HOPE: Covid-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts for Resilience in…

HOPE: Covid-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts for Resilience in Challenging Times’ LAUNCH


It made total sense to Promotivate that we put our speaker’s expert knowledge on managing difficult situations online at a time when it is most needed. After all, this is what we are regarded as being knowledgeable about.

In late March we have launched an independent video channel on YouTube.

The channel’s objective is to provide daily INSPIRATION to everyone during these difficult times. We’ve gathered leading professional speakers who are experts on how to be RESILIENT and deal with SIGNIFICANT ADVERSITY. We asked each of them to provide a few minutes of their best advice to provide HOPE for others.

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HOPE: Covid-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts for Resilience in Challenging Times’

We HOPE that throughout this uncertain and deeply stressful period of (Covid-19) that by sharing the short videos specifically recorded for this channel by the experts that we can help to encourage people through the coming months. The videos are from our world-renowned adventurers, record breakers, scientists, high-performance coaches, game-changers, top motivators and more. In addition, we welcome receiving videos for inclusion from other experts who can help share valuable advice in these difficult times.

To be involved please make a short video (3 min max) and send it to me for inclusion.

Jonathan Curran, Managing Director

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