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Chris Smit

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Chris Smit

Intercultural management specialist and international business expert



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    Conference speaker Chris Smit has, over the last twenty years, worked with thousands of people across the world in improving their cultural competence. Because of the global economy we live in these days, international business dealings face numerous challenges due to cultural differences. These differences are very important although often underestimated.

    Dutch-born Chris Smit moved with his family to America for a year while still a teenager. Upon returning to his homeland and finishing high school, he attended the Free University of Amsterdam to study Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

    After graduating from university, Chris Smit joined KLM. His ten-year stint at the company saw him work as a Commercial Sales and Marketing Coach and consultant. He also spent much time abroad during this period, where his particular focus was on Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.

    In 1999 Chris Smit joined ITIM/Result where he went on to develop his skills as an international business consultant. From here Chris Smit went on to start his own company, Culture Matters where he works in synergy with a group of professionals in his field. As a consultant, he specializes in companies suffering from high staff turnover, insufficient innovations, overall loss in margin, and international projects, amongst others.

    An experienced consultant and coach on intercultural business, Chris Smit has done consultations work and run numerous intercultural communications seminars worldwide. Amongst his many clients, he counts the likes of Kaspersky, Virgin Atlantic, NIKE, KLM, EUROCONTROL, SaraLee, Shell, IBM, and many more.

    Chris Smit is also very active on media and runs his own podcast, i.e. “Culture Matters”, has featured in numerous publications and blogs, and is the author of “How to Overcome Cultural Differences in Business”.

    Chris Smit – Speaker

    As a keynote speaker, Chris Smit talks about aspects of cultural differences that may have an impact on international business. He lives in the Netherlands, and presents in English and Dutch.

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