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Arash Aazami

Conference Speaker Arash Aazami - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Arash Aazami

Futurist, entrepreneur, Internet of Energy architect, and Singularity Expert



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    Arash Aazami does not see what he does as a job. Rather, he sees it as a mission. The entrepreneur, keynote speaker, Singularity Expert, and Internet of Energy architect is half Dutch and half Persian and grew up in Niger.

    Although he studied jazz and rock guitar and started working as a musician, he soon founded, failed, and succeeded at multiple IT startups before finding his true calling in the energy sector in 2006.

    After becoming a director at an energy supplier, Arash Aazami soon developed radically different business models. His success led him to found the world’s first energy company in 2010 that earns more money as it sells less energy. His work gained international attention and, in 2014, he received an award from MIT. He founded Kamangir a year later.

    Kamangir is a company with the credo of “Dream. Develop. Do.” As such, it focuses on developing new energy models to make the old ones obsolete. The end vision is a world with abundant, sustainable energy making use of clean energy sources.

    These days the founder and director of, Arash Aazami is involved in developing a global energy exchange platform to support an “Internet of Energy”. But besides his work at, he is also a Singularity Expert. He is a member of SingularityU The Netherlands. He is also a social entrepreneurship mentor at INSEAD Business School in Paris and an advisor to the European Commission and Dutch government on long-term strategies having to do with energy and digitisation.

    Together with his team of scientists, philosophers, and creatives, Arash Aazami helps design the foundation of our future energy system. They develop long-term visions, strategies, and disruptive innovations for the future.

    Arash Aazami – Speaker

    Conference speaker Arash Aazami is a passionate speaker about our future. He focuses on the future of energy, sustainability, the economy, and what digital innovation means for the future of society. He lives in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch, English, and French and has an elementary proficiency in German.

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