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Literary Support

Many of the speakers that Promotivate represent will either wish to publish their first book or publish additional books.  Or perhaps even have editions published in other languages and other countries. Promotivate have added this service by partnering with industry experts.

In the past getting a book to market was complicated and more often than not the effort resulted in failure. Publishing has evolved and Promotivate provides speakers with the most cost effective and likely solution to  get their book published and onto the shelves for sale.

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Publishing & Bringing A Book To The Market


Without a doubt having a published book behind a speaker adds to marketability of the professional which in turn leads to more commercial activity, which means greater income.

We are offering speakers a full book publication service which will fully project manage the entire publishing service from manuscript to distribution. Our literary partners work with our speakers to produce the book and take it to market. In today’s world, we can help get books onto Amazon and other platforms to become a bestseller and is a catalyst to future success.

This service is provided to all Promotivate’s managed speakers but available to other speakers seeking publication.