Here are our speakers based in Portugal who we recommend and who are available for conference speaking at events. In addition to Portuguese-based speakers, we bring international speakers to Portugal for large conferences and corporate speaking requirements.

We are regularly helping international companies to book high-quality conference speakers for events in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Cascais. Typically the speakers are recommended by us to present in English as the audience is likely to be international and English is the most universally spoken language.  Our locally sourced speakers can of course also speak and present in Portuguese and often more languages.

If you would like our assistance to recommend speakers for a forthcoming event we will be very pleased to help. We work closely with the Portuguese speaking market and know our speakers and their capabilities very well.

Remember to be proactive and start your seach early, as high-demand speakers often have busy schedules and may be booked months in advance.

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    How to book a high-quality conference speaker for events in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Cascais

    Determine your event’s objectives and theme: Understand the purpose and goals of your event, as well as the target audience. This will help you identify the type of speaker that best aligns with your event’s theme and objectives.

    Set a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on booking a speaker, considering factors such as speaker fees, travel, accommodation, and other related expenses.

    Research potential speakers: Start by searching for speakers who are experts in the relevant field or industry.  Promotivate represents a variety of speakers and can help match you with the right candidate.

    Create a shortlist: Compile a list of potential speakers who fit your event’s theme, objectives, and budget. Evaluate their expertise, presentation skills, and audience engagement by watching videos of their previous talks, reading their articles or books, and checking reviews or testimonials.

    Check availability and interest: Once you have decided on the speakers of interest then you will wish to confirm their availability and interest in speaking at your event. Provide information about the event, including dates, locations, audience, and objectives.

    Next steps in booking the perfect speaker for an event in Portugal

    Negotiate and finalize the booking: Once you find a speaker who fits your criteria and is available, discuss their speaking fees, travel and accommodation expenses, and other requirements.

    Promote the event and speaker: Share the event details and speaker information on social media, newsletters, websites, and other promotional materials to generate interest and attendance.

    Prepare for the event:  We will facilitate an advance briefing call with the speaker to introduce you to them. And for the speaker to discover more about your requirement, audience, and the ideal outcome of the session. Coordinate with the speaker regarding their presentation materials, audio-visual requirements, and any other logistical details. Schedule a rehearsal or walkthrough, if necessary.

    Maintain communication: Stay in touch with the speaker leading up to the event to ensure they have all the necessary information and address any concerns or questions.

    Follow up and evaluate: After the event, collect feedback from attendees and evaluate the speaker’s performance. This will help you make better decisions for future events. Don’t forget to thank the speaker for their participation and share any positive feedback you received.