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Anders Indset

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Anders Indset

Thinker, Business Philosopher, Business Leader, Management Thinker “the future of the workplace”



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Anders Indset is one of the world’s leading Business Philosophers offering a new perspective on the “art of thinking“. By bridging the philosophy of the past with the technology and science of tomorrow, he shows how leaders can cope with the 21st century.

He is the author of three Spiegel bestsellers: “Wild Knowledge”, “The Quantum Economy”, and “Das infizierte Denken”, and has been translated into over 10 languages to date. In addition to his many co-initiated projects – GBI (Global Blockchain Initiative), #Enkelfähig, and “Die Veredlung Europas” (The European Refinement) – Anders is also a co-founder of the Njordis Group and the Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT). Thinkers50 has ranked Anders as one of the most influential thinkers in leadership and business in the years to come. His philosophical work focuses on the ongoing search for better explanations and their practical implementation.

The native Norwegian, who originally gained global recognition as “The Business Philosopher”, builds bridges between ‘Mensch & Technology’ and shapes the economy of tomorrow with his (approach to) practical philosophy. He has two decades of experience working with multinational organizations and is a trusted sparring partner for international CEOs and political leaders, and is a guest lecturer at leading international business schools. Whether on big stages or in small groups, his unconventional way of thinking and his inspiring and dynamic personality, he moves and activates people, and leads them beyond ‘the given’ and what they hold to be self-evident.

His work focuses on the dialogue between philosophy and business, which has boundless potential. Philosophy – “the art of being wrong” – supports the continuous improvement of business models, methods, and strategies by critically questioning basic economic assumptions and beliefs and uncovering core problems. The unlimited openness of this approach to paradoxes, differences, and ambiguities harbors the potential from which innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial perspectives and solutions can emerge

In his inspiring keynotes, he covers topics such as leadership, change, creativity and co-creation known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude. Titled anything from “The Rock’n’Roll Plato” to “Digital Jesus” by media, Anders engages, provokes, entertains and educates leaders around the world.

Anders Indset – Keynotes

TOPICS CLOUD (based on previous Engagements as addressed by clients):

Artificial Intelligence, Agile Leadership, Agile Work, Branding, Change, Change Management, Consciousness, Creativity, Culture, Blockchain, Creative Leadership, Digital Mindset, Digital Leadership, Digital Transformation, Disruption & Innovation, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exponential Technology, Exponential Change, Future, Future of Work, Futurism, Generation Y and Z, Geo-Politics, Globalization, Global Trends, Industry 4.0., Internet of Things (IoT), Leadership 4.0, Management, Mega-Trends, Motivation / Strategy, Technology (AI/AGI/Quantum Computing/Blockchain/IoT, Bio-, Nano-), New Work, Philosophy, Political Systems, Practical Philosophy, Storytelling, Quantum Computing, Quantum Technology, Work Culture

Wild Knowledge – Outthink the Revolution

Managing the FORCES OF CHANGE and coping with a world in which society keeps gathering knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. Understanding the impact of Globalization, Technology, Women and Wild Knowledge.

Digital Mindset

Rediscovering the lost “Art of Thinking” and the value of a different mindset, a change of perception and a new “WELTANSCHAUUNG” – You are Leaders of Change and Curators of Compassion – How do you cope with the Exponential Era?

#Beamensch | Practical Philosophy For Leader

Expecting the Unexpected – Learning the core leadership competencies, the 10 postulates of change and finding the keys to personal development in the 21st Century. Outthink the Revolution – how leaders and managers can apply practical philosophy on the journey of “Mensch & Machine”.

Future Perfect?

A glance into a time of permanent revolution and a world of improvisation. A path towards potential singularity (post-humanism) or HOMO OBSOLETUS – a state of perfect knowledge? Are you ready? Buckled up? Will you drive the change or be driven by the forces?

Ideas, Creativity and #Creationalism

Why INNOVATION is not enough. Finding “wild knowledge” and building a culture of creativity – learning how to CULTURIZE and exploiting the opportunities of combining “Thinking Time” with the “Action Economy”.


Mastering the art of storytelling. Learning from Pixar and Disney and a “Duck on Ice with a full-bearded Viking” how to create your own story and start a journey of change.

Germany Inc. (Specialism)

German secrets unravelled | A Vikings view on “Quality Made in Germany”. Understanding the engine of Germany Inc. its political and economic structure – A European Success-Story with a question mark?