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Speaker Management

Promotive provides Full-Service Management for a select group of public speakers. These speakers are carefully selected and limited in number by our capacity to provide a genuinely thorough service to them. We work closely with them to help advance their speaking careers and develop further opportunities.

Key Benefits:

  1. Representation by an Established Speaker Agency that has a great track record of delivering the very best speaking talent to organisations and conferences throughout Europe and worldwide
  2. Full Service Speaker Management that includes: 100% professional and courteous response to all booking requests received from all sources, including agencies; year round marketing to develop opportunities; full travel and logistical support for all speaker trips; all invoicing and collection of speaking fees
  3. A non-binding contract that enables both parties to seperate without delay should this be requested by either party involved
  4. Priority and preference though never promoted is known to be given to those with a closer relationships to their speaker agency and indeed agent

There are many other benefits that our agents bring such as; negotiation of speaking fees; literary support for book publication; world-class speaker training by leading speakers and partnerships with other speaker agencies world-wide.

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Let An Industry Expert Manage Your Speaking And Get On With Your Day Job


If you have an established track record as a speaker or see demand for your talent as a speaker then we will be able to improve and simplify your life.

We bring new opportunities and manage all the requests that consume time but need to be responded to quickly and professionally.

Since 2005 we’ve been very good at what we do with a consumer tested feedback rating of 98% on all speaker bookings. Only on one occasion in 2013 did we almost miss a booking when a well-known speaker passed away suddenly 48 hours before a talk to a bank in London. In this case, our back up speaker was deployed and the audience was hardly aware of what had happened.

If you have any questions or to inquire about potential representation please contact:

Jonathan Curran, Managing Director