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Caroline V. Rudzinski

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Caroline V. Rudzinski

Futurist, trend researcher, future of transport and mobility, and innovation concepts developer



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Dr. Caroline V. Rudzinski is a well-known futurist and trend researcher. Her speciality is the development of innovational concepts that are based on future perspectives.

Caroline’s passion is determining the structures companies can implement in order to make sustainable decisions, and, in so doing, developing new approaches for the challenges faced in a fast-changing, complex society. Caroline makes these new approaches applicable in practice.

While doing her Ph.D., Caroline analyzed the two approaches used with regards to strategic foresight and innovation. Her aim was to determine how the two could be combined and the value doing so would present. She implemented her ideas at Volkswagen, with great success.

Besides her Ph.D., Caroline V. Rudzinski’s academic background includes a degree in Economic Science from the University of Witten/Herdecke in German, and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Stockholm in Sweden.   In her academic capacity, she is a visiting professor at Technische Universität, Berlin, although she also gives lectures at various other universities. Her academic career also sees her exploring different methodological approaches in her field and tests their applicability.

Her time at the Volkswagen group saw Caroline work on future trends in the mobility sector, developing innovative mobility solutions for urban areas and analysing international mobility patterns. She also created and implemented different knowledge transfer formats during this time.

Caroline’s last project at Volkswagen was as part of the team that designed the new strategy “TRANSFORM2025+” for the VW passenger car brand.

Caroline V. Rudzinski – Speaker

Caroline V. Rudzinski the speaker is charming, eloquent, and well-spoken. Imminently knowledgeable in her subject field, Caroline has the ability to not only inform her audiences but to get them thinking as well.

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