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Bernardo Hernandez

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Bernardo Hernandez

Google Director of Emerging Products and Online Entrepreneur



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Spanish-born Bernardo Hernandez is a technology entrepreneur, innovator, and executive. A General Partner with in Berlin, Bernardo headed up Flickr at Yahoo before leaving, was Director of Product Management at Google, and Managing Director of Zagat.

Bernardo’s time at Google first saw him as Director of Marketing and Product for Spain, after which he became the Google Director of Emerging Products, where he headed all the company’s consumer products, helping the company’s rise to fame.

Bernardo Hernandez career has seen him found, or start in partnership several internet companies in Spain, which include leading property portal,  online florists, and cities directory He was also an early investor in and President of the Board of a leading Spanish social network, Tuenti, before it was sold to Telefonica.

The founder of StepOne, Bernardo and his company help Spanish technology companies with internationalization. The company, and by definition he, was instrumental in starting the first science talent exchange program with Silicon Valley, namely Jovenos con Futuro.

Bernardo has received much recognition over the years. These include:

Bernardo Hernandez – Speaker

Someone who is both an entrepreneur and skilled in the conceptualization and launching of new projects, Bernardo Hernandez believes that technology advances faster than most people can either understand or assimilate it.

His skills as an entrepreneur, conceptualizing and launching new projects, make it an ideal speaker for companies seeking innovation horizon regarding its strategy and organization. Bernardo Hernández believes that technological progress is faster than our ability to understand, but no one better to help us understand and assimilate. He can also provide lectures in English and Spanish.

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  • “I am an entrepreneur. I was born in Spain. I love to entertain ideas and make them happen.”

    Bernardo Hernandez

  • Bernardo Hernandez “I am an entrepreneur. I was born in Spain. I love to entertain ideas and make them happen.”
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