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Alicia Tillman

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Alicia Tillman

SAP Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Strategy & Branding Expert Speaker

North America

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Top marketing strategy and branding expert Alicia Tillman is responsible for the creation and acceleration of SAPs marketing and brand recognition on a global scale. The Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, Alicia Tillman has, as her vision, to have the world run better and improve people’s lives. This, she believes, is achievable through marketing s and thought leadership programmes that promote exceptional product innovations and initiatives.

Before starting her tenure as Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, Alicia Tillman was the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Ariba. This is the world’s leading business to business commerce network. Her time there saw her accountable for marketing strategy development and rebuilding the company’s eighteen-year-old brand. This she managed to do within seven months. The business, during her time there, saw a double-digit revenue growth for eight consecutive quarters.

Before joining SAP, Alicia Tillman worked at American Express for a period of eleven years. She was the company’s Head of Marketing and Business Services. Prior to this saw her leading the company’s Public Affairs, Corporate Communications and media relations for their Global Business Travel division. Due to Alicia Tillman and her amazing efforts, a global organisation was built up that was recognised for the development of a strong brand and consistent message that resulted in them becoming a leading voice in their particular industry.

When it comes to career, that of Alicia Tillman is one constantly interspersed with the word ‘first’. She was instrumental in launching the first business travel industry forum in China, created the first American Express social media platform, and created the first customer loyalty product using gamification machines.

Alicia Tillman is widely experienced in various areas, including market and product development, event management, branding, lead generation, investor relations, public relations, revenue management, strategic planning, innovation, and organisational design. A strong advocate for women in business, Alicia Tillman is Sap’s Business Women’s Network executive sponsor in New York.

Alicia Tillman has received numerous honours during the course of her career. Amongst these, she includes the American Express Chairman’s Award for Innovation (twice), the Chairman’s Award for Exemplary Performance, a Hall of Femme recipient from Direct Marketing News in 2016, and as one of the 25 leading global marketers by The Internationalist. Alicia Tillman has also been profiled in numerous media, including the Travel Trade Gazette Business, a leading European trade journal.

Alicia Tillman – Speaker

Alicia Tillman, a marketing strategy and branding expert is a speaker with a dynamic presentation style. An excellent motivator at heart, she has also joined numerous industry experts and influencers in the tackling of issues faced by both marketers and business leaders. A strong champion for women leadership in the business arena, Alicia Tillman discusses diverse topics that are relevant to those in the field of marketing.