Want to book a speaker? Here is how.

The company event is in the process of being organised and you are tasked to find and book a speaker. Do not be alarmed. Booking the perfect speaker is much easier than you think!. By following these easy steps, you will be able to secure the perfect speaker for your audience.   Know Your Audience Beforeaaa [...]

Why do Businesses Hire Motivational Speakers?

Very often, companies, when planning a corporate event, ponder on the necessity or desirability of hiring a motivational speaker to their events like Guy Verhofstadt, Anatole Kaletsky, Jamil Qureshi. Here follows three reasons why the most successful businesses hire motivational speakers: They add energy and excitement. The role of a great speaker is not only [...]

The Futurists of Today are Shaping the Face of Tomorrow

It was the year 1800. It was the height of the Industrial Revolution. New technology had replaced people, driving them to the cities in droves looking for jobs in factories. The life expectancy was at most 35 years of age, twenty percent of the population was illiterate, while over ninety percent lived in abject poverty. [...]

Gamechangers & Speakers on ‘The Future of Medicine’

The future of medicine may be more complex than popping a pill, having an arm or leg amputated and getting a prosthesis, or needing chemotherapy for treating cancer. The future of medicine, indeed, may be very much something along the lines of what is seen in many sci-fi films. More interestingly, these changes are happening right now [...]