Leading Motivational Speakers For Schools & Colleges 2016-17

At PRO-MOTIVATE we bring top class leading motivational speakers to schools and colleges at affordable fees. We specialise providing speakers who are exceptional individuals who have excelled in life and are role models for young people to follow. They haveaaa [...]

Five Fantastic Inspirational Speaker Ideas For Your Next Event

Speaker Recommendations Keeping our clients up to speed on the Motivational Speaker market, here are a few fantastic inspirational speaker ideas for events in Europe. We have selected them by background and relevance to present times. These are some ofaaa [...]

A Minor Setback: Alex Lewis’ Inspirational Talk About His Magical Recovery

Alex Lewis, a young father, collapsed with a common cold on a November 17, 2013. He was rushed to the Winchester ICU, where his consultants told him that he had barely hours to live with a 3% chance of survivingaaa [...]

Europe’s Leading Motivational Speakers This Year

Europe’s leading professional speakers work for this small privately owned speakers agency aptly named Promotivate Speakers Agency Europe. A company with true values and relevant reasons it was formed in 2003 specifically aimed to promote and develop inspirational people as publicaaa [...]

‘6 Key Reasons to Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Business’

Motivational Speakers Can Move Mountains, Leap Tall Buildings…. But seriously… Why Your Organisation could Use a Motivational Speaker? Would you like to add a spark of inspiration to reignite the zeal and passion amongst your employees? If so, then aaaa [...]