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Blanca Huergo

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Blanca Huergo

Algorithms/STEM expert and Oxford University Student with own online learning courses



United Kingdom

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Although still an Oxford University Student, Blanca Huergo is considered an expert in algorithms. She is also a Spanish Computer Olympiad winner, a STEM expert, and teaches programming to ESO and Baccalaureate students. She is currently doing her master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Blanca Huergo was interested in the intersection of mathematics and computer science from an early age. Because of her interest, she discovered online courses and programming, which she pursued since 2014. At age 16, she started working as a data scientist at a consulting firm and competing in programming contests.

Blanca Huergo, besides her studies, trains others to be successful in this field through various initiatives. These include the Women’s Computer Olympiad, an association that prepares adolescents across Spain for free to compete at an international level and whose board of directors she chairs, her online course Competitive Programing, and C1b3rwall Academy.

Blanca Huergo has won numerous awards at both a local, national and international level. Amongst these, she includes a silver medal at the Ibero=American Informatics Olympiad in 2020, a gold and award for best programmer for the second year in a row at the Spanish Computer Science Olympiad in 2019/2020, first position in the eighth Asturian Computer Science Olympiad, the Datathon Divisadero in 2019, and the category of Python at the 2019 Spanish Computer Science Olympiad.

With over fifty courses and certifications completed in computer science, algorithms, and AI from various highly regarded institutions, Blanca Huergo worked in data science for Merkle Spain where she developed consumer propensity models optimised codes for efficient data processing. At she designed an e-commerce time series prediction system that identified seasonal trends and long-term patterns often hidden from users.

Blanca Huergo co-founded and chairs the non-profit association Women’s Computer Science Olympiad to teach high school students competitive programming to create a community of young developers. Her role sees her help organise national competitions from which the Spanish team for the European Olympiad is selected annually.

Blanca Huergo – Speaker

As a speaker, Blanca Huergo wishes to encourage younger people to consider programming as a vocation, equip them with the tools needed, and connect them to the industry. She lives in both Spain and the UK and speaks English and Spanish.

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