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HOPE: COVID-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts in Resilience’ – Updated daily with new videos


It made total sense to Promotivate that we put our speaker’s expert knowledge on managing difficult situations online at a time when it is most needed. After all, this is what we are regarded as being knowledgeable about.

In late March we have launched an independent video channel on YouTube.

The channel’s objective is to provide daily INSPIRATION to everyone during these difficult times. We’ve gathered leading professional speakers who are experts on how to be RESILIENT and deal with SIGNIFICANT ADVERSITY. We asked each of them to provide a few minutes of their best advice to provide HOPE for others.

Channel Link: HOPE: Covid-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts for Resilience in Challenging Times’

The videos are from our world-renowned adventurers, record breakers, scientists, high-performance coaches, game-changers, top motivators and more. In addition, we welcome receiving videos for inclusion from other experts who can help share valuable advice in these difficult times. To be involved please make a short video (3 min max) and send it to me for inclusion.

All of the speakers that we are featuring can be booked for ‘Virtual Speaking’  to employees working from home and we can guide and arrange for the appropriate internet streaming to be in place.

Jonathan Curran, Managing Director

Intro - Inspiration by Experts on Resilience for Challenging Times

We have set this channel up to provide HOPE and inspiration for people during the Covid-19 virus global pandemic.

It made total sense to us that we put our expert knowledge online at a time when it is most needed.

Each day we will post a new video from one of these experts. You’ll hear how they have managed quarantine and isolation (for example training for and living on the International Space Station); handling suddenly being paralysed; how to deal with the loss of a job, even companies and bankruptcy; others have escaped death; missed World record’s and big mountain summit’s by a few metres.

You’ll learn how resilience and the ability to adapt to a dramatic change in situation is vital to help mentally get through this. You’ll learn how you can use this time efficiently to clean up things that may have been holding you back, to try new things and ultimately come out better when this is over.

We HOPE these daily real-life stories inspire people to get through COVID-19.

Jonathan Curran
HOPE by Promotivate

By: Jonathan Curran / Country: Spain

Mark Pollock: World Class Speaker on 'Overcoming Adversity and dealing with Covid-19'

If you really think self-isolation is tough and the risk of infection horrific, you should listen to Mark Pollock’s viewpoint on dealing with the Corona-19 virus.

For those unaware Mark Pollock is a former international sportsman who went blind in his twenties and a decade later fell out of a window two floors up adding paralysis. He has spent months in hospitals unable to move and fighting serious infection, in addition to surviving tents, blind breaking records to reach the South Pole.

Mark has broken multiple World Records, written a best selling motivational book, and is today devoting all his attention to help find a cure for paralysis.

You should listen to him as he’s handled more difficulty than anyone else we can think of. Amazingly inspirational and he’s spoken at Davos and closed TED Global in 2018.

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 25th March / By: Mark Pollock / Country: Ireland

Laura Winterling: Trainer of ESA & NASA Astronauts, 'Lessons for Managing Isolation'

Laura Winterling’s background is as the trainer of many of Europe’s Astronauts like Major Tim Peake for the European Space Agency and NASA.

With Covid-19 in mind, Laura’s relevance is that she is familiar with and has trained astronauts to handle long periods of quarantine and isolation.

Laura is very well-positioned to help discuss:

How to face a period of crisis
What is quarantine and why do we need it
Why we need mission control centres
Working from remote places, like the International Space Station

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 26th March / By: Laura Winterling / Country: Germany

Benedikt Böhm: CEO Dynafit & Extreme Ski Mountaineer - 'Accepting The Situation'

Benedikt Böhm is CEO of Dynafit the world leader in ski touring equipment. He’s also an ‘Extreme Ski Mountaineer’ meaning he speeds climbs the world’s tallest mountains and ski’s down them.

Benedikt is an expert in planning and pushing human limits. But importantly and with Covid-19 in mind, he is familiar coping with stress. He has attempted and failed many serious climbs when close to the top for a variety of reasons, but all taken to minimise risk. These include eleven fatalities on one attempt following a massive avalanche.

But he is able to bounce back and accept different situations, just as the Corona-19 outbreak is asking of us. In his word’s “we can fight it or accept it”.”The only person who can make this decision and bring positive energy is me”

The view in the background is very impressive!

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 27th March / By: Benedikt Böhm / Country: Germany

Kate Strong (UK): Successful Entrepreneur and World Champion Triathlete on 'Overcoming Adversity'

Kate Strong is a successful entrepreneur and World Champion Triathlete. But this does not mean she has not had her share of adversity.

Six days prior to her wedding her future husband ran off leaving Kate with $1million of debt.

Kate spent the next 2 years conquering dealing with the external issues that impacted on her life (like Corona) and challenged her own mindset and discovered her inner passion again. She regained control and became Triathlon World Champion in her age group.

Kate believes that the same ability to control our mindset applies to this situation. If we can step up, show leadership and avoid fear and uncertainty we will come through these and other difficult times.


Overcoming fear of failure
The dark side of success
Striving for success (24 hours cycling on a static bicycle)
Trust: How to let go of control and start believing in others
Mental health and wellbeing
Being your best
Sustainability: Everyone winning in business and life

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 30th March / By: Kate Strong / Country: UK

Cedric Dumont (Belgium): Red Bull BASE Jumper, '7 Tips To Create More Resilience In Times of Crisis'

Cedric Dumont is a pioneering wingsuit flyer and BASE jumper, and high-performance psychologist.

He is a Red Bull Athlete with over 2,500 base jumps and 11,000 skydives to his credit.

Cedric holds a degree in Applied Sports and High-Performance Psychology and is a Coach to high-performance athletes, helping them to achieve their best. In addition to being a top speaker on the circuit.

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 31st March / By: Cedric Dumont / Country: Belgium

Paul McNeive (Ireland): #1 Conference Speaker. 'Using This Time Productively'

Paul McNeive is one of Ireland’s leading conference speakers and author of a great business motivational book ‘Small Steps’. He is a star speaker on Customer Service.

Paul lots both legs at the top of his career. It didn’t hold him back and his period of rehabilitation he compares to the period we are all in today, with isolation due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Paul recommends we use this time to rest and take ‘small steps’ to enable us to come back better and stronger when this epidemic ends.

He’s also a talented musician as you can see!

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 1st April / By: Paul McNeive / Country: Ireland

Marc Lammers (Netherlands): Olympic Gold Winning Coach, 'Adapting to Change, Teamwork & Problems'

Marc Lammers is the former Dutch Olympic Hockey Coach who introduced technology and innovation to improve performance and develop winning teams. He has coached Spain, Netherlands and the Belgian national sides leading the Dutch to Olympic Gold in Beijing in 2008.

Author and acclaimed conference speaker on good practice for leadership and diversity. He is highly rated as a top international coach but also coach to executives.

His relevant strength to Covid-19 is that he is an expert at guiding people to adapt, to be better team players, handle stress and learn from failure and difficulty.

Marc is one of our most popular international speakers around Covid-19!

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 2nd April / By: Marc Lammers / Country: Netherlands

Professor Chris Roebuck (UK): Leadership Expert: 'How To Handle The Crisis - Get A Daily Plan!'

Chris Roebuck gives real leadership insight from his time working in business, government and the military. He is Honorary Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at the Cass Business School, London.

In relation to managing Covid-19 Chris advises us how to handle the crisis we are in. His advice discusses how having a plan is very helpful if not essential to get thru this period of great uncertainty. Within our Daily Plan we should have a clear vision of three things we need to achieve each day. Then what steps are required to achieve this?

If the duration of the virus lockdown is between 3 to 6 months then use this time to learn, grow and develop. Keep communicating and maintain motivation.

Look after ourselves physically and mentally. Reward yourself for hitting the daily targets.

Every day should have a To-Do List.

Full Speaker Profile

Date: 3rd April / By: Prof Chris Roebuck / Country: U.K

Tony Morris: The Sales Doctor- '5 Tips To Sell Remotely (from home)'

Tony Morris is an internationally successful sales trainer and speaker referred to as “The Sales Doctor”. He has written many books on sales and trained
sales professionals in over 65 different industries.

We asked Tony for some advice on how to cope with business winning and sales in these incredibly difficult times.

In the short video, you’ll hear Tony’s five sales tips that apply when working from home.

1) Do exercise

2) Create and stick to a routine

3) Create content for social media relevant to your audience

4) Call your clients and ask is there anything that you can do to help

5) Use this time to cleanse your prospect database

Tony Morris – Full Speaker Profile

Date: 6th April / By: Tony Morris / Country: UK

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