Fee Band

Charlotte Jacks

Leading Sports Television Anchor & Accomplished Glamourous Hosts For Corporate Awards

Chen Lizra

International Conference Speaker on Female Empowerment and Motivation

Chris Moon

Leading UK Motivational & Inspirational Speaker - Blown Up By A Land Mine

Chris Roebuck

A world-class expert in business leadership - Author of 'Lead to Succeed'

Christian Jesse

Presenter of Ch 4's Embarrassing Bodies. Health & Wellbeing Speaking Expert

Christian Wanne

CEO & Founder of Switzerlands LeShop Retail Online

Claire Lomas

Inspirational Bionic Woman; Courage, Ambition, Motivational Speaker

Clive Woodward

World Cup Winning Expert Speaker on Leadership & Building Successful Teams

Colin Turner

Leading European Conference Speaker on Leadership & Peak Performance

Conrad Humphrey

World Class Yachtsman, Businessman, Author & Speaker on Leadership & Change

Crista Cullen

Olympic Hockey Champion - Team GB Rio 2016; Committment, Teamwork & Success

Daley Thompson

Former Double Olympic Decathlon Champion

Dambiso Moyo

Globally distinguished economics and macroeconomics expert and author

Daniel Lacalle

Expert in economics, politics, and financial markets.

Danny Trejo

From drugs, alcohol abuse and prison to becoming a Hollywood A-Lister

Daria Tataj

Global Expert on Innovation Ecosystems & Inspiring Conference Speaker

David Coulthard

Ex-F1 Driver, Sports Commentator, TV Presenter, Conference & Dinner Speaker

David McWilliam

Leading Irish economic commentator and bestselling author

David Rowan

Founder & Editor @WIRED UK, Leading Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

Debra Searle

The UK's Most Booked Female Motivational Speaker, Rowing The Atlantic Alone

Dee Caffari

Round the World Female Record-Breaking Yachtswoman & Inspirational Speaker

Dhairya Dand

Brilliant Young Innovator & Keynote Speaker @Tech Conferences

Dietmar Dahmen

Austrian Visionary - Using Digital to drive Customer Centric Innovation

Dr. Hannah MacL

GB Olympic Gold Medalist & Organisational Development Trained Specialist

Ed Farrelly

Impressive Record Breaking Climber: Inspires Young People To Be Ambitious

Edurne Pasaban

First woman to climb 14 mountain peaks of over 8000 meters in height

Ellen MacArthur

Inspirational Iconic Global Solo Yachtswoman and Sustainability Champion

Emerald de Leeu

International expert on General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Compliance

Emma Crosby

Leading UK TV News Anchor - Conference Host, Moderator & Awards Presenter

Fabien Cousteau

Oceanographer & Aquanaut & Environment Speaker

Felicity Aston

World Record Breaking Explorer, Scientist, Author; Teamwork & Goal Setting

Felix Baumgartn

Space Jumper: Presents on 'A Life Without Limits'

Fons Trompenaar

Cultural Behaviour And Change, Top 50 Most Influential Management Thinkers

Fran Halsall

Commonwealth Swimming Champion

Francois Pienaa

South Africa's Iconic Rugby Captain & Leader - Helped Unite A Nation With Mandela

Frank Bunge

Leica Microsystems Global After Sales Director - Achieving long term value

Frank Dick

World Class Peak Performance Coach To Champions & Business Leaders

Frank-Jürgen R

BRICS, Emerging Markets & Improving Global Economic Collaboration

FW de Klerk

Former President of South Africa & Dismantler of Racial & Social Inequality

Gary Guller

One-armed record-breaking Everest mountaineer and motivational speaker

Gary Vaynerchuk

Marketing guru and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk is a marketing genious.

Geoff Hurst

World Cup Hat Trick in '66 Final Conference & After Dinner Speaker

Geoff Ramm

Customer Service & Marketing Guru & Brilliant Conference Speaker & Author

George Mitchell

US International Diplomat Expert Speaker on Geopolitics & Foreign Policy

Gerald Ratner

Jeweller Who Famously Wiped Out £500m Overnight

Gerd Leonhard

Internationally Renowned Author & 'Futurist' Speaker To Conferences & Companies World-Wide On Social

Gerlinde Kalten

Summited fourteen 8,000 metre mountains without artificial oxygen

Gerry Duffy

Irish Motivational Business Conference Speaker Set Goals & Achieve Them

Gillian Tett

Award Wining FT Economist, Author and Speaker on International Economics

Grant Lottering

The Miracle Cyclist - Coming Back From Dead To Conquer The Alps