Robby Kojetin

From life in a wheel chair to the summit of Mount Everest & much more


Street Rapper with a remarkable story of turning nothing into everything

Kyle Maynard

Quadruple Amputee sports star & record breaking climber - "No Excuses!"

Brent Gleeson

Navy Seal turned businessman & highly successful US entrepreneur.

Fabien Cousteau

Oceanographer & Aquanaut & Environment Speaker

Mika Hakkinen

F1 multiple World Champion. Speaker on Risk, Winning & Insight Into F1

Josh Widdicombe

Award Winning British Observational Stand-Up Comedian

Yusra Mardini

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Heroic Champion of Refugees, 2016 Olympian

Gary Guller

One-armed record-breaking Everest mountaineer and motivational speaker

Kai Schmidhuber

Economic Futurist & Visionary, Digitalizing Travel & Transport

Jeremy White

Editor of Products @Wired on Tech, Innovation & Trends 'Around The Corner'

Rory Cellan-Jon

BBC's Chief Technology Correspondent, Tech & Innovation Speaker & Host

Ness Knight

Explorer, Endurance Athlete, Presenter, 2018 WR Solo Pacific Rowing Attempt

Simon Devonshir

The UK Gov's Entrepreneur In Residence. The Need For Companies To Innovate

Anne Ravanona

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs & More Women Into Technology

Renato de Castr

Smart City Expert, Real Estate Strategy for Building Cities of the Future

Gillian Tett

Award Wining FT Economist, Author and Speaker on International Economics

Guy Verhofstadt

The European Parliament's Chief Brexit Negotiator in Brussels

Bernardo Hernan

Online Entrepreneur, Yahoo & Google Director of Emerging Products

John Kay

Leading British Economist and Founder of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Russell Kane

Award-winning Comedian, Actor, Television Presenter and Writer

Conrad Humphrey

World Class Yachtsman, Businessman, Author & Speaker on Leadership & Change

Marc Lammers

Ex-Dutch Women's Olympic Gold Hockey Coach - Building Winning Teams

Rory Sutherland

Marketing's Ideas Man, data analysis and behavourial change expert

Stefan Hyttfors

Swedish Leading Economist & Futurist Conference Speaker on Digitilization

Dr. Hannah MacL

GB Olympic Gold Medalist & Organisational Development Trained Specialist

Ali Mahlodji

Refugee, Visionary & Storyteller, co-founder of WHATCHADO

Anatole Kaletsk

Award-Winning International Economist, Journalist & Conference Speaker


The Greatest Footballer, Peace Ambassador, Humanitarian & Icon

Matt Alder

Human Resourcing Digital Talent Acquisition & Future of Recruitment Speaker

Vartan Melkonia

Beirut orphan who grew up to Conduct the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Katrina Collier

HR & Social Media Recruitment Expert, Author & Speaker

Marc Faber

Internationally Recognised Economist, Financial Analyst & Speaker

Michael Porter

Economist & World’s Leading Authority on Business Strategy & Competiveness

Paul Johnson

Leading UK Economist as Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Ram Charan

Award-winning economist , business advisor and best selling author

Pippa Malmgren

Best Selling Author, White House & UK Government Economic Advisor & Speaker

Caspar Berry

Pro-Poker Player & Conference Speaker on How Take Risk & Decision Making

Matthew Luhn

Using Big Data by Pixars's British Creative Storyteller behind Toy Story

Antonio Nieto-R

World's Leading Champion of Project Management and Strategy Implementation

Luke Robert Mas

Combining Technology and Philosophy to Investigate and Project The Future

Pete Cohen

Motivational Bestselling Author, TV Personality, Coach to #1 Sports Stars

Inma Martinez

Females In Tech - Mobile & Technology Innovator & Data Scientist

Alexander Nix

Big Data Analytics Expert Behind The Trump Presidential Campaign Success

Jamil Qureshi

World Renowned Motivational Psychologist & Corporate Inspirational Speaker

June Sarpong

Popular TV Broadcaster & Champion of Diversity & Women in Business

Mikko Hypponen

Computer Hacking & Cyber Crime Expert - World Leading Authority & Speaker

Martyn Sibley

Influential British Conference Speaker on Disability & Diversity

Jeremy Howick

Oxford's Mindfulness For Leadership Expert & Author of 'Dr You'

Nigel Barlow

Corporate Strategist Advising Companies To Revise Strategy & See Results

Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff, Formula 1 Driver, Businesswoman & Inspirational Female Speaker

Alex Thomson

Daring Multiple World Record-Breaking Sailor & Skipper of Hugo Boss

Hannes Sjoblad

Swedish Leading International Biohacking Expert & Conference Speaker

Anna Bance

Fashionista, Entrepreneur, Innovator - Founder of 'Girl Meets Dress'

Geoff Ramm

Customer Service & Marketing Guru & Brilliant Conference Speaker & Author

Kate Richardson

GB Olympic Gold Winning Hockey Captain on Leadership, Teamwork & Motivation

Mark van Rijmen

Dutch World's Top 10 Big Data & Disruptive Innovation Authority

Jamie Andrew

'The Titanium Man' - Paraplegic Mountaineer, Author & Unbelievable Speaker

Mike Forde

Identifying Talent & Building Winning Teams, Leadership, Using Big Data

Kevin Kelly

The 'Sales Accelerator' - Author & Leading Conference Speaker on Sales

Dietmar Dahmen

Austrian Visionary - Using Digital to drive Customer Centric Innovation

Ricardo Diniz

Portuguese Accidental Life Coach, Sailor, Author & Leading Speaker

Nadia Murad

2016 Nobel Prize Nominee - Human Rights Awareness Towards Extremism & Abuse

Steven Van Bell

Digital Marketing Expert - Modern Marketing To The Customer

Jillian Haslam

Turning adversity into gain. Award winning author, philanthropist & speaker

Frank Bunge

Leica Microsystems Global After Sales Director - Achieving long term value

Martin McCourt

Ex CEO of Dyson; Innovation,Global Marketing, Brand & Sales Guru

James Cracknell

Double Olympic Rowing Champion, Adventurer, Presenter, Author & Speaker

Simon Reeve

Award-winning TV adventurer, bestselling author, Inspiring Speaker

Joan Laporta

38th President of FC Barcelona & Expert Speaker on Building A Winning Team

Mark Wood

Extreme Explorer Taking Inspiring One Million Kids Onto Everest in 2017

Ramón Calderó

Former Real Madrid President & Speaker on Building Teams & Leadership

Jason Smyth

World's Fastest Paralympian in History, 5 x Gold Medallist 100m & 200m

Paul McGinley

Ryder Cup Winning Captain & Expert Speaker on Leadership, Winning, Teamwork

Michael McKillo

Ireland's Inspirational 4 x Paralympic Champion & World Record Holder

Richard Whitehe

Inspirational Double Paralympic Champion T42 200m & Marathon WR Holder

John Kavanagh

The Godfather of Irish Martial Arts & Coach to UFC Champion Conor McGregor

Brownlee Brothe

Olympic Triathlon Champions & Most Successful Brothers in Sports History

Crista Cullen

Olympic Hockey Champion - Team GB Rio 2016; Committment, Teamwork & Success

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser, Motivational Speaker and World Record Holder in Skydiving

Chen Lizra

International Conference Speaker on Female Empowerment and Motivation

Bonita Norris

World Class Climber, Brand Ambassador & Brilliant Motivational Speaker

Lothar Matthäu

German Captain & World Cup Winner - Icon & Giant of Global Football

Bertalan Meskó

Keynote Speaker On The Future of Medicine,Healthcare, Disruptive Technology

Allister Frost

Award winning Conference Speaker Digital, Social Media, Marketing, Branding

Bob Geldof

Musician, Humanitarian, Broadcaster, and Entrepreneur

Lene Gammelgaar

Danish Leader in 1996 Fatal Everest Descent, 1m+ Bestselling Author

Alex Staniforth

Inspirational Young Adventurer Who Overcame Adversity & Tragedy on Everest

Tom Oliver

World Class Authority on Leadership, Disruptive Innovation & Branding

Grant Lottering

The Miracle Cyclist - Coming Back From Dead To Conquer The Alps

Belinda Parmar

Expert Speaker on the Future of Work, Empathy for Business and Technology

Martin Butler

International Speaker on Retail Customer Service, Loyalty & Sales

Robert Swan

First man to walk unsupported to both Poles. Sustainability & Leadership

Alex Lewis

The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis, Truly Inspirational & Remarkable

Christian Jesse

Presenter of Ch 4's Embarrassing Bodies. Health & Wellbeing Speaking Expert

Hamish McRae

Global future trends in economics, business and society

Keith Wood

Former Ireland Rugby Captain, 58 Caps, 36 as Captain & Winning British Lion

Stefan Thomas

Expert on Networking, Sales & Customer Service

Simon Wheatcrof

Blind Aged 17, Ultrarunner & Inspirational Speaker Overcoming Obstacles

Pam Warren

Paddington Rail Crash Survivor ' The Lady Behind The Mask'

Jordan Daykin

Brilliant UK Young Entrepreneur Youngest Dragon's Den Pitch Winner Aged 13

Dhairya Dand

Brilliant Young Innovator & Keynote Speaker @Tech Conferences

Jamie Maddison

Adventurer, Ultra Runner, Presenter & Inspirational Speaker

Caroline Casey

Leading International Speaker on Diversity, Disability & Equality

Mick Dawson

World's 1st & Only Successful Row Across the Pacific Ocean

Ronald Ligtenbe

Managing & Inspiring Diversity & Disability To Achieve Great Success

Verity Smith

Human Resources & Diversity Conference Speaker With An Inspirational Story

Jamie McDonald

Ran 5000 Across Canada & Cycled 14,000 miles: Find Your Inner Superhero

Jo Malone

Founder & Entrepreneur Behind Jo Malone Global Fragrance Brand

Vlatka Hlupic

Thought Leadership Speaker & Author of "The Management Shift"

Matthew Syed

Journalist & Author of Bestseller 'Bounce' on Reaching Peak Performance

Lucy P. Marcus

Expert on Best Practice for Corporate Governance & Leadership

John Simpson

BBC World Affairs Editor & Speaker On International Current Affairs

Andrea Febbraio

Internet Entrepreneur & Speaker Turning $0 to $100m in Four Years

Jeremy Paxman

Award Winning Broadcaster & Journalist

Jurgen Stark

Former ECB Chief Economist and Valued Commentator on Europes Sustainability

James Bilefield

Digital Entrepreneur & UK Government Digital Strategy Advisor

Sam French

Sam the Gingerbread Man - Award Winning Young UK Entrepreneur

Peter Ferris

Innovator & Entrepreneur Bringing Film Making To All By Smartphone

Rasmus Ankersen

Conference Speaker on Performance Development to Businesses and Athletes

Nelly Ben Hayou

A Disruptor Challenging Conventional Thinking With Totally Unique Ideas

Ian Pearson

Futurologist Speaker What The Next 10 - 15 Years Will Bring To Your Company

Brian O’D

Irish Rugby Icon - Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Resilience

Vasyly Rohovyy

Uniquely Inspirational, Pioneering Surgical Transplant of Both Hands

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Call Promotivate To Book Europe's Leading Inspirational Speakers

Boris Becker

Six Times Grand Slam Winner - Youngest Ever Winner of Wimbledon

Alain Rolland

Int'l Rugby Referee - Learn How Effective Communication Achieves More Results

Jack Black

Inspires audiences to achieve transformative personal & business success

Geoff Hurst

World Cup Hat Trick in '66 Final Conference & After Dinner Speaker

Gerry Duffy

Irish Motivational Business Conference Speaker Set Goals & Achieve Them

Ole Dammegard

Award Winning Author & Speaker On Great Conspiracy Facts

Peter Avis

Customer Services Expert. Restaurant Manager of the Year, Rags To Riches

John Peters

RAF Pilot Shot Down: Change, Leadership, Adversity & Resilience

Roger Flynn

Expert On Transformation & Change Programmes At Five Global Companies

Matthew D-Thorn

British World Record Breaking Everest Conqueror: Inspires Young Groups

Rob & Paul

Orphaned by the 2004 Tsunami a life’s work to help underprivileged children

Linor Abargil

Israeli Miss World & Victim of Rape: Speaking Out For Female Empowerment

Yulia Marushevs

8.5m YouTube Views International Speaker On Ukraine's Democracy

Felicity Aston

World Record Breaking Explorer, Scientist, Author; Teamwork & Goal Setting

Hamish Taylor

Former CEO, Expert Speaker Business Change, Customer Service & Leadership

John Sullivan

Elite Training - 'Feed Your Rat'

Robert Craven

Cranfield's Marketing, Strategy & Customer Service #1 Business Speaker

Kenton Cool

11 Summits of Everest, Speaker on Leadership & Building Successful Teams

Mark Goyder

Award Winning Speaker on Creating Long Term Sustainable Business

Alain Robert

World's Top Climber: Speaker on Taking 'Intelligent Risk' To Be Successful

Claire Lomas

Inspirational Bionic Woman; Courage, Ambition, Motivational Speaker

Ben Towers

Award Winning Serial Young Technology Entrepreneur Speaker: Inspiring Youth

Jordan Belfort

The Wolf of Wall Street Now Leads Others To Unleash Their Personal Success

Adam Walker

Swam The World's 7 Toughest Oceans : Setting Goals & Realising Ambition

Paul McNeive

#1 Business Speaker - Great Service, Teamwork & Sales

Tarka L’H

Completed The Longest Polar Expedition In History: Goals, Resilience, Achieving Your Potential

Pete Goss

Lifesaving Round The World Yachtsman: Leadership, Teamwork, Making The Impossible, Possible

Sean Rose

Accepting Your Challenge & Making The Most Of Life

Ed Farrelly

Impressive Record Breaking Climber: Inspires Young People To Be Ambitious

Heather Stannin

Double Olympic Rowing Champion & Role Model of Female Achievement

Benedict Allen

Renowned Explorer Who Ate His Own Dog & Escaped Death 6 Times

Annie Voller

Conference Host, Facilitator & Presenter for Large Conferences Multi-Sector

Adrian Cassidy

Olympic Rowing Coach Expert On Building High Performing Winning Teams

A.P McCoy

The World's Greatest Jump Jockey 'How To Achieve Success & Stay At The Top'

Simon Mainwarin

World’s Expert on Branding and Social Media

Carlos Nuzman

President of 2016 Rio Olympic Games: Leadership, Teamwork, Diplomacy

Carl de Smet

Innovative Product Designer Fusing Art With Design Challenging Convention

Mary Peters

1972 Olympic Champion & Sports Ambassador Inspiring Sport for All

Michael Woodfor

Implementing Robust Corporate Governance Risk & Compliance Controls

Tomotaka Takaha

Humanoid Robotics Creator - The Next Giant Leap

Joost de Valk

Europe's Leading Authority on Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing

Jack Abramoff

Lobbying: Buying Political Influence, Lessons For Business

Jony Ive

Apple's Iconic Chief Design Officer

Toni Nadal

Coach To Rafa: Practice, Sustainability, Preparation, Teamwork, Patience

Tony Fernandes

Multi Business Award Winning Asian Entrepreneur Turning Around Air Asia In Wake of 9/11

Jim Lovell

Commander of Apollo 13

Nando Parrado

Alive Plane Crash Survivor Extreme Crisis Management, Teamwork & Leadership

Frank-Jürgen R

BRICS, Emerging Markets & Improving Global Economic Collaboration

Fons Trompenaar

Cultural Behaviour And Change, Top 50 Most Influential Management Thinkers

Ray Hammond

What Business & Society Will Look Like In The Future

Christian Wanne

CEO & Founder of Switzerlands LeShop Retail Online

Leandro Herrero

Leading International Speaker On Change Management & Leadership

Jez Rose

International Conference Speaker on Customer Service, Leadership & Communication

Jim Lawless

#1 Conference Speaker on Improving Performance, Communication & Leadership

Felix Baumgartn

Space Jumper: Presents on 'A Life Without Limits'

Carla Carvalho

Portugal - Customer Service Expert

Susanna Reid

The UK's Leading Breakfast Presenter & Experienced Corporate Awards Host

Marco Montemagn

Leading European Tech & Digital Conference Host Of Europe's Top Events

Charlotte Jacks

Leading Sports Television Anchor & Accomplished Glamourous Hosts For Corporate Awards

Steve Ridgway

Led Virgin Atlantic's Rapid Growth & Thru Difficult Times, Notably 9/11

Richard Picciot

How good preparation helped save 20,000 lives from the 9-11 FDNY Chief

Aron Ralston

127 Hours - Severed His Own Arm Below The Elbow To Survive

Céline Coustea

International Conference Speaker on Ecological Sustainability

Mike Lee

Learn Effective PR Strategy From Expert Behind 3 Winning Olympic Games Bids

Scott Steinberg

Strategic Innovation, Online Marketing and Change Management Speaker

David Rowan

Founder & Editor @WIRED UK, Leading Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

Isabel Suppé

Inspirational Speaker, Heroic Female Climber, Surviving Against The Odds

Rohit Talwar

Futurist Expert On Preparing Organisations For The Future

Pep Guardiola

Leadership lessons from one of football's most successful Club Managers

Sean Fitzpatric

New Zealand All Blacks Legend Turned Corporate Leadership Speaking Expert

Lizzie Armitste

British Cycling's Leading Female, Olympic Silver & Commonwealth Champion

Bear Grylls

Television Outdoor Adventurer & Chief Scout, ex SAS & International Speaker

Mark Gallagher

Formula 1's Expert on 'Building High Performance Teams To Win'

Helen Glover

Double Olympic Rowing Champion & The World's #1 Ranked Female Rower

George Mitchell

US International Diplomat Expert Speaker on Geopolitics & Foreign Policy

Francois Pienaa

South Africa's Iconic Rugby Captain & Leader - Helped Unite A Nation With Mandela

David Coulthard

Ex-F1 Driver, Sports Commentator, TV Presenter, Conference & Dinner Speaker

FW de Klerk

Former President of South Africa & Dismantler of Racial & Social Inequality

Catherine Desti

France's World's Greatest Female Climber & Inspirational Speaker on Success

Ann Daniels

Record Holding Polar Explorer - Leadership, Teamwork & Goal Setting

Yasheng Huang

MIT's International Business & Geopolitical Expert On Emerging Markets

Ian Bremmer

Globally Renowned Expert & Keynote Speaker on Geopolitical & Economic Risk

Archie Norman

Leading Big Business Transformation With Customer Focussed Leadership

Martin Glenn

Marketing & Branding Guru; Current Head of English Football Association

Jung Chang

Chang's family autobiography 'Wild Swans' Exposes life in China Under Mao

Jean-Claude Lar

Inseads Professor of Marketing & Expert Keynote Speaker on Marketing & Customer Service

Niall Ferguson

The costs and benefits of economic globalisation which includes the EU

Colin Turner

Leading European Conference Speaker on Leadership & Peak Performance

Amy Williams

Olympic Skeleton Champion, Presenter, Event Host & Motivational Speaker

Gerd Leonhard

Internationally Renowned Author & 'Futurist' Speaker To Conferences & Companies World-Wide On Social

Alastair Humphr

Cycled 46,000 Miles Around The World, Rowed The Atlantic & Much More

Alan Hansen

Liverpool & Scotland Football Legend, TV Pundit, & Speaker & Awards Host

Tommy Tippetts

82 days cut off from the rest of the world and 82 days with just himself

Joe Simpson

Escaped Death Climbing in Peru Famed Speaker based upon 'Touching the Void'

Jonny Brownlee

Olympic Triathlon Silver & Bronze Medallist

Debra Searle

The UK's Most Booked Female Motivational Speaker, Rowing The Atlantic Alone

Joanna Rowsell

GB Cycling Olympic Champion

Ross Kemp

BAFTA Winning TV Investigative Journalist & Star of Eastenders

Michael Johnson

4 x Olympic Gold & World Record Holder - Using Motivation To Achieve Goals

Katherine Grain

Chair of UK Sport & GB's Most Successful Female Olympian Of All Time

Sebastian Coe

President of IAAF, Former Olympic Champion, Winner & Chair of London Games

Jessica Ennis-H

Britain's Most Recognisable Sports Star - Olympic Heptathlon Champion

Major Phil Ashb

Queen's Gallantry Medal for Bravery | Speaker on Leadership & Risk

Tessa Jowell

Former Sports Minister Instrumental in Winning London Olympic Games Bid

Michael Mansfie

Leading British Human Rights Lawyer; famed for Hillsborough, Guildford Four

Pen Hadow

World Record Breaking Polar Adventurer & Inspirational Conference Speaker

Frank Dick

World Class Peak Performance Coach To Champions & Business Leaders

Martin Johnson

England's Rugby World Cup Wining Captain & Exemplary Leader

Nicola Adams

2x Olympic Champion & GB's Most Successful Female Boxer of All Time

Ellen MacArthur

Inspirational Iconic Global Solo Yachtswoman and Sustainability Champion

Cathy O’D

The Only Woman To Climb Everest From Both The North & South Sides - Author & Renowned Female Confere

Julie Meyer

Award Winning Tech Entrepreneur & Leading Conference Speaker

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Prize Winner for Income Redistribution to the Poor

Lewis Pugh

UN Envoy & International Conference Speaker on Global Sustainability

Ranulph Fiennes

The World's Greatest Explorer Expert On Leadership, Teamwork & Reaching Goals

Steve Redgrave

Britain’s Greatest Olympian & World's Greatest Ever Rower

Martina Navrati

The Greatest Female Tennis Player Of All Time & Champion of Social Equality

Marc Woods

Inspirational Paralympic Champion - 'Setting Goals, And Achieving Them'

Matthew Pinsent

4 Times Olympic Rowing Champion & Motivational Company & Conference Speaker

Sahar Hashemi

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Coffee Republic & Business Conference Speaker

Mark Pollock

Motivational Speaker Blind, Paralysed, But Not Broken; Teamwork, Amazing

Kriss Akabusi

High Impact, Energetic Conference Motivational Speaker

Stelios Haji-Io

Easyjet Founder, Philanthropist & Brand Building Expert Speaker

Fran Halsall

Commonwealth Swimming Champion

Chris Moon

Leading UK Motivational & Inspirational Speaker - Blown Up By A Land Mine

Will Greenwood

Former City Trader, Rugby World Cup Winner & TV Presenter

Daley Thompson

Former Double Olympic Decathlon Champion

Clive Woodward

World Cup Winning Expert Speaker on Leadership & Building Successful Teams

Jonnie Peacock

Paralympic 100m Champion - From Meningitis Aged 5 To Gold Aged 19

Ben Ainslie

Four Times Olympic Champion & America's Cup Skipper

Jim Steele

Leading Conference Motivational Speaker To 40,000 Professionals Each Year

Bertrand Piccar

Swiss Global Circumvagator by Hot Air Balloon & Solar Powered Plane

Tanni Grey Thom

Britain's Greatest Paralympian - Diversity, Disability & Equality

Dee Caffari

Round the World Female Record-Breaking Yachtswoman & Inspirational Speaker

Nick Leeson

The Original Rogue Trader - How Organisations Can Minimise Risk & Threats

Lawrence Dallag

Rugby World Cup Winner, England Captain | Leadership Expert

Michelle Mone

Leading Female Businesswoman, David Cameron's Entrepreneurship Czar

Gerald Ratner

Jeweller Who Famously Wiped Out £500m Overnight

Kelly Holmes

Double Olympic Champion

Tim Collins

Famed Battle Group Commander Authority on Leadership & Risk

Sebastien Fouca

Motivational Speaking Free Runner - Stage Performer

Alan Campbell

Olympic Sculler. Planning, Commitment, No Short Cuts To Success

Alistair Brownl

Double Olympic Triathlon Champion

Richard Branson

Iconic British Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group, Global Speaker

Lance Armstrong

Survivor, Sportsman & Author