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Carl Bildt

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Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Co-chair for the European Council on Foreign Relations



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Carl Bildt is a former Swedish Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs who currently holds the position of co-chair for the European Council on Foreign Relations. A contributing columnist to the Washington Post and for Project Syndicate, he also serves as a senior advisor to Sweden’s Wallenberg Foundation. He is also on the Rand Corporation board of trustees in the United States.

In 2021, Carl Bildt was appointed WHO Special Envoy for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator. He has also served in various international functions with both the European Union and United Nations. His primary focus was the conflict in the Balkans. As co-chairman of the Dayton peace talks on Bosnia, he became the first High Representative of the country. He later served as the Special Envoy of UN Secretary Kofi Annan in the region. He has also headed a review of the European Space Agency.

Carl Bildt holds honours and decorations from various countries. These include Germany, Latvia, France, Estonia, and the United Kingdom. He was regarded as a futurist during a time when politicians and intellectuals sought refuge from war in the power of international organisations.

Carl Bildt – Speaker

Someone who is highly respected amongst his peers, Carl Bildt is an engaging speaker who is much in demand across the globe. He is media-savvy and excellent at describing the current geopolitical situation. He lives in Sweden and presents in Swedish and English.

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