PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency is looking to add speaking talent from across mainland Europe to its speaker roster

Seeking Europe’s Leading Professional Speakers

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Looking To Add European Speakers

We are actively looking across mainland Europe for leading professional speakers.

If you are a seasoned speaker that would benefit  working with us please get in touch.

We are interested in speakers with well regarded backgrounds in the following areas:

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1. Geopolitics & international development


2. Global sustainability and responsibility


3. Business motivation and leadership


4. Futurists & Philosophers


5. Adventure & Exploration


6. Sport – Olympics

About PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency


PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency is one of Europe’s leading speaker agencies. We represent and supply conferences, businesses and the public sector with Europe’s most influential professionals from the corporate, political, academic, sport and exploration fields.


We also partner with a number of overseas agencies primarily in the US to bring external speaking talent to Europe for clients.


To read more about PROMOTIVATE please use this link.




Email or call Jonny Curran at PROMOTIVATE for more information. You can also apply directly for Speaker Representation using this form here.



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