Fee Band

Alex Staniforth

Inspirational Young Adventurer Who Overcame Adversity & Tragedy on Everest

Araceli Segarra

Famed Spanish Mountaineer, media personality, author, and model

Carl de Smet

Innovative Product Designer Fusing Art With Design Challenging Convention

Debra Searle

The UK's Most Booked Female Motivational Speaker, Rowing The Atlantic Alone

Hannes Sjoblad

Swedish Leading International Biohacking Expert & Conference Speaker

Heather Stannin

Double Olympic Rowing Champion & Role Model of Female Achievement

Isabel Suppé

Inspirational Speaker, Heroic Female Climber, Surviving Against The Odds

Jason Smyth

World's Fastest Paralympian in History, 5 x Gold Medallist 100m & 200m

Jim Steele

Leading Conference Motivational Speaker To 40,000 Professionals Each Year

Joanna Rowsell

GB Cycling Olympic Champion

Joe Simpson

Escaped Death Climbing in Peru Famed Speaker based upon 'Touching the Void'

John Simpson

BBC World Affairs Editor & Speaker On International Current Affairs

John Sullivan

Elite Training - 'Feed Your Rat'

June Sarpong

Popular TV Broadcaster & Champion of Diversity & Women in Business

Jurgen Stark

Former ECB Chief Economist and Valued Commentator on Europes Sustainability

Kai Schmidhuber

Economic Futurist & Visionary, Digitalizing Travel & Transport

Mariela Shaker

Inspirational Syrian war refugee who has become a music sensation

Martyn Sibley

Influential British Conference Speaker on Disability & Diversity

Matthew Syed

Journalist & Author of Bestseller 'Bounce' on Reaching Peak Performance

Robert Swan

First man to walk unsupported to both Poles. Sustainability & Leadership

Rory Sutherland

Marketing's Ideas Man, data analysis and behavourial change expert

Scott Steinberg

Strategic Innovation, Online Marketing and Change Management Speaker

Verity Smith

Human Resources & Diversity Conference Speaker With An Inspirational Story