At PRO-MOTIVATE we bring top class leading…

Leading Motivational Speakers For Schools & Colleges 2016-17

At PRO-MOTIVATE we bring top class leading motivational speakers to schools and colleges at affordable fees.

We specialise providing speakers who are exceptional individuals who have excelled in life and are role models for young people to follow. They have climbed mountains, overcome adversity, won medals for bravery and sport, built stunning businesses at an early age and more.

Many well known speakers are too busy to speak to schools and the fees for speaking are well beyond most academic institutions budgets. However at PRO-MOTIVATE we have a group of seriously great speakers who like speaking to young audiences and inspiring them. They reduce their fees significantly to speak to young audiences.

If you are organising an end of year, awards, or graduation ceremony then having a keynote speaker and the opportunity for your students to meet one of these special people will significantly add to your event.

Here is a sample of speakers that PRO-MOTIVATE represent who like speaking to young people and are good at it. You can review profiles and you’ll see their standard fees for speaking on their profile pages.

Most schools and colleges will be seeking to pay a fee of between £300 and £1500 to have an inspirational speaker attend an event. In many cases this fees goes to the speakers own worthy cause.

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding booking a speaker for a forthcoming event please call or email us directly for a prompt response.  To view more speakers for schools visit this link here.

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