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Albert Bosch

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Albert Bosch

Spain based dynamic adventurer, entrepreneur, and writer



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Albert Bosch is a dynamic, motivated adventurer, entrepreneur, and writer. His many adventures have seen him cross Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole alone, complete the ‘7 Summit’ project where he climbed each of the highest mountains on each continent with Mount Everest as the endpoint, and take part in nine Dakar Rallies. The latter saw him complete on motorcycles, and the other seven by car. He was also the first driver in the history of the event to take part in a 100% electric car. Albert also regularly takes part in ultra-marathons and has completed over 100 races or challenges covering various extreme sports disciplines.

An entrepreneur since the age of 26, Albert Bosch founded INVERGROUP in 2004. The company provides a platform through which to manage and promote projects in the fields of energy and the environment.

Although his business and sports careers have bone seen remarkable success, Albert Bosch is not a stranger to failure. These he accepts with pride and considers them an inseparable part of his life trajectory.

As a writer and speaker, Albert Bosch is considered a pioneer in the field of leadership attitudes. His completed books thus far include “The Explorer of the Future”, Live to Feel Alive”, “The Value of the Trip”, “Adventure Spirit”, and “Pablo Pineda”.

As a person, Albert Bosch likes to set himself challenges, prepare himself to achieve them, and to organise each project in order to obtain the best outcome. He applies these criteria to both his business and sports life.

Albert Bosch – Speaker

As a speaker, Albert Bosch is sincere with a commitment to sustainability and obtaining maximum results. He lives in Spain and presents in English and Spanish.

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