Market Conditions Update by Promotivate Speakers Agency, October…

Market Conditions Update by Promotivate Speakers Agency, October 2021

Posted: 25th October 2021

Dear Speakers and Clients alike,

Our own business is showing positive signs of life again with the restarting of live events across Europe, Asia and ongoing in the US. We hope this is positive news for you.

What Signs of Recovery

The relaxing of all pandemic restrictions in Scandanavia, where airline travel is also now at 80% of pre-pandemic levels means this region for live events has advanced faster than all others.

This means that we have been taking requests and recommending speakers for live conferences and forums that have either already taken place or are happening in Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

In late September we enjoyed providing an array of speakers from around the world for the prestigious XVII Eurasian Media Forum in Kazakhstan. Almost all organisations and companies are seeking out knowledge about how best to manage this shift to operate successfully in a post-pandemic world.

In Madrid, next week one of our television personalities will host a major communications industry event at IFEMA. It’s a telling sign of recovery from the pandemic in Spain as IFEMA was temporarily transformed into a vast hospital at the height of the outbreak.

Post-covid trending speaking topics that include; post-pandemic working, hybrid leadership and how to work from home is not new. These are requirements by leaders of teams that have existed throughout history, albeit the scale this time around is much greater and all-consuming. Encouraging productivity and returning output to former levels and beyond is what many companies are aiming for.  We speak daily with companies wishing to move forward again by addressing the sluggishness that developed over the past 18 months.

Andrew Keen EAMF Kazahkstan2021 - Market Conditions Update by Promotivate Speakers Agency, October 2021

What Can Companies Do About It?

External speakers who are regarded as sector experts by profession and who have themselves dealt with change successfully make a difference. To inspire a team and create positive change an outsider has a greater chance of success.

We recommend live in-person talks where possible. But although there is a lot of discussion about everyone having enough video conferencing platforms (Zoom, MS Teams etc.), most are now familiar with using them and they are here to stay. They’ve also provided access for organisations to speakers from other sides of the world which ordinarily would not have been feasible.

Hot speaking topics in the Post-Pandemic world are:

  • Getting back to work
  • Leading through disruption
  • Cross-cultural change
  • Hybrid working and leadership
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion
  • How to successfully navigate a post-pandemic world

Forthcoming Ideas and Potential Events

Promotivate has provided leading speakers for virtual talks throughout the pandemic. We provide free consultation and advice on which speakers (from 1,000+) can meet a client’s needs, in terms of technical and inspirational requirements.

If you have a moment more here’s a gift of a very inspirational speaker, Bebe Vio we recommended to speak, with an equally talented presenter in Emma Crosby who hosted the two-day conference.

If we can help or advise you, please send me an email or call me directly.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Curran, Managing Director