Caroline Casey

Leading International Speaker on Diversity, Disability & Equality

A.P McCoy

The World's Greatest Jump Jockey 'How To Achieve Success & Stay At The Top'

John Simpson

BBC World Affairs Editor & Speaker On International Current Affairs

Alain Rolland

Int'l Rugby Referee - Learn How Effective Communication Achieves More Results

Peter Ferris

Innovator & Entrepreneur Bringing Film Making To All By Smartphone

Mary Peters

1972 Olympic Champion & Sports Ambassador Inspiring Sport for All

Nick Leeson

The Original Rogue Trader - How Organisations Can Minimise Risk & Threats

Mark Pollock

Motivational Speaker Blind, Paralysed, But Not Broken; Teamwork, Amazing

Gerry Duffy

Irish Motivational Business Conference Speaker Set Goals & Achieve Them

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Dambiso Moyo

Globally distinguished economics and macroeconomics expert and author

Samy Kamkar

Creator of the MySpace worm, Cybercrime, Hacking and GDPR authority

Daria Tataj

Global Expert on Innovation Ecosystems & Inspiring Conference Speaker

John Rossman

Former Amazon Exec & author of 'The Internet of Things' on Digital Business

Stephen Ferris

Ireland, Ulster & British Lions Rugby - Leadership, Teamwork & Commitment, an entertainer with an innovative fashion mindset

Sophie Hackford

Emerging Tech Speaker on AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics

Mary Portas

Mary Portas the UK's Queen of Retail - Keynote Speaker on Retail & Fashion

Lance Armstrong

Survivor, Sportsman & Author

Richard Branson

Iconic British Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group, Global Speaker

Alistair Brownlee

Double Olympic Triathlon Champion

Alan Campbell

Olympic Sculler. Planning, Commitment, No Short Cuts To Success

Sebastien Foucan

Motivational Speaking Free Runner - Stage Performer

Tim Collins

Famed Battle Group Commander Authority on Leadership & Risk

Kelly Holmes

Double Olympic Champion

Gerald Ratner

Jeweller Who Famously Wiped Out £500m Overnight

Samy Kamkar

Creator of the MySpace worm, Cybercrime, Hacking and GDPR authority

Guus Hiddink

Guus Hiddink is one of the world's football coaches and team builders.

Mark Beaumont

World Record Holder for Cycling the Entire World 18,000m in 78 days in 2017

Robby Kojetin

From life in a wheel chair to the summit of Mount Everest & much more

Brent Gleeson

Navy Seal turned businessman & highly successful US entrepreneur.

Fabien Cousteau

Oceanographer & Aquanaut & Environment Speaker

Mika Hakkinen

F1 multiple World Champion. Speaker on Risk, Winning & Insight Into F1

Gary Guller

One-armed record-breaking Everest mountaineer and motivational speaker

Sarah Dodd

When you have a goal and know exactly what you want, nothing can stop you.

Emma Crosby

Leading UK TV News Anchor - Conference Host, Moderator & Awards Presenter

Yusra Mardini

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Heroic Champion of Refugees, 2016 Olympian

Anne Ravanona

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs & More Women Into Technology

Dr. Hannah MacLeod

GB Olympic Gold Medalist & Organisational Development Trained Specialist

Katrina Collier

HR & Social Media Recruitment Expert, Author & Speaker

Pippa Malmgren

Best Selling Author, White House & UK Government Economic Advisor & Speaker

Inma Martinez

Females In Tech - Mobile & Technology Innovator & Data Scientist

Representing Switzerland’s Leading Inspirational Speakers

Switzerland is PROMOTIVATE’s second principle region of Europe for sending inspirational conference speakers to. Our first ever job was with our long term client Procter & Gamble who are head quartered in Geneva. We regularly send some of the world’s leading and best known speakers to give keynotes across Switzerland.


Requiring a Conference Speaker in Geneva or Elsewhere in Switzerland?

If you are seeking an inspirational speaker or group of speakers for an event in Switzerland contact PROMOTIVATE’s European Speaker’s Agency Head Office in London on +44 (0)2078711829. We will be pleased to advise and recommend suitable speakers based on your requirement.