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Antonio Grasso

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Antonio Grasso

Italy’s Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, digital transformation, and cybersecurity expert



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    Antonio Grasso is regarded as one of the top influencers in the digital world. His ethical vision with regards to digital transformation has seen him active on numerous social channels all dedicated to spreading knowledge, most particularly to developing countries.  Antonio’s aim is that others should understand the concept of digital transformation that is transforming the world as we know it, and his social media engagement in this regard focusses on spreading content on new, emerging technologies and their uses to secure a better future.

    Antonio Grasso, besides his active social media engagement, is the founder and CEO of Digital Business Innovation, an Italian startup. He has over 35 years’ worth of experience in the field, handling numerous real-life projects in the field of information technology for both Enterprise and Public sectors.

    The digital transformation is a digital evolution process that involves many aspects of organizations. Technology is only a component of the puzzle, the biggest hurdle is the cultural change; we need a strategic approach to face this epochal change.” – Antonio Grasso

    Antonio, in his capacity as an influencer, has engaged with large, multinational companies across the globe, and been interviewed extensively.

    Antonio Grasso, who started out as a developer and software architect in the IT industry, has led large projects for the Italian government, businesses in the innovation sector, eGov, eBilling process automation, interprobability, and digital signing. He is currently managing projects for Insurtech and HealthTech. He is also looking into digital recruitment, autonomous camera management by AI for sports events, and a digital platform focusing on social affiliate marketing.

    Antonio Grasso – Speaker

    Antonio Grasso, as a keynote speaker, has addressed multinationals across the globe. His expertise, outstanding communication, and great Italian accent are all used to successfully engage with his audiences while illuminating the world of digital transformation and its myriad processes and sub-genres.

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