It’s 2018, how do you get to grips with new work goals and sometimes new colleagues?


Let’s be honest, motivation levels of employees after the festive period won’t be as high as usual. The thought of refocussing after a couple of weeks of relaxing (or maybe not if you’re cooking Christmas dinner for a house full!) plus having to get to grips with new work goals and sometimes new colleagues can be a struggle in the new year. Performance psychology and business culture change expert Jamil Qureshi shares three simple ways to get employees excited about the year ahead.

  • Touch base with your team. There will be lots to catch up on after the holidays, both professionally and personally among colleagues. Make a point of getting everyone together to welcome them back, and hold a team meeting to ensure all staff are on the same page with upcoming key dates and targets. Motivation will increase once employees know what they are working towards.  


  • Recognition for achieving targets and reaching milestones. These are simple to create, and important for making employees feel like their work is appreciated. Setting up incentives for staff to work towards especially in the new year will boost productivity in the workforce and make them feel valued and accomplished when they achieve certain milestones or business targets.


  • Stay flexible. This is becoming more of a popular request in the workplace to help with other commitments such as school pick-ups, so maintaining a flexible working environment will encourage and motivate employees to perform better by showing them you can accommodate their circumstances, whatever they may be.

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