Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023

Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023

In the realm of global speaker agencies, Promotivate stands as a beacon of excellence, representing some of the world’s most influential and inspiring individuals. Promotivate is a leading agency with a roster of 1,500 speakers. More than just an agency, Promotivate is on a passionate mission to spread knowledge and empower audiences through the wisdom of its remarkable speakers. One such remarkable event that recently showcased this dedication to excellence was the 3rd edition of the ‘Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023.’ in Poland to inspire the youth of the Three Seas region to become innovators. 

Hosted by the State of Poland Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting Poland’s unique character and achievements on both national and global scales, the conference was a celebration of innovation, technology, culture, and tradition. The foundation’s efforts align with Promotivate’s mission, aiming to provide a platform for inspiring figures to share their knowledge and drive positive change.

The agency’s owner, Jonathan Curran, brought keynote speaker, Steve Wozniak to the major conference in Warsaw. The co-founder of Apple captivated the audience and motivated them to innovate in the technology field. Their participation in the event energized the young attendees and left a lasting impact, who were invited to speak by the gracious hosts from the Polish Government. Promotivate’s Director, Jonathan Curran, had the privilege of accompanying this genius on his journey to inspire the audience.

The Power of Keynote Speakers

A skilled keynote speaker can simultaneously inspire, motivate, and educate their audience. Keynote speakers must be experts in their field to provide valuable insights and encourage others to achieve greatness.

Steve Wozniak’s involvement in the Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference is a prime example of these qualities. He shared his innovative ideas and the thought process behind them and also gave the youth of Poland valuable advice on what it takes to be a successful scientist.

Steve Wozniak’s appearance at the conference was a true highlight. His talk encompassed a wide range of topics, delving into the realms of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and the future of leadership. The audience, estimated at around 800 VIPs personally invited by the hosts, comprised business leaders and entrepreneurs with a strong focus on technology.

Throughout the conference, Wozniak’s insights and wisdom left the audience in awe. His ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner is a testament to the impact that thought leaders can have on shaping the future.

Promotivate Agency: A Game-Changer

This agency was founded in 2005, but initially, they were focused on limited areas only. It developed with time, and now they are a worldwide brand. They have over 1500 pro speakers in multiple fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Space Sciences, Blockchain industry, Business Transformation, Comedy, Entertainment, Cultural, Customer Services, Technological Advancement and many more. 

Steve Wozniak, recent address to the youth of Three Seas in Poland serves as a great example. The conference was focused on providing valuable insight to the youth about being a leader in the technological industry. During a conversation hosted by TBC, he answered attendees’ questions about what is essentially required in the technology industry and what he has been working on. 

Steve Wozniak: The Technology Tycoon 

Steve Wozniak, also known as “the Woz,” is a renowned technology scientist and co-founder of the Apple 1 and Apple II home computers. He revolutionized the computer industry by inventing the first-ever home computer.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and received numerous accolades, including the National Medal of Technology from the US president. Steve is a humble person and an excellent addition to the panel of speakers at Promotivate. He inspired the youth at the GenFree Youth Conference 2023 with his speech. His main focus was on the following points.

  • Technology Advancement

During his speech, Steve emphasized the importance of technological advancement. He highlighted how the ever-increasing demands of the modern era have made it essential to innovate and develop new ideas constantly. Steve also mentioned that technological advancements can greatly benefit vital industries such as education, healthcare, and finance. However, the creation of new tools and solutions depends on the people’s needs. Steve encouraged the youth of Three Seas to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas.

  • Essentials to Be an Innovator

Steve emphasized three crucial skills when asked about the essentials of becoming an innovator. Firstly, he stated that a desire to learn and explore new things is essential. Additionally, having a strong sense of creativity and confidence to think outside the box is crucial. Lastly, he mentioned that ambition and the power to walk on the tough path are necessary. He shared his experience of starting his first venture from a garage and how his life has been challenging throughout.

Jonathan Curran: The Visionary Behind Promotivate

Jonathan Curran has made a significant impact in the world by utilizing the talents of skilled speakers to enhance the performance of different companies/departments. In 2005, he founded Promotivate which initially had only a few speakers specializing in limited areas such as motivation.

However, Curran’s dynamic and innovative leadership skills have propelled this agency to become the world’s finest, with 1500 speakers on board who travel globally. His recent appearance at the Technology Conference in Poland has showcased his skills as an agent.

Generation Freedom Future Leaders: A Showcase of Excellence

The GenFree technology conference is an initiative by the Three Seas Group to provide valuable insights and leadership skills to the youth of the Three Seas. It was held for the third year in a row on September 22, 2023. 

In addition to the Promotivate speakers, the conference featured keynote speakers from around the world who were experts in their fields. They all gathered at the Warsaw University of Technology to hold a conversational and addressing session with the youth of the Three Seas. However, the morale of the community was truly lifted by the address by Steve Wozniak, who came very well prepared for a series of 3 keynote deliveries.

As we look back on the 3rd edition of the ‘Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023,’ it’s clear that Promotivate, in collaboration with visionary leaders like Steve Wozniak, continues to make a significant mark on the world stage. This event was not just a conference; it was a platform for fostering innovation, promoting positive change, and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

With primary sponsors being the State of Poland Foundation, and esteemed partners such as The Warsaw University of Technology and TVP World, this conference exemplified the collaborative spirit required to drive positive change. The event also received patronage from the Polish State Development Bank BGK and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further underscoring its importance on the national and global stage.

Summing it up

In a world where knowledge and inspiration hold immense power, Promotivate and Steve Wozniak demonstrated commitment to creating a brighter future for all. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, innovation, and global connectivity, we eagerly anticipate more events like the Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023 that will shape the world for generations to come.