Fee Band

Alex Lewis

The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis, Truly Inspirational & Remarkable

Chen Lizra

International Conference Speaker on Female Empowerment and Motivation

Claire Lomas

Inspirational Bionic Woman; Courage, Ambition, Motivational Speaker

Daniel Lacalle

Expert in economics, politics, and financial markets.

Emerald de Leeu

International expert on General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Compliance

Gerd Leonhard

Internationally Renowned Author & 'Futurist' Speaker To Conferences & Companies World-Wide On Social

Grant Lottering

The Miracle Cyclist - Coming Back From Dead To Conquer The Alps

Jean-Claude Lar

Inseads Professor of Marketing & Expert Keynote Speaker on Marketing & Customer Service

Jim Lawless

#1 Conference Speaker on Improving Performance, Communication & Leadership

Jim Lovell

Commander of Apollo 13

Joan Laporta

38th President of FC Barcelona & Expert Speaker on Building A Winning Team

Marc Lammers

Ex-Dutch Women's Olympic Gold Hockey Coach - Building Winning Teams

Matthew Luhn

Using Big Data by Pixars's British Creative Storyteller behind Toy Story

Mike Lee

Learn Effective PR Strategy From Expert Behind 3 Winning Olympic Games Bids

Nick Leeson

The Original Rogue Trader - How Organisations Can Minimise Risk & Threats

Ronald Ligtenbe

Managing & Inspiring Diversity & Disability To Achieve Great Success

Tarka L’H

Completed The Longest Polar Expedition In History: Goals, Resilience, Achieving Your Potential