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Leading Webinar & Virtual Speakers

Promotivate Speakers Agency is working with clients to provide solutions to replace live events during the COVID-19 Coronaviris pandemic.

With social distancing restrictions in place, many conferences have opted to go virtual. We are experienced in providing virtual speaking with experience streaming speakers sessions onto hundreds of desktops in employees homes for large organisations. We can also provide C-Level small workshops in a similar way.

If you have had to postpone an event due to COVID-19 we can with experience provide leading international speakers and our agents are here to help.  We have capability across the world and can stream speakers from studios or their homes, provide hosts and advise on the necessary technical requirements (minimal today) without any disruption to your business.

Our speakers are also adapting to this changing environment, but their core expertise has not vanished because of Coronavirus. Their messages of resilience and adaptability to change are more important than ever. We can provide a full suite of virtual speaking, workshops, live Q&A. Please ask us for help.

What Type of Speakers are in Demand during Coronavirus?

What Type of Speakers are in Demand during Coronavirus?


Now more than ever companies and their employees are feeling the unknown effect of something terrible during these times of crises.

With the capability to stream live into your employees own homes and remote locations our speakers who are experts on relevant topics such as; handling change, overcoming adversity, selling remotely, time management, teamwork whilst in isolation, staying in control and more.

In addition to the benefits these sessions have in helping keep employees engaged, a hidden benefit is an appreciation that their business cares about them and is providing useful tools to help progress through this period of adversity.

One of the main schools of thought that we support is that people and employees can come out of this pandemic better in many ways. Our speakers help audiences to achieve this mindset.

Promotivate has been working on a short video series to collate advice from its speakers here in under 3 minutes. The videos are here:  HOPE: COVID-19 ‘Inspiration by Experts in ResilienceYou might appreciate watching some of the videos here to understand how we can help your business using our resources connected to your people.