahead of the pack in looking at what is needed in governance terms to make British companies sustainable wealth creators”.

In recent years he has concentrated on the issue of board and investor responsibilities for stewardship, co-authoring a report with the Institute for Family Business on Family Business Stewardship. He is currently a member of the UK’s Investor Stewardship Working Party which in 2012 launched the 2020 Stewardship report.

Alain Robert

Alain Robert the french Spiderman
  • The world’s leading and most recognised free climber.
  • Phenomenal international presence greater than many of the world’s leading sports and film stars.
  • Famous in more than 100 countries for climbing 142 of the world’s tallest buildings with his bare hands.
  • An internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who uses his genius for turning negatives into positives, to inspire a new generation.

Spiderman Alain Robert of France is regarded as the world’s greatest daredevil and by climbers as the greatest of all time. He climbs mountains and structures without the security of any ropes using only his hands to summit earths greatest challenges.

Born in France, Alain has climbed cliffs, mountains and gorges; but it his achievements in conquering 143 of the world’s tallest buildings with his bare hands that have bought celebrity status in more than 100 countries.

The public and media cannot get enough of the incredible Spiderman and every ascent is greeted with great acclaim.  When he climbed the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, 150,000 people assembled on the streets below.  His climb of the Sapphire Mall, Istanbul attracted more than four hundred TV, press and media personnel and the climb was shown live on 4 TV stations.

Alain’s global celebrity status is easy to confirm. A ‘Google search’ shows most Hollywood ‘A List Celebrities’ and world sports stars, you get between 20 and 40 million results.

Some examples are below:

  • Lionel Messi (World’s top soccer star)– 59 million·
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – 39 million
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – 42 million
  • Sylvester Stallone – 17 million
  • Russell Crowe – 32 million
  • Liam Neeson – 17 million
  • Alain Robert – Returns a staggering – 83 million (Correct at as at May 2015)

When Alain  was booked by the Russian Government to climb Moscow State University in celebration of Moscow’s birthday, 100,000 people attended.  His heroic ascent of the world’s tallest building, the Khalifa Burj, Dubai (818 meters / 2720 feet) was front page news in every country and a feat that will never be duplicated.

Alain has starred in many TV documentaries worldwide.  He was the subject of a CNN ‘Revealed Show’ that went to a world audience of 700 million people.  The show is the preserve of global icons, and previous subjects have included; Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Francis Ford Coppola, Silvio Berlusconi, Dolce and Gabbana, etc. In 2010 he was made a World Ambassador for Zenith Watches of Switzerland.

Incredibly, what few people don’t know, is that in 1982 Alain received terrible career ending injuries in a major fall; as a result of which to this day he remains 66% disabled, suffers from vertigo and epilepsy. However, despite facing these immense challenges Alain overcame his disabilities turning a hopeless situation, into a fabulous international success and great wealth.

Given his astonishing achievements, we feel that no other person on earth has more right to motivate others than the incredible ‘Spiderman Alain Robert’.  These days he is fast becoming one of the worlds’ most inspiring motivational, keynote and after dinner speakers.  He has given talks internationally for a number of global corporations.

With charisma and humour, Alain calls upon his amazing real ‘life and near death’ experiences to motivate a new generation of workers and leaders.  His talks inspire us all, for no matter what the challenges we face, Alain is living proof that we can all ‘Reach way past our dreams’

Alain Robert presents in both French and English.

Jordan Belfort

jordan belfort straight line selling system new book
  • The Wolf of Wall St was earning over $50m a year as a stockbroker aged 26.
  • Understand Belfort’s redemption which includes teaching others how to unleash personal success.
  • The Wolf’s keynotes include how to use ‘the most powerful business system ever devised’.

Jordan Belfort aka the Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most in-demand speakers on the planet following the biopic of his life played by Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

In the 1990’s aged just 26 Belfort was earning over $50 million a year managing his stockbroking firm before its well publicised fall. His boiler room sales team ruthlessly ‘pumped and dumped’ shares, deriving commissions in every conceivable way buying up and selling stocks with little regard for the consequences of their actions.  It was this disregard for business ethics that got Belfort the title ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ by Forbes magazine.

Now recovered from the traps of his former high-flying lifestyle, Belfort has re-emerged in the business world as a speaker, author and leading voice on the importance of business ethics.

“If I hadn’t sacrificed my ethics and integrity, I’d be worth five or six billion now.  No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past” –  Jordan Belfort

His proprietary ‘Straight Line System’  which he advocates in his keynotes allows Belfort to take virtually any company or individual and empower them to create massive wealth, abundance, and entrepreneurial success, without sacrificing integrity or ethics.

He has served as an advisor to more than fifty public companies and has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, The Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Corriere della Serra, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Paris Match and Rolling Stone.

 “Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and then you’ll surely become rich. Act as if you have unmatched confidence and then people will surely have unmatched confidence in you.” And act as if you are already a tremendous success, and as sure as I stand here today — you will become successful.” 

He created the Jordan Belfort Foundation to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities to create economic opportunities that transform their own lives, their families, and their communities. Belfort has published two international best-selling memoirs, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street’.

Speaking Topics

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

After building one of the most dynamic and successful sales-organisations in Wall Street history, business tycoon Jordan Belfort is now unleashing his techniques and knowledge to help people achieve a combination of organisational and personal success.

From barely surviving his rise and fall as an American entrepreneurial icon, thousands of people have benefited from hearing Belfort’s story of redemption. Belfort will assist both people and organisations in breaking through whatever barriers hold them back from achieving success, and to attain goals they never dreamed possible.

His drive, energy, and guidance provide audiences with the necessary elements to make them business contenders in their markets and standouts of their industries.

2. Straight Line Selling System

For over twenty years Jordan Belfort’s company ‘Straight Line System’ has produced extraordinary financial results for thousands of companies worldwide in all areas of business.

Belfort’s Straight Line System is designed to align the key forces necessary for success in any business environment.

Individuals and teams will learn the elements of the inner game of business success as well as the specific strategies and techniques necessary to effectively build, manage, promote and grow organisations at the highest level. Belfort’s comprehensive training sessions can be structured to meet your specific needs.

His engagements have ranged from introductory 3-hour talks to 3-day, in-depth training programs, to ongoing consultation on how to actively and massively grow the marketing and sales results of your organisation.

Using his signature direct, humorous and passionate style, Belfort will train your team how to use the most powerful business system ever devised. Jordan Belfort speaker, the result ts speak for themselves.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker Small 185x1851
  • Walker has completed swims across the 7 hardest oceans in the world in his Oceans 7 global challenge.
  • ‘Oceans 7’ is a stunning inspirational keynote speech and visual presentation.
  • A normal person who decided to pursue, plan and complete something extraordinary; he inspires others to follow.

Adam Walker’s life changed after watching a a fictional movie on a plane about a man swimming the English channel.  He decided to take on the challenge himself, though he had not been swimming for 10 years. At the time Adam was feeling low with his life and wanted to test himself.

He has completing a global challenge of swimming the hardest 7 oceans in the world called the ‘Oceans 7.’ In 2014 he completed the 7th swim becoming the first British person to do so. Adam is also the UK’s leading open water swimmer in a sport that is growing faster than any other.

Adam’s Oceans 7 story is an inspirational keynote on his pursuit of achievement, including his motivations, the planning involved and the many challenges he faced and overcame. He has been chased by sharks and saved by dolphins, stung by the the almost instantly deadly Portuguese Man O War jellyfish and losing feeling in his spine and much more.

The interest in Adam and his Ocean’s 7 challenge is immense. His swim across the notorious Cook Straits  received 4.3 million hits in less than 2 weeks on YouTube.

With a stunning visual presentation that uses content from his Oceans 7 challenge, Adam’s story is truly global and relevant to audiences seeking inspiration. Adam’s talk is appealing as he conveys that he is just like anybody else with a full time job. He wasn’t born an Olympic swimmer and has had to balance his day job and train on top in order to fulfil his dreams.

Adam talks about the importance of team work, with his life on these swims in the hands of his support teams as they watch him from the support boat scanning the sea for sharks, whales and jelly fish. He has been interviewed all over the world on the major networks and gives regular motivational talks via Skype to children of all ages in the USA, Canada, France, Egypt and the UK.

Adam when not public speaking pursues his passion of coaching people both in and out of the water.

Paul McNeive

  • An expert in sales, perseverance, and customer service excellence
  • Expert business motivational speaker based on his bestseller ‘Small Steps.’
  • Highly successful in his own life overcoming and advancing despite losing both legs in a car crash
  • Entertaining and amiable with top-ranking feedback scores from motivational talks to Europe’s leading companies

Paul McNeive’s rapid rise to the top echelons of motivational speaking is for good reasons. Paul McNeive has a hugely inspirational story to tell that empowers businesses and individuals to believe like he did that ‘everything is possible.’

Paul is a chartered surveyor who worked his way from trainee to Managing Director of Dublin based Hamilton Osborne King / Savills. During this time he received horrific burns from a bad car accident and as a result lost both of his legs.  He didn’t let his adversity get in the way of his ambition and still rose to the top position to lead 250 staff and a €50m business.

The story of his painful rehabilitation and appreciation of life following the car accident is both impressive and inspirational. His autobiographical book on business and motivation “Small Steps” is a bestseller. In “Small Steps” Paul passes on the lessons in positivity, motivation and goal setting which he learned in rehabilitation hospital and which he has used to prove that ‘everything is possible‘.

Paul specialises as a motivational speaker on business development and customer service. His own success in the corporate world combined with his ability and willingness to seek out and achieve new challenges inspires those who hear him speak. Such is Paul’s draw that he writes a weekly column for the Irish Independent and has appeared on Ireland’s ‘The Late Late Show.’  He serves on the board of The National Rehabilitation Hospital, an ambassadorial role for The National Burns Hospital, and is a mentor for the British Inspiration Trust.

He has developed a unique motivational speech that works classifying people as types of birds which ensures that everyone remembers his message.  In his own words Paul encourages his audiences to  “make ‘em feel special” when handling both clients and customers.

Paul McNeive’s forte is that he combines being a motivational speaker with his background of over 30 years working in the professional services area.  He is able to speak with confidence  on client development, managing change, selling, leadership and winning pitches.

Paul’s inspirational and uplifting keynote speeches are achieving considerable levels of repeat bookings by leading companies including Microsoft, Tesco , Government agencies, banks and by conference organisers.

Pete Goss

Pete Goss 2
  • Internationally renowned yachtsman; twice sailing round-the-world.
  • Noted for unselfishly risking his own life and saving the life of French sailor Raphael Dinelli.
  • A brilliant and renowned speaker on leadership, team building and making the impossible – possible.
  • Has competed in seven transatlantic and two round-the-world races and has sailed more than 300,000 nautical miles.

A former Royal Marine, Pete has taken on numerous endeavours that share the same four principles; innovation, technology, challenge and adventure. An acclaimed International Speaker, he draws on his experiences to offer leadership and management talks, team-building exercises and training sessions, inspiring individuals and groups to achieve beyond what they thought possible.

He has raced in seven transatlantic and two round-the-world races sailing over 330,000 nautical miles. He advocates that the are four consistent components to each of his challenges which are (i) innovation (ii) technology (iii) challenge and (iv) adventure.

He is most noted for unselfishly risking his own life by turning around to rescue French sailor Raphael Dinelli who was in difficulty in a fierce hurricane in the Southern Ocean.  For his courage, he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur and an MBE and voted World Sailor of the Year.

A regular lecturer at business schools, he is an Associate Fellow of Said Business School at Oxford University.

Recently Pete built the 37’ Cornish Lugger ‘Spirit of Mystery’ (as seen on BBC Coast) which he sailed with family members, including his fourteen-year-old son, to Melbourne. This recreated the voyage of the smallest migrant vessel to make it to Australia 150 years ago. Rowing out of the harbour and navigating by the stars, they faced many challenges including a ferocious Southern Ocean storm that rolled them upside-down and broke a crewman’s leg. However, they still reached Australia together.

In addition to this Pete circumnavigated Tasmania by sea kayak; with limited communication, he has been exposed once again to the Southern Ocean and the notorious Bass Strait.

Pete understands the need to deliver real performance; he achieves this through mentoring and empowering individuals, motivating teams and driving companies forward…

Pete Goss Keynote Speaking

  • Mental Resilience – Having the mental capacity to keep going when things don’t go to plan.
  • The importance of a Team – picking the right team is imperative but how you keep all members of the team motivated, feeling involved, valued through listening, communication, sharing and good delegation is what brings the magic to successful teams.
  • Planning for Success – for all Pete’s adventures he has to have a plan in place years in advance – sharing his knowledge of how he does this and sticks with the plan is hugely valuable to corporate leaders.
  • Follow your dreams. Pete is a living example of how to do this – any of his stories will leave the right message.

Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen Promotivate Speakers Agency1
  • Pioneering explorer noted for his long stays in hostile wildernesses and isolated environments.
  • Other explorers saw these places as hostile, Allen saw and treated them differently as home.
  • Financed expeditions by immersing himself into the countries indigenous people and travelling light.
  • Shot at, mugged, left to die, contracting malaria, forced to eat his own dog to survive and escaped death six times.

Benedict Allen is an adventurer noted for his long periods of isolation in the wilderness and importantly an inspirational speaker.

Benedict Allen is well known for his television programmes with his philosophy of immersing himself in extreme or alien environments, going alone and learning from indigenous people. Over a twenty five year career Allen has narrowly escaped death six times; arguably, no one has more experience of living continuously isolated in as many remote environments. The Sunday Times described Allen’s methods as: “Filming whatever actually happens, without all the hidden paraphernalia of a film crew, and whether in danger or lonely or undergoing various exotic rituals, he has effectively taken the viewers’ experience of adventure as far as it can go.”

“I belonged to the last generation that might pass through a wilderness for months on end and not encounter a single person of my own culture. It was a privileged time: never in all those years can I remember coming across a single other foreigner, whilst out on a trek. Such isolation seems inconceivable today.”Benedict Allen

Whilst studying at the University of Aberdeen Allen tried to work out how to cross the remotest forest on earth in South America. The idea Benedict developed became the cornerstone for all his future ventures. Instead of raising money through sponsorship he would immerse himself among indigenous people and hope for their assistance. Whilst places like the Amazon and Borneo were apparently hostile environments to others like Benedict Allen,  these places were home rather than dangerous places to those that already lived there.

Allen’s philosophy offered another bonus: by travelling “light” he could take advantage of any opportunities and progress with speed, like the Alpine approach of mountaineers. As a result the crossing of such formidably remote forest  became possible. His adventures began in 1983 in South America when he and a string of locals completed a precarious 600 mile hike through the forest by foot and canoe. It was a remarkable feat which almost cost Allen his life. He walked out of the forest alone and with two types of malaria, having been attacked by gold miners, he fled and was eventually forced to eat his own dog to survive.

Keynote Speech – ‘Life on the Edge’

Benedict Allen, famous from his BBC TV series, shares some highlights from an extraordinary life as an adventurer – from dangerous times with his heroic camel companion Nelson, to undergoing a secret initiation to make him a man “as strong as a crocodile,” and being shot at by drug barons while crossing the Amazon Basin with the help of the Matses “Jaguar” people.

With considerable good humour, Benedict gives the inspiring account of what it’s like to have come through “hell” during weeks alone, aged just 23, with his dog in the Amazon having been attacked by gold miners. And how, decades later, a 1000 mile journey with his loyal dog team helped him understand just why he had survived that experience in the jungle years before.

A.P McCoy

AP McCoy speaker
  • The world’s greatest jump jockey of all time, winning more than any other by a long distance
  • Arguably the greatest sportsman of his generation winning Champion Jockey for 20 consecutive seasons
  • Recorded 4,348 wins including the Grand National, Gold Cup, King George Champion Hurdle & Queen Mother Champion Chase
  • Knighted in 2016 for services to horse racing

Sir Anthony McCoy OBE is the world’s greatest jump jockey. He dominated his sport for over two decades, making him one of the UK’s highest-profile sporting talents. The 45-year old spent his career setting records that will not be broken in our lifetimes – a tribute to his stamina, endurance, motivation, and dedication to the world of sport.

Sir Anthony, also known as “AP”, is the only sportsman of his kind to have been awarded ‘BBC Sports Personality of the Year’ in 2010, to receive the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at SPOTY in 2015 & ‘BT’s Outstanding Contribution to Sport Award’.

Northern Ireland’s Sir Anthony ended a truly phenomenal career in 2015 as Champion Jockey for the 20th consecutive year, recording 4348 wins (which includes the 2010 Grand National, the prestigious Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase & King George VI Chase). He spent his career setting records that will not be broken in our lifetime -a tribute to his stamina, endurance, motivation, and dedication to the world of sport.

He has swapped the whip for the microphone, becoming a very popular presenter for Channel 4 Racing. Sir Anthony is an exclusive columnist for The Times newspaper, he is President of the Professional Jockey’s Association, a Trustee for the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust, and a Global Ambassador for Laureus, Albert Bartlett, and William Hill.

A.P McCoy Speaking – Virtual & Live Keynote Delivery

Sir Anthony is an exceptional key-note, after-dinner, corporate and motivational speaker. He also speaks at global “Sport Meets Business” forums & events. His unparalleled experience, humour, and personality endear him to any audience –his fear of failure, his drive to be the best, his mental/physical/motivational techniques, his anecdotal stories from the saddle, breaking his bones over 700 times & and his insight into the pressures and dangers of the sport make for a lively Q&A.

A documentary-style film about Sir Anthony topped the iTunes film chart, having been shown in over 200 cinemas across the UK and Ireland. “Being AP” has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, in Dublin, and in London.

He has also written autobiographies such as “Winner: My Racing Life” and a fictional book “Taking the Fall”.

AP has an impeccable reputation within the sporting & business world; his name & image instantly portrays credibility, loyalty, confidence, success, absolute professionalism & a winning mentality – attributes he draws upon within his Q&A sessions and speeches.

AP motivates clients/key personnel/employees, encouraging them to be the best, at all times and inspiring audiences with his career achievements

Other topics include:

  • A winning mentality
  • Self-motivation & motivating others
  • Focus, drive, determination & a fear of failure
  • Pushing mind & body (it’s the only sport where you are followed around by 2 ambulances every day)
  • Breaking his bones over 700 times
  • Strategy, setting goals from the roots up, achieving targets
  • Teamwork, loyalty, trust
  • Exceeding expectations, managing success, turning failure into success
  • Mental health & fitness
  • Managing work & life balance
  • Providing an insight into the Mind of A Champion
  • Sports Meets Business
  • Struggling to come to terms with retirement

He provides other anecdotes such as lunch with the Queen, playing golf with Tiger Woods, stories from the weighing room, his career experiences.

Another strong subject is staying motivated during the lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic.


Simon Mainwaring

185 Simon Mainwaring
  • Branding and Social Media expert
  • Informs and educates on how organisations should harness social media to develop their identity
  • Manages ‘We First’ a leading social branding firm that provides consulting and training to help companies build communities, profits and ultimately greater sustainability

Simon Mainwaring is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on branding and social media. He offers corporate executives, top brands and non-profit leaders critical insights into how to capitalise on social media to build brand communities, profits and positive impact.

Simon is master at distilling complex ideas down into simple, memorable communications, and at engaging an audience on a powerful, emotional level. His unique combination of spontaneity, disarming humor, and seriousness of purpose ensures that each engagement leaves his audiences enlightened, inspired and wanting more.

To Book Simon Mainwaring

Simon Mainwaring is available for speaking bookings. To inquire about or book Simon Mainwaring to speak at an event please contact PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency

Michael Woodford

185 Michael Woodford1
  • The very first CEO in history to blow the whistle on his company as head of the Olympus Corporation. 
  • Spent an entire career reaching the top at Olympus before exposing its gargantuan corruption.
  • Exposed the main board of Olympus for $1.5b in unaccounted for payments.

Michael Woodford rose to the top of the Olympus Corporation in 2011 having worked for it for over 30 years. A fortnight after being made CEO he famously blew the whistle on inexplicable payments in excess of $1.5 billion dollars.

Michael Woodford grew up in Liverpool and started out working for the Olympus UK subsidiary, Olympus KeyMed as a Surgical Salesman. He rose through the company  quickly and in 1990 became its UK Managing Director aged just 29. Woodford was successful and led a period of dramatic growth and in 2004 he was appointed to the main Board of Olympus Medical Systems Corporation, and appointed Executive Managing Director of Olympus Medical Systems Europe.

His radical programme of change within the organisation resulted in a doubling of the operating profit within three years. His professional remit was expanded into the USA and he took on more responsibility in Europe. In 2008 he  became an officer of the main Board of Olympus Corporation in Japan. During his tenure of this role, the operating profit of the European business increased by approaching 50%. In April 2011 Woodford was appointed President and COO of the Olympus Corporation, one of only four ‘gaijins’ to run a large Japanese company, but was the very first Western ‘salaryman’ to rise through the ranks to the top.

On October 1 2011,  Woodford was made CEO, but only two weeks later on October 14 was dismissed after querying inexplicable payments in excess of $1.5 billion and demanding the resignation of the company’s Chairman and Vice President.

Michael Woodford was the first President in history to become a whistleblower of his own corporation. It is an unbelievable story that he shares with insights from the Olympus scandal and the lessons learnt. A much in-demand speaker on the international circuit Michael covers everything from improving corporate governance to how we can achieve a more moral type of capitalism.

“Woodford took a considerable risk in exposing wrongdoing. As chief executive, he was arguably acting against his self-interest, since his job was obviously in jeopardy. Yet he did the right thing. He campaigned for proper accounting and persuaded the Japanese authorities to act. He was a study of boldness in action. By choosing him, the judges followed suit.” – Lionel Barber, FT Editor


2002  MBE for services relating to his work to help reduce casualties and deaths on the road as an early pioneer of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

2004 – 08 As MD of Olympus KeyMed receives three prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise;  2004 for Sustainable Development; in 2006 for International Trade; and in 2008 for Innovation.

2011 ‘UK Business Person of the Year’ for his bravery at Olympus; Awarded by The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Sun. Time Magazine recognised Woodford as one of the People who mattered.

2012  FT/ArcelorMittal ‘Boldness in Business Person of The Year ‘

2012 Cliff Roberston Sentinel award “For Choosing Truth Over Self” by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

2013 Contrarian Prize

Tomotaka Takahashi

Tomotaka Takahashi Speaker
  • The principle designer of humanoid robots our next giant leap forwards in technology
  • His evolving robots move, talk, have personality, have climb mountains and travelled into space.
  • His robot ‘Kirobo’ was sent into space to keep the astronaut company in the International Space Station.

Tomotaka Takahashi is world famous for creating humanoid robots and his cool and sleek designs have been used in advertising campaigns world-wide.

Professor Takahashi is the founder of Kyoto University’s ROBO-GARAGE where he takes his humanoid robots from concept to production. He collaborates with researchers and corporations to develop his cutting edge next-generation robotics.

In 2013 Takahashi’s talking robot Kirobo robot became the first robot to be sent into outer space when he was launched from Japan in an unmanned rocket. Kirobo will stop off at the International Space Station before taking up his duty to serve as a companion to astronaut Kochi Wakata who will begin his mission in November. This is an effort to help Mission Commander Wakata avoid the well documented depression that frequents astronauts on long missions.

Kirobi measures 34cm (13 inches) and is part of a study to see how machines can lend emotional support to people isolated over long periods.

Takahashi’s projects are the subject of increasing interest as the world speculates that the next major evolution following the rise of the internet will involve the future use and demand for humanoid robots. The robot he designed as a mascot for Panasonic’s Evolta batteries climbed the 1,500 ft Grand Canyon and then ascended the cliff face using a tiny rope creating a Guinness World Record for battery life. His Astroboy robot was voted as Time’s Coolest Invention in 2004.

At present Takahashi is the Research Associate Professor of The University of Tokyo and Visiting Professor at both the Fukuyama and the Osaka Electro-Communication Universities.

Tomataka Takahashi is in-demand as a conference speaker on innovation and technology.

Jack Abramoff

185 Jack Abramoff 3
  • Washington DC’s ‘Super Lobbyist’ known as Casino Jack.
  • The Man Who Bought Washington – His’Favour Factory’ – Cash for political results.
  • Exposed and jailed for 3 1/2 years for the worst US political scandal since Watergate.
  • Speaking out he helps corporations understand the hand of influence.
  • An eye opening look into America’s politics by the man whose influence got Reagan elected.

Jack Abramoff is one of the world’s most famous lobbyists and former Washington power players. Immortalised in the Hollywood movie ‘Casino Jack,’ Abramoff, who Time Magazine described on its cover as the”Man Who Bought Washington” was jailed for 3 1/2 years for his involvement in the most harrowing political scandal since Watergate.

He is now speaking out and his story is both fascinating and informative. Few know more than he about how Washington really works. Jack’s lessons are of great interest and relevance to any organisation that seeks gain through politics world-wide.

Abramoff once labeled the dysfunctional and Byzantine system which has become our federal government as the “favour factory”. None can better show why this factory needs to be shuttered, so good government and democracy can prevail. Jack’s is a lesson that effects politics and business not just in the US but world-wide where lobbying officially or unofficially is conducted by politicians and businessmen alike as a serious business that often results in huge outcomes.

Abramoff was born in Atlantic City, grew up in Beverly Hills and graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in English Literature and Opera. At Brandeis, Abramoff commenced his political career, heading the state-wide College Republican group and was credited with delivering Massachusetts to Ronald Reagan in 1980. Abramoff was soon elected as the national chairman of the College Republicans and built that organisation into the largest student political organisation in the free world.His next position foreshadowed his rise to national prominence, as he was chosen to head President Reagan’s grassroots lobbying organisation. In this role, Abramoff honed the lobbying skills he would later deploy to become the nation’s top legislative advocate.

Under his leadership the organisation moved major Reagan administration initiatives through the Congress and sponsored the world’s first convocation of anti-Soviet forces in the bush of Southern Africa.As the Reagan era wound down, Abramoff moved from the world of politics to the world of cinema, becoming a motion picture producer – making action adventure films, including “Red Scorpion” starring Dolph Lundgren. His international experience in structuring motion picture finance made him a popular lecturer at Georgetown University Law Center, where he had graduated from in 1986; but the siren call of politics drew Abramoff back to his roots, and in 1994, he joined the lobbying division of the law firm headed by Bill Gates’ father.

Abramoff set to work and, within a few years, built one of the nation’s most prestigious and profitable lobbying practices. As Abramoff continued to build, his political base expanded and soon he found himself at the top of his profession. When a corporation, Indian tribe, or foreign nation needed to win, they went to Team Abramoff, the eclectic hand-picked team of lobbying guns he assembled. Their clients rarely were defeated, and reaped billions of dollars of benefit. Abramoff’s arsenal included his Signatures restaurant, one of Washington’s finest, some of the best sports tickets in the nation, and an unlimited capacity to raise funds to fuel the political system which made his influence possible.

Abramoff had it all. And then it was gone. In an instant, his world collapsed and Abramoff fell into the abyss, eventually landing in federal prison, his name becoming synonymous with corruption and what’s wrong with governments.


How Lobbyists Shape Your Industry: Everything Your Company Needs to Know, and Probably Doesn’t Know About the Influential World of Lobbying

Former super lobbyist Jack Abramoff possesses an unfiltered view of the corporate dealings in Washington, and, in his corporate talks, he shares cautionary tales, best practices, and big picture insight that will benefit almost any corporation world-wide. With unparalleled insight, Abramoff can help your company or industry avoid lobbying traps, such as letting the system unwittingly undo your best efforts.

With stirring detail Abramoff takes you to the high-stakes intersection where business meets politics. This is an eye-opening and absolutely necessary talk.

Keynote Lectures

– What do you need to know about how lobbying really works?
– How lobbying works in your industry?
– What are your competitors doing?
– How can you participate in lobbying efforts that are fair and efficient?
– Is Government for Sale?
– Is Ethical Lobbying Possible?
– Can Washington & Other Governments Be Fixed?
– Overcoming Collapse

The fall from grace changed Jack Abramoff and woke him up. And now, Abramoff is determined to do all he can to rectify the wrong he did and to identify and help end the corruption of the system he so well played. His orations will not only serve as a cautionary tale, but as an historic platform for reform of the system.

Jony Ive

jony ive conference
  • British product designer of Apple Inc’s; iPhone, iPad and iOS operating system
  • At the forefront of technology design which is functional and beautiful.

Sir Jony Ive, KBE was the Chief Design Officer at Apple Inc. He was responsible for the design of many of Apple’s products including the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iPod and the iOS7 operating system.

Born in Chingford, London. His father was a silversmith who taught at the local college whom Jony attained many of his technical and drawing skills from and has been interested in drawing and making things since he was aged 14.

With a high school eduction followed by studying design at Newcastle Polytechnic Ive’s meteoric rise is even more surprising. He then co-founded a design agency in London where he was hired by Apple as a consultant and then full time employee.

Working with a returned Steve Jobs he would soon thereafter design a suite of iconic Apple products beginning with the iMac. Ive’s products would be noted for being functionally clean and beautiful to look at. People familiar with iconic product design will be aware of Dieter Rams who designed many of Brauns products working to his Ten Principles of Good Design.

Within Apple Ive’s position of influence may be best described by former co-founder Steve Jobs who said of Ive,”He has more operational power than anyone else at Apple except me.” He works with his own design team in a secretive studio which helps keep Apple’s latest product launches so famously surprising.

Jony Ive speaks occasionally at major international technology innovation conferences which are relevant to his field of expertise.