Jack Parsons: ‘How to reach your goals’

Jack Parsons: ‘How to reach your goals’

In the depths winter, it is easy to lose sight of the goals you have set for yourself, either in your personal or professional life. Succeeding in the plan you’ve set out for yourself can often feel like an uphill battle. Jack Parsons, an inspiring young entrepreneur and media influencer, is no stranger to this. Growing up in a tough area and struggling with dyslexia at school, the odds were stacked against him. Despite everything, Jack was determined to be successful, and has shared a few top tips on how reaching your goals:

Be specific when you’re goal setting

If you want to succeed, you have to set yourself a specific goal that’s easy to keep in mind and will motivate you working towards it. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, as long as it makes sense to you and is achievable for you.

Set a timeline

This is vital when you’re trying to set your goals, and more importantly – achieve them! It allows you to keep track of what should be achieved and by when. It’s not only a source of motivation, but also a practical way to ensure everything is getting done.

Be realistic

As much as dreaming big is sometimes beneficial for motivational purposes, it is still essential to stay realistic in your ambitions. Think about what you want to do, and how to execute it in a way that is realistically possible. After you’ve laid the groundwork, you can start increasing your targets and forming more ambitious aspirations.

Stay focused

A key factor in succeeding is to simply not lose focus. Keep on track as much as possible, and don’t let outside factors take away your concentration from the target at hand. You should channel your energy and attention into your goal. It is very easy to lose track and attempt to do too many things at once.

Stay committed

Reaching your goals can sometimes be a very long and difficult process, and giving up may begin to feel like an option. Staying as driven and committed as possible is essential to working through any difficulties you might face. Believe in your ideas and abilities, to make it become a reality.

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Reaching your #goals can feel like a long and difficult process. Check out @JackParsons_CEO ‘s top tips on how to become a success even if the odds are stacked against you! [link] #MondayMotivation #ProMotivate

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Reaching your goals can feel like a long and difficult process. Young entrepreneur and media influencer Jack Parsons is no stranger to facing struggles and coming out the other side. Check out our #MondayMotivation blog, where he shares his top tips on how to reach your goals! #ProMotivate