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We are constantly seeking out the freshest speaking talent for our client’s conferences across Europe, Latam and worldwide.

Promotivate is heavily focussed on conferences across mainland Europe and our clients are many of Europe’s most admired companies and conferences. We also have a presence in Latin America with our office in Lima, Peru.

We invest in promoting our speakers and firmly believe this should be a 100% reciprocal relationship. We are connected to the speaker’s own network as a valued and trusted partner. Our most successful speakers, i.e. those that achieve the most bookings and revenue follow this model. Those that don’t aren’t nearly as popular in our industry.

We don’t have time and don’t find it financially viable to associate ourselves with speakers who appear on multiple speaker agencies sites or our managed by speaker agents due to the investment we give promoting and recommending speakers for events. We’d prefer to focus and recommend speakers we know and trust and not waste clients, speakers and our time.

If the above guidelines suit you (or your speaker) then please submit as much detail as you can below. We’ll review your profile and contact you shortly.