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Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff

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Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff

MTV star, entrepreneur and digital branding expert with a social media following of millions

North America

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Ohio-born Chris “Drama” Pfaff, while still at school, had a dream. He wanted to become a professional skateboarder. An accident that left him in a coma later, he decided to put this dream aside.

After completing his schooling, he moved to California and worked for his cousin. Roby Drydek is a professional skateboarder and serial entrepreneur. During the period spent with his cousin, Chris “Drama” Pfaff too notice of the power of integrated market and product placement. The experience garnered and the learning curve he underwent, ultimately led to the creation of his successful clothing brand “Young & Reckless’. He was only 22 years old when he started the business.

The brand, compromising of stylish streetwear aimed specifically at Middle American youth, sees Chris “Drama” Pfaff selling affordable clothing in more than 3,000 clothing retailers across America. Amongst these are included Macy’s, PacSun, and Tilly’s. His clothing is also available online.

So far, his clothing line has received endorsements from the likes of Puff Daddy, Justin Bieber, and many others. His future plans include expanding into social media production and creating television shows. Chris “Drama” Pfaff has an amazing social media following spanning in the millions. He has over 633K followers on Twitter, over 2.3 million on Facebook, and over 1.4 million on Instagram.

Besides focusing on his business, Chris “Drama” Pfaff has appeared on MTV’s Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness. He is also the host of the popular weekly podcast “Short Story Long”. This podcast sees him interview successful guests who, overcoming adversity, have attained success. Amongst his guests thus far he includes the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, amongst many others.

Chris “Drama” Pfaff – Speaker

As a speaker, Chris “Drama” Pfaff, who has learned about running a successful business the hard way, has become an expert in the power of branding. His business success and social media following attest to this.

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